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Why You Should Consider Collaborating With Nano Influencers

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

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Nowadays, influencer marketing has become very popular and effective both for brands and influencers. On all of the social media platforms, there are a lot of celebrity influencers with millions of people following them. However, witty marketers are starting to show interest in partnerships with content creators who have a smaller number of followers — roll in nano influencers.

Collaborating with an influencer who is famous isn’t always the best choice for your brand.

Even though the most popular influencers can offer you the largest reach, accounts owned by micro or nano influencers usually have a more dedicated fan base.

Nano influencers are content creators with a number of followers less than 10,000. This means that their audiences are more loyal and that they have a deeper connection with the influencer, so every statement the influencer makes will be perceived as sincere.

It’s proven that nano influencers can spread the brand’s message more efficiently than the macro ones and engage the right people. These influencers often concentrate on niche topics that resonate with their followers.

Here we will present some tips you should consider when you choose to collaborate with nano influencers.

Pay the Nano Influencers You Work With

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Nano influencers are drastically less expensive than macro ones. Often they will promote your brand just for the free products, but it will be far more effective if you pay them.

When partnering with nano influencers include timelines, payment, language to avoid, and marketing strategies in the contract.

If you pay influencers instead of giving them free products you will form a stronger, long-lasting relationship. It’s a general rule that unpaid collaborations will never be as successful as paid ones.

Use Paid Media as a Marketing Strategy

Advertising and marketing strategies when collaborating with nano influencers

It doesn’t matter if the influencer has 1000 or 1 million followers, the organic reach will always present a challenge. You cannot be sure that all your influencer’s followers will see your content. And that’s why mixing in a few paid posts is the best way to engage more people.

Paid social media advertisement will help you reach people beyond your influencer’s followers. If you use ads as a marketing strategy you can target people based on their behaviors, interests, age, etc. Partnering with nano influencers that people trust and using paid media as a marketing strategy will surely make your brand more successful.

New Nano Influencers Need Your Instructions

woman writing on the whiteboard - content instructions for nano influencers

When working with inexperienced nano influencers it’s always better to give them some instructions.

  • Make sure that they have converted their personal accounts on the social media platforms to Creator accounts. This will give you information about their followers and their style.
  • Ensure that they are active with their audience because nano influencers don’t have the ability to create massive traffic immediately.
  • As with any business collaborations, creating long-lasting partnerships with influencers takes time. But this strategy is proven to be effective both for brands and influencers in the long run. Partnering with influencers with a small number of followers and maintaining your partnerships as they grow is a great way to become successful as a brand.




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