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Being Relatable as an Influencer: The Dos and Don’ts

Aaron Tylor

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People appear to have realized that being a relatable influencer is directly proportional to being likable. Sure, that’s true, if you do it once or twice—that will get you people’s love. But the more you overdo it, the more people are going to ask:

Are you really all that relatable or are you fake?

And if people start wondering about the authenticity of your relatability, you will start failing as an influencer.

The Do’s of Relatability

Relatability is relative. Your audience is going to steer you in the direction of your chosen relatable method acting as an influencer. If the brand you have partnered with sells caviar and donkey’s cheese (and yes, that’s a thing—and it’s one of the most expensive things in the world), you will have to present yourself as such. On the other hand, if the brand you’re working with sells affordable everyday edibles in bulk, you’ll have to present yourself in an entirely different manner.

Of course, the onus of changing face does not lie on the shoulders of the influencer—it lies, instead, on the brand. Corporations have to choose the right person for the job.

But if they do choose you . . .

The Don’ts of Relatability

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Should you find yourself in a position where you’re the new face of a brand, we have only one suggestion:

Keep it natural. Do your research, spend your time with content creation, and deliver on time.

But don’t. . .

  • Don’t put on an act. Unless you’re Dame Judi Dench, you’re probably not going to be very good at it. Your audiences will see-through, and will hate you for it.
  • Be genuine. Remember Milly Bobby Brown’s ludicrous pretend-skincare routine that earned her massive backlash? You don’t want to be in that position.
  • Don’t overdo it. There’s a reason people don’t like Jennifer Lawrence anymore.
  • Don’t say things that belie a lack of cognitive capacity on your part. Such as Vanessa Hudgens casually saying that people die all the time.
  • Respect your audience. Don’t take them for fools just like this K-Pop idol did—and who was later globally chastised.

Poverty Porn—Just Don’t

Calling all travel influencers going to India: please do not romanticize poverty unless you have lived the reality. Please understand that the way you choose to represent a country or any region might be how many in your audience continue to see it. You might choose to visit only the most downtrodden neighborhoods in Africa and Central America, but that doesn’t mean it stops there.

Making fun of locals, making faces at their cuisines, and passing off-handed comments are just as bad as acting like their white savior. If you want good examples of how responsible, sensible travel and food influencers behave in developing countries, go and watch a few videos by Mark Wiens in Nigeria or The Best Ever Food Review Show in Thailand.

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