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Could Livestreaming Be The Future of Influencer Marketing

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

We take a look at how the pandemic affected the flow of the current influencer industry. Pressuring it to change and adapt to the current situation. So how will this affect the future of influencer marketing? Will it be able to stay relevant and fulfill the needs of the shoppers?

Influencer Marketing Goes Digital

The Digital Future of Influencer Marketing | Loud Speaker with Icons

The influencer marketing industry was known for organizing sumptuous events for press, business units, and product launches. But with the pandemic, the government was forced to impose a lot of restrictions. Social distancing has become the norm. Mass gatherings and events have been prohibited. Meaning that the usual events are no longer scripted in the future of influencer marketing campaigns.

The marketing industry adapted well to these major changes. Both influencers and brands had to come up with entirely different strategies to stay relevant in the online business.

These days it is essential for brands to go digital for success and to maintain popularity. Live streaming has gained a lot of popularity. Zoom users have increased by more than 2,000% and who knows how long this trend will last.

Expect More Influencers Going Live

Illustration of influencer going Live on mobile

According to Influencer Matchmaker, during the quarantine months, Instagram influencers in the UK were frequently going live. Among them were fitness coaches, book club members, influencers doing general chats, and so on. A lot of influencers rapidly adapted to the changes made on social media platforms.

Going live is a great way for influencers to interact and connect with their followers. The video medium resonates way more with the audience when it is streaming live. And it also allows them to interact with the influencers.

Many influencers used this opportunity to better understand the interests of their followers and to strengthen their relationship with them.

Now when the quarantine is ending and the world is slowly coming back on its feet, influencers still use the trend of live video format on social media platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and other streaming sites.

A lot of famous social media influencers are now regular users of Instagram Live such as Caroline Hirons, Caroline, Gorka Marquez, Carly Rowena, Gemma Atkinson and so many more.

Expect Brands To Digitalize in the Future of Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing | Monitor Surrounded by Social Icons

Unlike influencers, it’s more difficult for brands to go digital. Because until now brand’s strategies involved hosting various events for launching products and creating many workshops. But due to the pandemic, such events are no longer possible. And most likely not included in the future of influencer marketing.

Nevertheless, brands still adapted to current changes. Even though they could not host events physically, many brands decided to switch their activities online.

By hosting online workshops, and events, and promoting their products on social media platforms, brands found a way to stay relevant in the industry and their campaigns kept audiences engaged.

Due to the holidays, this time of year is ideal for organizing events and workshops, and a lot of brands did just that online. Creating virtual events has its advantages because even though people cannot gather in person and meet the hosts, they can come together virtually from all over the world.

Will Zoom Carry On into the Future of Influencer Marketing?

Zoom Served Up on a Plate | Future of Influencer Marketing

Zoom, Skype, and similar platforms connect brands and influencers with their audience from all over the world. Whether someone lives in a big city or some small town, everyone can join online events set up by influencers and brands.

Even without the restrictions due to the pandemic, virtual events are still more practical for most people. That’s why we believe platforms such as Zoom will still continue to be the future of influencer marketing. And if brands don’t adapt to the changes and go with the current trend, they won’t be able to maintain their reputation.




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