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5 Women’s Clothing Programs for Influencers
Posted June 25, 2019


Fashion Influencer

Hand-selected for fashion influencers, we’ve collected all the women’s clothing programs to look out for. Freebies, promotions and PR events… these cover all the amazing benefits of being an influencer!

Ethical & Simply Gorgeous – Never Fully Dressed

Never Fully Dressed - Women's Clothing Program

Finessing cult clothing as well as beautiful floral prints, Never Fully Dressed blended Insta-worthy style with ethical production. The brand is feminine with a hint of sass. A great choice for both brunch and dinner dates. Never Fully Dressed doesn’t have a page for ambassadors. But their e-mail for influencers tells us that they’re open to collabs.

Perfect for…

…girls who have mastered street style, and always find the balance between fast fashion and couture.

Read more about the Never Fully Dressed influencer program here.

Fit & Confident – Electric & Rose

Electric & Rose - Influencer Program

Adventure, unity, authenticity, and those who aspire to be uniquely themselves”. Electric & Rose’s motto is reflected charmingly in their designs. The brand has a collection of stunning activewear, such as tie-dye jumpers and comfy leggings. Their program searches for influencers who share their passion for exploring activities like beach yoga and hiking with friends.

In return for promotion, their ambassadors receive early bird perks, the chance to attend events and freebies.

Perfect for…

…influencers who spur on their following to explore, go on journeys and be themselves.

Read more about Electric & Rose’s influencer program here.

Effortlessly Cool – Bench

Bench - Women's Clothing Program for Influencers

Proudly British, Bench gathers inspiration from activewear classics. Creating clothes that are stylish and comfy at the same time. Bench is the definition of laid-back chicness. The brand is always looking for ambassadors, influencers and bloggers: fashion lovers with a following and effortlessly cool style. Their program offers many perks such as free clothes, and big discounts for friends and family.

They also provide social media exposure to their 200k following. Sounds great, right? The program is also open for micro influencers. As long as they have a devoted audience and love for Bench’s signature style.

Perfect for…

…influencers looking to gain cross-promotion from their program. And of course, comfy and high-quality freebies that have a timeless feel.

Read more about Bench’s influencer program here.

Bohemian Chic – Wylde

WYLDE - Women's Clothing Program

Falling in love with Wylde’s style was super easy. Muted tones with bright details, feminine silhouettes made to be comfy and free-spirited inspirations can best describe the brand. To gain more recognition, the brand opened its very own ambassador program. Where influencers who join get a free brand T-shirt and huge store discounts.

They also mention the chance to become a long-term brand ambassador. Ideal for micro influencers looking to build up their partnership portfolio. If you’re just starting out, Wylde could be an amazing fit!

Perfect for…

…influencers looking to support independent fashion brands with a true soul. If you’re planning any beach or small town trips in the near future, make sure to hit them up!

Read more about Wylde’s influencer program here.

Street Style Essentials – I Saw It First

I Saw It First - Influencer Program

Bringing the versatility of fashion boutiques to online spaces has become a big trend. And I Saw It First perfectly adapted to the way we shop today. Their ultra-feminine dresses were designed to make women feel confident. And equally important, make fashion easily accessible for everyone. From workday blazers to a leopard print romper for holidays.

Fashionistas will never get bored when browsing through I Saw It First. Their program for women’s clothing offers fashion influencers freebies and also social media support in exchange for amazing photos. After the initial review, I Saw It First has a classic ambassador program that always works.

Perfect for…

…the It Girls of Instagram. If you love the newest trends while also experimenting with fashion, I Saw It First is a fabulous pick!

Read more about I Saw It First’s influencer program here.

When reaching out to these women’s clothing brands…

…pictures and your personal style will speak louder than words! Make sure to include your Instagram handle (alongside any other social platforms) and also a few handpicked photos. These will show off your uniqueness, as well as your ability to create chic fashion shots.




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