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8 Natural Beauty Brands Looking for Influencers in 2021

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Artisan fragrances. Amazing essential oil treats.  Luminous natural beauty. Diamond glow melted highlighter.  Luxury Cacay oil. Natural hair care. Healing skin treatments.  And beautiful organic lotion bars.

Beauty influencers with a heart and soul for natural and organic cosmetics, these brands have some extra natural beauty love to share with your followers.

Here are the 8 natural beauty brands that are looking for influencers just like you:

  1. Pairfum London – Boutique Perfumes
  2. Barefut – Essential Oils
  3. Caley Cosmetics – Natural Cosmetics
  4. VENICS ORGANIC – Natural Makeup
  5. Naya Skincare – Healthy Skincare
  6. Belle Bar Organic – Natural Hair Care
  7. Earth Wise Beauty – Healing Skin Treatments
  8. Terrestrial Organics – Organic Handmade Beauty

Let’s create some beautiful collaborations!

Pairfum London

Pairfum London - Promotional posts, gallery style

Spiced rum, lime, and guaiac wood.  Spiced coffee and oaked vanilla.  Grapefruit, pepper, and black cedar.  Madarim blossom and sandalwood.  Salt sea, sage, and amber.  Get ready to diffuse into the moods of these and more exotic natural Eau de Parfums from Pairfum London.

From limited artisan Eau de Parfums, luxury home fragrances, to scented candles—made by an in-house perfumer, Pairfum London’s niche collections will inspire you with unique fragrance notes and add lasting luster to your style.

It’s luxury at first scent.

Influencer Program

Are you an influencer with style?  Because a luxury scent of Pairfum London on your feed awaits you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on sales


A few drops are all you need.  Inspire your journey in natural health and beauty care by discovering the amazing benefits of essential oils. One oil and one drop at a time.  Yes, it’s that simple. In fact, that’s exactly what I love about essential oils. With 100% pure essential oils from Barefut, you can create blends and solutions for almost any health and beauty need. And don’t stress, conveniently, ready blends are also available. Like the anxiety eternity blend and the anti-cellulite ready to go balm.

Discover a variety of essential oils such as the Babassu Oil which is made from palm trees in Brazil. This amazing oil treats acne, repairs scarring, and also relieves dry and itchy irritations.

How can you not go natural once you discover the benefits of essential oils?

Influencer Program

Beauty influencers earn a commission of 20% on first orders then a 10% commission on subsequent orders.

For the beauty bae with natural products at heart, this brand collab opportunity is certainly for you.

So go ahead and apply here to become an influencer for Barefut.

Caley Cosmetics

A New Wave of Natural: ?Caley Cosmetics

How about treating yourself to luminous beauty all year round? All-natural and all so beautiful with Caley Cosmetics. Give your beauty a natural makeover with natural beauty products and makeup. From natural lipsticks infused with nourishing oils and waxes to give your lips intense moisturization for the ultimate supple and smooth pout. Or the Beachy Kiss natural lip gloss with probiotics for extra TLC.

Liquid lipsticks, lip liners, brow definers, eyeliners and so much more – indulge in your love for natural makeup with Caley Cosmetics.

Influencer Program

Share your love for the natural beauty products of Caley Cosmetics with your followers and earn a commission of 8% on sales.

Influencers also access the brand’s launches of their latest beauty products and more.

Apply here to become an influencer for Caley Cosmetics.


Venics Organic | Beauty Brands

Did you know that the average cosmetic consumer exposes their skin to over 500 synthetic chemicals daily? That’s totally insane, right?! Need any more motivation to go natural? Well, organic makeup from VENICS ORGANIC couldn’t get any more appealing to any cosmetics user. For the ultimate glow, pop the diamond glow melted highlighter into your makeup bag and let it work your glow when you need it. And we all know everyone is big on lashes at the moment, so the feather-like cruelty-free lashes from VENICS ORGANIC is perfect for the natural makeup enthusiast.

100% vegan. Toxic-free. Cruelty-free. And of course, naturally beautiful.

Influencer Program

Are you an influencer who’s passionate about living an organic clean lifestyle? Would you love to inspire your followers with the natural beauty products of VENICS ORGANIC?

Then apply with your Instagram details and YouTube channel if applicable. Let them know if you have experience with organic beauty products and also why you’re interested in becoming their brand ambassador.

Apply here to become an influencer for VENICS ORGANIC.

Naya Skincare

Naya Skincare | Natural Beauty Products

Your skincare routine should be simple. And if anything, it should actually care for your skin. Because nature is best, Naya Skincare formulates skincare products infused with natural ingredients inspired by science. Made in Germany, get skincare products such as the overnight hydration mask, the everyday glow serum, everyday face oil, and the luxury Cacay night oil with Retinol. This special oil will give you an amazing skin glow that you’ll certainly love.

Naya Skincare is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with 100% non-GMOs.

They’re all about inspiring healthy lifestyles by connecting people to nature.

Influencer Program

Would you love to inspire other women to fall in love with their skin? With Naya Skincare, you certainly have the opportunity to become a beauty coach.

So partner with this inspiring beauty brand, share your passion for natural skincare, and earn an extra income.

If you’re interested, apply here to become an influencer for Naya Skincare.

Belle Bar Organic

Belle Bar Organics: Looking for Beauty Influencers

Going natural with your hair? No need to stress and fuss because Belle Bar Organic will help make your natural hair journey a pleasure and a treat. Get amazing natural hair care products like the strengthening tea rinse, the thickening ayurvedic herbal hair oil, the restorative hibiscus hair mask, and the golden sea buckthorn shine and moisture hair butter.

Influencer Program

Are you a beauty influencer on your own natural hair journey?

Inspire natural hair care and share the love for the Belle Bar Organic brand.

Influencers earn free samples.

Head on over here to find out more about becoming an influencer for Belle Bar Organic.

Earth Wise Beauty

Earth Wise Beauty | Organic Skincare Products

Potent. Healing. Luxury. Organic skincare. Made for the modern woman. Earth Wise Beauty is the organic skincare treat that you never knew you missed till you’ve tried it. Get the magical Babassu face oil for ultimate skin hydration and softening. For the mature skin types, the black locust firming concentrate is a renewing treat.

Discover products by skin type, from acne-prone, mature, combination to sensitive skin.

Influencer Program

Are you passionate about promoting organic skincare products to your followers? Active within the green beauty community? Vibrant and authentic?

If this is you, then Earth Wise Beauty would love for you to partner with their brand and share their organic goodness with your audience.

Go on and apply here to become an influencer for Earth Wise Beauty.

Terrestrial Organics

Terrestrial Organics | Beauty Brands

Organic handmade beauty doesn’t get anymore reviving than Terrestrial Organics. From organic mineral tinted lip balm, vibrant organic eyeshadow to organic clay masks to help fight acne and treat signs of aging. Also, get beautiful organic lotion bars like organic shimmer, rosemary and cinnamon, and rosehip oil.

Product after product, Terrestrial Organics will get your excited about organic beauty care.

Influencer Program

Are you a US resident with a love for organic beauty? Then listen up.

Beauty influencers with 500+ Instagram followers and 350+ Facebook friends can apply for the Terrestrial Organics program to promote their brand and products.

Influencers get a 25% off coupon code as well as a free item monthly to promote to their audience.

Apply here to become an influencer for Terrestrial Organics.




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