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7 Top Wellness Influencers That Will Inspire You In 2020

Whitney Lauritsen

Health is top of mind for us these days and the amount of content about it can lead to information overload (which is no good for your mental health). We compiled a list of some of our favorite wellness influencers to follow and collaborate with so you don’t have to sort through the sea of social media to find the best.

Their posts aim to help you lead natural, sustainable, and most importantly, of course, happy lives! On their accounts, you’ll find delicious recipes, product recommendations, empowering quotes, and lifestyle tips. These creators share high-quality images, write authentic captions, and have a deep connection with their engaged audiences. You’ll certainly feel inspired and empowered by these influencers’ passionate approach to wellness.

Here’s a roundup of 7 top wellness influencers and content creators we adore (and they’re also available for brand collabs):

  1. Erin Christ – @bodybybreakfast
  2. Kate Kordsmeier – @rootandrevel
  3. Raoum Alsuhaibani – @sukkarilife
  4. Saarah Samadani – @BeautyMomme
  5. Maddie Pasquariello – @eastcoasthealth
  6. Edgar Castrejon – @edgarraw
  7. Jerrelle Guy – @chocolateforbasil

Come on, let’s get well!

Erin Christ – @bodybybreakfast

Instagram Followers: 47.8k

Erin Christ | Instagram Wellness Influencer

Las Vegas-based Erin Christ helps people create healthy relationships with their food, make eco-friendly decisions, and most important of all, feel happy! Her motto is “Wake. Slay. Pray.” If you enjoy cheesy puns, pretty food, and healthy recipes, then check out her Instagram @bodybybreakfast.

Erin is currently a nutrition student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas pursuing a career in dietetics. She firmly believes that there is no diet that can do what eating healthy does and hopes to show people that it is possible to enjoy food while maintaining a balanced life. If you need help creating a healthy lifestyle, then our certified nutrition coach here can help! And, if you’re up for great deals on delicious and nutritious products, then check out her discount code page.


Just one glance at Erin’s vibrant Insta and you’ll be drooling. Sweet treats, colorful bowls, and creative breakfast ideas made from vibrant, fresh ingredients. Each dish has generous portion sizes, which shows us that eating healthy doesn’t mean you’ll feel hungry all the time. Her images are paired with blog-style captions with positive, encouraging messages (and usually at least one pun). Erin often shares about her journey of overcoming an eating disorder, which her community is grateful to read.


If you need creative influencers to post wellness content on your social media featuring a product or brand, then Erin’s here to help! She loves to promote companies that have the same passion for health and nutrition as she does. Recipe development is also in her wheelhouse. Recent brand partnerships include a giveaway of Noosh almond butter, a pizza night sponsored by Erath wine, and a breakfast featuring gifted Kodiak Cakes (is it just me or are you envious of these collabs too?!).

For more on Erin Christ, follow her on Instagram here.

Kate Kordsmeier – @rootandrevel

Instagram Followers: 46.4k followers

Kate Kordsmeier | Instagram Content Creator

Kate Kordsmeier is a real food and travel freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s literally her job to report on the world’s most delicious foods (what a dream career!) and to show how to use a holistic approach to achieve true well-being. She’s also the founder of Root + Revel. A website and social media platform dedicated to helping people live naturally without sacrifice, stress, or restriction. Her work has been featured in top publications such as USA Today, Today.com, The Food Network, EatingWell, Clean Eating, and Real Simple.

Her goal is to empower others with practical tools and evidence-based strategies to help strike the balance between good and good for you. This insight on how to live a near symptom-free life is super helpful, especially if you also struggle with hormone imbalance. Exploring the world has taught Kate about other cultures and how to nourish her body. Though she’s an advocate for the whole-food, anti-inflammatory diet, she allows herself to indulge in dishes with gluten or dairy on occasion. She never feels like she’s depriving herself and especially takes pride in looking for solutions to symptoms on her own terms.


On her Instagram, you’ll find heart-centered advice on managing PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), hypothyroidism, leaky gut (IBS), anxiety, and fertility, which is rooted in a mind-body-soul perspective. Her feed showcases nourishing food, science-based self-care, and eco-friendly products with a flavorful, celebratory vibe.


If you need some pro lifestyle photos, look no further than Kate’s account. On camera, she’s radiant, confident, and natural. Behind the camera, she captures stunning images of food, products, and moments in her life.

Posts featuring Kate’s fave supplements, body care, makeup, and foods are a big part of her Instagram and blog. She highlights many brands to share lifestyle tips, top lists, and gift ideas. Recent brand collabs include a sale announcement for True Botanicals, DIY skincare recipe with Art Naturals, health tips featuring Ridgecrest Herbals supplements, and also a sponsored post on probiotics by Seed.

She has certainly earned a place in our feature of the top wellness influencers to look out for in 2020.

For more on Kate, follow her on Instagram here and also check out her free resources and PCOS-friendly recipes on her wellness blog.

Raoum Alsuhaibani – @sukkarilife

Instagram Followers: 94.3k

Raoum Alsuhaibani | Instagram Post Highlights

Raoum Alsuhaibani creates content about plant-based food, healthy living, and movement (yoga, specifically). She is certified in nutrition and has a great passion for wellness. Her account is named after the Arabic word for “sugary”.

Fun fact: sukkari is a type of date grown in Saudi Arabia, where Raoum lives.

From recipes to retreats, Raoum will guide you through lovely suggestions on improving the quality of life. It’s inspiring to witness her vulnerability in sharing life lessons, stories from her family, and personal observations.


On her accounts, Raoum shares her thoughts and guidance towards a better, healthier, more sustainable life. Her personal experience is especially inspiring to those that aren’t sure about vegetarian or vegan diets. Raoum used to dislike veg but now has a passion for using them in nourishing recipes. She encourages her audience to try different dishes regularly with an open mind. You don’t have to be a health nut to live a healthy life!

Environmentalism also plays a role in Raoum’s content. She often promotes minimalism, zero waste living, DIY, natural beauty, and local cuisine.


Unlike many other influencers, Raoum’s account isn’t flooded with sponsored posts, so when she partners with wellness brands it means even more. She also does a great job blending ads into her feed so they feel very authentic to her style. Often you can’t tell a post is sponsored until you read the caption, as products are subtly placed within portraits or lifestyle shots (while complying with FTC disclosures of course). Previous brand collabs include the promotion of organic menstrual pads by Elements of Nature and discount codes on yoga clothes from Organic Basics.

For more on Raoum, follow her on Instagram here. You can also find her on Youtube, Twitter, and her website.

Saarah Samadani – @BeautyMomme

Instagram Followers: 48.7k

Saarah Samadani | Digitally Educating and Empowering Women

Los Angeles based Saarah Samadani is a digital influencer dedicated to educating and empowering women about what they put on and in their bodies. She considers herself an expert in clean beauty, delish allergy-friendly recipes, and also motherhood. Being tapped into the wellness industry, Sarah is in the know when it comes to innovations and developing trends, and is a nerd at heart. She’s a firm believer that mental health is just as crucial as physical health.


On her ‘gram, you’ll find an abundance of product reviews, like CBD, probiotics, chocolate, and body care. Saarah enjoys reminding her community to express self-love through food and a positive mindset. It’s hard not to feel more peace of mind after reading her captions and browsing through her vivid photos.


Saarah is adamant about curating products that don’t have fillers, chemical toxins, or other ingredients that could cause harm. If she won’t use it for herself or my family, then she won’t recommend it. That’s why she’s constantly on the hunt for high-quality items to help her feel and look better. Her discerning taste is put into practice within her online content as well as Bloom Summit, an annual wellness and beauty retreat she founded for both celebrities and influencers. Saarah partners with many natural brands as an event sponsor, in ambassador programs, through Instagram giveaways, and digital ad placements.

For more on Saarah, follow her on Instagram here. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and her beauty and wellness website.

Maddie Pasquariello – @eastcoasthealth

Instagram Followers: 29.8k

Maddie Pasquariello | Nutrition and Health Guru

Maddie Pasquariello is a nutrition and health guru living in NYC. She currently works in Public Relations for hospitality and lifestyle clients, and she does private coaching as a nutritionist.  Her interest in food developed in childhood while watching her mother prepare home-cooked meals every night. This helped her appreciate how much work and love goes into cooking for others. Her mantra is “always be open to learning something new about yourself” because “we’re constantly in flux and changing as humans”. At any given moment you can find her making breakfast, sipping on coffee, or at an outdoor food market.


As the face behind the lifestyle platform East Coast Health, Maddie creates nutritious recipes and shares mindful fitness tips. She eats a predominantly whole foods plant-based diet. Another of our inspiring influencers on a mission to make wellness accessible and fun. Her content is bubbly, energetic, and thoughtful, just like her personality. Off Instagram, you can find numerous healthy living articles and guest posts penned by Maddie.


In a professional manner, Maddie has assisted brands with recipe development, partnerships, events, creative strategy, and social media. So, if you have the chance to work with her you’re in for a top-level experience. She has done recipe collabs with Mylk Labs and Nutiva, guest posting for Vital Proteins, Instagram takeovers for several Whole Foods markets, and various projects with So Delicious and Bob’s Red Mill.

For more on Maddie, follow her on Instagram here.

Edgar Castrejon – @edgarraw

Instagram followers: 152k

Edgar Castrejon | Food Photographer, Chef, Traveler

Edgar Castrejon is a first-generation Mexican American photographer, food stylist, chef, social media manager, yogi, and traveler (just to name a few things). Currently living in San Leandro, California, Edgar attributes his passion for cooking to Latin culture and creative women in his family. It’s no surprise that this deep interest led to studying nutrition and evolved into a career centered around plant-based cuisine.

As if he couldn’t get any more endearing, in his spare time Edgar enjoys playing the flute, hiking, and engaging in intellectual discussions.


Stunning food shots, peaceful lifestyle moments, creative selfies, and intimate moments. His captions always come from the heart, sharing inspiring messages, food tips, and happy thoughts. And man can he make a loaf of sourdough bread look gorgeous!


In addition to his large community, Edgar’s skills in food photography, recipe creations, social media marketing, and all things wellness related, make this delightful influencer a valuable asset to any brand. He prides himself on being reliable, detail-oriented, ambitious, and hard-working. Previous collabs include a sponsored recipe post with Field Roast, lifestyle content for the Vivino wine app, a giveaway with Alpen Organics CBD products, and participation in FIJI Water’s ambassador program.

For even more on Edgar, follow him on Instagram here and also check out his website edgarraweats.com.

Jerrelle Guy – @chocolateforbasil

Instagram followers: 130k

Jerrelle Guy | Health & Wellness Content Creator

Based in Dallas, Jerrelle Guy is an award-winning author, food stylist, food photographer, food writer, and recipe developer. Her cookbook, Black Girl Baking, was nominated for a James Beard Award and she also contributes recipes to The New York Times. A master’s in gastronomy has certainly served Jerrelle well!


Jerrelle’s experience as a photographer is evident on her Instagram, which displays gallery-worthy food shots. With the odd photo of an adorable cat sprinkled into her feed, it’s no wonder she has a verified account! While she’s taking a pause from frequent posting, you can find current content on other platforms like Today.com and Williams Sonona’s blog. Jerrelle also runs her own food photography studio to shoot, style, and cook eye-catching recipes for cookbooks.


Working with a talented force like our outstanding wellness content creator, Jerrelle is indeed a dream come true for brands. Previous partnerships include recipes with Bon Appetit magazine, Vitamix, Instagram takeovers with Epicurious, and a giveaway with Le Creuset. Her highly engaged audience is clearly grateful for these collabs because the posts receive hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

For more on Jerrelle Guy, follow her on Instagram here and also be sure to visit her website.




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