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8 Hot Lifestyle Brands Looking for Influencers

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Searching for your next lifestyle gig to promote on your socials?

The kind of stuff that will buzz on your feed—cool things and amazing experiences.

These 8 hot lifestyle brands may be the perfect match for you 🙂

Lifestyle influencers, these brands are looking for you:

  1. Urbane Paradise – Smart Living Products
  2. Bumble – Dating App
  3. Field Candy – Outdoor Gear
  4. Clutch! – Gameday Parking Marketplace
  5. Sand Cloud – Sustainable Ocean Lovers’ Products
  6. Komandoo – Maldives Adults Only Resort
  7. MyHeritage DNA – DNA Ancestry Kit
  8. E1 London – Entertainment Venue

I know you’re at the edge of your seat so let’s roll with this.

Urbane Paradise – Smart Living Products

Urbane Paradise | Lifestyle Brands featured on Afluencer

Step one:  make your home a place that cheers you up.  Step two:  make everyday living as comfortable as possible.  And when you don’t know where to start, start with Urbane Paradise.  Because as far as uplifting your life, here’s where you’ll be inspired.

From home accessories like the whimsical mushroom night lamp, smart tech accessories like the retro TV mobile phone screen stand, to awesome everyday personalized apparel—Urbane Paradise will inspire your daily life with products that will uplift you.

Influencer Program

Female fashion and lifestyle influencers in the USA with 100,000+ followers, Urbane Paradise would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per post sponsorship

Bumble – Promote Social Lifestyle With This Dating App

Lifestyle Influencers: This Brand is Looking for You

Dating in an app age has its interesting experiences, right? Swiping on profiles you fancy and kinda trying to eventually go through the normal dating process – if there’s ever such a thing anymore.  But somehow, it gets complicated. He’s online. She’s online. And pride is also online. So no one makes the first move. But thanks to Bumble, that awkward scenario is solved. On the Bumble dating app, women make the first move.

From the start of the dating process, Bumble encourages equality and healthy connections. They’re in fact looking for lifestyle influencers from a variety of backgrounds to be the face of their brand.  So if you’re willing to put yourself out there, this may be quite an exciting influencer gig to work on. And who knows, love might just be in the air for you too.

They have two ambassador programs available. The first is Bumble Honey for university students and the second, Queen Bee for those currently not enrolled in university. Apply here to become a brand ambassador for Bumble.

Field Candy – Lifestyle Brand Looking for Outdoor Ambassadors

Become a Lifestyle Brand Ambassador and Promote Outdoor Gear

Ready for your next adventure in the bush? Driving for hours away to nowhere. Nights under the moonlight. Days chilling in nothing but nature with a good book. Oh and let’s not forget your best travel buddies too for entertaining stories around the fire.

Adventure loving influencers, Field Candy would love you to take their camping gear with you on your next adventure. Blog about it, create awesome photos and also share these lovable experiences with your followers on social media. You’ll also promote Field Candy at events.

Are you an outdoors enthusiast at heart? Apply here to become an influencer for Field Candy.

Clutch! – Gameday Parking Marketplace

Sports Influencers: Clutch! Wants You

We’ve all had this problem. Going to a big game in excitement only to arrive in frustration because there’s no parking. Well, this will no longer be the case because Clutch! solves this problem brilliantly. Sports fans now can rent privately held spaces near the game. Simply search for your event and then browse through available parking spots near the venue. The transaction is conveniently processed within the app.

Clutch is looking for lifestyle brand ambassadors to spread the word, communicate with fans on game day and so much more. So if you’re a student and this sounds like a cool gig for you, apply here to become a brand ambassador of Clutch!

Sand Cloud – Sustainable Ocean Lovers’ Products

Sand Cloud | Lifestyle Brands Looking for Influencers

Is it possible not to love the ocean? I think not. However, if most of your lifestyle pretty much features the ocean then Sand Cloud may be a great fit for a collab. Especially if you have a heart for marine conservation and sustainability is important to you. If a “save the fishes” water bottle, recycled sunglasses, and organic reef-safe sunscreen would be perfect companions for your next trip to the beach then this may be for you.

Besides promoting their sustainable products and supporting marine conservation, you’ll also be involved in ocean cleanups. If your ocean-loving heart is saying yes, then apply here to become an influencer for Sand Cloud.

Komandoo – Maldives Adults Only Resort

Komandoo, Maldives: Romantic Getaway for Adults Only

As an adventure-loving influencer, there are some experiences that come once in a lifetime. This is one of them. Imagine one of Asia’s most romantic resorts. Komandoo in the Maldives. An adults-only resort. Intimate destination. Serene sight. Great diving. Spectacular snorkeling. You know, the kind of picture you see in holiday magazines and billboards. Only this time you could be there yourself experiencing this destination to the fullness of all the beauty it has to offer.

The brand is looking for an adventurous influencer personality who is fit to visit this destination, create stunning lifestyle content and most importantly, inspire people to visit. They value the quality of content over quantity. So are you up for an adventure of a lifetime? Then apply here to become an influencer of Komandoo.

MyHeritage DNA – DNA Ancestry Kit

Track down your ancestors with MyHeritage DNA

If you’re a curious character looking to dive into a very interesting activity and share the process with your followers, then this is it. How would you like to discover the origin of your ancestors? Where exactly does your bloodline root from? Start this fascinating journey with MyHeritage DNA. With this DNA ancestry kit, you’ll learn about your roots. This would certainly make captivating content that your followers won’t want to miss.

Are you up for this journey of discovery and would you like to take your followers with you? You’ll get a free DNA test kit to start. Apply here to become an influencer of MyHeritage DNA.

E1 London – Entertainment Venue

E1 London: Hosting Some of London's Biggest Events

Are you a social butterfly? Do you have a fun and outgoing personality? Because E1 London is looking for social media influencers to spread the word about their lifestyle brand and entertainment venue. Their team has promoted some of London’s biggest events. The venue features the finest audio quality. Besides buzzing on social media, influencers will be attending events and doing what they do best: having fun and sharing their love for the entertainment life.

Ready to spice up the entertainment world with your energy? Apply here to become an influencer for E1 London.




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