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6 Travel Companies That Work With Influencers

Brett Owens

Founder & QB

Traveling the world is fun! But as you know, your travel expenses can add up quickly. Whether you’re staying in hotels or hostels, driving or flying, it all costs money. Why not get it all paid for by travel companies that work with influencers like yourself?

Here are 6 influencer programs that will hook you up.

  1. Uncruise Adventures
  2. BonAppetour
  3. Enkloze
  4. Spice Kitchen
  5. HydroBlu
  6. Rainbird

From free products to extra income opportunities. Check out what these travel companies have to offer.

Uncruise Adventures – Small Ship Adventure Cruises

Uncruise Adventures | Travel Companies Featured on Afluencer

Up for an adventure with Uncruise Adventures?  Sail on a small ship adventure cruise anywhere from Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Mexico, to Galapagos.  Nature and adventure lovers can explore the world’s natural paradises through kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, skiff excursions, hiking, and cultural encounters.

Sails up, paddles ready, camera out, and an exciting expedition awaits.

Influencer Program

Outdoors, food, and travel influencers—Uncruise Adventures would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship

BonAppetour – The Local Foodie

local foodie influencer program

Similar to Airbnb (which is also known for its influencer collabs), BonAppetour connects local chefs and passionate home-cooks with travelers. It’s an inexpensive alternative to restaurants, and it also gives travelers an authentic glimpse into culinary experiences.

The company invites influencers to engage in their global food movement, enjoy free meals and meet new people. And you can do it all while cross-promoting both their and BonAppetour’s social platforms! Free food and also the opportunity to join a global influencer network. What’s not to love?

Perfect for…

…travelers who love connecting with locals on their trips and actively learning more about the cuisine of different countries.

Enkloze – The Travel Companion

travel companion influencer program

Enkloze creates next-generation luxury luggage in all sizes. They are secure, durable, and sleek with lightweight designs.

You can help promote these designer suitcases. Enkloze offers an ambassador program that includes free products and new releases in exchange for promotion. The brand emphasizes engagement rate, which means it’s also open to micro-influencers.

Even if you have a few thousand followers, Enkloze is interested in working with an influencer with high engagement rates.

Perfect for…

…influencers who are always on the road and are obsessed with the latest luxury travel gear.

Spice Kitchen – The Food Expert

food expert influencer program

We didn’t forget about all the traveling food bloggers out there! Spice Kitchen is a brand known for its exquisite spice bundles. Also, their handcrafted home décor and cookware items come from all around the world. Ideal for all food influencers on the road (vanlifers, we’re looking at you).

Spice Kitchen’s program gifts free spice bundles and social features for their ambassadors. Who are they looking for? Everyone who has a strong understanding of spices and shares their food stories and recipes with their audience.

Perfect for…

…influencers who love reminiscing of their international trips in the kitchen and influencers who are determined to show the wonders of cooking with a wide range of spices.

HydroBlu – The Offroad Traveler

offroad travel company influencer program

HydroBlu creates smart water solutions. It keeps hikers, backpackers, spontaneous travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts well hydrated. The firm’s products are elegantly simple, from efficient water filters to general outdoors gear.

The HydroBlu influencer program helps adventurers win camping gear, get store credit and potentially be a part of their HQ group. The brand also has an affiliate program. It’s certainly a great idea if you’re looking for extra income on the road.

Perfect for…

…all influencers who have epic adventures planned!

Rainbird – Functional & Fashionable Outdoor Travel Gear

weather clothes influencer program

We believe that the weather shouldn’t get in the way of living life and having fun”. Rainbird’s philosophy is the inspiration behind its designs.

The Australian brand has a range of colorful, fun designs. They’ll keep you snug even in the worst weather conditions. Rainbird’s ambassador program comes with amazing benefits, such as:

  • A personal wardrobe of Rainbird items worth up to $500,
  • A paid photoshoot,
  • And also paid campaign features.

Perfect for…

…influencers who blend fashion with travel and are looking to shift away from neutral, simple raincoats and jackets.

Ready to Reach Out?

Tell brands about your journey! Your travel is an inspiration to aspiring travelers everywhere. So share your experience to get the most out of your partnerships.

For example, do you have a portfolio of travel photos? Have you worked with similar brands in the past? Then you’re probably an ideal influencer for such travel companies.

Ever thought about working with Airbnb? Then here’s an article we released on how to become an Airbnb influencer.




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