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The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Blogs

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

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Ten years ago, the thought of an “Instagram blog” would’ve been met with general mockery. After all, what does a photo-sharing social media app have to do with blogging?

And yet, we live in a time when some of the best social media influencers blogs through Instagram. It’s one of the most popular forms of social media influencing. According to Business Insider, influencer marketing is the gold standard for brand marketing missions—but is it all that easy?

How Influencers Manage their Instagram Blogs

For most social media influencers, it all begins with partnering with a brand. This could be one that approaches them directly—or it could be a brand that they found through channels such as Afluencer.

Once they’ve partnered with the business, it takes some time to establish a working rapport, a set of missions, visions, values, and goals. Usually, the influencer will already have a considerable following through their own Instagram blogs, which they will then use to further the brand’s image and reach.

The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Blogs

Do: Post Regularly

You need to keep the audience of blogs engaged at all times—or at least when you feel like you’ll get the most traffic on your Instagram posts. Just remember to keep the blog posts natural. Instagram audiences are hyper-sensitive to sales pitches, and a pushy tone could hurt your audience and the brand’s image.

Don’t: Focus Only on Regular Posting

Many influencers forget that regular posting isn’t the only thing that keeps audiences hooked. You also need to put out stellar content and have an authoritative voice, one that’s worthy of the brand you partnered with.

Do: Engage

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Try and interact with your audience as much as possible. Make them feel like they’re part of a family. Keep an eye on what your audience is saying on Instagram, the questions they’re asking, and the blog content they seem to like.

Don’t: Be Insensitive

This is the century of political correctness—and can never forget that. Be mindful of what you’re saying, and steer clear of controversial territory. Even the smallest slight can land you—and the brand you work with—in big trouble.

Even the best social media influencers can get canceled—so tread carefully!

Still have questions about managing your Instagram blogs? Get in touch with us.




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