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30 Vegan Influencers Ready to Collab

Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

Looking for a vegan influencer? You have landed on the right page. Afluencer is the go-to platform for brands looking to work with vegan influencers. We have all kinds of influencers, from micro-influencers looking to work with small brands to macro-influencers who have experience collaborating with big brands.

Our platform bridges the gap between brands and individuals and helps them communicate, negotiate deals, and seal contracts under a single platform. You will be able to see valuable insights, including their existing and lifetime engagement rate, reach, popular countries, past Collabs, and more.

Why Do Companies Hire Vegan Influencers?

There are a number of reasons why companies hire vegan influencers. We’ll discuss some of the most important ones below:

To Reach A Specific Target Audience

Companies want to sell their products and services and they are on the lookout for people who can help them reach their ‘target’ audience.

The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and many people are looking for products that align with their values. In fact, the global market for vegan food stood at USD 23.31 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit the USD 37.45 billion mark by 2030. The potential is there and businesses want their share.

Influencers are the right people to collaborate with as they are followed by individuals who are interested in the vegan lifestyle, hence they are more likely to buy vegan products.

Help Build Goodwill

Vegan influencers can help brands create goodwill and improve their image. This is important for both new and existing companies. Vegan influencers are followed by thousands of people. They have the power to make or break a brand with just a single tweet.

Fostering relationships with vegan influencers can be a great way to boost your image and create social proof. After all, people go on the web to look for vegan products and are more likely to purchase something that has been recommended by someone they trust.

Get Interesting Content

Brands need unique content, including photos and videos, to share with their followers. They can choose to hire a professional photographer to create such content or hit two birds with one stone and have an influencer create and share content on their behalf.

Most influencers today have the ability to create videos and photos that can go viral. They excel at coming up with unique ideas and are usually willing to listen to the brand and create something cool. Such content is not only shared by the influencer but also by the brand and other users, increasing the likelihood of it going viral and reaching more people.

All in all, partnering with a vegan influencer shows how serious a company is about the vegan style.

30 Top Vegan Influencers

Now without much ado, let’s have a look at some of the best vegan influencers on social media:

Siarra T Mong

Siarra Mong in the wilderness posing with reindeer

Bold and beautiful, Siarra is a former beauty queen with several accolades to her credit, including Ms.California 2020, Miss Sugarkiss 2015, Ms. Hollywood 1st Runner up 2015, and Miss North Hollywood 1st Runner up 2015. A big supporter of the vegan lifestyle, the 25-year-old star is also an actress and swimsuit model.

She has a combined following of more than 170K followers. The star appears to be focused on all major social media apps, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and has a decent engagement rate and an impressive profile.

You will find a variety of content on her pages, including posts related to her acting career. Moreover, she also posts life lessons and regularly interacts with her followers. Unlike some other vegan influencers, Siarra doesn’t just focus on being a vegan and shares more about her life with her followers. You will hear her thoughts about the latest fashion fad, top movies, and veg diet.

We think that Siarra can be a perfect pick for brands looking for an attractive and known name to promote vegan products.

Niki Tolliver

Niki Tolliver | Instagram portrait photos

Niki Tolliver is one of our most successful micro-influencers. She has over 2.5K Instagram family, nearly 1.5K Facebook followers, more than 2K Twitter fans, and a growing base of subscribers on YouTube.  A licensed Zumba instructor, Niki is also a vegan baker and internet search evaluator. She enjoys trying out new products and sharing her experiences with the world through social media.

Mainly popular in the US, the diva is also a book author and product reviewer. Unlike some other vegan influencers out there, Niki doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of selfies and mainly talks to the point. She shares her artwork with the world, posts detailed reviews, and talks about living as a vegan influencer.

Her unique physical appearance is usually the first thing people notice about her. Her striking features, bright smile, and interesting tattoos get people interested but it’s her content that keeps them coming back. Join hands with Niki today to start a campaign.

Jelena Aleksic

Jelena Aleksic on FB | Vegan Fashion Influencer

Mostly popular in Brazil, Jelena impresses in several departments. She has a huge following of more than 100K on Instagram with an outstanding engagement rate of 6.6%, which is among the best in the business and higher than what the average influencer offers. In addition, she is available on TikTok where she has amassed a following of 14K.

Based in Florida, US, the diva is popular around the world and is also a fashion model, personal trainer, and yoga teacher. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in sports science and physical education, Jelena is serious about the vegan lifestyle and heavily pushes vegan products.

Working with her can prove to be very beneficial as she’s not only a popular name but is also known for having a strong influence over her followers. The star calls herself a storyteller and is a pro at creating interesting Reels.

Robin F.

Robin on Instagram | Family posts

Robin is an influencer and content creator with one aim: to influence people and spread positivity. Her life journey is very interesting and inspiring. She got a second lease on life in 2021 when she got diagnosed with a lump in her breast. The condition changed her outlook on life and made her take some life-changing decisions.

The experience brought her closer to God and motivated her to start a career as an influencer. She wishes to spread the word of Christ and help women see who they truly are. She’s encouraging women through the stories that she shares with her 8K Instagram family.

The diva has several interests, including family, home, technology, fitness, health, beauty, and fashion. Moreover, she supports the vegan style and can be a good pick for brands looking to target middle-aged men and women as the 42-year-old influencer seems to be popular among people above the age of 40.

Denise Borders

Denise Borders TikTok channel | Punk World Views

The wearer of several hats, Denise Borders is a camera operator by profession. Moreover, she works as a personal trainer and lives a healthy life. Mother to a 6-year-old boy, Denise is a vegan with more than 4.5K Twitter fans and over 3.5K YouTube followers. In addition, she maintains her blog, Punk World Views, where she talks about the punk industry.

She seems to be a big fan of the ‘punk’ lifestyle and regularly talks about it on social media. Moreover, you will see her attend live events and talk about different aspects of her personal life. However, there may not be a lot of content about living as a vegan on her profile. Yet, we think she can be a suitable pick for brands as veganism is fast becoming the social norm in some anarcho-punk communities and straight-edge subcultures.

Working with an influencer who enjoys popularity in these groups can be a great way for brands to reach more people and make a mark.

Eva Katona

Eva Katona at the Roman baths | Vegan influencers

A green and ethical lifestyle supporter, Eva has nearly 18K Instagram fans and more than 5.7K Facebook followers that appear engaged and interested in what she has to offer. Mainly popular in the UK, Eva is fast gaining followers on social media and regularly interacts with her fans.

She promotes herself as a ‘family’ blogger and mainly caters to mothers. You will find everything from parenting to travel hacks to vegetarian recipes on her page. Since she caters to parents, we feel she can be a good pick for brands that want to work with people who are interested in knowing about the benefits of being vegan for children and selling relevant products and services.

Lauren Cliffe

Lauren Cliffe outdoor vegan dining | Avocado bagel

With 17.3K Instagram followers, Lauren is a powerful vegan influencer who calls herself a ‘tom boy’. Interested in travel, health, and fitness, the diva follows a vegan diet and is a regular at the gym.

She has a very high engagement rate of 11%, which is among the best in the business. The diva is mainly popular in the UK but also has many followers from the US and Australia.  She is interested in a variety of things, including skin care, protein bars, activewear, travel, and thrift shopping. Moreover, she often talks about vegan food, clothes for vegans, and makeup products for vegans.

The star is a pro when it comes to editing and photography and uses a professional camera to click photos. This means you will not have to worry about picture quality when working with Lauren.

Olga Ferrara

Olga Ferrara hiking outdoors | Fitness wear and skincare products

Olga Ferrara impresses in several departments. With more than 300K Instagram fans, she is one of Instagram’s most-followed vegan influencers. Moreover, the diva hits the bull’s eye when it comes to the engagement rate with a score of 3.1%, which is considered better than the industry’s average.

Best known for her fashion statements and good looks, Olga is a sophisticated influencer who knows how to use her influence. The star is available on almost all major platforms and appears to be very active. She regularly engages with her audiences and takes time to respond to their queries, which is one of the major reasons her followers are so highly engaged.

Olga has worked with a number of brands such as Mirat Paris, Mukzin, Vegan Tiger, and Collini Milano. She is known for being easy to work with and can be a great option for brands looking to join hands with a fashionable vegan influencer.

Crystal Gordon

Crystal and Brian Gordon being attacked by elephants

Crystal Gordon is an influencer best known for running the Vanhalla Adventures page with her partner, Brian. The duo took a big step in 2018 when they chose to sell everything and move to the ‘van life’. They now live in a tiny home on wheels and share their life with their 53K YouTube family and nearly 1.7K Instagram followers.

Their followers seem to be in love with what they post. The pair enjoys an engagement rate of nearly 4% on Instagram and more than 5% on YouTube.

Their page is dedicated to not just travel but several other things, including Crystal’s entrepreneurial journey. The stunner is a long-time vegan and believes in using food as medicine. You will find her inspiring journey on her page and how she “went from being a chronic dieter with multiple eating disorders along with a long list of health issues to reversing all her conditions naturally with the help of a healthy vegan diet.” She now helps people find similar results through her online business.

Crystal can be a great pick for brands looking to work with an influencer who understands the power of turning vegan.

Lina Mayorga

Lina Mayorga hugging kitten while drinking plant protein shake

Lina Mayorga is a sustainable vegan fashion designer and advocate. Her focus on sustainability sets her apart as she’s focused on making this world a safer, better, and healthier place and loves sharing her life with her 25K followers on social media.

Lina holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from Parsons – The New School of Design. The star is mainly focused on YouTube and TikTok. She has a very high engagement rate of 6% on YouTube with over 2K subscribers. Mainly popular in the US, she appears to be loved by both men and women and is also known for her incredible fashion sense.

We feel the diva can be a great pick for beauty brands that cater to vegans. She loves to support cruelty-free, vegan beauty products and can help you reach a wider audience.

Debi Tomas

Debi Tomas promoting vegan food products on Instagram

Debi Tomas is a micro-influencer who wears several hats. A physician assistant by profession, her hobbies include music and food. The diva has a following of about 10K on Instagram where she mainly talks about food. Moreover, she has partnered with a number of brands, including Herbivore Bites and Kite Hill.

She likes to share about the best vegan eateries and often interacts with her fans. Unlike some other influencers out there, the diva doesn’t seem to be a fan of selfies and does not flood her page with photos of her personal life. Rather, she focuses on food and music.

We feel Debi can be a good pick for companies that want to cater to food lovers. She regularly talks about the importance of vegan meals and is compassionate about plant-based diets.

Geannie Hyacinthe

Chef Geannie YouTube channel | Plant-based food and lifestyle

Geannie Hyacinthe is a Haitian American plant-based chef with a passion for Caribbean vegan cuisine. The diva enjoys learning new things in the kitchen and shares them with her growing fan base. She has nearly 4K Instagram fans who appear to be highly engaged. In addition, she is concentrating on YouTube where she shares detailed recipes.

Geannie enjoys cooking and works as a personal chef. Moreover, she offers cooking classes and catering services. The diva is a big supporter of the vegan diet and regularly talks about the benefits of going vegan. Since her channel is mainly dedicated to cooking, we feel she can be a good pick for brands looking for professional chefs.

Luaxana Delvalle

Luaxana Delvalle tattoos and kitty | Vegan influencers on Afluencer

Luaxana is one of the most popular vegan influencers with a strong presence on both Instagram and YouTube. She has more than half a million Insta fans, whereas her YouTube following stands at more than 1.1 million. This makes her one of the most sought-after vegan influencers.

The diva has a decent engagement score of about 7% on YouTube. She seems to be popular around the globe and has fans from all around the world, including the US, Spain, and India. However, most of her content is in Spanish, which is why we think she can be a good fit for brands looking to target people who speak Spanish.

The star is known for offering a nice mix of content. She is interested in fashion and usually reviews beauty products and talks about the latest trends. Known for her edgy looks, the star openly talks about her personal life, including the life-changing decision of turning vegan.

Nickie Perdomo

Nickie Perdomo on TikTok | Vegan influencers

Nickie Perdomo is serious about being a vegan and helping the community. A growing star with a presence of 5K on the internet, she is also a lawyer and fitness content creator.

The diva has an engagement rate of nearly 5% on Instagram. Moreover, she appears to be concentrating on other platforms as well, including TikTok and YouTube. She is very active on social media and regularly engages with her followers.

The stunner started posting on Instagram to stay motivated; however, her hobby soon turned into a side gig after she transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. People showed interest in knowing more about her lifestyle changes and the benefits of being a vegan. We feel this journey makes her a good fit for brands as she’s well aware of the troubles and benefits of turning vegan.

Kavita Ram

Kavita Ram on Facebook | Vegan food recipes

Indian-American influencer Kavita offers what very few people offer – some of the best vegan foods from the country that is known for giving birth to vegan meals. Identified as a foodie, Kavita has more than 73K Instagram fans and nearly 100K Facebook followers. Moreover, she is fast growing on other platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

She enjoys sharing food experiences and recipes from around the world but you will typically find vegan food on her feed. Mainly popular in India, she is fast gaining US followers and mostly caters to international users.

We believe Kavita can be a great pick for brands targeting non-resident Indians as she understands their concerns.

Sol Lopez

Sol Lopez shares plant-based recipes on Instagram

Sol Lopez hits the ball out of the park with an impressive engagement rate of about 6% and more than 7.6K Instagram followers. A recipe developer by profession, the diva offers more to her audiences. You will find travel videos and detailed vlogs, in addition to full recipe videos with proper captions and ingredients. The star aims to help people make ‘food that’s good for the mind, body, and soul’.

Her feed is full of professional photos of the foods she prepares. The star loves to show off her cooking skills and covers all kinds of foods, including desserts and drinks. We must mention that she doesn’t just concentrate on ‘boring’ foods but on all kinds of meals.

We feel that Sol can be a good pick for brands that sell cooking-related products. She can do reviews, overviews, or talk about your product, including its pros.

Christian Axness

Christian Axness of Project Trek | RV influencers of IG

Christian Axness’ social media profiles are unique as they are dedicated to her family – The Axness Family. They enjoy a massive following of over 47K on Instagram and nearly 17K on YouTube. Called Project Trek, their pages are about the outdoors.

The Axness Family is living the new ‘American’ dream, traveling the country on an RV. The couple homeschools their two kids and shares precious moments together. The family enjoys hiking and backpacking and is the go-to option for people who want to know more about RV life.

You will find a variety of videos on their social media pages, including travel guides, how-to videos, and detailed reviews. They support the vegan lifestyle and regularly talk about products that align with the needs of the vegan community. They have worked with a number of businesses and are open to partnering with brands that share the same agenda. We feel Christian Axness or The Axness Family can be a great pick for vegan brands looking to reach a family audience as they are followed by people of all ages and are popular among family audiences.

Emma Van Der Welle

Emma Van Der Welle | Burger King meat free meal

Based in London, Emma is a stunner with more than 17K Instagram fans and over 22K TikTok followers. Her experience as a social media manager gives her an edge over other vegan influencers as she is well aware of what works on social media and what doesn’t.

Passionate about creating content for sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free brands, she is known for using an authoritative voice and not being too loud.

Ashley Mulholland

Ashley Mulholland managing her Elli Wellness organic stall

Ashley Mulholland is a proud vegan girl with more than 10K Instagram followers. The star aims to spread positivity and promote the idea of healthy living. She regularly talks about the importance of being vegan and shares ways to make the vegan lifestyle more exciting.

The star has dedicated her page to fitness where she talks about working out, eating healthy, and living sustainably. A mother and a wife, Ashley also enjoys sharing her personal life with her followers and often posts selfies with her family. You will find detailed captions on her page and some very creative hashtags.

She is known for only working with brands that she trusts and has partnered with the likes of Cado and Vegan Booty.

Swetha R.

Ethical Pixie Facebook posts by Swetha | Cruelty free products

One of our favorite vegans, Swetha is a star best known for founding Ethical Pixie, a group founded to “help end animal cruelty by influencing people to make conscious decisions in their everyday lives.”

The platform aims to end animal cruelty by influencing people to make conscious decisions in their everyday lives. It focuses on “educating people about cruelty-free brands and provides reviews and guides, including ethical/vegan shopping guides so that they can make the right choices in their everyday lives.”

Her page has around 14K followers and a decent engagement rate. Mainly popular in the US, Swetha has mastered the art of creating sponsored content and is known for producing high-quality posts. A true perfectionist, she takes at least 50 photos of the product she intends to promote and selects the best from the lot.

Her love for animals makes her a very exciting option for brands as she has followers who love animals and are behind the ‘vegan’ campaign. Since most vegans are known to support such causes, we feel she can be a good pick for brands that sell pet-friendly products, vegan foods, and more.

Ashley Barber

Ashley Barber on IG promoting healthy living

Ashley Barber is a micro-influencer with 1K social media followers. Her weight loss journey is very well documented and one of the major reasons behind her fame. The star, along with her husband, Yuri, managed to lose more than 150 pounds together in a few months. The duo now works as vegan weight loss coaches and helps people lose weight naturally while staying true to a vegan diet.

We feel that her unique skills make her an excellent vegan influencer. Obesity is one of the major problems in the US, where most of Ashley’s influence lies. The diva shares weight loss tips and nutrition guides, and answers questions about weight loss and healthy living. She’s a pro at mentioning brands in a natural manner and using branded hashtags.

This makes her a good pick for brands that target people looking to lose weight. The diva can share reviews, tips, and more and help you reach a wider audience.

Whitney Lauritsen

Whitney Lauritsen share lifestyle posts on Instagram

Whitney Lauritsen is a well-being coach, success strategist, and podcast host with more than 58.6K YouTube subscribers and over 13K Twitter fans. She turned to influencer marketing in 2008 and founded Eco-Vegan Gal, a platform where she shares lifestyle practices and product recommendations with the aim to improve the quality of the planet, body, and mind.

Whitney is a published author with several books to her credit including The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Cookbook and Healthy Organic Vegan on a Budget. In addition, she hosts several podcasts, including This Might Get Uncomfortable.

The star uses her vast influence to make this world a better place and help people find solutions to their problems. When not connecting with her followers on the web, she works with business coaches and leaders and offers consultation.

Whitney has experience in several industries, including being a part of business programs led by top names like Facebook and Google. She has appeared on major platforms like Stossel and HuffPost Live and enjoys talking about her experiences, including her entrepreneurial journey and the decision to turn vegan.

She talks about everything from vegan foods to fashion on her social media platform and can be a good pick for brands looking for an established name with good connections.

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas in her cabin crew uniform at the airport

Lauren Thomas manages her Instagram page, LayoverswithLauren where she talks about travel and food. The star enjoys 7.6K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate of 3%.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Lauren works as a flight attendant for a major airline in the US and aims to use her influence to help people travel economically. Since she’s a vegan, she often concentrates on the best places for vegans. In fact, the diva only works with brands that offer vegan beauty products and dairy-free foods & beverages.

Her brand is focused on wellness and finding a balance in life. Join Afluencer today to get in touch with Lauren and several other vegan influencers on the lookout for opportunities.

Barbara Doce

Barbara Doce in sexy blue cardigan holding white roses to her face

Barbara is a 22-year-old fashion content creator with an interest in the vegan lifestyle. The star loves to try and discover new things and calls herself a foodie. Obsessed with beauty and jewelry, she enjoys talking about everything from food to travel to fashion.

Currently a micro vegan influencer, she only has about 1.4K Instagram fans. However, she impresses me when it comes to engagement. The diva has an engagement rate of over 17%, which is among the best in the business and a good indicator of Barbara’s influence. The diva is mainly popular in Spain, her home country, but is fast gaining followers from other parts of the world.

Barbara brings a nice mix of vegan and style to the table and mainly concentrates on fashion and lifestyle. This makes her an excellent pick for vegan brands interested in working with micro-influencers.

Daphne Goh

Daphne Goh sharing gluten-free and vegan recipes on Instagram

Global citizen Daphne Goh is a fast-growing vegan influencer with an international following. Born in Malaysia, the star is now settled in Australia and is best known for operating the Healthy GF Asian page where she shares gluten-free Asian recipes with her 7.5K followers. Moreover, she has amassed a following of over 2.3K on Facebook and is active on almost every major platform.

Her Instagram page is colorful and full of exceptional photos of delicious foods. The star concentrates on vegan foods and offers everything from desserts to main courses. Her recipes are detailed and she is always available to answer any questions a user may have.

Daphne regularly holds giveaways on her page and has partnered with the likes of Gluten Free Expo and Shirataki Noodles. We think she can be a great pick for brands that wish to cater to people looking for gluten-free products as that’s what most of her followers seem to be interested in.

Hannah Uhl

Hannah Uhl sitting on kitchen floor with baby about to eat apple

Hannah Uhl enjoys 5.5K Instagram fans and a good engagement rate. She identifies as a wellness influencer with a special interest in the vegan lifestyle. The diva loves the outdoors and shares everything from her personal journey to professional milestones with her followers.

You will find incredible selfies, colorful travel videos, detailed reviews, and fun captions on her profile. The star knows how to use hashtags and is very engaged with her followers. Moreover, she often talks about her vegan diet journey and shares vegan food recommendations and recipes. Furthermore, she is the go-to option for people looking for some positivity and inspiration as she encourages eco-friendly living on a budget.

Agnieszka Weiner

Agnieszka Weiner shares vegan meal options

Bold and beautiful, Agnieszka Weiner is a popular vegan influencer with a presence on a variety of platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter. She has nearly 10K followers on Twitter and more than 1K fans on LinkedIn. However, her main focus appears to be Facebook and Instagram with 63K and 34K followers respectively. In addition, the star focuses on her blog where she shares recipes and more.

But, we must mention that, unlike some other vegan influencers on this list, Agnieszka doesn’t seem to have a personal page and she’s more inclined towards her startup, Tastes of Health.

The diva is a fan of cooking and a huge supporter of the vegan lifestyle. She enjoys creating simple and delicious recipes while also talking about the importance of staying fit and healthy. She’s mainly popular in Europe, however, she talks about foods from around the world and is also a fan of traveling.

We think Agnieszka can be a good pick for brands that want to cater to people looking for vegan recipes as she mainly talks about food on her page.

Candice Hutchings

Candice Hutchings happy in bed with Endy Pillow boxes

Gorgeous and popular, Candice Hutchings is the social media platform. Candice has over 11.1K fans on her personal Instagram page. However, the Edge Veg page seems to be doing exceptionally well with more than 125K followers. Plus, the page is verified with a blue tick, which proves her popularity and reliability.

A published author, Candice aims to revolutionize how we look at feminism, eco-conscious living, and food. Her cookbook, “The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes”, provides some of the best vegan recipes with a hint of comedy and attitude. A vegan influencer in the true sense of the word, the diva uses her social media reach to disrupt the vegan community.

In addition, she is also an activist and regularly talks about mental health, female empowerment, animals, and the environment. These days, she is concentrating on her YouTube show where she talks about the art of cooking food. Candice’s creativity is evident in her content and her ability to include makes her one of the best vegan influencers.

Raya York

Raya York at the groceries buying lettuce | Vegan influencers

Raya York is a vegan influencer helping people enjoy an affordable, plant-based lifestyle. She enjoys nearly 5K followers on social media and is known for being easy to work with. The star is mainly popular in the US and has a decent engagement rate of 3%.

Raya posts some very detailed posts on her page, including tips, infographics, and reviews. She is quick to respond to comments and regularly holds giveaways on her page. She has worked with a number of brands such as Trader Joe’s, Coily Life, and Insta Pot. However, she mainly works with vegan brands that share the same agenda. She is also good at coming up with creative ways to promote brands and products.

Join Afluencer today to get in touch with Raya and many more vegan influencers.

Alexandra Brodsky

Alexandra Brodsky jogging outdoors | Fitness influencers featured on Afluencer

Alexandra Brodsky is a vegan influencer working to change the image of vegans. She wants the world to know that vegans can be fit and healthy and is living proof of it. Mainly popular in the US, Alexandra is based in Colorado, however, she enjoys global fame and has a very engaged audience.

The diva shares a variety of content on her page, including her workout routine, fitness tips, and healthy meals. A dedicated vegan, she aims to inspire others to join the vegan movement and is very engaged with her followers.

A fan of taking on different challenges, Alexandra is also a marathon runner. Her interest in health and fitness makes her an excellent choice for brands interested in reaching health-conscious individuals.




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