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5 Sports Influencers To Team Up With Today

Kaleigh Moore


The sports industry in North America is expected to reach $83.1 billion by 2023, and the global market is expected to reach $599.9 billion by 2025.

Just like with fashion and beauty, people love to get inspiration about sports from their favorite social media influencers. People look up to athletes, respect them, and want to be like them. Sports influencers are certainly a great way for brands to get in front of their target audience.

If you’re looking for sports influencers to collaborate with, look no further than this list we’ve curated for you.

  1. Brandon Zingale
  2. Chelsea Rashoff
  3. Katie Holmquest
  4. Braxton Miller
  5. Christian Watford

Brandon Zingale — @brandonzingale

Brandon Zingale on Instagram | Sports influencers featured on Afluencer

Brandon Zingale is a digital creator all about sports, lifestyle, and comedy. Born in Cleveland, Brandon is an Ohio State alum and a dog lover. Brandon is a frequent basketball player and keeps his 672,000 followers engaged with hilarious commentary on football and basketball matches.

Aside from sports content, Brandon is also a dad and often gives glimpses into his life as a parent on Instagram. He keeps his followers entertained with sports-focused posts while at the same time bringing them closer to having a more positive and fun lifestyle.

So if your brand could benefit from influencers who know how to talk sports, then Brandon will fit right in!

Chelsea Rashoff — @chelsearashoff

Chelsea Rashoff | Volleyball team, stadium, golf cart | IG posts

Chelsea Rashoff is a health and wellness coach and sports influencer with 43,000 followers. She is a model and a former professional athlete with skills in athletic training, sports management, fashion, and commercial modeling.

As a health and wellness coach, Chelsea helps people make lasting behavioral changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being. Her Instagram posts are focused on fitness, and leading a healthy lifestyle through exercise, sports, and nutritious food. She is also a mom to a cute rabbit with a separate IG handle, @iamtrufflebunny, posting regularly about the bunny life.

Katie Holmquest — @katieleigh_ifbb

Katie Holmquest fitness training and posing bodybuilders

Katie Holmquest is an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Women’s Fitness Pro, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Performance.

She is based in Florida, and her Instagram feed is filled with workout and bodybuilding videos where she inspires her 10,000 followers to get into a healthy lifestyle. She also has various guides on different workouts for her followers.

Katie is also the owner of Light and Glory Fitness — a gym that she runs “to positively influence the health, fitness, and spirit of others by empowering people with our knowledge, motivation, and passion for fitness.”

Braxton Miller — @braxtonmiller

Braxton Miller playing football | IG posts | Sports influencers on Afluencer

Braxton Miller is a professional football player based in Ohio who played for the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team and is now retired from the NFL.

He is passionate about the tech space and connects with entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences. This influencer shows a deep love for the game and inspires youth to take up sports.

He also owns and runs The Braxton Miller Foundation — an organization committed to turning young people into better athletes, better leaders, and better community members through youth sports camps and leagues.

Christian Watford — @cwat205

Christian Watford playing basketball and lifting dumbbells | IG posts

Based in Alabama, Christian Watford is a former college basketball player for Indiana University.

Christian enjoys sharing content about being an athlete with his over 25,100 followers on Instagram. Much of his content focuses on sports, family, and his everyday life. Besides his interest in sports and video games, Christian also offers personalized video messages for any occasion on Cameo.

Get Your Marketing Campaign Buzzing With Sports Influencers

Brands have used professional athletes for marketing their products for a long time. In this era of influencer marketing, you can collaborate with micro and macro-influencers to put your brand in front of your target audience.

We have compiled this list of top sports influencers to help you start your marketing campaign the right way!

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