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Beauty Influencer Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career

Aaron Tylor

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Beauty influencers sure are all the rage these days. From Kylie Cosmetics to Rihanna’s Fenty, they dominate the conversation. And let’s not forget the OGs—Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty and James Charles of YouTube drama fame.

But getting up there with all those shiny names is tough. The beauty influencer path is long and full of troubles—and you must avoid several mistakes along the way to make it out on the other side in one piece.

Here are a few of these mistakes:

3 Big Mistakes That Can End Your Beauty Influencer Career

Being That Influencer That Doesn’t Try Your Own Products

Millie Bobby Brown is among the most revered and well-known faces out there, thanks to her memorable role as Eleven in Stranger Things.

But as she grew up and launched her own skincare range, things grew sour. Brown uploaded a detailed, elaborate video of her trying on the range of products. Fans were sold until they noticed that she wasn’t putting anything on.

After fans put on their detective hats, the cat was soon out of the bag. Brown was quick to apologize for faking her skincare routine, but the damage was done.

Beauty Makeup Collection | Mistakes for Influencers to Avoid

For audiences, a beauty influencer not putting on her own product is a big mistake as it begs the question – are the products really that bad?

Being That Racist Beauty Influencer

We can’t believe we had to say this, but here goes: don’t be racist. Ever. It doesn’t matter what you say now or weeks from now. How long do you think it takes people to dig up old Tweets?

We understand that Eurocentric beauty trends have been the be-all and end-all for the longest time, but we’re more inclusive now. So for the sake of your beauty influencer reputation, you need to be careful what you put out there—you can’t afford career-ending mistakes.

An Indian celebrity—famous all over the world and married to Nick Jonas—became the butt of memes and jokes on Twitter recently. Why? Because she did ads for a “fairness whitening cream,” but was now pledging support for #BLM.

That, someone, was Priyanka Chopra, and she faced a backlash of immense magnitude. That should tell you a lot about avoiding this particular mistake if you want to carry on being a beauty influencer.

Bashing Other Beauty Products

Negativity is never warranted. If you have a social media channel with a huge following, why use it to spread bad vibes? Your fans don’t want to hear how bad this brand or that product is. They want to know about what works for you.

Besides, never assume that your fans are stupid. They can sniff out attempts at tarnishing a rival brand’s reputation and will leave your channel if it becomes a trend. Don’t kill your beauty influencer career by trying to kill someone else’s—big mistake!




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