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Going from a Business to a Brand

Aaron Tylor

Afluencer SEO Guru

Starbucks ready for its usual morning customers | Business to Brand

When we think of brands, big retailers come to mind. Like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Kate Spade, and Calvin Klein. We associate large clothing retailers with leading brands, but how did that transition come about? When did these businesses become brands and what exactly does it take for a business to become a brand?

Becoming a brand means that you are promising a particular standard to your customer. Branding is a powerful tool that changes the perception of consumers. 10 million people are willing to pay over $5 for a drink each day if it’s from Starbucks, that’s the power of branding.

So here’s how you too can transform your business to a brand:

Differentiate your business

Creating a completely unique product is difficult in today’s day and age. However, as a brand, you need to differentiate your products from your competitors. Being able to do so creates a loyal customer base. We understand that uniqueness alone isn’t enough to make a profit, you need to attract the right customers and provide them with values they can’t get anywhere else.

Determine your target audience

Aspiring brands should take the Apple iPhones approach to be successful

To be able to successfully go from business to brand, you need to know your audience. Think of all the major brands you know of, and now think about their products, who are they targeting? Take Apple, for instance, they were the first to create a phone without buttons. People were skeptical, yet they bought the first iPhone because it was made by Apple. The quality and unique features of the phone got more and more people intrigued, and today Apple iPhones are the most popular smartphone in the United States. Most individuals won’t even consider using a smartphone from another brand.

Apple began adding new features to its phones that the youth and middle-aged people will like. They also managed to earn such a loyal customer base, that customers don’t even want to switch to another brand. They are one of the prime examples of knowing your target audience.

Improve employee experience

The transition from business to brand doesn’t stop at your customer’s experience or their satisfaction, employee experience is as big a part of it all too. Your employees need to be happy and motivated to provide a great experience for customers.

To become a brand you should be able to support your employees and make sure you hire people who love the job. Create a positive workspace for them to motivate them to do better. As a relatively new company, you won’t be expected to provide huge perks to employees, but do whatever in your capacity to improve the employee experience.

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