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What You Need to Know About Influencer Agreements

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

Entering into an influencer partnership or collaboration and running a successful joint campaign requires cooperation, understating, planning from all parties, and an agreement. Influencer collaborations should receive the same treatment as any other business partnership. Regardless of whether it’s a long-term, ongoing, or a one-time collab. This means that it’s important to create an influencer agreement (in addition to a brief) before working with an influencer.

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What Should An Your Agreement Include?

Influencer agreements set the legal framework of your professional relationship. They protect all parties involved while guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page about what the collaboration entails and satisfied that they will get what they need from the relationship.

A good agreement details the terms of the partnership and clearly outlines the responsibilities of both brand and influencer. It should cover all the relevant topics. The agreement should provide an overview of the entire project. Including all deliverables, submission dates, the expected timeline, and the duration of the partnership. As well as help with the review process before any part of the campaign goes live.

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In addition to this, payment terms must be clearly outlined as well as the possible causes for contract termination from both sides. It’s also a good idea to include info on whether all content creation in the duration of the contract is exclusive, who holds the rights after the partnership has concluded and whether it can be repurposed.

Why You Should Always Have An Influencer Agreement

The guidelines that the influencer agreement provides clearly establish all the rules for the campaign and as such it will guide and govern the entirety of the partnership. This means it’s crucial that the agreement covers all areas in full and has both parties sign it before any work begins.

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This ensures that you have full control and decision-making power of all content created and distributed for the campaign. It lets you set the expectations and requirements for the campaign and helps you protect the integrity of your brand. Influencer partnerships come about in the first place to support brand goals and expand your customer base. So it’s vital that you are the one who has final approval over all content linked with your brand.

How Is The Agreement Different From An Influencer Brief?

An influencer brief highlights the creative guidelines of your influencer campaign, while the agreement sets up the legal framework for the collaboration. The influencer brief should focus on campaign details and serve as an easy way to help influencers understand your goals. On top of that, it also provides influencers with enough information to create content that matches your brand goals.

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A brief focuses on the creative aspect of the agreement. Oftentimes to include content examples, do and don’t lists, mood boards, and additional references. All of which paint a clear picture of the expectations you have for the final campaign content.

An agreement goes beyond this and provides a legal framework within which the collab needs to take place. It’s important to make sure that both collaborating parties sign the agreement. And since influencers and brands that collab are very rarely located in the same place, the agreement needs to be signed electronically. There are online agreement signing services created for this purpose to ensure that everything is valid.




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