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15 U.S-Based Influencers You Should Follow

Nicole P. Dunford


Pack your virtual bags because, in this round-up, we’re headed to the USA – the base for these awesome influencers missing from your feed. Like in the US, you’ll find an eclectic mix here – bold red lips and bright blue hair; personal trainers and politicians; the girl next door and the college athlete. All we can say is there’s something for everyone and these US-based influencers are ready for the Collab ride.

Fashion Influencers in the US

Fitness Influencers in the US

Health and Wellness Influencers in the US

Beauty Influencers in the US

Let’s kick things off with 4 fab fashion influencers sure to inspire some style…

Fashion Influencers in the US

Alexis Trotman – @whatboomerwore — Wilmington Influencer

Alexis Trotman aka Boomer | Influencers in Wilmington, US

Alexis Trotman or Boomer as her friends like to call her (and you can too) is a Wilmington influencer with a passion for women’s clothing, with an emphasis on affordable style – her forte.


Simple yet sophisticated, classic yet modern, but mostly AFFORDABLE – something we can all appreciate! Alexis’ style resonates not only with young adults but with older generations too – there’s something for everyone and we’re here for it.

While her feed is full of cute outfits, her captions are often quirky, hilarious, and relatable – like how she’s actually awkward about taking pictures in public. Same!

Her entire feed is shoppable on her website so her followers – all 24.1k of them on Instagram – can get the look! Another bonus – she’s got her Collab game on point! Boomer offers discount codes for many of the outfits she posts, making it easier for followers to get the look. You really can’t go wrong with a collab here.

Hope LaVine – @hopelavine — Santa Monica Bridal Stylist

Hope LaVine | Santa Monica Bridal Expert | US Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Representing sunny Santa Monica, California is Hope LaVine – a bridal stylist. She’s a go-getter, enjoys an active lifestyle and sure knows all things bridal.


Calling all bridal fans! Hope LaVine is the ish! She’s not only got tips for finding the perfect wedding dress (or suit, jumpsuit… whatever your personality desires) but she’s also got style tips for wedding guests and what to wear if you think he might be popping the question on your next date! We love that she pushes soon-to-be brides to think outside the box regarding their style.

Her videos provide a lot of information and inspiration, sprinkled in with some well-placed humor and creativity – such as styling wedding gowns as emojis (this is actually really amazing and probably not what you’re thinking).

Boasting 16.7k followers on Instagram and a whopping 113.1k on TikTok, Hope really knows her stuff.

Natalie Him – @nataliehim — Sacramento Fashion Influencer

Natalie Him | Fashion Enthusiast | Instagram Gallery

Hailing from Sacramento, California, 21-year-old Natalie Him totally embraces California style, rocking cute, practical outfits sure to inspire young women across the country and beyond.


A quick scroll through her Instagram posts makes one thing clear – Natalie knows her fashion and style. She does, however, also share beauty products and tips (hello red lip for instant glam) as well as some wellness tidbits. No matter the topic, you can be sure that she’s got a really cute outfit on. Natalie is also great at giving outfits and makeup deets such as where she got it from so her 16.8k followers can slay in the same looks – thanks, Nat!

What do we love about this Sacramento influencer? The confidence she exudes is infectious, plus, her outfits look effortless – like, “Hey, I think I could pull that look off too…”

Natalie may mostly be on style but her partnerships tend to lean to the beauty side of things having partnered with beauty giants L’Oreal Paris, Neutrogena, and Smash Box Cosmetics. Hey, what’s a good outfit without flawless skin? If you’re looking to Collab with a Sacramento influencer who dabbles in both fashion and beauty, Natalie’s your gal.

Alecia Grant – @vivakolor — New York Blogger

Alecia Grant | New Yorker Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Introducing Alecia, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from New York. Through style, she loves encouraging everyone to embrace themselves and their talents with confidence.


A quick glance at her Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok will tell you that @Vivakolor is the perfect name for her channels. Alecia loves colorful fashion and I gotta say that we love it too! Her personality really stands out through her style – and that’s what fashion is for!

While her Instagram page is all fashion, making sure to give outfit deets like where to shop the look, her YouTube channel also features DIY fashion tips lifestyle vlogs, relationship advice, and of course more color! On her TikTok you’ll find more fashion and lifestyle hacks ( you really can’t have enough of these) and, you guessed it, more color.

Alecia’s bright clothes, colorful hair, and sparkly personality are sure to make her one of your new favorite New York influencers.

Fitness Influencers in the US

Kryss DeSandre – @kryssdesandre — Salt Lake City Influencer

Kryss DeSandre | Fitness Trainer | Instagram Influencer based in the US

Representing Salt Lake City, Utah, Kryss DeSandre is a certified personal trainer who got into fitness to help herself but now uses her personal experience to inspire others.


The number of workout reps must equal social media followers for this Salt Lake City influencer because Kryss has a whopping 448,245 followers on Instagram and 359,469 on Facebook. Sign me up for that gym!

You can look forward to some gym workout routines, some realness (like how weightlifting has ya girl HUNGRY, wolfing down burgers and onion rings), some life advice – like unapologetically doing you, and super cute activewear that will motivate you to get off the couch and go to the gym. Speaking of, this fitness influencer is not new to a good Collab – she’s a Fashionnova partner!

Shea Smith – @shea_jordan — Houston influencer

Shea Smith | Texas Fitness Influencer | US Influencers on Afluencer

Coming to you from Houston, Texas, Shea ​​Jordan Smith is a fitness influencer with a passion for politics and equality for all.


This Houston influencer is clearly a whole lot more than good-looking, combining the two different disciplines of fitness and politics. However, they come together nicely in Shea. His following on Instagram and Twitter currently sits around the 7k mark for a total of over 14k and an engagement rate of 6.5%.

His post not only features fitness and politics, but a few clothing Collabs providing fashion inspo for all the guys out there. The vibe here is full-on positivity, and we love it.

Kendall Sides – @kendallbeth_8 — Dora Influencer

Kendall Sides | Instagram Image Gallery | US Influencers on Afluencer

Meet Kendall Sides, a college athlete from Dora, Alabama with a love for softball, fitness, fashion, and people!


No rivalries here, just pure unadulterated positivity. With almost 27k followers on her Instagram and Twitter combined and a staggering engagement rate of 15.6%, Kendall’s feeds capture the highs and realness of softball and sports in general, drawing you in and making it impossible not to smile.

Kendall is also active on TikTok as @kendallsides and this channel offers more up close content to get to know who Kendall is. She’s got a few Collabs going on – from clothing to health. If you’re looking for an Alabama influencer with the ability to draw people in, hit Kendall up!

Ana Snyder – @littlebuffblondie — New York Influencer

Ana Snyder | Instagram Fitness Posts | Influencers in New York

Ana Snyder, a New York influencer, loves fitness, health, and lifestyle topics. She’s a top bodybuilder turned stunt double – she’s kickin’ ass and taking names!


If anyone can make working out look easy, it’s Ana. Her feed features different workouts that will have you thinking, “I could try that,” instead of “oh hell no”. On her feed, you can also find partnerships and giveaways with brands in the clothing, food, health, and skin care industries to name a few.

What else do we love about Ana? There’s an authentic vibe here that we just can’t put our finger on. Maybe it’s the peaks in her daily life or that bright smile. Whatever it is, we think this fitness influencer is one to follow.

Health and Wellness Influencers in the US

Ana & Zel – @anaandzel — New York Influencers

Ana and Zel | Content Creators based in New York, US | Food Photography

This duo of New York influencers, Ana and Zel, is all about that dairy-free life, sharing easy-to-follow recipes and other food hacks to help make sure your health game is on point.


Who knew dairy-free food looked this good? Not only do they share recipes but they also give their almost 12k followers on Instagram and Twitter meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! I’m down for whoever can solve my “what’s for dinner?” problems, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

These ladies are Collab pros, with several food partnerships featuring on their feeds (ha! Pun not intended, but it works). They’ve also got a lifestyle, wellness, and food blog where they also carry out their vision to inspire people and share their experiences and moments. Foodies everywhere are sure to love these two.

Tiffany Downing – @kravinketo — Portland Influencer

Tiffany Downing | Portland-based Content Creator | Food Photography

Representing Portland, Oregon is Tiffany Downing. She’s a recipe creator, food enthusiast, and brand ambassador with a passion for helping others realize that eating a low-carb/ keto diet can still be delicious and fulfilling.


This Portland influencer went keto/low-carb in March 2018 and hasn’t turned back. Who can blame her when keto looks this good? With a total of over 11k followers and comments that look like:

“That looks amazing!” (this one happens A LOT)

 “Now that’s a meal we could def get after”

“Yummy, gonna have to make this”

Tiffany must be doing something right!

Many of her partnerships include a giveaway for her followers – something she seems to be consistent with. Could Tiffany be your next Collab? We think so.

Makeba Giles – @faithhealthandhome — St. Louis Influencer

Makeba Giles | Motivational Instagram Posts | Instagrammers on Afluencer

A St. Louis influencer, Makeba is a health and family advocate with a strong passion for mental, emotional, and physical health. By sharing content about adopting a healthy lifestyle, she hopes to inspire others to implement these ideas with their families and communities.


Makeba’s desire to inform and inspire others about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is clear from the get-go. The proof is in the pudding with 44.6k followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – she’s definitely committed to getting the word out.

You can find inspiring quotes on her Instagram and partnerships and informative posts on her Facebook and Twitter. What we love is none of the posts are repeated across her platforms – what she posts on Instagram isn’t on FB, and what’s on FB isn’t on Twitter. Makeba clearly has so much to share and we love soaking up all of it.

Beauty Influencers in the US

Cody Jay – @codyjayartistry — Ohio Pro Makeup Artist

Cody Jay | Makeup Tutorial Instagram Posts | Professional Makeup Artist

Also known as @codyjay on Twitter, Cody is a certified professional makeup artist and full-time beauty content creator. Judging by his posts, we have no doubt that his makeup skills are indeed a fine-tuned art.


Cody loves a bold eye, and looking at his work – so do we! Colorful, bright, fun, and FABULOUS! Other than makeup looks and tutorials, Cody also posts his reactions to other influencers’ looks, celebrating and sharing their fantastic work with us. That’s the energy we all need!

You can find more content on his YouTube Channel Cody Jay (he’s got over 5k subscribers) where he shares unboxing, beauty hacks, influencer insider info, and even beauty product fails. Oh wait – you can also catch him on TikTok where he has 148.5k followers. This Ohio influencer is active all over social media. Sounds like a great Collab candidate, am I right?

Sonika Raj – @soni_raj — San Jose Beauty Influencer

Sonika Raj | Beauty Product Reviews | US Influencers

Sonika Raj’s Instagram is the place to be if you love trying new beauty products because so does she!


Wow! What an extensive portfolio of reviewed beauty products! Sonika is the plug! From serums to masks, eyeliner to toothpaste, curl-defining cream to anti-wrinkle treatment, natural to synthetic, CBD products and SO MUCH MORE – Sonika has everyone and every beauty needs covered. I’m sure she’s even got something to make me look like less of a zombie every morning… oh wait, there it is… “Zombie Mask” (I kid you not).

Beauty is clearly Sonika’s department where she runs things. Need a beauty product review? See Soni.

Virginia Cruz – @vaslimsofficial — New York Beauty & Fashion Expert

Virginia Cruz | Beauty Expert | New York Influencers Featured on Afluencer

A New York influencer with a love for and unquestionable talent with wigs, makeup, and fashion, Virginia Cruz has over 19.5k followers and probably even more wigs!


Powerful. Confident. Unapologetically herself. Just a few words that come to mind as you scroll through Virginia’s feed. Her often bold wigs and makeup blend perfectly together, creating a look of a strong woman. Who doesn’t wanna be that?!

Followers can look forward to fashion posts (with outfit deets), hair and beauty tips (and Collabs), and all-around fabulosity. She makes you want to up your beauty game and we all need a friend like her. Yaaasss Virginia, we’re feelin’ it.

Emily Jones – @emjaybird1111 — Pennsylvania Content Creator

Emily Jones | Instagram Beauty Posts | US Content Creators

A beauty influencer from Pennsylvania, Emily, “a little weirdo,” is relatively new to the beauty game, but with almost 16.5k followers, she’s clearly doing something right. One of her goals is to expand into creating her own beauty and clothing brands. She’s already had Collabs with Lancome and Vitabrid and is on track to realizing her goals.


“Just a simple girl, trying her first skincare routine.”

If that isn’t relatable, I don’t know what is. That also happens to be the selling point here – relatability. We’re getting real girl-next-door vibes, a welcome change when it comes to beauty influencers. She’s still figuring it out and her followers can figure it out along with her!

You can also catch Emily on TikTok, where you can get to see the real ‘weirdo’ and discover that your weirdness is welcome.

Whether you need some daily inspiration, a new look, or simply looking for new personalities, these US influencers are sure to tick some boxes.

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