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10 Fantastic Fitness Influencers To Collaborate With In 2020

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Crushing it in muscle tanks, yoga and laughs, to all things fitness and everything in-between with these energetic influencers.

Dolphin poses, squats, workouts, kettlebell training, and just moving never looked and felt this good on your social media feed.

Here are 10 fitness influencers to follow and collaborate with in 2020:

  1. Andy Anneville – Fitness Coach
  2. Shana Meyerson – Private Yoga Instructor
  3. Brittany Noelle – Virtual Fitness Coach
  4. Tiffanie Jackson – Certified Functional Strength Coach
  5. Lauren Ash – Qualified Personal Trainer
  6. Andrea Metcalf – Celebrity Fitness Expert
  7. Nathan Sado – Elite Trainer & Adventurer
  8. Forest Vance – Master Personal Trainer & Gym Owner
  9. Mark Dilworth – Weight Management Specialist
  10. Cassie Helper – Active Travel Enthusiast

Let’s get movin’!

Andy Anneville – @andyanneville – Epic Fitness Influencer

Instagram Followers:  44.2k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  7%

Andy Anneville | Fitness Influencer 2020

From the USA, Andy Anneville is a super muscle-powered fitness coach with an amped-up social media presence.


Andy’s profile needs no intro.  At first glance, his Instagram profile says it all.  Andy is a super-charged source of men’s fitness.

From gym training, home workouts, his “go-to bicep workouts” and his “best pre-workout” to the poolside – he shows and tells it all in an eye-catching way.

Muscles and workouts, post after post.  Andy’s sleek images stand out and are an epic representation of men’s fitness.

In his followers’ words “perfect body and beautiful smile” and “looking solid man”.  We couldn’t agree more.

But Andy certainly is all that and more.  His motivating captions like “crush goals this week” is all a fitness enthusiast needs to see on their feed to be inspired.


Some of Andy’s brand collabs include Staunch Supplements, Rovux Footwear, JustCBD, and more.

Andy is a hot match for fitness brands, especially for those looking for influencers to get them some epic product shots.

For more on Andy Anneville, go follow him on Instagram here.

Shana Meyerson – Private Yoga Instructor

Instagram Followers:  17.5k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  2.5%

YouTube Subscribers:  28.4k

Shana Meyerson | Yoga Instructor and Influencer

There’s always that one person that will bring the energy to any party.

I feel like Shana Meyerson is that person.  Between her contagious smile, bubbly personality, and quirky humor – she’s a must-have dose of feel-good vibes.

And if she says do dolphin pose, you bet you’ll roll your yoga mat out and spring into action.  With lots of laughs, and maybe even some wobbles, you’ll have an amazing experience with Shana.

I’ll take laughs any day.

Based in Los Angeles, Shana is a private yoga instructor and founder of YOGAthletica where you’ll find her teaching funky flows that will, without a doubt, leave you smiling and feeling great.

“You are my constant inspiration even in the hardest time ever” – is pretty much the epitome of how she makes her followers feel.

In 2002, she also pioneered the children’s yoga industry with mini yogis.  She’ll uplift the whole family.

Shana founded her online influence in 2010 around people that love yoga and appreciate how life-changing it is. (She’s a yoga vet, teaching adults since 2002!)

This teacher has me hooked on her buzzing YouTube channel.  Her most popular video is “yoga handstand for beginners who are afraid of handstands” and her hilarious unboxing videos have left me in stitches for days.

I’m excited to handstand around all week!

Some of Shana’s collaborations have been with brands who partner with fitness influencers often, such as Manduka, Nuzest, Skëdagø, Graze, and Yogi Surprise.

If you love yoga and would love to smile a little more, then you’ve got to go follow Shana Meyerson on Instagram here.

Brittany Noelle – @b_noellefitness – Virtual Fitness Coach

Instagram Followers:  49.3k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  0.84%

Brittany Noelle | Fitness Influencer 2020

Based in Los Angeles, Brittany Noelle is a virtual fitness coach that is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.  According to Brittany, she does “fitness that fits you”.  Gotta love her already.


Need some fun and upbeat inspo to get moving?  Brittany is your girl.

Her Instagram profile is pumped with all-round fitness content with her twinkling personality being the highlight of it all.

From workouts, meals to awesome product and service recommendations – Brittany has an authentic way of delivering value to her followers.

Over and above her vibrant images, her athletic physic, and her natural charm, Brittany’s captions are rich in depth and value.

“Debunking food myths”, “improving bone density”, and “no equipment workouts” are just some of the many interesting topics she shares about through her detailed captions.


With a content-rich social media presence, it’s no surprise that Brittany is a committed creator on her fitness blog too.

Her blog has a wealth of hot posts like “quarantine workout series” paired with lively pics.


Brittany has a fairly new YouTube channel, but she’s pumping workout and meal prep videos out constantly.


Brittany is the ideal influencer match for fitness brands in various segments:  nutrition, apparel, equipment, and fitness-related products.

For more on Brittany Noelle, go follow her on Instagram here.

Tiffanie Jackson – Certified Functional Strength Coach

Instagram Followers:  2.2k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  2.13%

Facebook Followers:  2.3k

Tiffanie Jackson | Fitness Influencer and Strength Coach

Fitness inspo is as real as it gets when you follow influencers like Tiffanie Jackson.  After all, we all need to connect to that one person with a real-life transformation journey to be inspired.

From Oklahoma City, Tiffanie is a certified functional strength coach.  And she’s also a reiki healer – which is no surprise considering how passionate she is about the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Tiffanie is a single mom – extra inspo for all her mom followers – and she’s been sharing her fitness story for over 5 years.

Between her live class videos, at-home workouts, and her regular before and after photos – through her Instagram and Facebook profiles, she powers her followers up with the motivation to stay active.  Even her “COVID burpee challenge” will shove you off your couch in quarantine because she makes it look so doable.

And because we could all feel a little less intimidated by mainstream perfection, she shares the highs and the lows of her fitness journey since her abdominal surgery.

“Girl I had a blast thanks so much for the workout” is how she fires up her followers.

Lately, Tiffanie has been promoting CBD and skincare products.

Get moving and go follow Tiffanie Jackson on Instagram here.

Lauren Ash – Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer

Instagram Followers:  3.64k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  1.85%

Lauren Ash | Fitness Influencer and Personal Trainer

Feeling dissatisfied with the way you look?  You’re not alone.

From the United Kingdom, influencer Lauren Ash started her fitness journey during her first year of university and she’s been sharing her journey on Instagram since 2018.

Lauren is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and she’s also a full-time dance student.

On her Instagram profile, her lovely personality bubbles through her fun dance videos, and of course her must-watch easy home workouts.  And she’ll keep her followers grounded with reality through thoughtful captions like “it’s ok to gain weight” as she motivates people to focus on looking after themselves even during difficult challenging times.

You’ll also catch her sharing healthy meals too like her yummy vegan quesadillas.  Hmm.

Visit Lauren’s new website and indulge in her interesting Q&A fitness series where she shares the amazing fitness journey of others.  More on “Keeping fit in Isolation”, “How to HIIT Effectively”, “Loving You: Define Love in Your Life”, and more.

Some of her fitness collaborations include brands that love working with influencers, like Free Soul, Pretty Athletic, and Organic Basics.

Get inspired and go follow Lauren Ash on Instagram here.

Andrea Metcalf – Celebrity Fitness Influencer

Facebook Followers:  22.7k

Instagram Followers:  2.5k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  0.81%

Andrea Metcalf | Celebrity Fitness Expert

You’ve got to take a moment to listen closely when fitness influencer, Andrea Metcalf, has something to say.

With over three decades in teaching and educating people on fitness, Andrea is an extremely credible source of fitness support.

She’s a celebrity fitness expert, best-selling author, speaker, and trainer as seen on the NBC Today Show.

Speaking of being an author, in 2012 she wrote “Naked Fitness”.  What’s especially interesting is that she also piloted a program of 30 people to practice the guidelines set in the book.  You’ll catch the inspiring video footage of the results on her social media – like Mike that lost 26 pounds in 30 days.

Andrea’s accomplishments and wealth of experience in the industry has earned her the title of “expert”.

And her social media content shows proof of her expertise.  With valuable posts like “Sitting at your desk all day? Try this next time you find yourself thinking about exercise” that will take you straight to her “The Desk Workout” YouTube video.

From live online classes to workout videos to helpful posts on her blog, Andrea will inspire her followers to lean into mind, body, and life.

She certainly has her 35-65-year-old female audience glued in.

Some of her brand collaborations include Quaker Oats, Vitamin Wold, GNC, and Chobani.

Get working out and go follow Andrea Metcalf on Instagram and on Facebook, or explore the rest of our fantastic fitness influencers.

Nathan Sado – Elite Fitness Coach & Adventurer

Instagram Followers:  67.8k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  0.25%

Elite Fitness Trainer and Traveler

What’s better than living an active lifestyle?  It’s doing it while traveling the globe.

Based in Budapest, Nathan Sado is a full-time world traveler and elite trainer.  Different from other influencers, he’ll inspire fitness and wanderlust in you with his thrilling passion for adventure.

He’s also a speaker at various travel conferences around the world.  With experience since 2013, it’s no surprise that people are keen to listen to what he has to say.

Whether you catch his active adventures on his visually captivating Instagram profile, or you read about his explorations on his blog – Nathan will get you to experience travel with fitness in mind.

After all, “if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feed” – right?

Posts like “what to do in Dubai for adventure” and “7 best hikes near Seattle” will get you hooked onto this lifestyle immediately.

While travel may be on hold for now, fitness with Nathan isn’t.  He just started the Facebook group Social Distancing Bootcamp Community, where he posts live-streamed classes to keep his followers active during this period.

His Facebook group community is buzzing with positive feedback.  “Fabulous core and abs workout” and many more fab comments are dropping.

Some of his brand collabs include Glacier Country Tourism, Swan Mountain Llama Trekking, Sicily By Nature and Etna Bike Tours.

Go on and follow Nathan Sado on Instagram here.

Forest Vance – Fitness Trainer & Gym Owner

Facebook Followers:  57.4k

Forest Vance | Founder of Forest Vance Training Gym

What to do when the gym is closed?

You follow master personal fitness trainer and influencer, Forest Vance – to keep it real and keep you moving.  Wherever you are.

Based in Sacramento, California, Forest is the founder of Forest Vance Training – a small group and personal training studio.

Forest is also a former pro football player, a multi-sport athlete, as well as a kettlebell expert and you can’t help but feel a sense that you’re in the right hands.  Whatever your fitness goals.

“No gym?  No Excuse!” because his followers can get moving with his 15-min challenges, his 6-week bodyweight-based workout plan, and more.

Stay connected, inspired, and entertained through his Facebook page or dive deeper into his fitness blog with virtual challenges, follow-along workouts, and the much needed “Daily Routine to Stay Focused, Positive, and Strong”.

You might not physically be in Forest’s gym, but you do feel personally included through his Facebook page  – wherever you are. Double hearts and star-eyes on his posts for sure.

Want to build peak fitness anywhere?  Go follow Forest Vance on Facebook here.

Mark Dilworth – Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

Twitter Followers:  5.9k

Facebook Group Members:  1.5k

Instagram Followers:  502

Mark Dilworth | Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

From Texas, Mark Dilworth is helping people through the toughest fitness challenge of all time.


Mark is a certified lifestyle and weight management specialist that has been helping people lose weight through his influence since 2010.

From his buzzing Twitter profile to his motivating private Facebook group, Mark keeps his followers going through posts like his “backyard exercise” and “Mark’s superfood green smoothie”.

Over on his blog, he keeps his followers informed with “refocus your weight loss goals during coronavirus”, “3 weight loss methods that won’t work”, and more.

Pumping his followers with weight loss content, Mark also runs his “Transform from Fat to Fit” podcast dropping episodes including “stop yo-yo weight loss and regain”, “your body transformation is closer than you think”, among many more topics.

Mark’s influencer journey has seen him collaborating with brands including Isolator Fitness, One Body One Life, and Sitka Salmon.

Drop those pounds and go follow Mark Dilworth on Instagram here.

Cassie Hepler – Active Travel and Fitness Enthusiast

Instagram Followers:  13.1k

Instagram Engagement Rate:  0.42%

Cassie Helper | Active Travel Enthusiast

From Arizona, Cassie Hepler is the influencer to connect with if you’re all about working hard and playing hard.

Whimsical Cassie is also a model, actress, journalist, photographer, and travel enthusiast – phew, and I’m out of breath!

Her followers can keep up with all the interesting parts of her life through her social media and blog.

And because we’re all here for fitness, Cassie will inspire you to exercise “away your stress to positively channel that negative energy” – from boxing classes to yoga.

She’s also a hiking enthusiast that will move you to trek up for those gorgeous mountain views.

To remind you how real of a person she is, she has scoliosis. Despite having a physical ailment, she keeps on going strong, which inspires her followers to do the same.

Looking for authentic, hard-working fitness influencers? Then go follow Cassie Hepler on Instagram here.




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