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The Dos and Don’ts For Getting Started With Influencer Marketing

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

In the vast sphere of social media and wireless marketing, it’s no wonder that influencer marketing has become the most reasonable choice for promoting brands and companies.

Influencer marketing is a form of symbiosis between old and new ways of marketing promotions. It uses celebrity acceptance to promote the company/brand to a large group of people. But influencers are not just celebrities; in fact, many of them don’t consider themselves famous outside of the online media.

They are people who have the knowledge and power to influence their audience’s choices. That is one of the main reasons why more and more companies are relying on them for promoting their products. Influencer marketing works because of the trust they build with their followers and it’s most likely that their recommendations can serve as a form of verification to the customers about the trustworthiness of your brand.

Before you take a step into the online media of influencer marketing first you need to get familiar with a couple of things. Here we will present some of the do’s and don’ts so you can choose wisely if you have an interest in promoting your company/brand via influencers.

So here are a few points on what you must not do and what you should do when getting started with influencer marketing:

Don’t think that numbers are everything

Hand drawing followers on chalkboard | Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Of course, the number of followers and engagement metrics in the influencer community is of great significance. But the most important information when getting started with influencer marketing goes beyond the numbers. It’s actually the high-quality content that influencers create and their compatibility with your brand.

You must take into account the authenticity of the influencer. It is also important to check the previous work of the influencers. See what kind of brands they have formed previous partnerships with. You can then devise a better strategy for promoting your product.

Do look at the bigger picture

Influencer with loud speaker in mobile phone with followers in line behind

To get a full grasp of the style and overall engagement of the influencer you must do research on their platform. Not only the content but the reaction and the engagement of the followers as well. With this, you will get a clear image of where you are promoting your brand as you kickoff your influencer marketing campaign.

For example, if there is competition for your product that some influencer is promoting you will surely not consider working with that influencer due to the division of the followers who show interest in that type of product.

Don’t limit your options by using only Instagram

3 influencers with speech bubbles talking about different social media platforms

It’s true that Instagram is the main platform for many famous influencers nowadays. But you should keep in mind that platforms’ popularity is changing rapidly. The recent developments with TikTok only serve to further show why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That’s why when you’re first starting out with influencer marketing you should consider finding a variety of platforms where you can promote your company/brand. There are many influencers that use different platforms and they can be of much more help promoting your product.

Do consider promoting your product on more than one social media platform

Youtube influencers | Gettiing Started with Influencer Marketing

Like we mentioned Instagram is still a powerful platform for promoting your brand. But it’s more effective to combine it with another platform when you’re getting started with influencer marketing.

For example, you can consider YouTube. Many people trust YouTubers more than traditional celebrities. A Google study shows that 70% of young YouTube audiences relate more to YouTubers than to traditionally famous people. There you can get better engagement for promoting your product.




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