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5 Most Life Inspiring Yoga Influencers Across The World
Posted November 06, 2019

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

A thought.  A pose. And some words that will change your life.  Yoga influencers are hands down probably one of the most inspiring groups of people you could ever come across on your social media feed.

Their authenticity, their stories and their outstanding passion make them naturally magnetic.

Wellness brands and yoga enthusiasts, here are 7 of the most life-inspiring yoga influencers across the world you’ve got to connect to:

  1. Briohny Smyth – @yogawithbriohny
  2. MICHELLE POLEFITDUBAI – @michelle_polefitdubai
  3. Carla Villaorduna – @innerdiamondyoga
  4. Odette Hughes – odette_hughes
  5. Yoga with Cathy Madeo – @cathymadeoyoga

I’ll let their expressive content do the rest of the talking.

Briohny Smyth – @yogawithbriohny

Instagram Followers:  214k

Engagement Rate:  1.44%

Authentic, true to life, yoga teacher.

Briohny Smyth is a yoga teacher based in Thailand.

You’ll be ready to take on life and find your personal inner alignment as Briohny’s content works on you.

She’s more than just a yoga enthusiast with a large online following.  She’s a mindful well-experienced yoga teacher with enough words to provoke your mind to be a better you.

Her videos like “why positive thinking is killing your career” on her Instagram profile is an example of some of the life improving insights she shares with her followers.

Her brilliant yoga teaching skills can be seen with her beautiful how-to video content – making her a great resource for all yoga enthusiasts.

Post after post, yoga and the yoga lifestyle is all she shares.  Briohny’s content is very well presented, with charming photos that will certainly strike deep emotion in you.

And you can’t help but love her yoga apparel style, too.

Her content expands through her 15k subscriber Youtube channel where she shares a lot of how-to yoga content.

Briohny has recently launched her beautiful new website where you’ll find information on her upcoming trainings.

Connect to Briohny Smyth on Instagram here.

MICHELLE POLEFITDUBAI – @michelle_polefitdubai

Instagram Followers:  154k

Engagement Rate:  1.25%

Michelle is a yoga teacher and pole fitness instructor based in Dubai.

Michelle’s yoga content is so attention grabbing that it leaves you wondering if that’s really real.  But, it most certainly is because that is proof of just how beautiful yoga can be.

From her poses in the city to her poses in old buildings to the classic holiday poses at the beach, one can’t help but feel energized from consuming her content.

You’ll find her in her bikini, lovely yoga outfits or just casual shorts and sneakers.

Michelle does drop some engaging video content on her Instagram profile, whether it’s an eloquent pole sequence or an edgy yoga feature.

What’s especially lovable about Michelle is how she is open about her struggles.  She recently shared with her followers how she struggled to get back into pole fitness because of her body weight insecurities.

Her “keeping it real” personality makes her so easy to love.

Go check Michelle out on Instagram here.

Carla Villaorduna – @innerdiamondyoga

Instagram Followers:  42.9k

Engagement Rate:  5.96%

Captivating New York based travelling yoga teacher, Carla Villaorduna.

Scrolling and scrolling through Carla’s Instagram profile, I was trying to figure out what “it” was that kept me hooked and entranced with her posts.

Until I saw a comment that hit the nail on the head for me: “all these lines are so satisfying”.

Carla’s content is extremely satisfying to consume.  Her pictures are not just perfect. The thoughtful detail that is evident in every picture posted is profound.

The synergy between her poses and her environment is crafted so beautifully in her content.  From buildings to landscapes, you will certainly be wowed away.

She loves to travel, so her audience is even more delighted with her travelling yoga – from Mexico to Santorini.  Yoga and travel couldn’t look any more beautiful.

“You are a master peace of pure love” – Carla Villaorduna.

Beautiful content, inside and out, all round.

Learn more about Carla on her website.

Go follow Carla Villaorduna on Instagram here.

Odette Hughes – odette_hughes

Instagram Followers:  178k

Engagement Rate:  1.37%

Nature loving yoga therapist, Odette Hughes.

Based in the United States, Odette conducts yoga therapies as well as yoga trainings.

From soothing yoga poses to pictures of nature and cats – these are three prominent things you’ll find on her Instagram profile.

She’s your daily dose of inspo that will take you through your week with gratitude, mindfulness tips and just simple uplifting words that will brighten life up for you.

“Stop and think after reading this of at least 3 wonderful things that already occurred today. Doesn’t matter how seemingly small.” – Odette Hughes

What is especially noteworthy about her content, is her unusual yoga outfit style.  You’ll catch her in colourful hipster yoga pants and also some free-spirit bohemian style pants.

From her content to her style, you can’t help but smile.  Odette is where you’ll get much needed happy vibes.

She participates in various yoga challenges and she drops a giveaway here and there on her feed.

Go on and connect to Odette Hughes on Instagram here.

Yoga with Cathy Madeo – @cathymadeoyoga

Instagram Followers:  79.8k

Engagement Rate:  1.48%

Well-experienced inspiring yoga instructor, Cathy Madeo.

When you come across a yoga instructor that has been practicing since 1995, you kinda want to lean in.

Cathy’s experience in the yoga industry is evident by her detailed captions where she shares some uplifting stories.

“My arms would shake, my ego would break, but something inside me stirred and I felt called to know a kind of strength and power I couldn’t yet possess. Now I’m in the privileged position to teach others these poses which for me is really about empowering you to own your own strength and power.” – Cathy Madeo

Probably one of the biggest challenges people face when starting yoga is questioning their ability.  But Cathy is here to inspire you to believe in yourself and also believe that attaining the ability to do these poses is not impossible.

Cathy is incredibly inspiring.

She’s based in Florida, you’ll catch her doing trainings, retreats and workshops.

Cathy collaborates with various brands across yoga, athleisure, beauty and wellness industries.

Learn more about Cathy and her programs on her website.

Follow Cathy Madeo on Instagram here.




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