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There is a Reason Restaurants like Working with Influencers
Posted November 04, 2019

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

There’s a Reason Restaurants like Working with Influencers

Social content and consumer behavior go hand-in-hand. There are surveys that show how deeply social content “influences” consumer habits and online shopping. For instance, 71% of people are likelier to buy something after they read something good about it online on social media. And the stats are no different when it comes to the dining-out scene.

Social Media and the Dining Out Scene

Day-by-day, the millennial population is gravitating more and more toward options that they’ve discovered online—thanks, in part, to Instagram. In fact, anyone who uses Facebook has come across at least one food-related group. These groups usually have a myriad of people—generally from the same locality or city—discussing the “next new thing in town,” and it is these groups where a small eatery can go from tiny to teeming. All it takes is a few likes and shares.

Social Media Makes Content Sharing So Much Easier

Easier and simpler. You can make a small video and upload it within minutes. A couple of photos can be uploaded within seconds. You can go live while dining at a restaurant, to amp up the authenticity factor—to show your followers that no, the video of the food at this place hasn’t been edited. In the words of Gordon Ramsay, it’s raw.

And social media users love that: easy, quick information that helps them decide where they have to eat next without making the effort of going and reading a review onYelp. They have the photo, the review, the full picture all in one place. Heck, they’ll tag their friends and probably make plans for the very night.

How Social Media Influencers Come into the Mix

There’s a Reason Restaurants like Working with Influencers

Now, although “food blogging” started off as something only a handful of the people were involved in, it soon ballooned as a trend. Soon enough, you’d see every other person at restaurants and roadside vendor stops taking photos of their photos before actually eating it.

If you think the overcrowding in “food blogging” has in any adversely affected the social media influencing arena, think again. People who are serious foodies and those who take the opinion of social media influencers before going out know exactly which ones to follow.

Which brings us to social media influencers themselves: the people who put in an effort to explore the eateries around, who have decent taste buds (of course, not everyone is Wolfgang Puck), and who are genuinely passionate about their craft. And their followers know this.

What You Should Do

As a business owner in the restaurant and food business, one of the cleverest things for you to do is to reach out to a social media influencer and collaborate for effective marketing. Use Afluencer as a platform to reach out to the perfect influencer today. If you’re an influencer with a passion for eating out, here are some brands that could use your social media presence.




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