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27 YouTube Influencers to Look Out For This Year

Nicole P. Dunford


From getting too lit on cocktails to cannabis and family fun; from well-placed comedy to solo travel, makeup tutorials, DIY, and everything in between, this round-up of YouTube influencers may sound pretty random. They’ve all got something unique to offer that may just be that “ingredient X” you’re missing for the perfect influencer collab.

Here are the YouTube influencers ready to create amazing videos for your brand:

Let’s get to it!

Kerry Carmody

Meet Kerry Carmody, the vivacious YouTube Influencer hailing from sunny Florida. With a heart full of love for life, Kerry dives into her passions with infectious enthusiasm. From photography to makeup, fashion, and, of course, the beach, she’s a true Floridian at heart.


Kerry’s channel is a vibrant tapestry of summer vibes and fashion delights. Picture yourself on a virtual journey with her as she unveils a dazzling array of content – from lingerie and micro-bikinis to elegant dresses, unique maternity wear, and playful cosplay. If it’s a fashion haul you’re after, Kerry’s got you covered.

But it’s not just about the outfits – Kerry takes her followers on exciting escapades, from pool parties to mansion visits and boat adventures. The energy on her channel, @kerrycarmody, is undeniable, making her the go-to Collab partner for anyone seeking a burst of bikinis and a dose of the good life. Embrace the summer spirit with Kerry Carmody, where every video is a celebration of style and sun-soaked fun!

Travis Horn

Travis Horn, the dynamic YouTube influencer, redefines balance both literally and metaphorically. As a two-time world record holder, known as @TheBalanceGuru, he captivates audiences by effortlessly balancing on unconventional objects—yes, even a kettlebell! Travis elevates the ordinary act of balance, making it an art form.


With appearances on five talent shows and a track record of training over 200 celebrities, he’s earned the title of “guru” rightfully. Yet, beyond his awe-inspiring feats of balance and fitness, Travis is a humanitarian with a genuine desire to make a positive impact. His commitment to doing good in the world is unmistakable—a quality we definitely could all use more of.

From showcasing jaw-dropping skills to embodying a compassionate spirit, Travis Horn presents a unique Collab opportunity. Whether delving into fitness pursuits or contributing to humanitarian causes, partnering with this guru promises a blend of talent and heart—a winning combination in any venture.

Chase Eatmon

Welcome to the wonderful world of Chase Eatmon, better known as Gunther Da Great. Dive into a captivating universe of hair content centered around the spectacular world of dreadlocks. With an infectious charisma, Gunther has amassed an impressive following, currently boasting over 689k subscribers on YouTube and a combined audience exceeding 1 million when you factor in his TikTok presence. As he ventures towards the coveted 1 million subscriber mark, Gunther’s journey is a testament to his engaging and relatable approach to haircare.


Whether you’re already rocking dreadlocks or contemplating the plunge, Gunther’s channel is a must-visit. Uncover an entertaining mix of content exploring dreadlock do’s and don’ts, stunning transformations, salon adventures, and style tutorials that redefine the possibilities of haircare. GuntherDaGreat is not just a YouTube influencer; he’s a collaborator-in-waiting for anyone seeking a partnership in the dynamic realm of haircare. Join the community that’s making waves, and let Gunther guide you on your dreadlocks journey.

Jasmina Show

From sexy clothing, we’re going to pivot in the opposite direction and embark on a delightful journey with The Jasmina Show, where the enchanting world of family and children’s entertainment unfolds. Their content may be in Romanian, but you don’t have to understand the language to experience some of the joy they spread.


Based in Moldova, Jasmina, and her family, your gateway to innocence, craft YouTube videos that seamlessly blend fun, information, and education. Witness a universe where creativity thrives, encouraging young minds to explore the wonders around them. From lively family games to the magic of creating artwork, The Jasmina Show delivers hours of wholesome content, captivating audiences of all ages. With over 1.88 million devoted followers, a Collab with this dynamic family promises a solid boost for your brand. Join the heartwarming community that keeps coming back for more, and let The Jasmina Show be the key to unlocking joyful moments and lasting connections for your brand in the world of family-friendly entertainment.

Jennifer Oyubu – Beauty YouTube Influencer

Jennifer Oyubu | Beauty Influencer on YouTube

Jennifer Oyubu is from Nigeria and loves to talk about everything she enjoys – from makeup, hair, and skincare tutorials to lifestyle, chit-chats, and everything in between.


Straight up REAL (clap emoji) TALK (clap emoji)—or as she likes to call it, “undiluted vibes”. That’s what you’ll find on Jennifer’s YouTube channel. Getting too lit on sex on the beach cocktails (we’ve all been there); sharing her views on living with disabilities (FYI, she’s still living her best life and we love it!); even fun challenges and life rants. Sometimes she’s all-natural on camera, sometimes she’s got a beat face—what’s life without balance?

If you’re looking for YouTube influencers who are more like a friend, Jennifer Oyubu, whose channel goes by the same name, is one to watch.

Sara Pereira

Welcome to the vibrant world of fitness and more with Sara Pereira, our next sensational YouTube influencer! Sara’s bio playfully confesses, “I am supposed to be a fitness channel,” revealing her eclectic content. But hey, who minds a delightful mix? We know we don’t.


In the realm of fitness, Sara shines bright, sharing golden nuggets for gym progress, post-workout snacks, and at-home workouts. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting, she’s got you covered.

Beyond the dumbbells and treadmills, Sara’s channel unfolds a treasure trove of “other content.” Dive into fashion hauls, wellness wisdom, mouthwatering recipes, and a lot more. Sara effortlessly weaves together a tapestry of entertaining and informative content, creating a YouTube haven where every click is a delightful adventure. So, whether you’re breaking a sweat or exploring the latest wellness trends, Sara Pereira’s channel is your go-to destination for a perfect blend of fitness and lifestyle joy!

Millie Adrian

Millie Adrian, the dynamic YouTube influencer, is the go-to for all content creators and influencers when it comes to social media success. Armed with a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and hacks, Millie transforms aspiring creators from having zero followers into full-time, money-making content wizards. From unlocking affiliate income secrets to sealing lucrative brand deals, she’s the embodiment of an influencer aficionado.


Millie’s channel is a goldmine of wisdom for YouTube enthusiasts. Want to know what the latest social media trends are? Millie’s got you covered. Need some help with editing hacks? She’s got you. If you need a dose of productivity wisdom, Millie’s got your back. More than just a guide, she’s the Collab partner you’ve been waiting for, an influencer who not only knows the game but excels at it. With Millie Adrian in your corner, navigating the world of content creation becomes an exciting journey toward success.

Genevieve Ashworth

Meet Genevieve, aka Gigi, a beloved YouTube influencer renowned for her delightful focus on allergen-friendly cooking. Gigi’s journey unfolds from her days as a competitive snowboarder and horseback rider to earning a degree in broadcast journalism and a master’s certificate in Nutrition Communications – a mouthful, indeed! Her chosen niche emerged from personal diet-related challenges, a shared experience she observed among many others.


Navigating a sea of health conditions, Gigi transformed her YouTube channel into a haven for those wrestling with dietary concerns. Here, a goldmine of advice and allergen-friendly recipes awaits, all served with a side of her infectious personality. Gigi effortlessly combines information with entertainment, making her content both enlightening and enjoyable. From her unique approach to content delivery to the warmth she exudes, Gigi captivates and educates in equal measure. Dive into her world, and you’ll quickly understand why we adore Gigi’s exceptional blend of expertise and charisma – we’re confident you’ll love it too!

Leda Fazal

Introducing the incredible Leda Fazal, a powerhouse in the world of hair care. As the owner of Tone Hair Salon and a Master Colorist, her expertise is unmatched. Yet, what sets her apart is not just her skills but her passion for sharing knowledge.


Dive into the vibrant universe of hair with Leda on her YouTube channel, @LedaFazalHair, where her subscriber count is soaring past 214k. Wondering why? Well, Leda’s content is a captivating blend of detailed How-to’s, awe-inspiring hair transformations, and tutorials showcasing diverse styling techniques.

Beyond the salon, Leda opens up about her journey, offering glimpses into her experiences with cosmetic surgery and globetrotting adventures. With a thriving business and a loyal clientele, Leda Fazal isn’t just a YouTube sensation—she’s a potential Collab partner for your hair products. Imagine tapping into her vast audience and unlocking a world of customers. Don’t miss out; Leda could be the missing piece for your next successful Collab!

Lilly Skjoldahl

Meet Lilly Skjoldahl, aka The Furniture Doctor, a YouTube sensation transforming old furniture into stunning pieces through her DIY magic. What began as a quest to settle a $10,000 debt evolved into a flourishing business of flipping furniture for profit. Lilly doesn’t just share her success; she generously imparts tips, tricks, and product recommendations, creating a valuable resource for her 129k subscribers.


Her content is a vibrant mix of before-and-afters, furniture discoveries, and insightful business advice. Lilly’s videos not only cater to aspiring furniture flippers but also captivate those who appreciate the art of restoration. Your brand has a golden opportunity to step into Lilly’s world and connect with her engaged audience. By Collaborating with Lilly, you can tap into a community that values creativity, craftsmanship, and the thrill of a DIY project. Don’t miss out – seize the chance to bring your brand into the spotlight and let Lilly Skjoldahl’s influence work wonders for your business. Invite her for a Collab today and unlock the door to a whole new customer base.

Kayla D.

We are going to remain in the world of haircare for our next YouTube Influencer, Kayla D, where wigs take center stage! Kayla’s specialty? Wigs of every shade and style—blonde, red, curly, short, long, you name it. Expect a delightful visual feast as she effortlessly showcases each look with flair.


But it’s not just about glam; Kayla’s content goes beyond the surface. She’s your go-to guide for all things wig-related, offering valuable insights on installation, styling, and handy tips to simplify your wig journey. No need to feel overwhelmed; Kayla’s friendly approach ensures you’ll confidently rock any wig. Beyond wigs, she generously shares makeup tips, completing your look with finesse.

Kayla D. exudes expert vibes, making her the ultimate YouTube influencer for those seeking comprehensive wig wisdom. Get ready to transform your hair game and step into the world of wigs with Kayla’s expertise by your side. Calling all brands in the wig business – Kayla is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing who your next Collab is going to be with.

Passion Jonesz

Step into the fierce world of YouTube Influencer, Passion Jonesz, where confidence and flawless style reign supreme. Specializing in the art of wigs, Passion effortlessly slays every look, leaving you joneszing for a wig transformation of your own. Beyond the realm of hair, she passionately champions plus-size beauty, teaching us to love our bodies unconditionally.


Passion’s content is a delightful blend of fashion and empowerment. From clothing hauls to budget-friendly outfits, her videos offer a wealth of style inspiration. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about embracing your uniqueness. This YouTube sensation seamlessly weaves together hair and fashion content, creating a harmonious symphony for her dedicated audience.

Imagine the magic that could unfold with a Collab between your brand and Passion Jonesz. Just as seamlessly as she merges hair and fashion, a partnership with her could be a match made in heaven for your brand’s journey into the world of style and confidence.

Ruby Red

With over a decade of experience as a shoe buyer for renowned brands such as Steve Madden, Ruby Red seamlessly blends her expertise in fashion with an undeniable passion for styling. Her journey began innocently enough, sharing outfit photos on social media, and before she knew it, the fashion world was clamoring for her unique insights. Jennifer, our curvaceous style icon, radiates confidence, embracing every inch of her natural beauty. Unapologetically herself, Jennifer extends an invitation to join her in celebrating individuality.


In the world of fashion, Jennifer reigns supreme, Collabbing effortlessly with industry brands. With a substantial following of over 328k subscribers, your brand could be the next star in Ruby’s constellation. Brace yourself for a captivating journey through try-on hauls, Fashionnova showcases, and even whimsical Halloween costumes. Ruby Red’s channel isn’t just about fashion; it’s an exploration of self-expression and embracing the beauty that lies within every wardrobe choice. Get ready to be part of a community that cherishes authenticity and style, one video at a time.

Alice Ford – Alice Ford Adventures

Alice Ford | Featured YouTube Videos

From the USA, Alice Ford is an award-winning filmmaker, blogger, and host, as well as a stunt woman, athlete, and nature lover with a passion for sustainable living.


Cue Bilbo Baggins, “I’m going on an adventure!”

While the rest of us sit on our backsides, Alice has been getting out there and experiencing life. Her videos make subscribers want to get off said backsides and do something different and exciting.

She’s a natural in front of the camera. Her friendly personality, the confidence she has in herself, and what she does instantly grabs your attention—creating a smooth viewing experience. While she gives tips and information about hiking, nature, and saving the planet, she also gives little tidbits of valuable life advice. Look forward to breathtaking views, seeing the world, advice on the best places to eat, and so much more.

Everything she shares is delivered in a completely authentic way. Alice Ford Adventures is the YouTube channel to watch for not only travel inspiration but as a great reminder to get out there and enjoy life.

Anastasia Perrault – Lifestyle YouTube Influencer

Anastasia Perrault | Lifestyle Youtuber

This 21-year-old YouTuber posts a variety of lifestyle content including “a day in the life”, hair, travel, and so much more.


Keeping it all the way real with her life as a college student, Anastasia documents her life with complete honesty and openness. Her content is relatable, especially with other young adults. She also vlogs about travel, fashion hauls, and pretty much whatever she feels like because, why not?

Relatability is the selling point here and Anastasia Perault is one of the YouTube influencers to collab with if your target market is everyday young adults doing their thing.

Jayne Nicoletti – Comedic Lifestyle Influencer

Jayne Nicoletti | Youtube influencers featured on Afluencer

This Generation X New Yorker has a love for beauty, fashion, food, and home, and shares it all—often with her unique comedic twist.


Jayne tackles all sorts of lifestyle topics. Some are a little more laid-back such as recipes or travel hacks. And other topics a little more serious such as life during and after covid—“we’ll never laugh at doomsday preppers”. Ha! However, no matter what she’s talking about there is some well-placed humor and a positive attitude. Something we could all use.

To drive this point home, some of the comments in her videos look like this:

“Uplifting, funny, and 100% true!”

“So refreshing to see an honest review!”

“Your video is so much fun!”

Andrea Meharg – Reveal Cannabis

Andrea Meharg | Certified cannabis coach | Youtube channel

Hailing from Canada, Andrea Meharg is a certified cannabis coach and educator. This creative influencer teaches her YouTube audience how to use cannabis to make their lives better—the right way. Having struggled with depression herself, she has first-hand experience of how using CBD turned her life around for the better. Her first baggie of CBD happened to be a Christmas present—from her mom no less—who thought it might help with her depression. It did!


Off the bat, her passion for teaching people how to use cannabis to live a healthier, happier life is pretty clear—not hazy (…pun intended). Between her inviting smile and personality, Andrea has a knack for presenting information in a way that’s easy to understand and digest. One could say it’s edible (ok, no more puns). Her YouTube videos cover everything cannabis: from more lighthearted topics such as making cannabis-infused drinks (cheers!) to more serious topics such as the link between cannabis and racism.

She has a great way of tackling the controversial world of cannabis and delivering great lessons which, at their core, could really change someone’s life for the better. We’re all for that.

Alessandra Petrucci – Honestly Alessandra

Alessandra Petrucci | Healthy Videos

Alessandra is an Italian/Polish blogger based in London, the UK with a passion for living a healthy, plant-based, vegan, wholefood diet and lifestyle. Her YouTube channel is a safe space where all this can be “created, inspired, maintained, and celebrated”.


Have you ever tried to follow a recipe and then thought, “screw this, it’s too complicated”? There’s none of that here. All of Alessandra’s recipes are super simple and easy to follow—they also very often involve a blender! She throws in some great health tips, as well as the benefits of certain foods making her content informative.

Something else to look forward to… Vegan/sustainable fashion hauls and tips for maintaining a vegan lifestyle while traveling. For realistic guidance on maintaining a healthy/ vegan lifestyle, Alessandra is honestly a great YouTube channel to help get you there.

Sasha Martin – KC Family TV

Sasha Martin | KC Family TV

KC Family TV is all about family fun. Subscribers can look forward to activities, viral challenges, family trips, unboxings, and toy reviews.


Ah, the bond between mother and son—there’s nothing like it. This channel showcases pure family fun, pure joy, and pure love in the realest way.

The videos are generally 10 minutes or less and give great ideas for entertaining the family—specifically younger kids.

If you’re a brand looking for family influencers on YouTube to promote your products, then KC Family TV is the perfect collab.

Leslie Tucker – A Reseller’s Passion

Leslie Tucker | Reselling Coach | YouTube Influencers

Leslie Tucker is a reselling coach and e-commerce entrepreneur. She shares conversations, tips, and the adventures of online reselling.


For those trying to get your coins through online reselling, A Reseller’s Passion is the go-to YouTube channel. Leslie’s personality shines through in her videos. She’s also not a fan of editing her videos—preferring to keep things natural and be 100% herself. Her unboxing videos aren’t just hauls, they are designed to show viewers what opportunities are out there for purposes of reselling. Leslie also shares resale value, her successes, risks, and real-life updates—a great mix of information here.

She’s a mom, over 50, running a successful business, sharing her experience with that—a great inspiration for older women! Secure the bag, sis.

Evelyn Parham – Life With Evelyn

Evelyn Parham | Beauty and Fitness Content Creator

Evelyn’s advice is to be the best version of yourself—mind, body, spirit, and soul. Her way of helping you do that is through beauty, fitness, faith, and vlogs.


As I write this, the first video under the video tab is “Let’s Run”. Ha! Evelyn, not sure that’s going to happen. But as I watched the video she explained why she shared it, going into the challenges of being 50 and female—mental, emotional, and physical. The message is to give things a try, keep going, and be inspired. You can do it!

This is a common thread throughout her videos. Whether she’s talking about hair, sharing what she eats, or having a good ol’ “let’s chat”. Authentic, relatable, and informative—that’s Life With Evelyn. There is also lots of opportunity for a collab here as she touches on different aspects of life.

So if you’re looking to collab with positive-minded YouTube influencers, you know what to do!

Katie Clark – Clarks Condensed

Katie Clark | Clarks Condensed Youtube Channel

Clarks Condensed is a channel for all things family-friendly, with a focus on DIY, crafts, and home.


“Frugal family living”, aka saving money! Gotta love it! Here, subscribers can find product reviews and real-time “how to use” videos. Katie is passionate about DIY and it shows; sharing ideas on what to DIY, including money-making ideas like mug printing and card making. The videos on Clarks Condensed will surely leave you feeling inspired to get crafty. Or at the very least, inspired to save more money!

Esther Oney – Estherskincarelab

Esther Oney | Beauty Influencers Featured on Afluencer

From Nigeria, Esther is a natural beauty enthusiast who, after years of being bullied, gained her confidence back and now wants to help others do the same.


Esther keeps beauty SIMPLE. Here, subscribers can look forward to reviews on beauty products and tips for skin care. She’s also not afraid to go DIY, using toothpaste to clear body acne (spoiler alert—it works)! She’s also not shy to get into detail on how to sit when steaming your lady parts!

Part of her YouTube content includes TikTok videos with quick tidbits of beauty info—sounds like this influencer is ready to collab!

Jhilmil D Saha – Beauty Youtube Influencer

Jhilmil D Saha | Skincare and Makeup Youtuber

Coming to you from India, Jhilmil gives tips on all things beauty—from skincare to makeup and everything in between.


Also going by the name Beauty & Beyond, Jhilmil’s beauty content is in lovely little bite-sized videos; that is, her content gets straight to the point and her videos aren’t long at all. This is great because ain’t nobody got time for long, complicated tutorials. Her videos are in real-time so subscribers have realistic expectations of how long a make-up look is going to take you.

No complicated makeup kits, no fuss. This Mom has great beauty tips for regular women who want to look great. We’re here for it.

Joey de Cordero – Lifestyle YouTube Influencer

Joey de Cordero | Lifestyle & Travel Youtube Videos | Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Founder of the blog The Joey Journal (which was named in the UK’s top 10 Blogs for Men’s Lifestyle in 2020 by VUELIO Blog Industry Awards), Joey is a men’s lifestyle and travel blogger based in the UK.


This one is for the guys who enjoy the finer things in life. From unboxing to travel, Joey shows viewers how to experience luxury. Sometimes it’s the little things, sometimes it’s designer splurges.

He’s also collaborated with the UK’s largest organic tea company, Pukka, to promote tea for good sleep (hey, guys need their beauty sleep too). If you’re a brand looking for YouTube influencers to promote men’s lifestyle products, Joey is a great match.

Pratibha Chaurel – Music Influencer on YouTube

Pratibha Chaurel | Music, Poetry & Dance

Hailing from India, Pratibha is a young artist with a love for music, poetry, and dance.


Skilled at playing the flute, Pratibha believes that “feeling the music is the only way to relax the mind”. Her videos are super short—like a quick feel-good pick-me-up when you need one. She posts consistently, including content such as sketch art, poetry, dance, and recipes. All this centers on her cultural heritage and makes for an inspiring watch.

How could you not want influencer talent like Pratibha on your YouTube marketing team?

Shagufta Khan – Makeup by Shagufta

Shagufta Khan | Makeup video thumbnails

Shagufta is a certified makeup artist sharing quick and easy makeup looks that even beginners will find easy to follow.


The first thing that hits you as you scroll through her videos is “Wow, her makeup looks amazing… must be complicated”. But guess what? It isn’t! Her videos are short and sweet and don’t involve 10,000 confusing makeup brushes. She also touches on hairstyle ideas, skincare products, and accessories. Her way of simplifying makeup tutorials makes subscribers more willing to give them a try without feeling like complete failures. #ifyouknowyouknow

What do we love most about these YouTube influencers? Their realness. Their relatability. Nothing superficial here, which makes for some awesome content.




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