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53 Dazzling Beauty & Makeup Brands Looking for Influencers

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Lost in the dazzling world of beauty and makeup.  Where innocent social media scrolling turns into hours of looking through makeup videos, beauty tips, skincare tutorials, stalking influencers, and also not forgetting those beauty & makeup brands with their tempting promos!


Then an accidental beauty shopping spree, of course.

And now you’re back on Instagram and Youtube consuming more feel-good videos. Learning how to make yourself look spectacular with your new brow kit and then on to learning how to bake your face with your new luxury powder. And of course, you plan to end the day with the mask you grabbed at checkout.

Beauty influencers, the online universe needs you.

So, we’ve found a few dazzling beauty and makeup brands looking for influencers to whip up beautiful collaborations:

So are you ready to dazzle?

Celesty Beauty – Makeup and Skincare

Celesty Beauty shop banner | Makeup brands on Afluencer

Ladies, do you ever wish you could just find one brand to take care of all your beauty and makeup needs? Look no further than Celesty Beauty. Their product range is vast, covering everything from natural skincare to makeup that covers every inch of your face – products, and tools. They’ve even got fragrances to complement it all.

Your followers are bound to get excited about Celesty Beauty and all they have to offer, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this brand too.

Influencer Program

For this Brand Collab opportunity, Celesty Beauty is looking for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers based in the United States. Your follower needs to be 1,000 or more and fall in the age range of 20 – 51.

What do you get in return? Up to 15% commission on everything you sell at their suggested retail price. Nano influencers, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Pao and Jo – Natural Hair and Skincare Products

Pao and Jo natural hair and skincare products

Exotic ingredients. Affordable price points. Clean beauty. Top quality. Pao and Jo have all this and more to offer. They are more than just a hair and skincare brand. Their products are made with busy women in mind and their goal is to help them reach their wellness goals.

Do you feel like you can relate to this? Pao and Jo could be the Collab partner you’ve been searching for.

Influencer Program

This brand is searching for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube influencers with a follower count of 10 (that’s right, TEN) or more and based in the United States. Ideally, you should align with Pao and Jo’s goal of helping women. Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy from this Collab:

  • A personal discount code
  • 15% sales commission from your personalized code
  • A free shipping code for your followers’ first orders
  • Promotional items

This is one brand that knows how to give a good deal! Hit apply!

Joieuse – Natural Skincare

Joieuse natural skincare products | Beauty makeup brands

Sustainably-sourced natural ingredients. That’s what Joieuse is all about. Natural products with phenomenal results.

This brand has your daily skincare covered – from cleansers to moisturizers. However, it does not end there. Beyond that, they also offer unique formulations for targeted problems such as blemishes.

While Joieuse caters to all skin types, their products work particularly well for those with sensitive skin.

Influencer Program

For this Brand Collab, Joieuse is looking for influencers to review their beauty products. You need to be active on Facebook or Instagram with 500 or more influencers. In return, this brand will send you a free cleanser, toner, hyaluronic acid serum, and mineral sunscreen. In addition, you can also earn a commission of 25% on any sales generated.

Beauty influencers, this is your chance to shine. This is one Collab your followers are bound to love.

Vitamnsea – Seamoss-Infused Skincare

Vitamnsea Instagram product videos

Meet Vitamnsea, one of the first companies to offer a skincare line infused with sea moss! You’ve probably heard that sea moss is good for you, but how good is it for the skin?

– It’s moisturizing, thanks to its high amounts of carrageenans which form a protective film over the skin.

– It’s got anti-inflammatory properties due to concentrated amounts of zinc and sulfur.

– It has antibacterial properties that help protect skin health.

– and so much more…

Influencer Program

If you are a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok influencer with 2,500 followers or more and based in the United States, Vitamnsea could be the brand you want to partner with. They have an affiliate program open which begins with a commission of 10% and a chance to grow and earn more. Did we mention that all affiliates get discounted prices?

If you’re ready to take your influencer game to the next level, apply for Vitamnsea’s affiliate program.

Awake Natural – Organic Hair and Skincare

Awake Natural hair skincare dispenser bottles

If you believe that what we put on our hair and skin is just as important as what we put on our bodies, Awake Natural is the brand for you. They have the same philosophy and what to keep you looking and feeling your best with their organic hair and skincare products.

Their testimonials are great, here’s what customers have had to say:

“This is my go-to brand for everyday haircare. I love their nourishing and all-natural approach.”

“Amazing product.”

Influencer Program

This beauty brand’s target market is Europe. So if you are based there and have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, now is the time to hit that apply button. In return, you will get paid per post up to $150… depending on a wide range of criteria, including follower count and engagement rate.

Hair Loving – A Hair Loss & Repair Solution

Hair Loving Instagram posts | Makeup beauty brands featured on Afluencer

If you’re struggling with hair loss or your hair is in need of some TLC, Hair Loving is the brand to try. The name says it all! They love your hair and what you to achieve your hair goals without using harsh chemicals. Now that’s a brand we can all get behind.

From dry scalp to split ends, postpartum to menopausal hair, and everything in between, this haircare brand has a product for you.

Influencer Program

Calling all influencers in the UK with a good engagement rate, and at least 711,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube! Hair Loving is looking for you to promote its amazing product and help people get the hair repair they need.

In return, this haircare brand will give you a 10% commission on all your confirmed sales.

Glitter Chimp – Glitter Supplier

Glitter Chimp IG posts | Makeup beauty brands

What’s beauty without some glitter? Glitter Chimp, based in the great state of Texas in the USA, offers the world’s largest selection of glitter. Whichever kind of glitter you need, Glitter Chimp got it. We’re talking glitter of all colors and sizes, glitter used in art, and glitter used in mixology. They’ve got biodegradable glitter and specialty glitter packs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at their website and browse through all their glitter goodness!

Influencer Program

If you’re an influencer with a love for beauty and art, this is one Collab opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. I mean, how many uses for glitter can you come up with? The list is endless.

To be a part of this Collab, Glitter Chimp is looking for influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. You will need to have at least 250,000 followers.

What you get in return:

  • 10% commission on any sales you make
  • Get a payment per post of up to $150

Sounds like a good deal? You know what to do.

Saint J Cosmetics – Organic CBD Beauty and Skincare

Saint J Cosmetics lip brush posts

Next up is a CBD beauty brand that is not only female-owned but minority-owned as well… Their beauty products are not only organic but high-quality, ensuring that what you put on your skin will only help enrich and enhance your natural beauty.

Saint J’s products are handcrafted, luxurious, and completely free from toxins such as gluten and parabens, yet purposefully made affordable in order to be accessible to everyone.

Influencer Program

Beauty influencers, Saint J’s Cosmetics may just be heaven-sent. Here’s what they are looking for in a Collab partner:

  • Based in the United States
  • 15,500 influencers across Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube
  • Follower age group from 18-50
  • An interest in beauty, makeup, and skincare

In return, you get paid a 12% commission on all your generated sales. Does the thought of collaborating with an all-natural, CBD beauty brand so intriguing? Apply today.

Daizy Sugar – Clean, Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Daizy Sugar makeup posts

Introducing another female-owned beauty brand – Daizy Sugar. They’ve got all your beauty needs covered, from skincare to makeup to beauty tools. They even offer vegan options!

Every product is sustainably made in the USA and Canada. Daizy Sugar also loves to give back to those in need – 7% of all proceeds go to charity! Is it just us or does this sound like a good brand to partner with?

Influencer Program

This beauty brand is specifically looking for diverse and inclusive creators and influencers to Collab on their product launch campaign. You simply need to match the following criteria:

  • be based in the United States
  • have interests in beauty, makeup, and skincare
  • have a minimum of 8,000 followers on Instagram or TikTok

Daizy Sugar pays out a commission of 15% on all your sales and offers a PR kit worth over $50. Additionally, top-performing creators and influencers will be able to offer their followers a giveaway, an exclusive discount, and a monthly PR kit with new arrivals. Talk about motivation!

Bea’s Bayou Skincare – Probiotic Scalp Care

Bea’s Bayou Skincare IG posts

Did you know that 50% of the world’s population suffers from dandruff? Bea’s Bayou Skincare is on a mission to relieve itchy scalps and let people flaunt their hair with confidence!

Bea’s Bayou Skincare is another female-founded beauty brand (we are loving this) looking to make a difference in people’s lives. This brand is microbiome-friendly for itchy scalps and skin. Their game-changing approach is also hair type and skin type inclusive.

Influencer Program

Bea’s Bayou is looking for influencers who share their values of empathy, integrity, audacity, and inclusion. Their vision is to inspire healing and build confidence. Before you apply to this Collab, it is key that you share their values.

What else do they want? Your honest feedback on their products on everything from the scent to results and everything in between.

What are they offering?

– 10% commission on all sales

– pay per post of up to $200

Hana Nai’a Aromatherapy & Skincare

Hana Nai’a beauty product posts

Hana Nai’a is an aromatherapy and skincare brand. Beyond that, it’s an experience. Their products are 100% pure and made with organic ingredients whenever possible. They also do not contain any parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, or preservatives and are never tested on animals.

They’ve got everything from serums to lotions, sunscreens to masks, and, of course, essential oils. Plus a whole lot in between.

Influencer Program

Hana Nai’a is calling all beauty, health, and wellness creators and influencers with ANY amount of followers to promote their aromatherapy products. You need to command a loyal following across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and your website.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on all sales generated
  • product samples and discount codes to share with your followers

Considering how open this Collab opportunity is, you really have nothing to lose by applying. Instead, you have everything to gain!

Mujer Coqueta – Vegan Makeup

Mujer Coqueta vegan makeup | Beauty brands on Afluencer

Quality, the best prices, and a wide selection. That’s what Mujer Coqueta (Flirty Woman) is all about. Their cosmetics and skincare products are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Plus, their products are handmade. Does it get any better than this?

They weren’t kidding when they said a wide selection… Their product catalog features eyeliners, foundations, lipgloss, lipsticks, primers, mascaras, and products for your cheeks. Each category features a variety of options to choose from too… For a company that is just getting started, this is a remarkable achievement.

Influencer Program

This makeup brand is looking for influencers based in the United States with interests in beauty and makeup. You need to be active on Instagram or TikTok and have at least 284,500 followers on any of these channels – or both.

Not only do they pay a 20% commission on the sales you generate, but they also pay per post… up to $100!

Do you want to be part of the team that gets Mujer Coqueta off the ground? Hit that apply button.

Olens Special Store – Korean Colored Contacts

Olens Special Store | Instagram posts | Colored contact lenses

Wowed away.  Yup, that’s me.  Product after product, Olens Special Store will certainly inspire you to have an eye color makeover.  Whatever your natural color eyes are, search for contacts in colors that are the best match for you.

From coral pink, lavender gold, velvet gray, Spanish brown, and cherry moon, to real olive—these stunning contacts are a must-have in your makeup purse.

Oh, did I mention that Olens Special Store is the largest colored contacts brand in South Korea?

K-pop and K-beauty lovers, your day has been made.  Ready to share your favorite Olens Special Store collection?

Influencer Program

Beauty, fashion, and makeup influencers—Olens Special Store would like to invite you to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales

Ibeauty – Self-Care Beauty Device

iBeauty | Skincare gadget | Beauty brands featured on Afluencer

Before:  acne, aging, and spots.  After:  brighter, youthful skin.  Experience these results after using IBeauty skincare devices.

To help treat and reverse the signs of aging, the high-frequency IBeauty device works by using red, blue, and green light therapy.  While the multifunctional IBeauty Mask uses photon therapy to help remove wrinkles, whiten skin, and treat acne.

Care for your skin, feel beautiful, and make sure to spread the love with your followers.

Influencer Program

IBeauty is looking for health, beauty, and makeup influencers to Collab with their brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • $15 commission on sales

Berla Beauty – Conscious Makeup & Skincare

Berla Beauty | Makeup products | Brands on Afluencer

From #MakeoverMondays, #WellnessWednesdays, #FeelGoodFridays, to #SelfCareSundays—Berla Beauty will take you through your week with conscious makeup and skincare products made for all skin types.  Like the must-have lip care duo with vegan lip scrub and condition for amazing soft lips.  Or the all-day moisture lipstick for the perfect pout without harmful chemicals.

Feel good, inside and out.  And join the conscious beauty revolution by spreading the Berla Beauty love with your community.

Influencer Program

Berla Beauty is looking for beauty and makeup influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 15% commission on sales

The Unbranded Makeup – Cruelty-Free Makeup Kits

The Unbranded Makeup | Cruelty-Free Kits | Brands on Afluencer

Let the wings of your eyeliner be fabulous, the highlights and contour of your face be airbrushed to perfection, and the color of your pout be as gorgeous as your amazing personality.  All thanks to The Unbranded Makeup.

Get glammed up for any occasion with full-face makeup kits like POCHETTE, POP-ART, THE DREAM, and TRAVEL BEAUTY from The Unbranded Makeup—high-quality, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Whip your makeup brushes out, dig into your kit, and share the love for The Unbranded Makeup.

Influencer Program

Beauty and makeup influencers, The Unbranded Makeup is looking for creatives like you to collaborate with their brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • 30% commission on sales

Just Skincare – Medical-Grade Skincare

Just Skincare | Giveaway Competition | Brands Featured on Afluencer

Cleanse your skin worries away, tone your pores to youthfulness, moisturize your face for that undeniable glow, and protect your radiance—inside and out with Just Skincare.  Just Skincare does more than your average skincare product.  Made with 99% pure active ingredients, Just Skincare offers affordable high-quality medical-grade formulations that deeply penetrate your skin to target the root of your skin problems.

Up for a radiant skincare collab?

Influencer Program

Just Skincare is looking for beauty, health, and lifestyle influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales

Farmasi – Empowering Beauty Products

Farmasi | Makeup & Beauty Products | Brands Featured on Afluencer

If you can’t always have sunshine, then you can certainly wear it—right?  Glow from the inside out with the Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder and the Bronzing Shimmer Dry Oil from Farmasi.  Available in two perfect shades, I don’t see any reason not to feel as bright as you should with all this shimmer.

A wide range of feel-good and feel-beautiful cosmetics are available from Farmasi — so many reasons to share your glow with the world.

Influencer Program

Farmasi is looking for beauty influencers in the USA to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • 50% commission on sales

Victoriahhs Vanity – Magnetic Lashes

Victori Ahhs Vanity | Makeup brands featured on Afluencer

If you’re a “good set of lashes can fix anything” kinda girl, then you’re a Victoriahhs Vanity kinda a girl.  Because a cute set (or more because you can never have too many, right?) of luxury magnetic mink lashes will make any day as fabulous as your flutter.  And that’s all that’s needed.

These 100% cruelty-free lashes are not only gorgeous, but they’re also easy to apply.

From the magnetic high-pigmented felt tip liners, the Beauty Influencer kit, the Out On A Hot Date kit, to the Dramatic Diva and Mamasita collection—these thick, full, and glamorous Victoriahhs Vanity lashes will give you 10 hours of wear time and up to 50 wears.

Something a stunning selfie on your social media certainly can’t miss.

Influencer Program

Beauty and makeup influencers, if you’re looking to collab with top makeup brands and are also based in the U.S. —Victoriahhs Vanity would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales

Luxuriant Hairs – Luxe Hair Extensions & Devices

Luxuriant Hairs | Hair Extensions & Wigs | Beauty Brands on Afluencer

Ladies, your day is as fabulous as your hair—right?  Bringing you nothing short of great hair days, Luxuriant Hairs is your go-to store for all your luxe hair extensions and hairstyling devices.

Shop a fab range of hair extensions—from sassy blonde bangs, gorgeous princess classic pink hair, hot purple vibe hair, sassy chic in red, stunning Olivia classic blonde, and more.

And of course, styling your hair doesn’t get any easier than with the 2-in-1 One-Step Hair Dryer and the Pro Hair Straightening Brush.

A good hair day is definitely worth sharing a gorgeous selfie on your Instagram, don’t you think?

Influencer Program

Luxuriant Hairs is looking for beauty, hair, and makeup influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales

Beauty And The City – Trending Cosmetics

Beauty and the City | Makeup Brand | Instagram Image Gallery

Do your lashes and brows need some love?  For that desired fullness, treat them to Antioxidant Lash and Brow Serum from Beauty And The City.  While you’re at it, scrub your blues away with some Lip Scrub and revive your pout with Vitamin C Lip Moisturizer.  And you’re not done until you’re glowing—so treat yourself to a Glow Up Kit and whip on some sparkle with the Glow Up Glitterstick.

Now go ahead and share your Beauty And The City glow with your followers.

Influencer Program

Beauty And The City are looking for beauty and makeup influencers to create both image and video content to promote their products.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 20% commission on sales

La Beauté – Quality Cosmetics & Beauty Accessories

La Beauté | Makeup Accessories

If filling up your makeup purse with goodies gives you heart-eyes for days, then you’ll love La Beauté.  Get quality cosmetics and beauty accessories like the 3D facial roller, 3D mink lashes, the glitter eyeshadow pallet, the blackhead remover mask, collagen eye patches, the eyebrow pen, the ultrasonic skin scrubber, and more.

Be sure to drop these hot products in your purse—and on your social media of course!

Influencer Program

La Beauté is looking for beauty and makeup influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 20% commission on sales

Kay CBD Skincare – CBD-Infused Skincare Products

Kay CBD Skincare | Instagram Posts | Skincare Brands Featured on Afluencer

Has your skin got you low?  When the stress of acne, confidence wrecking hyperpigmentation, discomforting dryness, and unexpected irritations dampen your mood, a change-up is needed.  Revive your skin and your mood with Kay CBD Skincare.

From the Clean & Clear Acne Kit, the Cosmic Clarity Cream, the Dope Skin Cleanser, to the Haze & Glow Serum and the No Puff Eye Cream—these are some of the amazing CBD-infused products from Kay CBD Skincare that you’ve got to give a try in your self-care regime.

Influencer Program

Kay CBD Skincare is looking for wellness, beauty, and lifestyle influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales

Bee Adored Cosmetics – Luxury Scented Cosmetics

Bee Adored Cosmetics | Luxury Beauty Products

Black currant, orange twist, sweet vanilla, and white musk.  These are the long-lasting luxury notes of Angel Dreams body spray—an irresistible spritz from Bee Adored Cosmetics you’ll want to carry with you through your day.

From luxury body butter, body lotions, and body sprays, to mineral cosmetics—Bee Adored Cosmetics boasts long-lasting modern and vintage-scented products that are also hydrating for all skin types.

How about leaving a sweet lingering scent on your social media?

Influencer Program

Bee Adored Cosmetics is looking for beauty and makeup influencers to collaborate with.

Influencer perks include:

  • 7% commission

She’s A Beat Beauty – Trending Beauty Products

She's A Beat Beauty | Collection of Press-on Nails

For all the little things that’ll make you feel cute and beautiful, you’ll find them from She’s A Beat Beauty.  Need some sass?  Girl, just press on a set of pink holographic stiletto nails.  Or pink lace nail polish wraps if you’re feeling extra.  And if you just want to feel cute, a set of natural nude press-on nails will do.

Feel fab and get nails, makeup brushes, cosmetics, eyelashes, and beauty accessories from She’s A Beat Beauty.

Influencer Program

Beauty, fashion, and makeup influencers—She’s A Beat Beauty would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 10% commission on sales

Ch’s Store – Flosser Water

Ch's Store | Mouth Hygience Gadget

Is your next selfie ready for a cleaner, brighter, and more radiant smile?  Flosser Water from Ch’s Store is about to be your new favorite mouth hygiene gadget.  This handy little device delivers 1400 water pulses per minute—removing 99.9% of plaque and bacteria deep between your teeth.

The Flosser Water is clinically proven to help improve gum health and it’s especially great for cleaning braces and implants.

It’s USB charging and comes with a standard nozzle and tongue scraper—giving your mouth a completely refreshing clean that you can’t resist smiling about.

Influencer Program

Health, wellness, and also beauty influencers in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Uk with 50,000+ followers—this collaboration opportunity is for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on sales

Daily Aid Co – Mobile Gadgets for Content Creators

Daily Aid Co | Tech Gadgets for Makeup Influencers

Lights, camera, action!  Content creators, Daily Aid Co is about to make your creative lifestyle even more exciting.  Thanks to these innovative gadgets, you’ll achieve amazing content results with little effort—epic creator goals right here.

Capture your entertaining social media skits with the nifty portable tripod ring LED selfie stick, snap your gorgeous well-lit selfies with the rechargeable LED case, and get your content A-game on with the all-in-one portable tripod monopod ring LED light—the ultimate creator companion for all your social media content productions.

You, your creative content, and a hot Daily Aid Co collab are about to buzz.

Influencer Program

Makeup, travel, and tech influencers with 20,000+ followers in the U.S.—Daily Aid Co would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship

Two Figs Farm – Soap Loofahs

Two Figs Farm | Beauty and Makeup Brand Feature on Afluencer

A slice of loofah and a scented soapy treat from Two Figs Farm is all you need for a good bathtub soak.  From the relaxing Be Calm Honey Loofah Soap, the invigorating Lime In The Coconut Goat Milk Loofah Soap, the pampering Creamsicle Exfoliating Soap, to the best-selling signature scented Fig & Brown Sugar Loofah Soap—yup, and they all look so irresistible!

Inspired by their passion for growing plants, Two Figs Farm soaps are made from natural loofahs (that are amazing exfoliants for your face and body) and are crafted into their lovable soap blends infused with essential oils.

Instant heart-eyes for these loofah bars in your bathroom and on your social media.

Influencer Program

Female influencers in the USA, if you have an audience who would go wild for these bathtub wonders, then Two Figs Farm would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 15% commission on sales

White With Style – Home Teeth Whitening Kits

White With Style's Teeth Whitening Home Kit | Beauty brands on Afluencer

When going away on holiday may not be an option, you could always brighten your life and whiten your teeth—at home, with White With Style.  Seriously though, we could all use a sparkling smile.  That never gets old.

So get your own teeth whitening home kit with an LED activator light, custom moldable trays, a shade guide, and everything you need to get your teeth whiter in just 30 minutes.

And while we’re at that, we may as well grab some charcoal, a whitening pen, and nifty accessories to help keep our smiles dazzling.

I think a selfie and a hashtag are in order—don’t you?

Influencer Program

Beauty, healthy, and lifestyle influencers with 6,000+ followers in the USA and Canada, this awesome brand is looking to collaborate with you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales

Aries Eyebrow – Eyebrow Trimmer

Aries Eyebrow | Makeup & Beauty Brands Featured on Afluencer

After a lot of painful waxing and tweezing of your eyebrows, you may have just realized that you’ve gone a little overboard.  And the eyebrows are not looking good.  Here’s a pretty awesome gadget to add to your cosmetic purse:  the electric eyebrow trimmer from Aries Eyebrow.

Groom your eyebrows with this nifty rechargeable trimming device.  With its precision head, you’ll perfectly shape your eyebrows—top, bottom, and in-between.

Time to snap a selfie and share the eyebrow love with your followers.

Influencer Program

Influencers in the USA, Aries Eyebrow would love to collaborate with you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 50% commission on sales

Platinum Deluxe Cosmetics – Luxury Skincare & Beauty Brand

Platinum Deluxe Cosmetics | Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Luxury skin calls for luxury skin care—because your skin is worth it.  So treat your skin with luxurious anti-aging and anti-wrinkle designer products from Platinum Deluxe Cosmetics.

Rejuvenate and restore your youthful skin with a high-quality collection of products. Such as the Bio Anti-Aging Thermal Moisturizer, the Platinum Lux Collagen, the Dead Sea Mud Mask, and the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream for an instant facelift.  Now that’s luxury beauty you’ll certainly want to glow up on your social media.

Influencer Program

Beauty influencers in the USA with 500+ followers, if you’d love to pamper your followers with these products, then Platinum Deluxe Cosmetics would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 28% commission on sales

Xo Brown Girl – Skincare for Women of Color

Xo Brown Girl | Skincare products

Women of color, Xo Brown Girl will have your skin in for a treat!  Get clean skincare, haircare, bath, and body care that is specially formulated for the needs of black and brown women (while they do welcome all skin tones).  Xo Brown Girl products are irresistible—be prepared for an exciting self-pampering shopping spree.

From the sea clay artisan soap, body nectar, and body souffle, to bath salt soaks, and luxurious bath truffles to add to your warm bath.  Coconut cream and fluffy bubbles—yes, please!

Influencer Program

Are you a beauty influencer that would love to promote this amazing cosmetic brand?  Then you’re in luck because Xo Brown Girl is currently looking to partner with influencers.

Seven Heart Spa – Aesthetic Services in Las Vegas

Seven Heart Spa | Nonsurgical Beauty Treatment

If you’re in Las Vegas, then beautiful skin is just an appointment away with Seven Heart Spa.  Transform your face, body, and skin with nonsurgical innovative procedures using state-of-the-art technology in the beauty industry.

Start with a skin analysis using the new EMAGE 3D and Seven Heart Spa will recommend the best treatments for your needs.

From acne and scar treatments, dermabrasion, facials, micro-needling, and laser skin resurfacing, to injectable wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, non-surgical skin tightening, body contouring, and more.

Hair removal and hair loss treatments are also available.

Influencer Program

Are you a beauty, wellness, hair, health, lifestyle, or fashion influencer in the USA that would love to promote these aesthetic services to your followers?

Then Seven Heart Spa is waiting to collaborate with you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on bookings
  • Free procedures
  • Discounted treatments

Beltran Laboratories – Private Label Skincare

Beltran Laboratories | Create Your Own Beauty and Skincare Brand

Beauty influencers – here’s a chance to promote a service that will buzz on your feed and you could potentially start your own skincare line thanks to Beltran Laboratories.  And no, it’s not complicated at all.  In fact, Beltran Laboratories has made it so easy—all that’s needed is your custom logo.

Brand their best-selling formulations from cleansers, eye care, toners, moisturizers, serums, hand, and body care, and more—all ready to ship.

Creating your own skincare brand doesn’t get any more exciting than this.

Influencer Program

Female beauty, makeup, or lifestyle influencers with 50,000+ followers, the Beltran Laboratories brand is looking to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post
  • 10% commission on sales

Bliss – Spa-Powered Skincare

Bliss - Product Gallery | Beauty & Makeup Brands Looking for Influencers

That exotic holiday of your dreams might be out of reach.  But the feeling isn’t.  The feeling of rejuvenation.  Spa-powered skincare.  And the feeling of Bliss.

From the Stay-Cay Glow Tanning Face Mask, the Bright Idea Vitamin C Eye Cream, the Powerhouse Pumpkin Face Mask, the Jelly Glow Gentle Exfoliator Peel, and not to mention the What a Mellon range.  This is simply all you need to get that blissful feeling—in the comfort of your home.

Until your next vacay, Bliss will keep your skin and spirit glowing.

Influencer Program

Are you a skincare-obsessed influencer with >5,000 followers on Instagram?  Then this collab is the perfect match for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • Products for review
  • Partnership opportunities

MaskerAide Beauty – All Smiles Face Masks

MasterAide Beauty - Skincare Products | Beauty & Makeup Brands Looking for Influencers

Fun focused.  Quality ingredients.  Skin positive.  And full of MaskerAide Beauty.  Sounds like the perfect mask match for the feel-good beauty ‘Grammer.  So are you ready to bubble, treat, and brighten your social media feed?

From Bubble Bubble Pop, Rosé All Day, Sweet Retreat, Detox Diva, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Pre-Party Prep, to Beauty Rest’Ore—these masks are all smiles and happy vibes.

Your skin and your followers are certainly in for a fun treat.

Influencer Program

Love to promote these uplifting masks?  Because the MaskerAide Beauty brand is looking for influencers.

Babe Cosmetics – Fun Makeup Brand to Promote

Babe Cosmetics - Product Posts | Babe Box

When you’re feeling blue, brighten up with color-popping lipstick.  When you’re feeling dull, soak your pores in a moisturizing cucumber mask.  And when you need to pamper yourself, month after month, subscribe to the BabeBox from Babe Cosmetics.  Get a monthly treat of 4-5 full-size cosmetic and skin care products from quality brands.

Inspired by influencers, Babe Cosmetics will have you pampered with irresistible cosmetics and accessories.

Influencer Program

Fun to promote, easy to love—if this is your jam, then you own this brand collab opportunity with Babe Cosmetics.

Influencer perks include:

  • $5 base commission on sales
  • Gifts

Earth Harbor – Perfect Brand for Beauty Influencers

Earth Harbor - Beauty Product Gallery

Aurora CBD Luminance Ampoule.  Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule.  Mermaid Milk Nutrience Glow Moisturizer.  Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Toner.  Sunshine Dew Antioxidant Cleansing Oil.  Cacao Cove Detoxifying Mask.  And of course, your beautiful ocean-loving soul.  That’s what Earth Harbor on your feed could look like.

Palm trees.  Sandy beaches.  Crystal clear water.  The soothing sound of waves crashing.  Sunkissed glow.  Summer smiles.  And the perfect beauty brand to complement it all.

All that’s needed is a yacht to take you away.

Influencer Program

If you’re an Instagram or YouTube beauty influencer with >2,000 followers, then Earth Harbor would love for you to collaborate with their brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on sales

TULA Skincare – Inspiring Beauty Brand Looking for Content Creators

TULA Skincare - Gallery for Beauty Products

I think it’s every creator’s desire to work with a brand that inspires them to create and tell stories.  TULA Skincare is certainly one of those brands.  Formulated with the power of probiotics and superfoods, TULA Skincare believes in being healthy and confident in the skin you’re in—perfect or not.

Restore, nourish, and soothe your skin with their catchy collection of products—from the Radiance Recharge kit, the Shortcut To Glow kit, the Eye Feel Amazing eye patches, to the must-have Confidence Collective kit.

Influencer Program

If you’re a beauty influencer that would love to promote this confidence-boosting skincare brand, then TULA Skincare would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales

BK Beauty – Luxury Makeup Brand Looking for Influencers

BK Beauty - Product Gallery with Makeup Powders and Brushes

BK Beauty brushes glow you up and wow you away—brush stroke after brush stroke.  Nothing like the ordinary.  These are luxurious, flawless, precision-performing, and tools of inspiration and beauty.

These babies will complete your makeup purse and be your get-ready companions for every occasion—from essentials to precision.

From large buffers, bronzer brushes, face brushes, and contoured foundation brushes, to eye brushes and pencil blenders—these must-have BK Beauty tools are 100% cruelty-free and also made with vegan fiber.

Influencer Program

Are you a luxury beauty enthusiast?  Then you’re in luck because BK Beauty is looking for makeup influencers keen on a brand collaboration.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales
  • Sneak peeks
  • Promotions

LARITZY Cosmetics – Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand

LARITZY Cosmetics - Product posts

So here we are.  In a world of masks, and sanitizers, lots of changes, and new problems.  But we continue to evolve and create.  Such as the mask-proof lips created by LARITZY Cosmetics.  Yup, these lip cosmetics are waterproof, non-transferring, and hyper-pigmented—sound like what the mask-wearing beauty needs right now.

From holographic gloss, and pouty nude, to power matt red.  Shade Stix, Light Stix, Liquide Beam Illuminator, and LARITZY’s eyeshadow pallets will have you beautifully made up—even when you need to mask up.

Did I mention that they’re also cruelty-free?

Influencer Program

Are you a beauty influencer creating content on YouTube, Instagram, or your blog?  Because this beauty & makeup brand is looking to collaborate with creative influencers like you.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales

BOOM by Cindy Joseph – Pro-Age Cosmetics Brand

BOOM by Cindy Joseph - Social Media Gallery

Serious FOMO if you’re not 50 and over.  Because this range of pro-age cosmetics for women is unlike anything you’ve seen on your beauty feed.  BOOM by Cindy Joseph will inspire your natural beauty—at any age.

From the BOOM Bright mascara for your 50s and beyond, the BOOMSTICK Trio that will replace everything in your makeup bag, the BOOMSTICK Glimmer for a natural-looking sparkle, to the universal moisturizing BOOMSTICK Glo.

“BOOM is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach”.

Influencer Program

Amazing pro-age women, BOOM by Cindy Josephy is looking for beauty & makeup influencers to create content for their brand and inspire women to love life at every age.

Approved influencers get perks and exposure.

Beysis – Beauty & Makeup Brand to Sweep Your Followers Off Their Feet

Beysis - Makeup and Beauty Brand | Social Media Gallery

I think every influencer desires that “OMG, this will be a hit” kinda product to promote.  Beauties, especially you sophisticated stylish girls—Beysis will sweep you and your followers off your feet.

Personalized cosmetics and accessories, girls.  Put a name or a sassy message on a compact mirror, makeup case, perfume atomizer, and also on a sleek bottle of nail polish if you desire!  Totally lovable—isn’t it?

Modern, premium quality, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and certainly an exciting way to personalize your beauty.

Influencer Program

Bloggers, bloggers, and influencers—Beysis would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales

Lash Factory – Makeup Brand to Dazzle

Lash Factory - Social Media Grids with Makeup and Beauty Posts

Did someone just say 300x 3D Fiber Lash Mascara?  Yup, Lash Factory just did.  All eyes are on your lashes with this 3D fiber mascara made with natural green tea fibers for 300% lash magnification.  That’s right—300%.  The look of lash extensions is thanks to this show-stopping mascara.  Guaranteed to dazzle your social media.

From mascara, eyeliner, lash combs, and brow brushes, to eyelash growth serum.  For all your lash beauty, shop at Lash Factory.

Influencer Program

Beauty influencers, if you’re looking for makeup brands with awesome products you can share with your followers, then get in touch with Lash Factory.

BURMESE DREAM – 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free Beauty & Makeup Brand

Burmese Dream - Product Gallery | Beauty & Makeup Brands Looking for Influencers

The beauty influencer dream is as simple as a splash of BURMESE DREAM on your feed.  Watermelon and mango sugar scrub lip treats for the hearts; peachy, juicy, and gold digger nourishing lip oil for the sass; and reusable makeup remover pads for the eco-friendly hashtags.

Oh and obviously your go-to liquid lipstick for those sleek must-have selfies.

100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup.  See?  Simple and lovable—that’s all your beauty feed needs.

So go on and pop some BURMESE DREAM into your makeup bag and onto your social media.

Influencer Program

Makeup enthusiasts and beauty influencers looking to partner with top brands, BURMESE DREAM would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales

Perfect Locks – Perfect Brand Collab for Beauty & Hair Influencers

Perfect Locks - Hair Extension - Social Media Models

When the world gives you a bad hair day, whip on Perfect Locks, take a few snaps, and throw in some hashtags.  Yup, transform your hair with the finest long-lasting virgin Remy hair extensions and wigs—ethically sourced from Indian temples.

Clip-ins, tape-ins, wigs, volumizers, ponytails, bangs, closures, frontals, and so much more.  Available in curly, wavy, and straight textures—in a variety of colors from chocolate brown to platinum blonde.

Go whip that hair girl!

Influencer Program

Are you a beauty or hair influencer with >3,500 followers? Then Perfect Locks would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Commission on sales
  • Free products
  • Discounts

The Original MakeUp Eraser – Brand Collab Opp for Beauty Influencers

Original Makeup Eraser | Woman Kneeling in bed promoting product

Makeup removal can get complicated.  Especially when you went all out to whip on the longest-lasting lipstick and the most waterproof mascara you could find.  Removing all of that isn’t fun.

But, with The Original MakeUp Eraser, all you need is water.  Erase your lipstick, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and more.  This premium cloth is reusable, and machine washable, and not only that but it also lasts up to 5 years!

Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it a perfect mate for your skin.  Not only does it remove makeup but it also exfoliates the skin.

The Original MakeUp Eraser is available in lovable colors including the classic brilliant pink.  And the mini makeup eraser packs are so cute, you’ve got to have those too.

Every makeup enthusiast will fall in love with this product and brand – so it’s certainly worth sharing it with your social media followers.

Influencer Application

Would you love to represent The Original MakeUp Eraser both on and offline?  Create beautiful photos and videos to share on your social media profiles at least once a month.  This influencer program is available to influencers worldwide.

Coastal Scents – Top Brand with Hot Cosmetics and Makeup Tools

Coastal Scents - Brow Palette | Makeup & Beauty Brands Looking for Influencers

Great makeup at great prices – what more could a makeup lover need?  Coastal Scents is all you need for your fix of hot cosmetics and makeup tools without breaking the bank.

Their palettes are stunning. From the Revealed Rouge Palette, Freedom Palette, and Camouflage Concealer Palette to the Creative Me Palette.

And if you’re feeling adventurous and creative enough, you can also create your very own custom palette. Beauty influencers, isn’t this brilliant?

Influencer Application

Coastal Scents is looking for influencers like beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts in the USA.  Influencers earn a commission of 10% on sales. With awesome affordable makeup products, selling this brand’s gear will most certainly be a breeze.

Kraken Cosmetics – Not Your Oridinary Beauty & Makeup Brand

Kraken Cosmetics - Makeup Palette and Brushes

Quirky makeup lovers, you’re about to fall in love with Kraken Cosmetics.  Oh and especially if handmade, vegan, and paraben-free are all important to you.

Get beautiful pigment duos, face products, limited editions, and lovable makeup pallets – packaged in charming themed art designs.

Kraken Cosmetics is an unusual brand compared to mainstream products, but certainly interesting enough to fascinate your followers.

Influencer Application

Does Kraken Cosmetics sound like a fun brand match for your personality?  Then you could be the next influencer that they’re looking for to represent their makeup brand.

In your application, you’ll need to share your social media links and then let them know why you think they would resonate with your followers.  Let them know what your first and second product choice is. Then who knows, you may get that app-approved email to get started.

MOTD Cosmetics – Luxury Brand for Luxury Inspired Influencers

MOTD Cosmetics - Makeup Brushes | Brands Looking for Influencers

Your makeup application will be as spectacular as your makeup brushes.

What’s in a spectacular makeup brush? Well, soft luxury brushes with amazing blendability, of course.  That’s not all there is to it, though.

Cruelty-free and vegan are also important factors. For soft-quality makeup brushes, visit MOTD Cosmetics.  Choose from either single brushes or brush sets – get all the beautiful brushes you could ever need.

Also, shop their luxury synthetic mink lashes for extra full eyelash drama.

Influencer Application

Influencers looking for a meaningful makeup brand with beautiful products to promote, MOTD could certainly be your next amazing collaboration.  They’re looking for beauty influencers worldwide that share the same values. Earn commissions on sales as you promote their products and influencers also get exclusive offers.

BECCA Cosmetics – A Makeup Brand That Glows

BECCA Cosmetics - Products samples | Makeup and Beauty Brands Looking for Influencers

Beauty queens, are you ready to put your glow on like never before?

Like silky highlighter, glow drops make your face sparkle in all its beauty.  The shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter to make you radiate as bright as you are.  And the glow body sticks to make you dazzle like diamonds because that’s how amazing you are.

Yes, queens.  This is what glowing is all about. And you haven’t glowed until you’ve used BECCA Cosmetics.  Go on and glow girls.

Influencer Application

If you’re a beauty influencer obsessed with makeup and would love to glow with your followers, then the BECCA Cosmetics brand is looking to collaborate with you.  Email them your social media links and details of your Collab proposal.

Elizabeth Mott – Fun Makeup Brand Looking for Creative Influencers

Elizabeth Mott - Face Primer, Matte Bronzer, Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter

Beauty baes, sometimes you need extra smiles in your day.

Elizabeth Mott will add some fun spice to your makeup bag.  This cruelty-free makeup brand boasts charming cosmetics like Thank Me Later Face Primer, Whatup Beaches Bronzer, Show Me Your Glow, Show Me Your Cheeks, and Set For Life Setting Powder.

And for some badass, the One Bad Motha’foamer bubble clay mask will beat that face when you need it.

Influencer Application

If you’re a beauty influencer that loves makeup and would love to work with a fun cosmetic line, then this brand is looking for you.  You can receive products to share with your followers and partnering with Elizabeth Mott will certainly be as fun as you make it.

Tarte Cosmetics – A Brand That Breaks Beauty Boundaries and Stereotypes

Tarte Cosmetics | Cruelty-free | Makeup and Beauty Brands Looking for Influencers

Go on and get carried away in all your creativity.  No boundaries. No judgments. Just living the best of you – expressing yourself with cruelty-free and good-for-you long-wearing makeup from Tarte Cosmetics.

Spoil yourself with the dazzling Gold Dusters Brush Set and the tasteful Lip Ornaments Lipgloss Set.  And feel like luxury with the Rainforest of the Sea Seaglass Shimmer Body Gel. Being you never looked this good.

Influencer Application

For influencers who believe in breaking beauty boundaries and stereotypes – this collaboration opportunity will be empowering.  If you’re an influencer, blogger, or vlogger into makeup, then you should apply for this brand collab.




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