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How Social Distancing Affects Influencers

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

Influencers take great care to keep their social media feeds looking pristine and on-brand. The carefully curated photos they post are meant to present an enviable lifestyle and the stereotypical image of an influencer is of a person with a perfectly put-together outfit, great hair, and makeup taken in an exotic and interesting location. However, the current pandemic and social distancing guidelines have affected influencers’ daily routines. So can influencers adapt to the current climate? How will their social media presence change in the wake of this crisis?

Influencer taking selfie in top travel location

Social Distancing Limits Tools for Personal Branding

While influencers are practicing social distancing they don’t have access to some of the main things that help them build their personal brand. They can’t hire photographers or rent out photo studios. they are not attending industry events. Neither are they going out to bars and restaurants. And you’ll also find that they’re dressing only for themselves. Because of this, many influencers’ grids are starting to change and reflect the new reality.

Influencing from home while social distancing

The pandemic and social distancing regulations have affected the type of content influencers can post. And also adjust the way they create that content. Most influencers are regular people who are also adjusting and struggling with the current pandemic.

Social Distancing Should Not Stop Influencers From Trying New Things

They’re also navigating new waters in trying to figure out how their content should look. If most of your photos are of you wearing a cute outfit, is that something that is still appropriate? Can you recreate the same level of professional photos when the only photographer available to you is your mom? Should you carry on “business as usual” or completely change your content? How do you continue to connect with and inspire your followers when you yourself are struggling with fear, confusion as well as mental and emotional exhaustion?

Influencers Adapting to Social Distancing: Instagram Live

It’s possible that the meticulously curated content and aesthetic that have defined influencers will start to disappear. Many still continue to work with brands on collaborations and promotions, but the products they’re advertising are starting to change. Fashion brands are moving away from promoting “going-out” pieces and shifting their focus to leisurewear or more casual and comfy clothing.

Through social distancing, influencers are figuring out how to make the best of what they have available. Using their home as a backdrop and their loved ones or a selfie stick instead of a professional photographer. This predictably results in a very different look and feel to their grid leading to a more honest representation of their lives.

Fitness Influencer creating content from home during social distancing

Despite the changes, people are still looking to influencers and creators they respect as a source of inspiration. But due to social distancing, they now need influencers in a different way. New recipes, home workout routines, work-from-home outfits, crafts ideas, and beauty advice are all in demand when the majority of the world is staying home and normal sources of entertainment just aren’t enough. The more personal and less edited approach to sharing their lives can strengthen the bond between an influencer and their audience.

Limited Partnership Opportunities

Many influencers are also facing the prospect of limited partnership opportunities as brands start to pause and cut down their sponsorships and campaigns. Allowing them time to figure out the next steps their company will take. Many existing deals need to be renegotiated in order to comply with the restrictions of the quarantine. But luckily plenty of brands are open to creating and adapting to alternative influencer marketing ideas. Whether it changes to the format of the content or editing their messaging so that it better reflects the current situation.




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