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12 Teen Influencers Showing Us How It’s Done

Nicole P. Dunford


You know that they say, the early bird gets the worm. In this round-up of teen influencers, you’ll discover young adults on the path to greatness (yes, it sounds like part of a speech from a movie but it’s true). Some have hundreds of thousands of followers, others are at the beginning of their influencer journey. One thing that links them all – they’re tackling the influencer game with confidence and putting in the work at an early age.

  1. Megan Stacy
  2. Francesca L.
  3. Linh Nguyen
  4. Madison Wilkins
  5. Danielle Syquia
  6. Aliyah Adewuyi
  7. Tendani Nemudivhiso
  8. Adela Demeterova
  9. Hansa Soni
  10. Gina Lee Whitfield
  11. Sheneil Anne Macalipay
  12. Viraj Rajesh

Are you ready to tap into our younger selves and check out these teen influencers ready for a Collab?

Let’s go!

Megan Stacy – @meganstacy_official

Megan Stacy | Teen Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Repping Illinois, USA is Megan Stacy. A 16-year-old content creator whose love for fashion shines through her social media posts.


This teen influencer sure knows how to serve looks! From cute flowy dresses to comfy jeans and sweaters, cheerleading outfits to formal wear, Megan covers it all on her Instagram page. With over 155k followers and an engagement rate of 3.6% on her mom-monitored account, there’s no doubt that her self-expression through fashion has connected with teens and young adults not only in the USA but all over the world.

Need to know where she gets her clothing from? Thankfully, Megan shares all the outfit deets in every post so followers everywhere can rock the looks too! Her captions are almost always positive, uplifting, and inspiring, giving us much-needed reminders of how awesome we are: “You are made of magic..” Yes, I am!

Francesca L. – @francesca.47

Francesca L | Instagram Fashion Posts

A fashion content creator from New Jersey, USA, Francesca is a budding teen influencer with a total follower count of 3,343 across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She will soon be majoring in Fashion Studies and minoring in Pre-Law – with a goal to become a fashion attorney and/or start her own clothing line. Talk about a girl who knows what she wants and is working to make it happen!


First off, what a bright Instagram page this is – in the best way. Francesca executes her wish to “add a pop of positivity to uplift anyone who may need it” through her choice of bright colors, infectious smiles, and encouraging captions.

She may only have 71 posts, but this determined teen influencer is already working the Collab scene. She’s partnered with ThirdLove – a lingerie company, Case Co – an ethical phone accessories company, and a few others. She’s partnering with brands across industries yet her content still flows and makes sense. Francesca is a force – getting things done in a short amount of time – what more could you want in a collaboration? Boss vibes all the way.

Linh Nguyen – @officiallylinh

Linh Nguyen | Young Entrepreneur and Micro-influencer

This 18-year-old from California may be a teen micro-influencer, but she’s also an entrepreneur doing big things. She’s the owner of Belloire (@thebelloire) – a cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry brand – which she considers a dream come true.


Are you lacking style inspiration? Does your closet need revamping? Consider @officallylinh your go-to lookbook. Scrolling through this teen influencer’s feed feels like flipping through a fashion magazine with like totally doable outfits. You can also find pieces not only from her business, Belloire, but other stores and lines as well (which she mentions in her posts, thanks Linh). 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate her hurricane-causing false eyelashes – also by her brand? We’re blown away.

Madison Wilkins – @_maddie.wilkins

Madison Wilkins | Teen Content Creator | Photoshoot Posts

Madison Wilkins, from Indiana, USA, is a content creator with a passion for sharing what she loves – fitness, fashion, and self-care.


Teen life moments, beautifully captured. For us not-so-spring-chickens, Madison evokes a sense of nostalgia for our teen years. Prom, friends, family. Madison’s content feels authentic and relatable. She’s really into cheerleading, gymnastics, and skiing. Judging by her comments, she has many offers for fashion collabs and has even been gifted activewear by a brand. With 1,744 Instagram followers and a whopping engagement rate of 18.7%, it’s clear that this teen influencer has major potential.

Danielle Syquia – @daniellesyquia

Danielle Syquia | Teen Content Creators Featured on Afluencer

This Toronto-based content creator is focused on styling outfits & accessories, hair, and makeup, as well as lifestyle and wellness.


This teen influencer definitely has a certain vibe that’s clear as soon as you visit her page but hard to put your finger on at the same. Whatever it is, we feel like it’s her personality shining through and we like it. She clearly loves fashion – her cute outfits are testament enough. However, she’s also secured paid partnerships with brands in skincare, clothing, jewelry, nutrition, and mental health – topics close to her heart.

She’s got 1,426 followers on Instagram, a fantastic engagement rate of 11.6% and is clearly no stranger to good Collabs across multiple industries. It’s safe to say that if you’re not partnering with Danielle, you could be missing out on a rising star. Actually, you’re definitely missing out.

Aliyah Adewuyi – @aliyaho_o

Aliyah Adewuyi | Teenage influencer representing the Ontario clothing and lifestyle scene

Also out of Ontario, Canada is clothing and lifestyle enthusiast, Aliyah. This fun and fabulous 15-year-old is living her best life through fashion as a young girl of the Muslim faith. We love this much-needed representation.


With her keen sense of style, Aliyah shows the world that you can be modest, trendy, and true to your religious beliefs all at the same time. We love her undeniable confidence (and flawless skin, yaasss girl what’s your secret). In all this, she’s just a normal teen going about her life. From relatable posts about her love for oversized hoodies (the best!) to partnerships with beauty and clothing brands to her phenomenal Instagram engagement rate of 14.6%, Aliyah is certainly one of the teen influencers to keep on your Collab radar.

Tendani Nemudivhiso – @tendi.jpg

Tendani Nemudivhiso | South African Teenager | Influencers on Social Media

Coming to you from Gauteng, South Africa, Tendani is a teen influencer whose content focuses mainly on makeup, fashion, and hair.


Talk about confidence! We love seeing teens do what they love while being unapologetically themselves. Tendani is definitely doing something right – she’s got almost 14k followers on Instagram and 54.6k on TikTok (@tendinm). Let’s break it down.

When it comes to hair content, ya girl has you covered with easy-to-do natural hair tutorials and looks to inspire. She also really rocks braids like no other.

Real cute. Real simple. That’s what we love about this teen influencer’s fashion choices. She’s even partnered with clothing brands to give her followers 15% off deals. This girl is ready for another Collab!

Her makeup content is where it’s really at. Tendani sure knows the meaning of a beat face! From bold eyes to bold lips, creative makeup looks to the no-makeup-makeup look, there’s lots of inspo to get you going. She’s even started a page on Instagram dedicated to makeup – @makeupbytendani, which, although she’s only just created it, already has 226 followers. Judging by what she’s done already, this new page is sure to be a hit.

Adela Demeterova – @adeel.dd

Adela Demeterova | Beauty and Fashion Influencer | Instagram Posts

Natural beauty enhanced by the right skincare products – that’s Adele’s philosophy. This 19-year-old from Belgium loves sharing beauty hacks and fashion styling tips.


What a philosophy. And so simple! Judging by her skin, it appears to be working. Skincare never looked so easy. We love how Adele lives by her statement of enhancing natural beauty through skincare. She only recommends products she uses herself (which amps up the trust factor for anyone looking to follow her. I’m sure all 5,100 of her current followers would agree!) She also has partnerships with beauty brands that benefit her followers – hello discount codes!

This teen influencer also covers fashion that’s as simple (yet stylish) as her skincare routine. We’re talking hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. Staples in any wardrobe. However, if there’s one glam thing she can’t do without – it’s getting her nails done. We love her approach to life! All in favor, say I!

Hansa Soni – @tinaa.soni_

Hansa Soni | Content Creator from India inspiring the fashion and beauty world on social media

Hansa Soni, a 19-year-old teen influencer from India, not only loves beauty and fashion – which she’s amazing at, by the way – but she also loves motivating and uplifting people. A quality we definitely admire.


Hansa is a style queen! When scrolling through her timeline, it’s easy to see how effortlessly she blends culturally inspired looks with western fashion – and she looks great in all of them whether she’s wearing edgy outfits, cute dresses, business attire, or jeans and a white tee. It’s enviable. However, no hate here – not with those motivational posts littered throughout her feed.

While Hansa may be front and center in her posts, many of her photoshoots are in stunning locations, adding dimension to her feed. No matter what she’s posting there’s an air of confidence in the most modest yet regal way. Does it make sense? No. Do we love it? Absolutely.

Gina Lee Whitfield – @ginaleewhitfield

Gina Lee Whitfield | Micro-influencer from Portugal | Inspiring Content Creators on Social Media

Gina Lee is a commercial model and micro-influencer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She has a love for health, wellness, and sustainability – all of which she shares with her almost 2.7k followers on Instagram.


A quick look at Gina’s feed make’s it clear that she’s all about living a healthy lifestyle. Here you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes that can just as easily be modified to accommodate gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyles.

You’ll also find beauty hacks like how to get rid of a nasty pimple in 2 days (people everywhere can relate) as well as some style inspo and life advice. Did we mention that she is the founder of a handmade, minimalistic skincare line? Oh yeah, it’s called Allure Haven (@allurehavenskin) and it’s plant-based and cruelty-free.

She’s the perfect teen candidate for brands looking for influencers in the beauty, health & wellness, and fashion industries.

Is there anything this teen influencer can’t do?

Sheneil Anne Macalipay – @sheneil.m

Sheneil Anne Macalipay | Instagrammer and YouTuber from the Philippines

From the Philippines, Sheneil has a goal and that’s to help empower people of any age or gender and she’s doing that through her Instagram and YouTube channels.


On her Instagram, you will find Sheneil being herself – a normal teenager. The power in that is showing everyone that we can connect on many levels, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Her YouTube channel features a bit more variety – from makeup looks to clothing hauls and even driving lessons – things teens everywhere can relate to. We love her fun-loving energy and ability to show that there is power in being yourself.

So if you’re a brand looking to partner with relatable teen influencers, then Sheneil’s your girl!

Viraj Rajesh – @vrj_rajesh

Viraj Rajesh | Video Content Creator | Influencers on Afluencer

Viraj, a teen video creator from India, is a self-proclaimed ‘memer’ with a fantastic sense of humor and a love for health and skincare.


The only male to make our teen influencers list, Viraj is a master at the Collab game. He has several featured partnerships throughout his feed with brands in the health, skincare, fashion, and phone accessories industries to name a few. While he definitely injects his infectious sense of humor with his over 7k Instagram followers, Viraj’s message of living a healthy life is first and foremost. Did we mention his great engagement rate of 5.6%? Viraj is constantly interacting with his audience and we love that!

From their unique personalities to their approach to content delivery (not to mention already establishing themselves with partnerships with brands), it’s clear that these teen influencers are on the rise and can only get better from here.




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