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6 Gaming Micro-Influencers Helping Brands Grow

Kaleigh Moore


The pandemic attack has led to the growth of the gaming industry. Currently, there are over 3.2 billion gamers around the world, and the number continues to grow.

According to Statista, the gaming industry grew by 14.4% between 2020 and 2021, from over $155 billion to more than $178 billion. By 2025, it’s predicted to be worth a whopping $268 billion.

With the rapid growth happening in the industry, how do you stand out and not get left behind? Start collaborating with gaming influencers.

Looking for micro-influencers with a strong gaming following to collaborate with? Here are 6 successful content creators you should know within the gaming space.

  1. Deven Butler
  2. Amanda Dyar
  3. King Gamer Ken
  4. Lilly Geek
  5. Ho Young Won
  6. Heather Moe

Deven Butler

Deven Butler | Gaming Micro-influencer featured on Afluencer

Deven Butler is a video gamer and content creator from Illinois, United States. He shares overlaid Minecraft anime videos on his YouTube channel, where he’s grown his subscribers to over 39,500.

Deven’s videos are game recordings with his face and commentary on screen while he plays. He gives comical accounts of his ordeals while playing — bringing a communal feeling to these games. Deven uses gaming contests and polls to drive audience engagements and his videos have received over 2.4 million views.

If you’re looking to connect with micro-influencers with fun gaming content, then you’ll want to drop Deven a line or two.

Amanda Dyar

Amanda Dyar's Bio Gamer Girls Youtube channel profile banner

Amanda Dyar is a gaming influencer based in Alabama. She has over 7,300 followers on her Facebook business page as well as 51,600 people following her Biogamer girls’ page.

Amanda loves cosplay, animations, and video games, but by day, she’s an actress and public relations manager. She also founded a magazine called Adventures of BioGamer girl, where she shares interesting video gaming and entertainment content.

King Gamer Ken

King Gamer Ken featured on Afluencer | Gaming Micro-influencers

King Gamer Ken is a video gamer who lives in California.  He shares funny video game content for kids on his YouTube channel. He has over 5,500 subscribers and more than 9,300 followers on TikTok.

Ken also shares live videos on his YouTube channel to build trust and get personal with his audience. He is the perfect video gaming influencer for companies targeting kids as he avoids using foul language and produces family-friendly content.

Lilly Geek

Lilly Geek | Gamer girl and cosplayer featured on Instagram and Afluencer

Lilly Geek is a micro-influencer from Baja California in Mexico who shares gaming and cosplay content on her Instagram account with 14,600 followers. She also likes traveling to check out places in Disney World and has promoted products for brands like Claners and Equipo Gaming.

Besides sharing content on Instagram, Lilly also has her website where she talks more about video games and sells HD photosets.

Ho Young Won

Ho Young Won reviews gaming tech on Youtube

Ho Young Won is a gaming and tech micro-influencer based in California. He has taken to YouTube to share reviews about tech and gaming gear. He also shares updates about the tech industry.

Ho Young Won has an audience of 18,000 subscribers, and his videos have received over 5.4 million views so far. These videos are a combination of unboxing, brand comparison, and down-to-earth reviews. Ho Young Won has done promotions for brands like Google, Skillshare, and Wondershare Democreator.

Heather Moe

Heather Moe on Instagram | Gaming micro-influencers on Afluencer

Heather Moe is a micro-influencer living in Maryland. She’s a cosplayer, videogamer, and makeup artist.

Heather shares pictures of herself in cosplay costumes, body paints, and makeup. She’s also a proud mom who shares pictures of her son amidst her gaming feed post. Heather has worked with brands like Shiseido and has a shop on Amazon where she sells gaming and cosplay items.

Hire your best-fit gaming influencer today

The gaming industry has a fast-growing audience and the market competition continues to get tough.

Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach your audience fast, create lasting brand awareness, and achieve your goals.

Depending on your choice of a gaming influencer — micro or mega content creators, you’ll find the help you need from the list above.

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