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How To Prepare For Your First Instagram Live

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

In the past several months, Instagram Live has proven to be one of the top ways for brands and creators to connect with their audiences. The rawness and authenticity that live content offers have become something that allows audiences to see an un-edited version of their favorite influencers. While this is part of its appeal it can also be the reason some choose to avoid it.

After all, it can be intimidating to share content that you have no way of going back to edit – you only get one shot. However, this shouldn’t stop you from utilizing Instagram Lives as part of your social media strategy.

The best way to ensure your live stream goes as planned is to be prepared. These tips will help you to pave the way to creating the best Instagram live videos.

Instagram Live: Prepare Yourself with These Tips

Know Why You’re Going Live

Man writing up action plan for Instagram Live

If your live stream doesn’t have a purpose, it’s sure to fall flat. Before hitting the broadcast button make sure that you know what your objectives when you go live are and what you want to share.

Although a spontaneous live stream can be fun when you’re first starting out, it’s much better to prepare properly in advance. Make sure you have a plan that covers what you want to talk about during the live stream. Regardless of whether it’s a promotion, sharing new content, or just a get-to-know-me type of live stream.

Having a plan in place will ensure that you’re able to provide your followers with value and keep them watching and engaged with your video.

Now you have a plan in place, here are other tips for your first Instagram Live stream.

Announce The Livestream In Advance

Man in yellow with yellow background shouting into megaphone

If this is one of your first times going live, having an impromptu session may lead to disappointing results. Many of your followers won’t be expecting it and won’t know to tune in.

A great tip when you’re first starting to incorporate live streams into your Instagram content is to promote before it happens. Instagram may send your followers a notification, but that won’t be enough if there aren’t enough of them online to see it and tune in.

There are many ways you can announce and promote your upcoming live stream. How you choose to do it will largely depend on your usual content and posting strategy. Whether it’s through Insta stories, regular posts, or even cross-promoting on a different platform.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

Pink Alarm Clock | Length of Instagram Live matters | Afluencer Tips

Due to the nature of live streams, you will have viewers tuning in at different times. Here’s a tip: to maximize the number of people who can tune in — have your Instagram live stream last longer than 10 minutes.

It goes without saying, that a longer live session will also require more content. This brings us back to our first point: always prepare for your live stream.

If you had considered the length of your stream during prep, then you will have no issues staying on Instagram Live for longer. And at the same time still provide entertaining content for your followers, thus keeping them tuned in.

Don’t Try To Make Everything Perfect

Girl in white top with blue background with fingers to her mouth

The beauty of live streaming is that it’s real and unedited. Your audience knows this. They also know that this means that not everything is going to go perfectly every single time.

So the last tip if you’re planning on doing a live Instagram stream — make sure you’re prepared to deal with any unexpected hitches. And you’re ready to handle the issues or interruptions with grace and not allow them to derail your live stream.

Simply offer an apology, and then continue with the plan set in place for your Instagram Live stream.




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