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7 Dazzling Makeup Brands Looking for Beauty Influencers
Posted September 23, 2019

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Lost in the dazzling world of makeup.  Plans to be productive turns into spending three hours watching makeup videos.  Whoops.

This then turns into an accidental makeup shopping spree, of course.

And now you’re back on Instagram and Youtube consuming more feel-good videos on how to make yourself look spectacular with your new brow kit and how to bake your face with your new luxury powder.

Makeup influencers, this pretty much is the life of your followers and just how much you help make them feel amazing.

No doubt your followers need you.  And hey, brands need you too.

So, we’ve found 7 dazzling makeup brands looking for beauty influencers to whip up beautiful collaborations:

  1. The Original Makeup Eraser
  2. Coastal Scents
  3. Kraken Cosmetics
  4. MOTD Cosmetics
  5. BECCA Cosmetics
  6. Elizabeth Mott
  7. Tarte Cosmetics

Ready to dazzle?

The Original MakeUp Eraser

makeup influencer program

Makeup removal can get complicated.  Especially when you went all out to whip on the longest lasting lipstick and the most waterproof mascara you could find.  Removing all of that isn’t fun.

But, with The Original MakeUp Eraser, all you need is water.  Erase your lipstick, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation and more.  This premium cloth is reusable, machine washable and lasts up to 5 years.

Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it a perfect mate for your skin.  Not only does it remove makeup but it also exfoliates the skin.

The Original MakeUp Eraser is available in lovable colors including the classic brilliant pink.  And the mini makeup eraser packs are so cute, you’ve got to have those too.

Every makeup enthusiast will fall in love with this product – so it’s certainly worth sharing it with your followers.

Influencer Application

Would you love to represent The Original MakeUp Eraser both on and offline?  Create beautiful photos and videos to share on your social media profiles at least once a month.  This influencer program is available to influencers worldwide.

Apply here to become an influencer for The Original MakeUp Eraser.

Coastal Scents

makeup influencer program

Great makeup at great prices – what more could a makeup lover need?  Coastal Scents is all you need for your fix of hot cosmetics and makeup tools without breaking your bank.

Their palettes are stunning. From the Revealed Rouge Palette, Freedom Palette, Camouflage Concealer Palette to the Creative Me Palette.

And if you’re feeling adventurous and creative enough, you can create your very own custom palette. Beauty influencers, isn’t this brilliant?

Influencer Application

Coastal Scents is looking for influencers like beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts in the USA.  Influencers earn a commission of 10% on sales. With awesome affordable makeup products, selling will be a breeze.

Apply here to become an influencer for Coastal Scents.

Kraken Cosmetics

beauty influencer program

Quirky makeup lovers, you’re about to fall in love with Kraken Cosmetics.  Oh and especially if handmade, vegan and paraben-free are all important to you.

Get beautiful pigment duos, face products, limited editions and lovable makeup pallets – packaged in charming themed art designs.

Kraken Cosmetics is an unusual brand compared to mainstream products, but certainly interesting enough to fascinate your followers.

Influencer Application

Does Kraken Cosmetics sound like a fun match for your personality?  You could be their next influencer.

In your application, you’ll need to share your social media links and let them know why you think they would resonate with your followers.  Let them know what your first and second product choice is and who knows, you may get that application approved email to get started.

Apply here to become an influencer for Kraken Cosmetics.

MOTD Cosmetics

beauty influencer program

Your makeup application will be as spectacular as your makeup brushes.

What’s in a spectacular makeup brush? Well, soft luxury brushes with amazing blendability.  That’s not all there is to it, though.

Cruelty-free and vegan are important factors, too. For soft quality makeup brushes, visit MOTD Cosmetics.  Choose from single brushes and brush sets – get all the beautiful brushes you could ever need.

Also shop their luxury synthetic mink lashes for extra full eyelash drama.

Influencer Application

Influencers looking for a meaning brand with beautiful products to promote, MOTD could be your next amazing collaboration.  They’re looking for beauty influencers worldwide that share the same values. Earn commissions on sales as you promote their products and influencers also get exclusive offers.

Apply here to become an influencer for MOTD Cosmetics.

BECCA Cosmetics

makeup influencers

Beauty queens, are you ready to put your glow on like never before?

Like silky highlighter glow drops to make your face sparkle in all its beauty.  The shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter to make you radiate as bright as you are.  And the glow body stick to make you dazzle like diamonds, because that’s how amazing you are.

Yes, queens.  This is what glowing is all about. And you haven’t glowed until you’ve used BECCA Cosmetics.  Go on and glow girls.

Influencer Application

Influencers that are obsessed with beauty and would love to glow with their followers, BECCA Cosmetics would love to collaborate with you.  Email them your social media links and details of your collaboration proposal.

Get more details here about becoming an influencer for BECCA Cosmetics.

Elizabeth Mott

beauty influencers

Beauty baes, sometimes you need extra smiles in your day.

Elizabeth Mott will add some fun spice to your makeup bag.  This cruelty-free makeup brand boasts charming cosmetics like Thank Me Later Face Primer, Whatup Beaches Bronzer, Show Me Your Glow, Show Me Your Cheeks and Set For Life Setting Powder.

And for some badass, the One Bad Motha’foamer bubble clay mask will beat that face when you need it.

Influencer Application

Beauty influencers that love makeup and would love to work with a fun cosmetic line, this opportunity is for you.  You could receive products to share with your followers and collaborating with Elizabeth Mott will be as enjoyable as you make it.

Apply here to become an influencer for Elizabeth Mott.

Tarte Cosmetics

Go on and get carried away in all your creativity.  No boundaries. No judgements. Just living the best of you – expressing yourself with cruelty-free and good-for-you longwearing makeup from Tarte Cosmetics.

Spoil yourself with the dazzling Gold Dusters Brush Set and the tasteful Lip Ornaments Lipgloss Set.  And feel like luxury with the Rainforest of the Sea Seaglass Shimmer Body Gel. Being you never looked this good.

Influencer Application

Influencers that believe in breaking beauty boundaries and stereotypes – this collaboration opportunity will be empowering.  If you’re an influencer, blogger or vlogger, you should apply.

Apply here to become an influencer for Tarte Cosmetics.




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