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30 Education Influencers Making the World a Better Place

Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

Education influencers do a very simple but important job of educating people. The world is changing and education is no longer limited to classrooms. People are learning online, universities have gone virtual, and parents are opting to homeschool kids.

Also, education influencers seem to be present in almost every niche. At the end of the day, people want to get educated about everything from how chemistry works to how to nail that MBBS exam. They also want to know how to retire early, repair a car, or look good.

As a result, the demand for education influencers is very high. To help you pick the best one, we have covered the top education influencers who are like super cool teachers on a mission to make the world smarter. They do a simple yet mega-important job—teaching people stuff! These influencers are all about sharing knowledge in a way that makes learning fun and easy.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at our top influencer picks in the field of education.

Millie Adrian

Millie Adrian | Education influencer | Free Instagram masterclass banner

First on the list is Millie Adrian, an influencer, coach, and YouTuber with over 374K subscribers.

Technically speaking, Millie is not a traditional teacher. However, she is a coach and educates people about a variety of things.

Millie defines herself as “an online educator and Youtuber teaching content creators the latest strategies and trends on social media.”

She enjoys the verified ‘tick’ on YouTube and posts a mix of long and short videos on the platform. Many of her posts have gone viral on the platform and have millions of views. The diva is very active on social media and regularly interacts with her followers. Plus, she’s offering a free course to help ‘influencers’ find success on the web.

You can leverage her reach and influence to sell various products and services. Join Afluencer today to get access to Millie and several more education influencers.

Danielle McCormick

Danielle McCormick with her son promoting Happy Grub's pancake mix

Danielle McCormick is one of our favorite education influencers as the diva seems to be doing it right. With 43K fans on Instagram, she is a fast-growing name. The star enjoys an engagement rate of over 7 percent, which is among the best in the business.

A modern-homeschooling mom of 3 outgoing boys, Danielle can be a good pick for brands looking for an educational influencer who is like your next-door neighbor.

Danielle’s social media is very exciting. The star talks about everything from celebrating Halloween with her family members to educational games for children. Furthermore, she often talks about her favorite educational platforms, learning apps, and more.

Mainly followed by women with families, the star can be a good option for brands looking to cater to mothers.

Victoria Humphrey

Victoria Humphrey sitting on the kitchen counter holding a jar of peanut butter

Victoria is a woman with many talents. A resident doctor based in South Florida, the stunner is a former beauty pageant participant and a national pageant titleholder. She has been featured in several big publications such as Forbes and CNBC. Victoria has fun working as an influencer keeping her 11.1K Instagram fans interested and engaged.

The diva has a good engagement rate and is popular around the world. She enjoys creating and sharing content that motivates students to strive toward a career in medicine. This makes her a good pick for brands looking for an education influencer with followers interested in medicine. Furthermore, the diva is a flag bearer of feminism and wants to empower the modern woman.

You will find a variety of content on her page, including photos and videos. Her audience comprises pre-medical and medical students, healthcare professionals, and black women with a passion for wellness, skincare, haircare, and fitness. Also, ambitious working professionals aged between 25-34 with disposable income to spend on quality products, self-care, and everyday luxury brands.

Join Afluencer today to get in touch with Victoria and several other education influencers.

Rachel Platt

Rachel Platt holding up a welcome to 1st grade frame | Education influencers

There are several reasons to love Rachel Platt, a fast-growing education influencer with nearly 20K Instagram followers. An OG-trained classroom educator, Rachel is a 1st-grade teacher who uses social media to highlight the importance of education, help teachers and parents understand the art of teaching, and make life easier for young learners.

The star has created an online platform called Mindful Teacher Rachel, which she defines as “a practical social emotional education dedicated to literacy activism.”

She loves sharing tips for educators, realistic and efficient products for busy teacher lives, and content for families with struggling readers. We think she can be a great education influencer for schools and brands looking to partner with an influencer who is followed by other teachers. She can help promote a variety of products and services and is known for being easy to work with.

Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor | Teacher selfie in the classroom | Education influencers

Emma Taylor is a second-grade teacher residing in Indiana with a solid social media presence. She has amassed over 50K Instagram followers and has a very good engagement rate of 4 percent. Mainly popular in the US, she is known for having a good understanding of the US education system. The diva provides incredible tips and content that’s exclusive and refreshing.

The star enjoys posting about the realities of teaching and loves to show her humorous side in her captions and photos. Unlike some other education influencers out there, she doesn’t believe in being boring. Instead, she uses a dash of humor to make her content stand out.

She likes making others laugh and being relatable to everyone. You will find a variety of content on her pages, including some fun skits that she shares on both Instagram and TikTok. She enjoys partnering with education-related brands and has worked with Red Bubble, Class Tag, and NEAT Today.

Cecilia Wang

Cecilia Wang on IG | Christmas and children's book posts

Cecilia Wang might not look like your typical education influencer since she isn’t a teacher or educator in a traditional sense. The stunner is a yoga practitioner with more than 10 years of industry experience and a love for sharing her skills with others.

Also a mom and a librarian, she is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. In addition to this, she offers piano lessons and is into music and art. The diva has over 33.4K Instagram fans and a decent engagement rate.

We think this nice mix makes her a good pick for brands looking for a versatile education influencer. She educates people about staying fit, feeling good, and being healthy. Furthermore, she regularly talks about the ins and outs of being a mommy and educates her followers about the day-to-day challenges of being a parent.

She has partnered with a variety of brands and is focused on not just educating people but also improving their lives.

Cristie Lo

Cristie Lo displaying a fridge full of Rosa flavored milk

Talented and beautiful, Cristie enjoys being in her 40s and connecting with her growing audience.

The diva has over 20K Instagram fans and a decent engagement rate. Mainly popular in the US, she is a teacher by profession who loves the idea of promoting social issues. In addition to this, you will find fun posts related to food and travel.

She seems to be a fan of detailed captions and trying different photo ideas. Moreover, you will find a variety of contests on her page. She has partnered with the likes of Charity Box, Horizon Group, and Culturelle® Probiotics, and is open to partnering with more brands.

Get in touch with Cristie today!

Lua Rout

Lua Rout | Homeschooling IG profile | Education influencers

Lua Rout is one of our favorite education influencers because she is different from anyone else out there, and caters to a new and fast-growing niche – homeschooling. More and more people are opting to homeschool kids as it saves money and allows them to do more. Covid made people realize the potential of home schooling and Lua is an influencer pushing this idea.

You will find about her ‘Traveling Homeschool Family’ on her page. The diva has nearly 8.5K Instagram fans and a loyal audience. You will mostly find videos on her page, including posts talking about her children and how beneficial home-schooling has been for her kids. The page is dedicated to her family and highlights their life, including their homeschooling journey.

The star enjoys writing neat captions and is a pro when it comes to hashtags. She wants to help people understand how to homeschool children and ensure they are ready to take on the world.

We think she can be a great pick for a variety of brands, including online schooling platforms, libraries, and more.

Iris Hric

Iris Hric | Kids on the floor with their toys in the playroom | Education influencers

Here’s another influencer who believes in homeschooling and is helping people realize how beneficial it can be.

Iris’s page is dedicated to her family, which she calls The Hric Family. She has over 12.1K Instagram fans and a loyal fan base that actively engages with her.

Mom to five kids, the diva is raising trilingual kids and can be the go-to option for people looking to teach their kids a new language and understand how homeschooling works. We feel she can be a good partner for online schooling platforms, including apps that help learners grasp a new language.

Get in touch with Victoria and several other education influencers today!

Kipani Heart

Dr Tiffany aka Kipani Heart | Certified sex educator banner

If you are looking for a boring educator then Kipani Heart isn’t for you. More popularly known as Dr. K, the diva is a Holistic Sexuality Educator, Doctor of Education, a student of the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment (ISEE), certified fitness trainer, author, model, and promoter of erotic intelligence.

The diva is a sensation on the web and is present on all major platforms, including Instagram and YouTube with nearly 40K subscribers. Not the one to shy away from bold topics, she covers everything from the latest sensations to x-rated toys.

Also, an RYT-200 yoga instructor, provocative artist, aerialist, erotica author, scholar, and sexuality researcher, Dr. K has embarked on a mission to challenge the stigma surrounding alternative lifestyles and sexuality, creating a supportive environment that embraces and accepts all sexualities and identities. Her efforts are grounded in tantric principles, embodiment practices, and a commitment to holistic living.

This puts the star in a great position because the demand for such influencers is on the rise. She can promote all kinds of content and can be a great partner for brands looking to educate people about healthy sex. She doesn’t post controversial or bold content for the sake of it, she has her heart in the right place as her agenda is to educate people.

Aleksandra Ascione

Aleksandra Ascione lying next to her patient after a complicated surgery

Move away from school because it is time to meet our next influencer who specializes in educating pet owners on how to provide the best care for their furry friends.

Available on all major platforms, Aleksandra has nearly 30K fans on the web and a very high engagement rate of 9.2 percent on Instagram. A qualified vet, Aleksandra uses her influence to teach people about taking care of their pets and has partnered with a variety of brands.

The diva is available on almost all major platforms and, unlike most influencers out there, doesn’t concentrate on selfies but photos of animals. She understands the power of hashtags and creatively includes them. u. Furthermore, she is known for posting unique content, including fun videos and educational content showing different animal-related medical procedures.

This is a growing and in-demand niche. According to reports, Americans spent about $136.8 billion on their pets in the previous year, up from $123.6 billion in 2021. The figure is expected to increase and hit the $143.6 billion mark this year. People want to spend but they want recommendations from influencers they can trust.

Aleksandra is in a great position since she’s a qualified vet. Pet owners pay attention to what she has to say, thus putting her in a great position. If you are looking to reach pet owners and educate them or promote your products or services then she can be a great option.

Eli Erlick

Eli Erlick cuddling her cat on the sofa

Eli is a New York-based, California-raised transgender writer, activist, and model. She doesn’t come across as your traditional education influencer but the star has made it her mission to educate people about love, peace, sexuality, and other relevant topics.

Eli wants to make the world a better place and is using her influencer status to spread the word. She enjoys over 4K Instagram fans and has an engagement rate of 4.7 percent, which is pretty good. Mainly popular in English-speaking countries, Eli has a loyal fan base that is interested in her moves and regularly comments on her posts.

Currently pursuing her Ph.D., this queer, transgender woman has been featured in Teen Vogue, Glamour, the New York Times, and dozens of other publications. Comfortable in front of a camera, the star has modeled for Maybelline, Nike, American Eagle, Aéropostale, Netflix, and dozens of other major brands.

Lina Desai

Lina Desai pouring a glass of chocolate milk for her daughters

Visit Lina Desai’s profile to ‘unlock the secrets to keeping kids engaged, healthy, and screen-free’.

Mom to two beautiful girls, Lina shares her journey with her 21.1K Instagram fans on her page called DesaiGirls. We feel she can be a good pick for brands looking for an education influencer as she is mainly followed by mothers interested in homeschooling their children.

Popular in the US and India, she is mainly followed by Indians who live abroad. This demographic is quite attractive and in demand, making Lina a good choice.

Sonya Vajifdar

Sonya Vajifdar smiling in the sunset on the beach | Education influencers

Sonya Vajifdar calls herself an ethical influencer, educator, designer, and journalist. This Indian education influencer enjoys a good engagement rate of 3.5 percent and has over 12.2K Instagram followers.

A big supporter of the green campaign, she pushes sustainable products and can be a good pick for brands looking to educate people about the importance of going green and saving the environment.

She enjoys partnering with brands that share the same agenda and is known for being professional and funny. Her captions are interesting and detailed with relevant hashtags. The diva regularly interacts with her followers and hosts giveaways on her page.


Chayce and her family on holiday on a snowy mountain | Education influencers

Chayce is a Canadian mother and Eco blogger who teaches parents how to live a low-waste life. Again, she isn’t your traditional teacher and doesn’t go to school to teach kids but she is using her social media influence to educate people, hence we chose to include her in our top education influencers list.

The diva enjoys over 10K Instagram fans and an impressive engagement rate of 6 percent. This shows how interested her followers are in what she talks about.

Mainly popular in the US and Canada, she runs an eco-friendly home daycare with a focus on teaching kindness, and a love for nature and creating fun low-waste activities for the kids.

Anitra Jackson

Anitra Jackson in the field standing next to a big tree

Jackson is a mom, small business owner, and educator who qualifies as a micro-influencer with 7K Instagram fans and 4K Twitter followers. The diva has a decent engagement rate and a growing presence on TikTok.

A qualified Montessori educator, she regularly talks about educating kids and is mainly followed by new parents interested in finding ways to educate young kids. In addition, she is a certified Cosmic Kids Yoga instructor and is also focusing on kids’ yoga and caters to children between the ages of 2 and 12.

This unique mix puts her in an enviable position as her reach can be used to promote a variety of products and services, including educational goods and fitness-related platforms.

Rabia Carvalho

Rabia Carvalho on YouTube | Educational guides

What Rabia Carvalho brings to the table nobody does. This incredible education influencer isn’t a teacher but a coach helping people improve their lives.

This personal and business development coach and holistic healer is passionate about helping people. She takes a great interest in herbs, perfumes, natural supplements, and natural living.

There is nothing this beauty hasn’t done and excelled at. When not helping people, she likes to write books and is a published author. In addition, she is a radio presenter and motivational speaker talking about gender-based violence and business topics.

Available on almost all major platforms, she’s a riot on TikTok with over 60K followers. This hijab-wearer can be a good pick for brands interested in catering to a Muslim audience.

Andrea Meharg

Andrea Meharg on YouTube | Reveal cannabis channel

Andrea Meharg is popular, unique, and exciting. This certified cannabis coach and educator can be a good pick for brands looking to teach people more about cannabis, including its usage. This is a growing field since cannabis is getting legalized gradually. And the demand for cannabis products, such as cannabis oil, is increasing.

The star enjoys 14.5K subscribers on YouTube and is available on other platforms as well.

Off the bat, her passion for teaching people how to use cannabis to live a healthier, happier life is pretty clear – not hazy… pun intended. Between her inviting smile and personality, Andrea has a knack for presenting information in a way that’s easy to understand and digest.

Her ability to include cannabis in day-to-day conversations and teach people about it in an easy manner makes her a good pick for brands wanting to educate people on the topic.

Kiara Ely

Kiara Ely wearing green camouflage streetwear while squatting

This is the era of coaches who educate people online and Kiara is one such name. A multi-talented digital creator, choreographer, creative director, and industry career coach, the star enjoys over 35K Instagram fans and a strong presence on other platforms.

The diva has been a part of the industry for over 20 years and has established herself as a respected and accomplished professional. She can be a good pick for brands looking to cater to people interested in the entertainment industry.

She mainly posts about dancing and choreography on her page and regularly interacts with her followers. Her love for dance and performing began at a young age and she is now an accomplished name. The star has worked with the likes of Ciara, Usher, and Christina Aquilera, and is interested in working with all kinds of brands.

There are so many apps today used to teach people to dance and educate them about the benefits of dancing and different dancing styles. Kiara can be a suitable option to promote such tools due to her love of dancing and huge reach.

Get instant access to Kiara and several more education influencers when you sign up today.

Stacey Chillemi

Stacey Chillemi | Health and natural healing tips | Education influencers

Stacey Chillemi has carved a niche for herself and is known for being friendly, articulate, and helpful. The diva has nearly 50K online fans available on all major platforms.

A published author, the star has published more than 20 books. Stacey is also a podcaster with a hit show under her belt.

She has founded The Complete Herbal Guide, an online platform that helps others be healthier. When not managing her business, she likes to remain active on social media and empower hundreds of thousands of people from countries worldwide through her books, websites, e-courses, educational videos, and live events.

With over 25 years of experience, she is a powerhouse of talent and has been featured on the likes of the Huffington Post. The diva regularly makes it to local and international publications and has also appeared on the Dr. Oz Show.

Serena Hope Sun

Serena Hope Sun on Twitter | Enchanting modeling banner

Serena is a health educator who helps people understand the importance of mental wellness through her work and social media. She has over 200K followers on social media with a strong presence on major platforms.

She manages Breaking Taboo, an online platform with over 174K Instagram followers. The star uses it to spread awareness about mental health issues and is very active on social media. A look at the profile is enough to know how passionate she is about saving lives and helping others, and this is what makes her an incredible education blogger.

The stunner takes her job very seriously and goes the extra mile to connect with people and spread positivity. We live in an era where depression is on the rise, thus influencers like Serena are in huge demand.

Anfisa Penkin

Anfisa Penkin balancing on the curb | Stop sign on Hawthorne avenue

Anfisa Penkin is a Miami-based online educator teaching English to foreigners. Since she is a foreign-born teacher, she understands the issues learners face when trying to speak a new language.

She has more than 133K Instagram fans who enjoy her content and regularly interact with her. The diva shares a variety of content on her page, including interesting captions, images, and fun videos. She thinks learning is fun and likes to introduce new elements to her classes.

Anfisa’s content isn’t exclusively in English and you will find a lot of posts in Russian as well. Thus, making her a perfect match for brands looking to attract Russian-speaking audiences.

She defines herself as a Russian immigrant who has found success in the US and is now living “the dream of running her Speakerson school” that she started in 2014.

Julia Pakey

Julia Pakey on Instagram | Med student with dance tutorials

Julia Pakey is a medical student, spin instructor, and shuffle dancer. Based in Boston, Julia prioritizes work-life balance and lives life to the fullest while in med school. Again, she isn’t a traditional educator but she is a teacher, helping people learn to spin.

Mainly active on TikTok, she has nearly 300K followers and millions of likes. The diva has partnered with the likes of Bloom Nutrition, Nurx online pharmacy, Sienna Sleep mattresses, and DiagnosUs medical study application.

She uses her experience and knowledge in medicine to help people learn the importance of staying fit and healthy. She educates her audience about various products and services they can use to achieve that goal. In addition to this, you will find study notes on her page and tips for medical students.

This makes her a good pick for brands looking to target future doctors and promote educational platforms or tools.

Kelly Salpeter

Kelly Salpeter promoting stocking fillers from Ocean State Job Lot

Kelly Salpeter teaches what nobody on this list teaches – taekwondo. A fourth-degree black belt holder, the stunner has over 76K Instagram fans and a high engagement rate of 15 percent. This is among the best out there as even some A-listers do not enjoy such a high engagement rate.

Popular in the US, Kelly is not just an educator and instructor, she’s also a talented video creator and editor. In addition, she takes part in Taekwondo competitions and is proud of her accomplishments. She works at her local studio where she teaches taekwondo to pre-k to middle school-aged children.

Her profile, however, isn’t dedicated to one thing as she uses it to showcase different aspects of her life, including her love for food, fashion, and travel. The diva isn’t afraid of sharing her personal life with her followers. You’ll certainly find photos with her friends, family, and loved ones on her page.

Kristi KK Schiller

Kristi Schiller | Glamorous YouTube banner | Education influencers

Kristi KK Schiller is a unique addition to this list. Known for her sauce and swag, the stunner has over 23K Twitter (now X) followers and a loyal fanbase. She has appeared on several TV shows and publications and is known for rubbing shoulders with the creme de la creme of the entertainment industry.

A woman with several talents, she is an American Quarter Horse owner and breeder, socialite, businesswoman, former playboy model, and philanthropist. However, what got her on this list is her association with K9s4COPs, a 501(c)(3) foundation that Schiller founded. The organization provides K9s to law enforcement agencies and is playing an important role in keeping America safe.

K9s4KIDs is an initiative of K9s4COPs, aiming to benefit school districts and college campus police departments with trained K9s. Schiller thought of K9s4KIDs as a result of recent school shootings and the suggestion for police dogs as a solution. The idea was that dogs would help out in situations where there is a lack of campus security.

Though not a traditional educator, we decided to include her here due to her great achievements and interest in educating people about safety. There is a need to teach people the importance of firearm safety, security, and more, and Krisi seems to be doing a good job of it.

Nichole Antomattei

Nichole Antomattei posing with her family for their holidays photo

Nichole Antomattei is a home enthusiast and parenting influencer from the sunshine state of Florida, USA. She can be a good pick for brands looking to educate mothers about the benefits of homeschooling.

The mom has 29K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate. Most of her followers are in English-speaking countries such as the US, Canada, The UK, and Australia. The diva regularly interacts with her fans and enjoys connecting with parents of kids of all ages to share all the titbits about motherhood, education, home, and cleaner living.

Leading by example with her touch of firsthand experience and a religious backdrop, this coffee lover is very active on social media and passionate about educating others about different aspects of parenthood.

Join Afluencer today to get access to Nichole and several more education influencers.

Allison Lewis

Allison Lewis dressed to impressed outside her home

Allison Lewis has more than 84.5K Instagram fans and a growing presence on other platforms. She is a creative entrepreneur currently managing a variety of businesses, including Absolutely Alli. Allison also manages a life and style blog, Absolutely Social. This is where she helps others cultivate digital lifestyles, by monetizing social media channels for businesses and individuals. And she’s also responsible for YayMaker Louisville, a business helping people create and manage fun events.

Unlike most education influencers on this list, Allison Lewis doesn’t teach kids. She’s educating business persons about the power of social media helping them find a niche on the internet. The diva helps people understand how to manage the online landscape with her coaching and lessons. It has proven to be effective and very popular among both business managers and influencers.

A partnership with her can prove to be very beneficial for businesses looking for people interested in online marketing. She can educate them about platforms and tools that can help individuals market products and services online.

Shelly Ismail

Shelly Ismail sitting on a structure in the playground with her kids

Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, Shelly now lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and enjoys connecting with her 14K plus online subscribers.

Married to her high school sweetheart for 28+ years, the diva is a stay-at-home mom of 3 who posts about a variety of things, including homeschooling kids of different ages. In addition, you will find content related to food and cooking.

She calls herself a ‘Professional Home Manager’ and while she mostly talks about food and recipes on her page, you will also find posts dedicated to education.

Altaf H.

Altaf with one of his YouTube channels, The Hairy Guy

Altaf’s profile is unique because it doesn’t cater to one niche but several, including fitness and beauty. Only available on YouTube, with several pages under his belt, Altaf is a social media manager handling pages like The Hairy Guy with 15.5K subscribers.

He offers several ways to promote products and services, including text and ad placement, and sponsored videos.

Mainly popular in the US, Altaf mainly attracts men (70% men and 30% women). In addition, he attracts a lot of gay men and can be a great pick for brands looking to reach this interesting and high-paying demographic.

He considers himself an educational influencer because he likes the idea of ‘educating people about different topics and naturally pitching products or services.”

Kaylee Smiley

Kaylee Smiley teaching a hair styling class with a mannequin head

Kaylee Smiley is a full-time hairstylist and nationwide traveling hair educator. This is a unique profession and one that is quite in demand, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kaylee enjoys about 18K Instagram followers.

The diva enjoys the coveted blue tick on Instagram and is very active on the platform. It is reported that American consumers spend around $85.53 a year on hair care products. This is a highly lucrative niche and brands are on the lookout for people who can educate users about different hair care products and the importance of maintaining and keeping good hair.

A partnership with Kaylee can be quite lucrative. She understands not just hair and what consumers want but also how the internet and influence work. Associated with the Premier Balayage Education page, she talks about everything from the latest wigs to ways to get rid of dandruff.

Unlike some other influencers out there, she doesn’t just post sponsored content but is interested in educating people. An account with Afluencer will help you contact Kaylee and several more education influencers.

Best Education Influencers: Conclusion

Education influencers possess a unique ability to bridge the gap between brands and their target audience in a way that goes beyond traditional advertising. In an era where authenticity and connection are paramount, these influencers play a crucial role in shaping the narrative around a brand, especially within the education sector.

They can promote all kinds of brands and products by posting reviews, overviews, etc. Apps like Duolingo, edX, Evernote, and Udemy have partnered with different types of education influencers to increase their reach. Even Grammarly is known for offering affiliate programs and working with influencers.

The key lies in finding someone who can help you reach your target audience. Take a look at some of our top picks above and join Afluencer to get access to thousands more influencers.




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