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10 Unusual Influencer Marketing Methods On Instagram

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media marketing platforms. The number of monthly users on this site is more than a billion which makes it a perfect place for brands and companies to promote their products and engage their target audience. But, this also means that new brands will have a large competition on this site.

Why You Should Choose Instagram For Influencer Marketing?

Attracting audience through Instagram marketing

Compared to the other social media platforms, Instagram users are more engaged by the created content that influencers post.

More than 70% of the massive number of users from all over the world use Instagram to search for brands. This means that your marketing content on Instagram has a higher chance to be noticed, liked, shared, and commented on.

In this article, we will present you with a few unusual marketing methods that will help you to successfully reach your target audience on Instagram.

The 10 Unusual Methods to Boost Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

1. Have a unique and consistent style

Unique photography style

Having a unique and consistent style is essential, especially on Instagram where influencers post more than one hundred million images and videos daily. If you want your audience to connect with your brand you need to be creative and original. For people to notice your Instagram marketing campaign it’s crucial to be consistent with your posts and use similar colors on your images.

2. Write captions to pique the interest of your target audience

Attracting target audience with a giant magnet

First of all, you should have a clear idea who are the people you want to attract. Are they into funny and clever content? Are they into puns? Do they like casual or formal approaches?

The best way to create the voice of your brand is to follow the interest of your audience and know what they want. When you figure this out then you can use the appropriate tone regularly.

3. Make sure not to over-post

Don't Over Post - Spread out your posts over time

If you want to avoid your marketing content from being perceived as irritating by your Instagram audience then you must not over-post. Your followers will unfollow you if they become sick of your frequent brand updates in their news feeds. However, you still need to be consistent in your posting. The best method is to create a marketing strategy and only post when your followers are active the most.

4. Use significant stories

Instagram laptop and mobile

Stories on Instagram are perfect for marketing your brand to show your followers what kind of brand you really are. They always display at the top of this platform which means that your content will get more attention. Also, stories are deleted after twenty-four hours so you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing. Stories on Instagram are ideal to keep your followers entertained and engaged.

5. Create valuable content

Illustration - prepping creative content | Instagram Marketing

For your brand to become successful on Instagram you need to provide pertinent content for your target audience. Your content should contain an explanation of how people can benefit from the product you are promoting. For example, you can present some customer who is satisfied with your product.

6. Hashtags are crucial for a successful marketing campaign

Branded hashtags are the best way to engage your followers on Instagram while increasing your brand’s reputation. The objective is to create a recognizable, original, and creative hashtag for your brand, use it on all of your posts and motivate your fan base to do the same thing.

This method will help you to achieve a deeper connection with your target audience and create content that is generated by the users on Instagram.

7. User-generated content is very important for your brand

You’ll still have fresh and unique content that you can share on your Instagram account because you’ll be sharing content that is created by your audience.

User-generated content is very important for your brand because it serves as social proof, and it shows your followers on Instagram that your brand is trustworthy. As a result, your sales will drastically increase.

If you share content that is made by your audience it will make them feel evaluated.

Keep track of your branded hashtag after creating it, and you will find the content you’d want to share on your Instagram account.

You can also post the content on your Instagram Stories so it can reach and engage a greater number of people.

8. Make use of adequate influencers to reach more people

As a brand, partnering with influencers is one of the best ways to reach more people online.

Many influencers on Instagram have gathered a lot of followers who follow them constantly for their creative content, professional insights, and promotions of products.

Influencers often focus their expertise on a specific niche which means that their audiences are also involved in that niche. Influencers can lead marketing campaigns in many different ways. They can spread your brand’s message, review your products, invite people to marketing events, etc.

Few brands also collaborate with influencers to build a completely new line for their product placement.

9. You should consider using sponsored advertisements

You should consider using sponsored advertisements because that is the perfect method for reaching new audiences. On Instagram, you can target people who share the characteristics of your target audience. Therefore, presenting your brand to the right people is much easier.

Sponsored advertisements will help your marketing campaign since some of the users on Instagram who are interested in your product might not know your brand. You will be able to engage them and potentially make them your followers and buyers.

10. You should create contests so you can increase brand awareness

People like free products, however, you can not give them to anyone who asks to own them for free. Even though your brand will become more popular, you will lose money. To find a solution to this problem, you can launch contests and choose who will receive free products.

When launching a contest it’s important to keep it fair, giving everyone an equal chance of winning. This is a perfect method that allows you to promote your brand because giveaway posts receive a lot of attention on Instagram.




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