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Top 8 Influencers and Experts With Podcasts

Whitney Lauritsen



Podcasts are a rapidly growing content medium. There are hundreds of thousands of active podcasts. And roughly 32% of Americans tune in to their fave influencer podcasts each month. These audio shows entertain and inform, making them a powerful way for influencers to reach and connect with their audience. Podcasts are also a fantastic partnership avenue, especially for brands that want highly engaged consumers to learn about their products.

The podcasters we have lined up command their fans’ attention for 45-90 minutes at a time through their captivating content. A fair few of them have even turned their expertise into published books, speaking gigs, coaching careers, and consulting services.

From health and fitness to business, arts, true crime, and love — we bring you a roundup of our top 8 influencer podcasts in 2020. Their podcast shows span many juicy topics, including advice for influencers, beauty product reviews, vegan lifestyle tips, spooky stories, eCom best practices, financial wisdom, and dating do’s and don’ts.

These savvy influencers and experts are making waves (sound waves that is) and they’re open for collabs too:

  1. Nick Trueman – Winning with Shopify
  2. Rebecca Vinogradov and Tara Buck – The Beauty Birds
  3. Tino Manolopoulos – This Is Bananas
  4. Nancy Montuori – Ordinary Vegan Podcast
  5. Jason Green – Relationships and Relationshits
  6. Amanda Jewell Saunders – Becoming an Influencer
  7. Jason Horton – Ghost Town
  8. Antionette Blake – Blog Your Way to a Business Profit

Ready to find the next show to binge-listen and a future podcast collaborator? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Nick Trueman – Winning with Shopify

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8 stars and 130 ratings on 99 episodes

Podcast Category: Business

Nick Trueman's Winning with Shopify | Influencer Podcasts

Based in London, Nick Trueman has been working in digital marketing for almost 15 years. He runs an expert consultancy in London and is also the CEO of Just Ask Parker, a marketing agency alternative for Shopify stores.

Nick recently started hosting the Winning With Shopify podcast, which launched in April 2018.


From reducing the strain of running an eCom business to gaining more customers and revenue, Winning With Shopify has your back. Each week, Nick shares his knowledge and he also interviews experts like app creators, business gurus, and marketers. There’s no fluff or smoke and mirrors; just the real actionable advice for people looking to start, grow and accelerate. Listen in if you want to leave the rat race and create a lifestyle you love!


On his podcast, Nick oftens interviews people like Brightpearl’s CEO, the founder of eCommerce agency Onstate, and Shopify store Unbound Merino. He’s also available to speak internationally to influencers and businesses about SEO, online lead gen, and retail.

For more on Nick Trueman, connect with him on LinkedIn, and check out his website.

Rebecca Vinogradov and Tara Buck – The Beauty Birds

Apple Podcast Rating: 5.0 stars and 5 ratings on 27 episodes

Podcast Category: Arts

The Beauty Birds Podcast on Apple

Podcast friends Rebecca Vinogradov and Tara Buck love all things makeup, skincare, influencers, and industry. They’re the go-to’s for learning about new products, finding out what’s worth your money, and whether the items you own are actually safe to put on your face. If there’s anything they don’t know, they’ll certainly find the answer for you.

As self-proclaimed beauty nerds, Rebecca and Tara blog and podcast to review products, discuss consumerism, and share what products they loved until the last drop.


Launched pre-COVID in February 2020, The Beauty Birds podcast spans many topics, including brands and products, consumerism, influencers, minimalism, nerdery, and society. Their show is distributed on YouTube in addition to the major podcast streaming platforms.


And yes, these podcasters also have a website with corresponding blog posts for each episode along with product reviews and educated discussions about consumerism.


These ladies work with a few affiliate programs and do some in-audio ads on their podcast. Recently, they ran two ads for HealthTea Book Crate and a non-profit pit bull rescue. They have great product shots on Instagram reviewing their favorite products, which cross-posts to Twitter and Facebook.

For more on influencers Rebecca and Tara, connect with them on Instagram, and check out their website.

Tino Manolopoulos – This Is Bananas

Apple Podcast Rating: 5.0 stars and 20 ratings on 39 episodes

Podcast Category: Health & Fitness

This is Bananas - Listen on Apple Podcasts

Tino has been vegan since 2012 after viewing the documentary Forks Over Knives. In 2015, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. His mission as a nutritionist and a content creator is to help spread a message of health and positivity.


As the host of This Is Bananas podcast since July 2018, Tino interviews great minds from all walks of life who are passionate about health and wellness, including Olympian Dotsie Bausch, Dr. Michael Greger, and UFC fighter Mac Danzig.


Tino plugs ads for brands such as Fitbod, Clean Machine, and Amazon before the start of each episode.

YouTube Channel

Tino, aka Bananiac, has reached over 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he uploads weekly videos about plant-based nutrition, fitness, vegan lifestyle tips, Q&A sessions, vlogs, and healthy recipes.

For more on influencer Tino Manolopoulos and his podcast, connect with him on Instagram.

Nancy Montuori – Ordinary Vegan Podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8 stars and 347 ratings on 85 episodes

Podcast Category: Health & Fitness

Ordinary Vegan Podcast | Nancy Montuori Influencer and Content Creator

Born in Massachusetts, Nancy Montuori spent 23 years working for Warner Bros Records developing the careers of multiple music artist icons such as Joni Mitchell and Prince.

In 2011, a serendipitous event changed her life. Like fellow podcaster Tino Manolopoulos, she saw Forks Over Knives and left the movie convinced of the connection between animal protein and chronic disease. From that moment on, Nancy devoted her life to helping others live a long and healthy life.

Now, Nancy’s number one goal is to make it as easy as possible to choose a plant-based diet. This mission leads her to content creation and book publishing, including the newly released “The Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Cookbook”.


Through her popular Ordinary Vegan podcast (established in 2015), website, and social media, Nancy is a beacon for those wanting to eat more plants for their health, the planet, and animal welfare.

If you are sick of being sick, want more energy, and yearn to treat yourself with more compassion, then listen to this show. Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including recipes and nutrition.


Nancy has partnered with brands like Hover, Barnard Medical Center, Osea Malibu, Blinkist. She also has her own line of CBD products.

If you want to get to know more about Nancy, then you can always seek her out on Facebook where she has a raving fan base.

Jason Green – Relationships and Relationshits

Apple Podcast Rating: 5.0 stars and 22 ratings on 8 episodes

Podcast Category: Society & Culture

Relationships and Relationshits - Hosted by Jason Green

After going through a breakup, Jason Green learned about attachment styles from a therapist. Not long after, while listening to an episode of “This Might Get Uncomfortable,” he thought that one of the co-hosts could benefit from his new knowledge. The next thing you know, Jason was on their podcast talking about attachment.


Soon after, Jason created a new TikTok account to spread the attachment style word and he quickly grew his audience. This positive response then lead to the development of his podcast called Relationships and Relationshits in July 2020. If you want quick tips, then check out his TikTok for short videos that summarize each attachment style. Seeking longer form advice? Great, because that’s where his podcast shines!


Jason’s show is a valuable resource that helps navigate the challenging yet rewarding world of love. Relationships are not easy and so his episodes aim to help you figure them out and be a better partner. Though he’s not a therapist, Jason helps his audience discover ways to repair relationships, get out of bad situations, and get therapy when needed.


Since his accounts are still quite new, Jason is just starting to partner with brands on sponsorships. Currently, he has affiliate partnerships with Amazon and Online-Therapy, including special discount codes his audience can apply.

If you want more on Jason Green, then connect with him on TikTok and his website.

Amanda Jewell Saunders – Becoming an Influencer

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.1 stars and 40 ratings on 16 episodes

Podcast Category: Business

Becoming an Influencer - Apple Podcasts

Based in Texas, Amanda Jewell Saunders is a college student majoring in advertising at UT Austin. Here’s an influencer who’s passionate about what it takes to be successful, which in turn inspired her to create content on Instagram, write an ebook, and also start doing podcasts. On her blog, she writes supportive posts about the Law of Attraction, manifestation, college advice, self-care, and hustle.


Launched in May 2020, Amanda’s podcast Becoming an Influencer features professionals, CEOs, students, professors, and also content creators who talk about what it takes to reach success and share their journies to influence. They discuss business, career journey, life experiences, spirituality, health, and beyond.


Amanda places ads for Anchor at the intro of each episode. For brand partnerships, she happens to offer promotional segments within the podcast, as well as photography and digital services.

If you’re itching for more on Amanda Jewell Saunders, then connect with her on Instagram and her website.

Jason Horton – Ghost Town

Apple Podcast Rating: 3.8 stars and 524 ratings on 192 episodes.

Podcast Category: True Crime

Ghost Town Podcast with Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib

New York native and Los Angeles based Jason Horton is a writer and comedian who loves strange history, the paranormal, and true crime. He has appeared on shows such as Comedy Central, TruTV, and movies like The Thinning: New World Order. In addition to receiving one billion online video views, Jason also hosts the podcasts Ghost Town and Strange Year.

Jason has a prolific career on social media including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and a previous podcast called Friends Without Benefits.


Since July 2018, Jason and his co-host Rebecca discuss and explore some of the most mysterious and compelling events in history. Take a trip to haunted hotels, abandoned malls, deserted amusement parks, paranormal experiences, infamous true crimes, and weird historical and cultural events.

Currently, a top 200 History show on Apple Podcasts, Ghost Town has been featured in AV Club, Bustle, LAist, and on the top 100 in the True Crime category. The show is in development for a non-scripted tv show and inspired Jason’s recently published book “Abandoned & Historic Los Angeles: Neon & Beyond”.


Brand collabs are a long-standing element of Jason’s work as a content creator. His podcast offers dynamically inserted ads and has promoted brands such as Best Fiends, HelloFresh, Shudder, Better Help.

Want to know more about influencer Jason Horton and his podcasts? Then go catch him on Instagram and the Ghost Town website.

Antionette Blake – Blog Your Way to a Business Profit and The Delaware Blogger

Podcast Categories: Education and Entrepreneurship

Elite Conversations by Antionette Blake Delaware Blogger Podcast | Host Antionette Blake

Pro speaker, instructor of blogging and social media marketing, and podcast host since 2017, Antionette Blake is a wealth of knowledge. First up is her podcast The Delaware Blogger that covers podcasting pointers and coaching, and this advice is summarized in her podcasting book. The second podcast she hosts is a weekly show on blogging and branding, which is the topic of her other book, “Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners”.


Antionette’s podcasts cover podcasting pointers and influencer blogging tips that will help you to expand your exposure and broaden your brand online.


On The Delaware Blogger Antionette offers prepaid 30-second and 60-sec mid-roll ads.




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