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12 Baking Influencers Ready To Collab

Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

Baking companies look for influencers who can help them reach more people and sell products like baking ingredients, recipe books, and even ovens. Influencers do this by promoting products through content on their social media channels. However, finding a reliable baking influencer can be difficult.

It would be best to find someone with real influence, a loyal fan base, a huge reach, and a true understanding of the industry. At Afluencer, we bridge the gap between influencers and brands and offer access to thousands of influencers.

Today, we have shortlisted some of the best baking influencers on Afluencer for you to consider.

Let’s have a closer look at our creative influencers:

Cassandra Summers – Best for Brands Targeting Parents

Cassandra Summers IG baking posts | Influencers on Afluencer

With nearly 16K followers and an outstanding engagement rate of 8%, Summers is one of the most sought-after baking influencers. Mainly popular in the US, the star is interested in various niches, including parenting, health, and lifestyle.

You will find some unique photos on her feed, including adorable pictures of her kids. She loves talking about parenting and making delicious meals for kids. This is one of her USPs as most of her meals are designed according to the changing demands of children.

The star works with all kinds of brands and can be a great fit for companies looking for baking influencers. She is mainly followed by mothers and can be a good pick for companies that target kids or mothers.

Gemma Harris – Best for Brands Targeting Mothers and Kids

Gemma Hariss and kid Hunter on IG | Baking influencers

Here’s another baking influencer who loves spending time with her kid and sharing her experiences with her 20K Instagram family.

Just like our first pick, Gemma also seems to be very popular among new mothers and can be a great option for companies that target children or mothers. She has worked with a number of baking businesses and is a pro when it comes to captions and hashtags.

Her Instagram account, titled Gemma and Hunter, mainly features the diva with her 3-year-old son. The two can be seen enjoying cupcakes and creating new memories.

Armida Finser – Best for Brands Targeting Home Chefs

Armida Finser baking posts on IG

Armida is a micro-influencer with a special interest in baking. She has nearly 9K followers on Instagram and a growing fanbase on Facebook. Armida has been a fan of baking and cooking since childhood and enjoys hosting dinners at her house and preparing delicious meals for her friends and family.

The diva shares recipes, how-to guides, and tips on her Instagram page and enjoys presenting simple foods in a unique manner. She is very active on the platform and regularly engages with her followers. In addition to Instagram, she is also available on YouTube where she shares long videos. Plus, the star is currently associated with Thermomix and has worked with a number of other brands.

Jeremy Davis – Best for Brands Targeting Couples

Designed by Daddy | Jeremy Davis IG posts

Davis is one of the most well-known bakery influencers with nearly 100K Instagram fans. His journey is quite interesting. He always had an interest in baking; however, he gave up his love for baking to pursue a more ‘professional career’ and received a bachelor’s degree in marketing followed by a master’s degree in education.

However, he couldn’t stay away from his love for too long and started baking as a side gig and is known for creating one-of-a-kind wedding cakes.

He works as the Director of the School of Business at a local community college during the day and wears the chef’s hat at night. The star shares his journey with his fans on Instagram and enjoys sharing tips and reviews with his growing fanbase. Since he’s an expert in wedding cakes, we feel he can be a good pick for companies that cater to couples.

Nyelia Paulino – Best for Brands Targeting Teens

Nyelia Paulino featured on Afluencer | Instagram posts

Nyelia is not like other baking influencers as she has a specific niche – dairy-free desserts. At just 13, she has already built a strong following on Instagram and has an astonishing engagement rate of 37%; even celebrities can’t match this figure.

The teenager is best known for dancing, enjoys showing her dance moves, having fun with her friends, and devouring delicious desserts. Since teenagers love trying different desserts, we feel that Nyelia can be a good option for brands targeting this demographic. Her dancing skills make her a very attractive option as it gives brands the opportunity to come up with unique campaigns involving her abilities.

Samantha Otto – Best for Brands Targeting Rural Areas

Samantha Otto IG posts Christmas time

A mother of two, Samantha is a lively girl who enjoys baking and sharing her life with her followers Based in rural Manitoba, the star mainly spends time with her family and can be seen having fun outdoors. She seems to be a fan of nature and clicking beautiful pictures of her projects.

Her captions are short and to the point. Moreover, she’s quick to respond to comments, which is one of the main reasons why her followers are so highly engaged.

Marina Voronkov – Best for Brands Looking for Professional Bakers

Marina Voronkov | Christmas holidays macarons

What can be better than a professional baker? A professional baker who understands how to use a camera. Marina is a professional baker and food photographer who runs the Everything Marina Instagram page.

Obsessed with macarons, the diva has about 14K Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 4%. You will find a variety of macarons on her page, including easy-to-follow recipes and some interesting takes on macarons. Whether you’re selling ingredients or recipe books, she can be a great option to reach more people and find success.

Stephanie Goldstein – Best for Brands Looking for Pro Photographers

Stephanie Goldstein IG posts | Thanksgiving bakery

Mainly popular in the US, Stephanie enjoys a huge following of 14.3K on Instagram. The 26-year-old star has always been interested in food and often talks about her journey. She started showing interest in food as a kid and would often help her mom bake delicious desserts.

Though not a professional photographer, she is as good as one. She likes to click everything from the foods she prepares in her kitchen to meals she enjoys when traveling. A Cornell School of Hotel Administration graduate, she now works for a restaurant software company and enjoys connecting with food lovers through Instagram. The star Collabs with all kinds of brands and regularly hosts giveaways on her page.

Tina Pang – Best for Brands Looking for a Matcha Lover

Tina Pang IG food posts | Cakes and cookies

Tina is one of our most popular baking influencers with nearly 10K Instagram fans and an impressive engagement rate of 8.6%. Popular around the world, the diva runs her own website, Tina’s Hungry, where she shares all about food, including tips and recipes. In addition, you will see her on Instagram sharing her life with her friends.

The star loves to try new foods and is always on the lookout for something unique to share with her followers. Moreover, she is a huge fan of matcha and often covers desserts that include matcha as an ingredient—making Tina a good pick for brands interested in selling matcha or related products.

Amy Bloodworth – Best for Brands Looking for a Bakery Owner

Amy Bloodworth | Amycakes IG | Festive cakes

Amy Bloodworth is a baking influencer available on almost all platforms with a combined following of over 20K. The star has nearly 12 years of industry experience and is now a proud bakery owner. She specializes in gooey cinnamon rolls, extra-moist cakes, and other made-from-scratch desserts.

Amy has a very impressive engagement rate of 5% on YouTube where she shares detailed recipes and guides. Her aim is to enable people to prepare bakery-quality desserts at home. She shares small-batch versions of her recipes on Instagram with creative cake-decorating tips. This baking influencer is highly experienced and enjoys a loyal fanbase.

Lindsay F. – Best for Brands Looking for Creative Baking Influencers

Lindsay beauty and food IG posts | Influencers on Afluencer

Passionate about baking and being outdoors, Lindsay offers a mix of everything from fashion tips to baking recipes to travel inspiration. Unlike some other baking influencers on this list, she doesn’t concentrate on a single niche and offers a nice variety, which we feel is also her USP.

The 21-year-old USC graduate shares reviews, college tips, recipes, love advice, and more. She has over 10K followers on Instagram and a decent engagement rate. We feel that she can be a good fit for brands looking for creative posts as her ability to cover different topics in her posts puts her in a great position to market baking products in an artistic manner.

Stephanie Carr – Best for Brands Looking for a Popular Baking Influencer

Stephanie Carr creating cake masterpieces on Instagram

Stephanie is one of the most well-known baking influencers with more than 105K Instagram fans and over 257K YouTube subscribers. She enjoys a very high engagement rate on both platforms – going up to 10% on YouTube. The star is a global phenomenon with fans worldwide, including in the US, Brazil, India, and Canada.

In addition, she is also on TikTok with more than 611K fans and over 13.6 million likes.

Few baking influencers today can claim to match Stephanie’s popularity. She is active on almost all major platforms and manages to get over 2,000 likes on average on Instagram.

She shares everything from recipes to tips to reviews. Moreover, the star often Collabs with other popular baking influencers and can be a great pick for brands interested in working with a baking influencer with a huge reach. She’s a pro when it comes to decorating cakes and has built a loyal following on social media.

How Can Brands Work With Baking Influencers?

Influencer marketing presents brands with a unique opportunity to reach more people and make more money. It’s similar to advertising using traditional methods but gives you greater control. It’s also more affordable.

But how can a brand benefit from working with baking influencers?

Step 1: Find a top baking influencer. Pay attention to reach, engagement rates, and geographical location. Ideally, look for influencers with a good reach and who are popular in your target region.

Step 2: Communicate your requirements. Afluencer makes this easier—providing influencer info such as “most influence in” and “engagement rate“, in addition to the demographics.

Step 3: Once you find an influencer, discuss the job scope with them and negotiate on pricing. Some influencers charge per post and a few accept free gifts. The rate per post can be anywhere from $25 to $5,000 depending on their audience size.

Note: you can post a Collab on Afluencer with your requirements which will then attract suitable influencers.

Step 4: Make sure your hired influencer is on the same page in regard to your expectation. Determine the nature of the content that you’re interested in and relay this clearly to the influencer.

Discuss possible posting scenarios and make sure to have clear requirements. You may need to send your product to the influencer to feature in their post.

Step 5: Work out the best time to release a post and ask the influencer to share analytical data.

The best thing about influencer marketing is that it typically gives immediate results. But sometimes it can take a while. So keep an eye on the numbers and amend your campaign if you’re not seeing the desired results.




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