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8 Top Food Influencers for 2021

Brett Thomas

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Food! It’s a necessity of life, so why let this area be dull if it’s something we typically encounter 3 times a day? These 8 food influencers are anything but boring! They all have their own individual take on how they choose to nurture their body and how they share that knowledge and perspective with the world!

Check out each of their pages and you’ll easily find the answer to the question of “What should I cook today?” and inspiration for culinary creations!

  1. Brandon Bala – @tastyideas
  2. Melissa Cushing – @deliciouslysavvy
  3. Agnieszka Weiner – @tastesofhealth_toh
  4. Gina Fontana – @HealthyLittleVittles
  5. Jessica Hirsch – @cheatdayeats
  6. Anita- @breakfastnbowls
  7. Jordan- @moonchild
  8. Maddie Pasquariello – @eastcoasthealth

Now let’s get the 2021 drool game on with these top food influencers Instagram posts!

Brandon Bala – @tastyideas – Adventurous Food Influencers

Instagram Followers: 48k

Tasty Ideas Instagram | Food & Lifestyle Influencers

Brandon Bala, based in Chicago, brings the most beautifully saturated, high-quality, and eye-catching photos of the best food from around the world. On Instagram, @TastyIdeas page is a great showcase of the infectious energy between food influencers, Brandon and Jorge. It is certainly evident they are living their best life, which includes sharing an essential part of their life: food.


The content on their Instagram is a mix of recipes, food finds, and adventures. Brandon and Jorge bring such an authentic radiance and it is hard to ignore. Their love of food and life is conveyed on their feed not only through images but language, as their content is also bilingual (in English and Spanish).

They bring content for everyone: easy no-bake recipes, delicious snacks, endless desserts, and also healthy recipes. Something special about their account is the beautifully put together short and concise recipe videos that transcend language and culture. If you thought their feed was eye candy, then wait until you check out their food!

As far as their IGTV recipe videos are concerned, they are an extension of their beautifully crafted videos often included in their feed posts. The recipe videos are short, simple, and to the point, while managing to captivate the viewer and teach insanely appetizing step by step recipes to bring their creation to life in the viewers’ kitchen! A personal favorite of mine was their Nutella banana bread recipe. Check out their feed and let them know which recipe you are looking forward to recreating!


Recent brand collaborations that TastyTreats has worked with include: Every Plate, Noodles & Company, Press, Nutpods, and Zulay.

TastyIdeas loves incorporating like-minded brands into their daily life in creative and striking ways! Food-lovers and brands looking to collaborate with awesome influencers make sure to follow their page and contact them!

Melissa Cushing – @deliciouslysavvy – Nature and Food-Loving Influencer

Instagram Followers: 10.9K

Deliciously Savvy - Food, Family and Fun

Melissa Cushing not only specializes in all things lifestyle, health, and beauty, but she fits all these individual puzzle pieces together into living a nutritious and wholesome lifestyle. Whether it is on her Instagram, Facebook, or Blog, you will never run out of information on how to better your life with the priceless health tips she provides.


Melissa’s Instagram feed is the definition of love and life. Her content consists of nature and food that nourishes and keeps the body going. Melissa’s blog incorporates a wealth of information about food, coupons, reviews and recipes and so much more. Her content is extremely diverse and helpful in all areas of life, and definitely worth following!


You can find a back to school gift guide, recipes, product reviews, giveaways, and other blog posts all eloquently laid out on her Deliciously Savvy blog.


Melissa is also on Facebook, and she has over 10K likes on her page. Her Facebook is most certainly worth checking out to stay in the “Deliciously Savvy” loop.


Melissa’s YouTube channel has 1.2K subscribers. On her YouTube channel feed, you can find really awesome and detailed product reviews.


Melissa also loves to work with brands. Here are some of her recent collaborations that has contributed to her top food influencer status:

Every Plate, Noodles & Company, Press, Nutpods, Zulay.

Agnieszka Weiner – @tastesofhealth_toh – Influencer with Food Recipes and a Side of Health & Fitness Tips

Instagram Followers: 42K

Tastes of Health Instagram - Agnieszka Weiner

Agnieszka Weiner is a health and fitness influencer. Her page exudes ethereal and whimsical energy. The color palette of her profile is akin to a beautiful painting of spring and summer colors, with glass jars of jam, and pink blossoms scattered throughout. Images of flower crowns along the seaside and meadows with hints of aqua blue and oranges highlight the beauty of her life. She lives the life of a goddess and therefore eats like one! She refuses to be bland, and she strives to make eating healthy inspiring, and beautiful. The way she blends health, beauty, food, and art is definitely worthy of a follow.


Agnieszka provides simple and yummy recipes, while also giving health and fitness tips. She invites you into her world and shows you how to make each of her recipes. She shows you how to make her vibrant pink Cold Beet Soup or her beautifully aesthetic Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble! The link in her Instagram bio gives you an easily accessible way to view more of the photos you see on her feed. You can also explore her full blog to discover even more of what she has to offer.


On her blog, you can find recipes organized by category type, such as breakfasts, pasta, soups, etc. You can also find specific vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan recipes with ease. Additionally, she provides you with some information on the places she has traveled. This gives insight into the fun of culinary adventures when traveling and is fun to learn through her experiences of other cultures.


The Tastes of Health Facebook page has over 62K likes, and it is no mystery why with her plethora of great recipes and information. For quick access to some of her recipes, go and check the notes section of her page. She also has some recipe videos that are worth checking out like “Chocolate Quinoa Cake” and “Heavy Cream Substitutes VEGAN” just to name a couple of videos, but all her videos are worth taking a look at. It is clear that Agnieszka puts effort into all of her contentions every platform she posts on.


For any brands, food-lovers, or health and wellness lovers looking to collab with enthusiastic influencers like Agnieszka make sure to follow her page and contact her!

Gina Fontana – @HealthyLittleVittles – Vegan and Gluten-free Food Influencer

Instagram Followers: 52K

Healthy Little Vittles - Passionate Food Influencers

Gina specializes in all things gluten-free, plant-based, vegan recipes, low sugar, and grain-free foods. She provides the ins and outs of eating abundantly while still using simple ingredients. She is a certified health coach, inspiring food influencer, and also a published author. Her Instagram displays a lovely curated feed with pastel and jewel-toned foods that are not only a work of art but will make your body look and feel just as vibrant! Her very vibrance conveyed through her feed is worth checking out and giving a follow.


Looking at Gina’s Instagram, HealthyLittleVittles shows exactly how abundant and delicious a vegan and gluten-free diet can be. Gina is proof that healthy food can both taste and look good. Her photos alone demonstrate a lifestyle of rich and delicious food. Gina truly is an artist in the kitchen, behind the camera, and has a special talent for curating a beautiful and cohesive feed! Just looking at her page made me hungry from all the beautiful and delicious content she posts.

Her captions provide value and insight into her world as well. A favorite caption of mine was about the gratitude she has for all the delicious foods she eats. In her case, it may not have initially been a choice to stop eating gluten, as health circumstances lead her to that place in her diet. However, she chose an attitude of appreciation and gratitude looking at all of the wonders that came from her need to change her diet. You may get lost (as I did) scrolling for a while reading her captions because she really lets you into her life and provides such beauty and insight through her journey.


Her blog is just as beautiful as her Instagram feed is. The slideshow of food presented on her blog had a vanilla bean custard tart with roasted strawberries recipe that immediately stood out. That is now on my must-try list for sure! 

Make sure to check out her 5-star rated book “Moon Milk!” In her book, she has 55 plant-based recipes using a delicious bedtime treat: moon milk! She talks about healing herbs and spices that are proven to help insomnia and incorporates moon milk into each of these. Gina takes this tradition and gives it a vegan twist so that that living lactose-free can have aid to sleep and lovely dreams as well!


Gina loves to work with like-minded brands and individuals. Being in the league of top food influencers has opened collab opps with great brands like Bob’s Red Mill, ALDI, and Lily’s Chocolate. Make sure to follow her page and contact her!

Jessica Hirsch – @Cheatdayeats – Smiley Influencer with Delicious Food Inspo

Instagram Followers: 475k

Cheat Day Eats Instagram Profile

Jessica has an Instagram called CheatDayEats, where she always has a smile on her face as she shows off the delicious foods she eats. She reminds us that even cheat day foods should be enjoyed guilt-free! Jessica also runs a Lifestyle Brand and a Digital Production Company. She travels around the world and finds and shares the best foods out there. Her unique experiences are the very reason she made in our top food influencers list! And the very reason you should be following her!


Jessica’s page is exactly what it sounds like, “cheat day eats”. It is about everything you deserve to indulge in because life is about living and enjoying. Her content ranges from posts about donuts, to fried foods, and desserts under every color of the rainbow. Jessica’s page will definitely have you planning your next cheat day, but without any guilt- as it should be!

If you end up on Jessica’s page hungry and unsure of what to eat, then your curiosities will be quickly answered. There is so much to enjoy on her feed, from the rainbow heart shape waffles she made in celebration of pride month to the delicious banana split pudding pie that makes you crave more.

Check out the story highlights titled “RECIPES” to find a handful of recipes, so you can feast on her creations at home! Her stories also highlight all of the different places she has traveled to around the world including Rome, Hong Kong, and Bali just to name a few.


For any brands or foodies looking to collaborate with her account make sure to follow her page and reach out to contact her!

Anita- @breakfastnbowls – Food Influencer with Photography Skills

Instagram Followers: 62.5k

Breakfast N Bowls - Food Content Creator

Anita is an immensely talented recipe developer and food photographer. Her Instagram she runs is BreakfastNBowls, and on this account, her gifts shine through the screen! She shares ideas of healthy eating but also gives advice for other dreamers and entrepreneurs. Anita is a multi-faceted creator with a lot of great insight to offer to the world, and her Instagram is definitely worthy of a look and a follow!


At even a quick glance you will find something appealing for every meal on Anita’s feed. Ranging from breakfast to dinner and all the delicious snacks in between. Additionally, every Monday she shares her knowledge and gives out business tips to her followers! In one of my favorite captions on her feed, she talks about the importance of self-investment. I love that you look forward to her priceless insight, and in-turn you get to know a bit more about the artist behind the camera.

Anita’s goal is to help strengthen and further develop healthy eating habits for all. She focuses on making sure there is no need to compromise the pleasures or flavor of food! She always uses simple ingredients and helps give any allergy alternatives. So you can then go ahead and tackle eating healthy and delicious food with ease. Personally, a favorite piece of content on her feed of mine is her rainbow citrus plates. It is amazing how even the most simple food Anita is able to turn into art!

Anita often opens the discussion for conversation in her captions asking questions. Then she lets her followers discuss and engage in the comments. Join the conversation and check out her page!


The most recent collaboration Anita had was with Nescafe. For brands looking to work with food influencers with top photography skills, make sure you check Anita out!

Jordan – @moonchild.etc – Food Influencer with Dose of Self Care and Muckbang!

Instagram Followers: 14k

Moonchild.etc Instagram - Daily dose of food inspiration

Jordan is a body positivity advocate, a fashion and beauty icon, an ASMR content creator and she does fun snack muckbangs! You can find all of this fun content on her Instagram Moonchild.etc. Her style is instantly recognizable, as her page screams a mix between y2k glam and kawaii goddess. She is passionate about self-care and helping others improve their own lifestyle as well. You definitely should follow her for her fun and aesthetic content!


Jordan does ASMR content and has one of the cutest snack muckbang pages on Instagram. Try some snacks from around the world with Jordan through watching her IGTV! Her IGTV really shines with interesting and unique food content. Watch her recent “Poppin Cookin Fail” video or her “Strawberry Mochi Muckbang”! There is a ton of content to binge watch on, but those two are a great place to start.

All of Jordan’s captions are just as thorough and thoughtful as her entire feed. Her page is carefully curated. You can tell everything on there is 100% authentic to her style. Once you follow her and see her pop-up on your feed, you will not have to read the username to instantly recognize the content you are consuming. Jordan’s followers are extremely supportive and loyal and for great reason. She is a shining light in the community of food influencers, and is doing something different and providing valuable content with style and flair!


Some of Jordan’s most recent collaborations include: Reposé Eye Masks, Isadora Cosmetics, and UHSM Health.

Make sure you give Jordan a follow and contact her!

Maddie – @eastcoasthealth – Top New York Food Nutritionist & Content Creator

Instagram Followers: 29.6k

Maddie Pasquariello - East Coast Health - Food Nutrition Influencer

Maddie is a nutrition and health guru located in New York City. Her Instagram page is EastCoastHealth, and she currently works in public relations for small brands as well as private coaching as a nutritionist. She does all this while documenting her aesthetically pleasing meals on her Instagram page, and you should definitely check out her content and meals she showcases and give her a follow!


Maddie is all about health and wellness, while still providing delicious recipes. After all, she is a nutritionist, and if you need meal inspiration from someone, then a nutritionist is your best bet. Her food is appealing externally, but she also manages to work magic internally as well.

Her Instagram bio reads “I’m probably making breakfast”. Scroll through her feed and stumble upon things like scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast and vegan cream cheese combined with fresh fruit, and a variety of yogurt bowls with an array of toppings. Maddie clearly puts love and care into her morning meals, and she really showcases the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

She has plenty of meal samples, including avocado toast and fruit with granola! Eating healthy can be a daunting task, but seeing Maddie do it with low fuss recipes that anyone can make is extremely motivating. Her Instagram is essentially her food diary. We are lucky enough to get an insight into what a pro nutritionist eats. This insight is invaluable for someone looking at how to start eating properly.

The majority of her recipes are straightforward with only a couple of steps. Though she does have some more detailed recipes that I know I and many others cannot wait to try. Personally, the top recipe of hers on my list is her fudgy paleo almond butter brownies! They look absolutely delicious.

Maddie’s page will stay at the forefront of my mind as I plan my weekly meals. I trust her insight and really enjoy the simplicity and balance of her diet. Plus, her feed is addictive to look at, as it all looks delicious without making me feel any guilt for craving it!


Some of Maddie’s latest collaborations include Vital Proteins, HungryRoot, and Daily Harvest. So for brands looking for the best food influencers who know how to promote brands, Maddie is your girl!




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