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7 Top Children’s Clothing Brands Looking for Influencers 2020

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Hey influencers, if it’s the best children’s clothing brands of 2020 that you’re looking for—then we’ve got you covered.

Lovable vegan clothing.  Fabulous designer outfits.  Adorable shoes. Super cute headwear.  Fascinating diaper accessories. Stylish outfits for boys.  And hilarious tees.

Plus your heart-melting little one making these awesome collabs the cutest thing to hit social media.

Fashion and family influencers, here are 7 top children’s clothing brands with influencer programs in 2020 that we’ve handpicked just for you:

  1. Mindful Organic Kids
  2. Children’s Outlet
  3. BabyMocs
  5. Beba Bean
  6. Little Gents Closet
  7. Baby Truth

Ready to make the cutest paid partnerships?

Mindful Organic Kids

Children's Clothing Brand | Mindful Organic Kids

Are you an earth-loving parent?  Vegan? Or environmentally conscious?  Raising your children in this kind of lifestyle may feel challenging – especially socially.  But I absolutely admire how Mindful Organic Kids articulates the vegan lifestyle.  “It’s about taking the responsibility to minimize the harm we cause by our existence”.  What a beautiful perspective.

From infant onesies with prints like “more ocean, less plastic” to toddler tees with “compassion & empathy & altruism & sustainability & justice & peace & love” prints.

Mindful Organic Kids is a brand that not only supports you to live an organic lifestyle with a lovely range of eco-friendly fair trade vegan clothing but they also create inspiration to spread the mindfulness with others.

Brand Ambassador Application

Are you passionate about the eco-conscious lifestyle and making an influential impact amongst your community of followers?

Influencers get 30% off their own purchases, access exclusive products and promotions and earn a commission of 10% on sales.

You’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on their online platforms and you could become a sponsored representative.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your little one.

Apply here to become an influencer for Mindful Organic Kids.

Children’s Outlet

Children's Outlet — Kids Clothing Brands Looking for Influencers

Let’s admit, brand clothing is fabulous.  That’s until you check the price tag out. But, with Children’s Outlet, you can dress your little boy or girl in branded clothing and enjoy up to 70% off the retail price.  Pretty awesome, right? Shop baby’s clothing from ages 0 to 24 months and kid’s clothing from 2 years all the way up to 15 years.  Children’s Outlet has various brands available including Disney, Guess Kids, Levis, Little Marc Jacobs and more.

From adorable outfits, sparkly shoes and so much more fabulous clothing for your little ones.

Brand Ambassador Application

Do you love taking pictures of your little one and sharing them with your online audience?  Would you love to be a brand ambassador and promote Children’s Outlet’s clothing range?

This paid partnership opportunity is for you.

Get free clothing up to £100 and an exclusive discount of 15% on purchases.  Influencers also get their own discount code to share with their followers.

Apply here to become an influencer for Children’s Outlet.


BabyMocs | Baby Clothing Brand

Having a baby is the start of a world of cuteness overload and adorable everything.  Like baby and children’s shoes from BabyMocs.  Heart-melting collections of shoes for newborns and toddlers.  From the Vacay Collection, Beach Collection, Pre-school Collection to the Explorer Collection.  Set your eyes on any one of these adorable pairs of shoes and you’re sold on.

BabyMocs shoes are also vegan-friendly and the brand is committed to supporting a sustainable planet.

Brand Ambassador Application

Would you like to collaborate with BabyMocs and join in on their mission while promoting lovable children’s shoes?

Apply here to become an influencer for BabyMocs.


Cozy Winter Collection | Headster Kids

Headwear for your little one may not always be exciting.  Whether you’d like to keep them warm and cozy in winter or whether you’d like to shade and protect them from the sun in summer.

Headwear isn’t always fun. But with HEADSTER KIDS, all the street-inspired children’s headwear is so cool that your children won’t resist loving.  Whether you’re dressing your child up or down, you’ll find cool beanies and caps. The space beanie, army beanie, mountain lovers beanie and then there’s the dino cap and so much more.

Brand Ambassador Application

HEADSTER KIDS is a fun clothing brand that presents an opportunity for a fun collaboration.

Promoting these headwear products will be so much fun and such a pleasure.  Just think about all the cute content you’d create!

Apply here to become an influencer for HEADSTER KIDS.

Beba Bean

Pee-Pee Teepees - Beba Bean | Baby Clothings Brand

I’m a mom of two boys.  And I’m always amazed to discover the most unusually fascinating products for children.  Today it was PEE-PEE TEEPEES from Beba Bean.  I’m not sure if I should first tell you what they are or tell you about all the cute designs.

If you’re a parent of a boy, you’ll understand and probably have a couple of chuckles after this.  Because you’ve experienced that moment when you’re changing your baby boy’s diaper and there’s a spectacular sprinkle of wee.  On you, of course. Now, Beba Bean solves that problem with PEE-PEE TEEPEES.

This cone-shaped adorable little diaper accessory for baby boys will help prevent those accidental sprinkling wee-wee moments.

Once you see them, it will all make sense – trust me.  Be prepared for some laughs, too.

In designs like airplanes, baseballs, camo, cars, emoji, golf, monster and even Santa hats – you’ll have the giggles at every diaper change – but thankfully, no wee-wee on you.  Phew.

The Beba Bean brand also has a cute baby clothing collection of rompers and knits for your little one.

Brand Ambassador Application

Influencers receive a box of samples to start their promotion efforts.  You’ll need to post content each month and also provide feedback.

This brand collab is perfect for the modern parent that would love to share awesome baby products with their followers.

Apply here to become an influencer for Beba Bean.

Little Gents Closet

Stylish Kids Clothing Brand — Little Gents Closet

Stylish outfits for little boys.  Outfits that will make you go “awww” all day long.  Like the baby boss outfit, or the fresh black and white wild one outfit and then there’s the yellow giraffes’ outfit.  Cuteness doesn’t get cuter than giraffes, right? Then, wait for it… The “girl bait” outfit on your little man will draw enough attention and get giggles going.  You’ll find these and more from Little Gents Closet.

Brand Ambassador Application

Little Gents Closet has two options for its ambassador program:  promoter and influencer. The promoter program will get you a 25% discount off your orders while the influencer program will get you 2 free outfits every quarter plus a 25% discount off your purchases.  Gifts, too.

For a really cute collab, apply here to become an influencer for Little Gents Closet.

Baby Truth

Funny Kids Graphic Tees — Baby Truth

Humor is always welcome as a parent.  More smiles and laughter, and fewer tears and tantrums – right?  Well, that’s the idea. I’m not sure about the fewer tears and tantrums part but I can guarantee that Baby Truth will absolutely give your family more smiles and laughter.  Funny toddler graphic tees are all we need on the daily.

It’s tees like the must-have “sleep is for quitters” that will give you an extra smile.  Oh and then the “fresh since birth” tee will crack you up immediately.

Brand Ambassador Application

Baby Truth is looking to work with children aged 1-5 years and they select influencers every month for campaigns.

Depending on the number of followers you have, you’ll earn 30-60% discounts.

So go on, laugh out loud and apply here to become an influencer for Baby Truth.




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