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17 Highly Compelling Makeup Influencers & Artists

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I have a confession to make. I fell victim to the side effects of some of the world’s most captivating makeup artists.

My mission to gather all the goodies on these talented face artists for you quickly turned into hours of consuming their content.

They hypnotized me.

So much so that I accidentally found myself at a drugstore buying lipstick I convinced myself that I couldn’t go another day without it.

This is how powerful they are. But these influencers create and deliver precious makeup content that you’d be missing out on if you didn’t follow them.

Beauty brands and makeup enthusiasts, I present to you some of the world’s most highly compelling makeup artists and influencers that you’ve got to connect with:

  1. Jennifer Somkovic
  2. Marriam Safdar
  3. Megan Doves
  4. Asha B.
  5. Ltara Brown
  6. Vanessa Collino
  7. Miranda Salasky
  8. Janice Bosque
  9. Atifa Noori
  10. Rosangela McCann
  11. Antonietta Nunez
  12. Caterina Puddu
  13. Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers
  14. Chloe Morello
  15. Danielle Marcan
  16. Eloise Dutton
  17. Renée

Let’s check them out.

Jennifer Somkovic

Jennifer Somkovic collabs with Kiss New York makeup company | Sponsored Instagram post

Welcome to the vibrant world of @blonde25, where makeup connoisseur and supermom, Jennifer, shares her passion for all things beauty! Dive into her Instagram page and discover a treasure trove of product reviews spanning from bronzers to eyeshadows, lip balms to makeup brushes, and everything in between – leaving no beauty stone unturned.

What sets Jennifer apart? She’s not just about the makeup – she understands that skincare is the canvas for a flawless look. Expect to find a whole lot of skincare goodies that’ll have you glowing even before you put on your favorite makeup. What truly makes @blonde25 shine? Jennifer’s authenticity comes through as she tries on the makeup, letting you see the results for yourself. It’s like having a trusted friend guide you through your beauty journey.

Don’t even get us started with the comment section! It’s buzzing with an engaged audience who can’t get enough of Jennifer’s content. With such a dedicated following, a dream Collab seems inevitable. Elevate your brand’s beauty game with makeup influencer, @blonde25!

Marriam Safdar

Marriam Safdar shares makeup products on Instagram

We’re off to New York to join Marriam, the fabulous @honey.bon.bon, on her makeup adventures! Buckle up because it’s going to be an awesome ride.

Imagine stepping into Marriam’s makeup diary, where she spills all the deets on her “confessions of a makeup fiend.” If you’re nodding along, thinking, “Yep, that’s totally me,” then this page will be your new bestie, no doubt! Here, there’s no need to hide your guilty makeup pleasures because it’s all about being judgment-free. Marriam serves up flawless makeup looks, detailed product reviews, and magazine-worthy pics that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Can we just pause for a sec to appreciate her eyeliner game? It’s seriously on point! We’re thinking #goals #eyelinergoals. As we scroll through her feed, we can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Could makeup be the ultimate pick-me-up? We’re leaning towards a big YES!

So, why are you still hunting for makeup influencers? A Collab with this Marriam is a total no-brainer. Hit her up and sprinkle some influencer magic into your content!

Megan Doves

Megan Doves shares her favorite daily makeup products in an Instagram post

Meet Megan Doves, the full-time makeup influencer and UGC creator who’s head over heels for the beauty world! Don’t worry, you will soon be head over heels for her content! You’ll spot her dazzling content on TikTok and Instagram as @megdoves. But hey, if makeup is your jam, her Instagram is the place to be!

Dive into her page, and you’ll discover a few of her favorite things – that is, makeup goodies. Megan spills all the beans – where to snag them, their top-notch quality, and any special deets you need to know. She’s done all the legwork, so you can strut out, grab those products, and slay effortlessly!

But wait, there’s more! Megan’s not just about makeup; she’s all about that skincare game too. We adore how she’s all about making sure your skin is as fabulous as your makeup. With Megan, skin health takes center stage, and that’s something we can get behind. Ready to take your brand to the next level with Megan? Let’s go!

Asha B.

Asha B shares the contents of her Boxycharm subscription box | Makeup influencers

Meet Asha Brodie, also known as @twylamua, your ultimate makeup influencer and makeup maestro representing the stunning state of New Jersey.

Let’s get straight to the obvious – her complexion? Absolutely flawless! With skin like hers, Asha’s expertise in the beauty realm captivates us with every tip and trick. On her Instagram platform, Asha delivers a delightful mix of makeup tutorials, GRWMs (get ready with me), skincare advice, comprehensive product reviews, and a wealth of beauty knowledge. We love this mix of content – there’s no room for boredom! What truly distinguishes her is her commitment to thorough captions, leaving no query unanswered.

Beyond beauty, Asha offers glimpses into her personal life, revealing the individual behind the makeup brushes. Brands are already lining up to Collab with Asha and you don’t want to be left behind! If you’re a brand seeking makeup influencers for an outstanding partnership opportunity, don’t hesitate. Asha’s channel is where beauty aspirations become reality!

Ltara Brown

Ltara Brown on Instagram | Makeup applications

Meet Ltara Brown, the epitome of confidence, style, and empowerment! As a makeup influencer and self-proclaimed Certified baddie (her words, not ours), Ltara is living her best life and inspiring others to do the same. With just one glance at her Instagram page, you’ll be nodding along in agreement. Her personality radiates through every post, and we can’t get enough of it!

But it’s not just her charisma that draws us in; Ltara’s makeup skills are truly top-notch, leaving us in awe with every flawless look. Her eyeshadow game? Unbeatable! And let’s not even get started on the comment section – it’s absolutely lit! Followers are quick to shower her with compliments like “Wooooo this ATE and left no crumbs” and “The lines are cleannn.”

It’s clear that Ltara is in a league of her own, and if you’re looking to elevate your Collab team of makeup influencers, Ltara needs to be on that team. So, yes, let’s bring Ltara on board and spread even more positivity and glam together!

Vanessa Collino

Vanessa Collino shares the makeup products that came with her Ipsy subscription box | Makeup influencers on Instagram

Meet Vanessa Collino, the dynamic makeup influencer hailing from Ontario, Canada! Juggling the roles of a makeup artist, skincare specialist, and mom to two adorable boys, Vanessa brings a unique perspective to the world of makeup. You can join her exciting beauty journey on Instagram @mariposamakeup13, where she dives deep into all things beauty-related.

Ever wondered what’s inside your favorite makeup products or how they can transform your skin? Vanessa’s got you covered! With her insightful breakdowns, she’ll make you feel like a beauty expert in no time.

No matter your budget, Vanessa’s reviews cater to everyone, from wallet-friendly to high-end products. Be prepared though, her compelling reviews might just ignite your passion for makeup!

But Vanessa’s expertise extends beyond beauty; as a mom, she knows exactly what parents need. Her reviews of kids’ products have earned her the appreciation of moms everywhere.

With her impressive engagement and growing influence, it’s no surprise that brands are eager to Collab with Vanessa. Keep an eye on this rising star in the makeup world – Vanessa Collino is on the path to becoming a household name!

Miranda Salasky

Miranda Salasky promoting makeup products on IG

Introducing Miranda Salasky, shining star of the makeup scene. Her Instagram page, @miranda_m88, is as vibrant as a pink eyeshadow palette – but in the best way! There, you’ll discover a wealth of wisdom and experience in everything makeup and beauty-related.

Miranda’s feed is a delightful mix of detailed product reviews, covering everything from skincare essentials to makeup must-haves. With a sprinkle of humor (LOL), she fearlessly tests out products, sharing her candid thoughts along the way.

What sets Miranda apart in the world of makeup influencers? It’s her blend of knowledge, authenticity, honesty, attention to detail, and captivating visuals. She’s the whole package!

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, Miranda Salasky is the makeup influencer you need by your side. Join her journey today and stride confidently into any beauty store armed with insider tips from your trusted mentor. With Miranda, your brand is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

Janice Bosque

Janice Bosque promotes and demonstrates lipstick by Oulac Cosmetics

Janice Bosque is a multitasking marvel who seamlessly juggles her roles as a paralegal and a makeup influencer with finesse! Originally a makeup artist, Janice’s passion for cosmetics shines through in her captivating content. Despite her busy schedule, Janice effortlessly delivers easy-to-digest posts that invite us into her vibrant world.

As a Latina mom of two lovely girls, Janice brings a unique perspective to the makeup scene. Her engaging imagery, coupled with detailed captions and honest product reviews, keeps her followers hooked. Plus, who doesn’t love a good discount code? Janice generously shares these, making sure her followers score great deals.

The world of the makeup influencer is competitive, but Janice stands tall, thanks to her authentic approach and relatable content. And relatable content is where it’s at!  With her knack for creating meaningful connections, Janice is the ultimate Collab partner. So, here’s to Janice Bosque, a true trailblazer in the world of makeup influencers and the one to take your brand to new heights!

Atifa Noori

Makeup influencer Atifa Noori shares a collection of her favorite lipsticks

We have another multi-hat-wearing makeup influencer on our list, and that’s Meet Atifa Noori. Not only does she dazzle us with her amazing content, but she’s also a supermom juggling three kids and a healthcare professional.

Her journey with makeup began at just 16, dipping her toes into the world of makeup, trying out different products, and finding her groove. Well, she found it and now, she’s a guru and “glow-getter”, spreading her expertise and making us all shine brighter.

Have you checked out her page? @nooriglow is a gold mine of beauty tips that’ll have you constantly updating your makeup collection until… oops! You’re a product junkie LOL! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! But who can resist when Atifa’s engaging posts boast a whopping 40% engagement rate, making her a must-have for any campaign targeting the makeup niche? Join the glow-getting journey with Atifa Noori and let your brand shine!

Rosangela McCann

IG posts of Rosangela McCann promoting and applying lipstick products

Dreamy. Flawless. Inspiring. Those are the words that come to mind when you see Rosangela’s content, the makeup influencer who captivates with every post. Based in sunny San Diego, California, Rosangela isn’t just about makeup; she’s on a mission to unleash your inner power through the transformative art of makeup. Self-love, boldness, and confidence are her mantras, and she believes in expressing oneself authentically.

What sets Rosangela apart is her authenticity. Her content showcases real skin texture, true colors, and genuine results, making it relatable and trustworthy. Once you start following her, you’ll find yourself hooked. Not only hooked but inspired to not only look good but feel good from within.

They say beauty is only skin deep, but Rosangela’s content delves deeper, resonating with us on a personal level and connecting. Are you ready to be enchanted, empowered, and inspired by Rosangela’s journey of self-expression and empowerment through makeup?

Antonietta Nunez

Antonietta Nunez' YouTube makeup channel

Looking to connect with the Latino community through makeup? If so, then say hello to Antonietta Nunez, the makeup influencer you are going to want to pay attention to.

You can find her on YouTube and Instagram, fulfilling our makeup content consumption appetites with both long- and short-form content. She’s dishing out makeup tips in Spanish, catering to diverse audiences. Antonietta doesn’t just stick to the basics; she isn’t one to shy away from trending makeup techniques with flair, proving there’s always something new to discover in the world of makeup. From quick tricks to detailed tutorials, she’s got you covered.

What sets her apart from other makeup influencers? Her relatable approach. Thinking of partnering up? We’ve got a strong feeling that teaming up with Antonietta could be a game-changer for your brand, bringing positivity and authenticity to your products. So, if you’re ready to tap into the vibrant Latino demographic, Antonietta Nunez is the name to remember!

Caterina Puddu

Caterina Puddu share beauty products by Pixi while wearing lemon slice earrings

Italy, stand up and get ready to cheer because Caterina Puddu is waving the makeup flag high for your lovely country, and boy, is she nailing it! Ever heard the Italian saying, “Basta un pennello per trasformare I colori in Arte”? Well, even if you haven’t (like me, let’s admit it), Google Translate to the rescue! It means “a brush is all you need to transform colors into art.” And let me tell you, this makeup influencer is living up to that motto with her makeup magic.

Head over to her stunning Instagram page @mixmakeupsisters and prepare to be amazed. She not only spills all the tea on the products she uses but also flaunts them on herself in real time, giving us the lowdown on what works like a charm. From the basics like mascara to the intricate world of makeup, Caterina has got our backs (or our faces LOL). Plus, she adds a dash of fashion flair into the mix, making her page a one-stop addiction for beauty and style enthusiasts alike. Trust me, you won’t be able to get enough!

Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers

Nikkie Tutorials: Instagram Beauty Makeup Influencer

Outstanding globally recognized makeup artist.

If your world revolves around beauty and makeup, then you absolutely cannot be missing in action from this influencer’s follower list.

From The Netherlands but with a very impressive American accent, Nikkie is your lovable down-to-earth girl with well-refined makeup art skills.

In the online space, Nikkie is a makeup star.

Her influence exploded on the internet with her viral “power of makeup” video series where she does transformative half-face makeup looks.

Her signature video series is so big that she’s had a-list celebs like Kim Kardashian featured in her videos.

Yup, she’s a big deal.  A big 12-million-followers kinda deal.

Her 12-million-subscriber YouTube channel rocks just as much as her Instagram account.  Her biggest video hit yet is her “the power of makeup” video which drew in over 40 million views.

Some of her big-name paid partnerships include Allure.

Did I mention that her makeup artistry is outstanding?

Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello: Makeup Enthusiast | Video Tutorial

Funny everyday makeup enthusiast, Chloe Morella.

From Australia but currently based in Los Angeles, Chloe will inspire you to glow with some good laughs in the process.

She’ll help you brighten up your Mondays with red lipstick.  She’ll dare you with the smokiest colorful eyes and somehow still keep the whole look somewhat natural.

And what’s beauty without skincare?  Chloe is also your skincare bae.

You’ll find her glowing on her 2.71 million subscriber Youtube channel where she shares some of her routines and tips.  Her top makeup video yet is her “16 best makeup and beauty hacks 2017” with 12 million views.

Chloe’s realistic vibes come through as she shares behind the scenes all the glam of being a vlogger and influencer.

Her paid partnerships include big-name brands like Lancome.  Catch Chloe and other influencers at beauty and makeup events as she also does meet and greets with her fans.

Danielle Marcan

Danielle Marcan: Beauty & makeup Influencer | Not bothered putting lipstick on

Playful eye-rolling unconventional natural beauty guru, Danielle.

All it takes is watching one of her makeup videos to capture your attention.

Danielle’s quirky personality makes her content stand out – beyond the ordinary makeup vids that are flying all over the internet.

Even though she doesn’t have a presence on YouTube, her Instagram profile is packed with makeup videos.

You certainly get a feel of natural looks with mostly nude lips from her feed as she doesn’t go over the top.  However, she’ll turn up the dramatic eyes with the occasional bold lips.

Whether she’s making a statement with her makeup looks or her playful attitude, she knows how to buzz her audience with loads of organic content – boasting an outstanding engagement rate of over 10%.

Danielle features a wide range of products in her looks, delivering short and sweet quality video content.

Eloise Dutton

Eloise XO: Instagram Makeup Expert | Sugar skull inspired makeup style

Super catchy makeup girl, Eloise.

In Dubai, Eloise is one of our makeup influencers that you can’t get enough of.

In fact, before we go any further, let me warn you.  Her Instagram profile is addictive. Creative video teasers are splashed everywhere and you can’t help but click through to watch her videos.

Like you can’t help but wonder what that gooey purple stuff is on the makeup brush.  Until you hit the play button and she impresses you with an interesting face mask.

She certainly delivers on expectations all the way.

Her quick makeup look videos feature some interesting products.  “That’s so cool” kinda product. Like the instant brow tattoos and the teeth whitening strips.  At this point, these products would be in your shopping basket already.

Without her makeup on, Eloise is a sweet inviting girl.  As she works her makeup magic and transforms her face, she becomes this dramatic statement.  You’re literally wowed – in a great way, of course.

From big bold eyes with shimmering shadows to plump nude lips – Eloise knows how to keep her followers fascinated.

On her growing YouTube channel, you’ll find some of her top videos like “full face of fake vs real makeup” which is a pretty valuable review.


Renée aka gothamista wearing robe in bathroom

Well-seasoned mature makeup and skincare enthusiast, Renée.

In New York, Renée is another of our must-follow makeup influencers if you’re looking for valuable insights into all things beauty.

Her authority on her 525k-subscriber YouTube channel is notable.  Hitting 1.8 million views, her top video yet is “face oils – what’s best for your skin type”.

After consuming her content, you feel like you’ve attended a valuable lesson in beauty.  One definitely feels a sense of “she’s a credible authority” in the beauty space.

Her sophisticated maturity plus all of the valuable content she shares makes her the expert you’d want to stay connected to.

Did I mention how lovely her product flat lays are?  Oh, and she also manages a beautiful beauty blog, too.




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