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Posted on July 25, 2021

Benefits of Influencer Partnerships and Key to Success

Brands are pumping more and more dollars into the influencer marketing arena, but for what reason? Insider Intelligence estimates that by 2022, brands will be spending $15 billion on influencer marketing. There’s been a significant shift in how brands advertise their products and services online. While banners and posters are great for awareness, consumers are […]

Posted on June 01, 2021

3 Essential Tips For Effective Influencer Marketing

Last year, influencer marketing’s popularity skyrocketed and campaigns continue to grow rapidly as we enter 2023. More and more brands are getting involved with influencers in order to become more successful. Partnerships between brands and influencers can have a powerful impact on the brand’s marketing campaign. Particularly on the more visual and creative social media […]

Posted on May 14, 2021

Which Topics Influencers Should Never Touch On

Influencers are routinely commenting on things, voicing their opinions on certain topics, and making their official position known. Sometimes, this can get tricky. We’d say there’s one thing that most people forget: It doesn’t have to be a with us or without us situation. You can be vague. You can be neutral. And you, definitely, […]

Posted on April 08, 2021

How to be Wary of Token Representation with Influencers

Before you try to jump aboard the woke bandwagon, know that many brands have tried and failed—and have been heavily criticized for doing so. Unless your campaign is genuine and heartfelt, woke-baiting is a terrible idea—for business and for your reputation. If you’ve watched any of the things being produced by major media corporations these […]

Posted on March 16, 2021

Strategize Like A Pro: Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is unlike traditional marketing. In fact, using old formulas will not even give you good results. It has changed the world of advertisement, and benefits not just publishers but also advertisers with people now willing to spend more to make their campaign one of the best influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is fast […]



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