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3 Ways to Give Your Holiday Marketing Campaign a Boost

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

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With the second wave of COVID-19 at large, this holiday season differs from the ones in previous years. Nowadays the number of shoppers buying products online is significantly larger. Many brands and companies are desperately looking for ways to promote their products online and reach their target audience. With people politically divided and customers who are cautious of the “wrapped up in oneself” campaigns created by salesmen. Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the best solutions for brands to connect with customers during the pandemic. Here we will present some tips to help you boost your marketing campaign during the holiday period.

Research of Potential Influencers for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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As a brand, thorough research of your potential influencers is the crucial step in the first phase of your campaign. This will help you to find influencers who share the same style and vision as you. Partnering with the right influencer will boost your brand’s marketing strategy during the holiday season. And it’ll help you to reach your target audience in the best way possible.

When researching influencers make sure to dive deep into their accounts and analyze not only their posts but also the engagement of their followers. Especially in this time period be on the lookout for activities that may result in separating your audience and hurting your brand’s reputation.

For example, stay away from:

  • Influencers who use discourteous language.
  • Individuals that oppose the safety instructions for COVID-19.
  • Anyone involved in illegal schemes.

Check up on your potential influencers frequently. Observe their online behavior until you are 100% sure that they will be the right fit for your brand’s holiday marketing campaign.

Allow Creative Freedom for Your Brand’s Holiday Marketing Campaign

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When you’re done researching your influencers and have found the right ones for collaboration don’t let the assessing process stop there. Instead, motivate them to have a deeper involvement with your brand’s strategy. Let your influencers get familiar with your products. And let them use their unique style for promoting them through their content.

This method is proven to be successful both for brands and for influencers. Because the content influencers create resonates more with their followers and can help them see the worth of your products. If your influencers have new fresh ideas that are more productive for your brand’s strategy then be sure to listen to them. When your influencers are familiar with your target audience they will know exactly how to approach them. And in turn, will be able to market your products through the holidays as best as possible.

Finally, if your influencers point out that any posts might resonate negatively with your target audience, take them seriously and if needed change your approach for better results.

Use the Right Platforms for Promoting Your Brand

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Get familiar with the platforms on which your potential buyers are spending most of their time and money. It will allow you to properly approach them both through native ads and sponsored content.

When partnering with influencers, make sure they are following popular channels that their own followers visit often. Thoroughly research the influencer’s engagement on each of their social media platforms. This will then help you to strengthen your brand’s holiday marketing strategy through the scrutinizing process. If the influencers you are considering for partnership are professionals, they will share their creative thinking with you and will help your brand’s campaign reach massive groups of people.




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