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22 Fashion Content Creators Collabbing Up a Storm

Nicole P. Dunford


From the latest trends to the classics, this round-up of fashion content creators has all that and more covered. They are creative, forward-thinking, and changing the game as effortlessly as they change their wardrobes.

If you’re looking for a fashion content creator, look no further. Here’s the only list you’ll ever need. They’re runway-ready and ready to run with a Collab.

Cay Seya – @sincerelycaya

Cay Seya IG posts | Fashion content creators on Afluencer

Kicking off this list is Cay from Ontario, Canada. She may be up north but she’s a ray of sunshine. She’s an advocate for minimalist, affordable fashion. Oh, and she also loves a good wig!


What a well-executed Instagram feed! Not only are her outfits simple yet to die for (while simultaneously giving the rest of us hope that minimalist style can look so good), but her posts are just really nice to look at. They’re excellent shots, with just the right amount of editing (if any). Even throughout her pregnancy, Cay was serving looks!

She consistently gives outfit details and her captions are always super positive and inspiring.

When it comes to Collabs, Cay has that covered. She’s Collab’d with brands in fashion. She is also the owner of @kinkycayhair where she sells 100% raw virgin hair – told you Cay loves wigs! You definitely don’t want to miss out on a partnership here.

Claudia I Viera – @clauivory

Claudia Viera IG fashion posts | content creators on Afluencer

Based in Miami, Florida, Claudia’s passion for social media comes through in her dedication to creating awesome fashion and lifestyle content.


Minimalist style. Maximum effect. Claudia’s strategy has not only earned her macro influencer status but she’s also got a sky-high engagement rate of 9.2%. A wide influence with a super-engaged audience? This is the stuff Collab dreams are made of.

Speaking of… Claudia is no stranger to partnering with fashion brands. #ad is littered throughout her Instagram feed.

Love a good fashion haul? If you pop over to her YouTube channel you’ll find yourself in haul heaven. Claudia does a great job of keeping her videos short and informative – most are around the 5-minute mark while the rest are no more than 15 minutes. Just the right dosage if you ask us – no wonder her followers keep coming back for more!

Did we mention she’s also bilingual? Claudia blends Spanish and English in her content – attracting a wider audience. Well played, Claudia… well played. (insert slow clap here)

Anastacia Po – @anastacia_po

Anastacia Po featured on Afluencer | Instagram posts

Meet Anastacia. She’s a video content creator based in Florida with a passion for fashion. She’s also a mom, model, and TV journalist “in a past life”.


And what a proud mom she is! Her adorable baby Leonie makes frequent appearances on Anastacia’s feed – fashionably dressed of course. Even when she was pregnant, Anastacia and her baby bump were always stylish.

It’s clear that this momma is chic. She features all the wardrobe staples – jeans, tank tops, blazers, cute dresses, you name it. She may keep things simple, but her execution is next level. Her followers seem to agree… see the comments!

“I looove the blouse”

“In love with your outfit”

“Love your look so chic”

“Love the pants”

“I love that dress so much”

There’s clearly a lot of love going on here…. And, well… we love it!

Gosuami Mesa – @gosuamimesa

Gosuami Mesa featured on Afluencer | Instagram fashion posts

Hailing from New York, Gosuami loves sharing the latest trends and outfit inspo with her followers on Instagram. Her focus may be casual fashion but there’s nothing casual about her approach to fashion content creation.


A quick scroll through Gosuami’s Instagram feed will reveal a very ‘New York chic’ style that not everyone can pull off. It’s a look. A vibe.

From oversized sweaters to knee-high boots, loungewear to underwear, jeans to LBDs, Gosuami covers it all. She even dabbles in a bit of beauty content – because flawless style goes hand-in-hand with flawless skin.

As a fashion content creator, she also takes her Collabs seriously, having partnered with brands in fashion, fashion accessories, health, and beauty to name a few.

With a good engagement rate of 3.7%, her followers clearly love her content. We have a feeling Gosuami’s following is set to continue growing.

Brittany Nicole Daoud – @imbrittanynicole

Brittany Nicole | Content creators on Instagram

Brittany is based in Oregon and is a fashion content creator determined to create a life she would choose to live again. That’s a goal we can all get behind! Another goal of hers? For her followers to feel a true, honest connection with her through her content.


Brittany’s bio says “fashion + family + adventure”.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find. We love a content creator who doesn’t disappoint 🙂

Whether she’s on the edge of a cliff or at the beach, Brittany is always fashionably dressed. Although she admits to being in sweats 99% of the time when she’s home, she does a great job of making casual wear look super cute.

Onto family… you won’t have to scroll far to find a picture of her adorable daughter. Brittany Nicole loves sharing parenting moments and giving helpful tips to all the mommas out there.

If you’re looking for an authentic fashion content creator, Brittany should be on your list.

Cait B. – @_caitlynpage

Caitlyn Insta fashion posts

Caitlyn is a fashion content creator from Florida embracing minimalist style and showing us how to pull off such a look.


Oversized t-shirts, bandeaus, jeans, and joggers. She really is consistent with her style choices, so her followers are guaranteed that she’s the go-to for minimalist style. We love a fashion content creator we can rely on! This is an especially good skill when it comes to Collabs!

Caitlyn has partnered with brands not only in the fashion industry but in tech and alcohol as well to name a few.

Caitlyn also enjoys sharing lifestyle content now and again, so you can look forward to getting to know different aspects of her. As we know, relatable content is really huge and Cait has got that angle covered.

Sitting pretty with over 13k followers and a strong engagement rate of 4.8%, there’s nothing minimal about this fashion content creator.

George Arvanitidis – @george_arvanitidis

George Avanitidis | Stylish fashion wear

Representing the city of Los Angeles is George. The only male to make this list, George is a multi-faceted fashion content creator. He’s also an actor, singer, comedian, writer, and director. Just George to keep it simple 🙂


On a mission to inspire the modern man, George’s content is always positive and upbeat. His fashion sense is super crisp – whether he’s in a suit on the red carpet, shorts and a tee at the beach, or trousers and suspenders at a whiskey tasting.

On the Collab front, George got it covered. He’s partnered with brands in fashion and beverages to name a few. With his current engagement rate sitting on an astonishing 9.8%, George is one lifestyle and fashion content creator you don’t want to miss out on. We have a feeling he will soon be headed for macro content creator status.

Hasi Dehideniya – @__hasiii_

Hasi Dehideniya | Casual summer clothes

A self-described creative based in Kentucky, USA with an infectious smile and personality, Hasi’s love for all things fashion clearly comes through in her content. She’s a Marketing Management graduate who knows how to seal the deal with reputable brands.


The first thing that caught our eye with Hasi is the look of her Instagram feed. It’s bright – as if the sun is always shining on her and her alone. It’s colorful and filled with stylish outfits from cute dresses to crop tops, jumpsuits, and so much more. She loves a good casual outfit, but don’t let these jeans and tees fool you… Hasi knows how to glam up!

Over on TikTok is where you really get to see more of her personality. Hasi makes fun videos – all focused on fashion of course, even if she’s skateboarding 😉

The sun is certainly shining on Hasi. Do you want to basque in the light too? Hit Hasi up for a Collab.

Jeanette Ramos – @jeanetteandmia

Jeanette Ramos with daughter | Instagram posts

Also representing the USA are Jeanette and her daughter mia aka “a mommy and her bestie”. This lifestyle and fashion content creator duo combine their mommy-daughter bond with their love for fashion. The result? Cuteness overload.


Is your brand looking for swoon-worthy content? We present the fashion content creator you need to partner with. Jeanette and her daughter clearly have a passion for fashion. What we love about Jeanette’s content is how authentic and natural it seems – not pageant-like or overly staged at all.

You can also find this fashion-forward family on TikTok under the same handle. Here you’ll find more mother-daughter fashion inspo (hello matching outfits) as well as some milestones in Mia’s life. No matter the content, it’s always positive and smile-inducing.

There are so many opportunities for a Collab here and we get the feeling that Jeanette has a lot more fashion content up her chic sleeve. We can’t help but love these two.

LeAura Luciano – @leaura

LeAura Luciano | Travel and fashion posts

Based in New York with a love for fashion and travel is 6’ tall LeAura. She is another fashion content creator with a bright personality that captures you from the get-go. This social media professional has over a decade of experience in the digital world and even runs her own blog – Ever So Popular.


Gorgeous outfits and a gorgeous smile in front of a gorgeous view. This is what you’ll find in many of LeAura’s posts. Her Instagram feed really is a joy to scroll through. Whether she’s in a runway-worthy dress, pajamas, or a boss-like pantsuit, LeAura sure knows how to give fashion inspo while simultaneously enticing the adventurer out of her followers.

She’s no stranger to the world of digital content creation – so you can be sure that LeAura’s Collab game is on a professional level. She’s already partnered with brands in fashion, travel, and even the automotive industry – to name a few.

If you’re looking for a fashion content creator with great content and great vibes, look no further than LeAura.

Nabiya Zaki – @nabiyaznaquii

Nabiya Zaki | Jeans and dress fashion poses

Ohio, USA brings us Nabiya. She’s obsessed with fashion and beauty and has an endless love for neutrals.


And we have endless love for Nabiya’s content. This is another fashion content creator whose Instagram page has an authentic, relatable feel. She’s great at rocking a cute casual look – jeans being one of her faves. And while she loves neutral colors, she’s actively trying to include more color in her wardrobe. Hands up if your wardrobe could do with more color!

Nabiya also loves to create content around beauty, opting for a minimalistic look – to match her wardrobe!

Do you think your brand has what it takes to match Nabya’s style? Your product could be the next feature on her Instagram page. Get in touch!

Neha Raje – @amarahues

Neha Raje | Orange outfits | IG posts

Neha Raje from New Jersey is wrapping up the United States portion of this round-up with her love for lifestyle and fashion content creation.


Get ready for next-level cuteness… not only from this computer engineering graduate’s fashion choices but from her gorgeous daughter Aria who frequently pops up on her page.

Over on Neha’s blog – Amara Hues – not only will you find fashion tips but parenting and lifestyle tips as well.

Her Instagram page features awesome partnerships with brands in the health, food, parenting, and naturally – fashion industries to name a few.

We love how active Neha is with her Collab game. She’s committed to providing value to her followers, so you know your brand is in good hands with her.

Now, let’s head overseas to find fashion content creators also doing it big.

Jana Colovic – @_colovic_jana_

Jana Colovic | Outdoor fashion poses

Our first stop? Serbia. Meet Jana Colovic… a fashion and beauty enthusiast who has not only racked up over 452k followers but keeps them engaged as well with an astronomical engagement rate of 7.6%.


Jana definitely isn’t stingy with her fashion content. She is serving outfit after outfit after outfit. She may be frequently found in jeans or leggings, but Jana also knows how to rock a swimsuit like no other. Add in some beautiful scenery from all over Serbia and you’ve got yourself a crowd-pleaser. No wonder her follower count keeps growing.

What about her Collab game? Is it as strong as her fashion sense? You bet!

Jana has featured partnerships with brands in fashion and health and is looking to add more brands to her media kit. She’s young. She knows her fashion and how to keep her followers engaged. What more could you be looking for in a fashion content creator?

Jade Orlano – @my.touch.of.beauty

Jade Orlano | French fashion content creator

Next up? France. Jade is a fashion content creator delivering a unique yet somewhat familiar window into fashion content.


How many times have you taken a selfie of your new outfit in front of the mirror or on the edge of your bed? Off the bat, we’re loving Jade’s presentation. Chic yet every day. Fashion-forward yet relatable.

Whether Jade posts outfit inspo, shoes, accessories, or beauty products, we love that her focus is solely on the product. This allows for full appreciation of the item. This method seems to be working as Jade has a fantastic engagement rate of 6%.

Not only has she many a Collab with brands in fashion but she’s partnered with brands in the health and food sectors as well.

Jade posts in both French and English so you can just imagine the potential reach she has. We have a feeling she’s only just getting started.

Mafalda Jacques – @mafaldajacques

Mafalda Jacques | Fashion content creators on Afluencer

Representing Porto, Portugal is fashion content creator, Mafalda. She’s a fan of all things fashion and loves to live a healthy lifestyle, showing snippets of her workout routines or what she loves to eat.


Need some fashion inspo that is Mediterranean chic? Mafalda’s page is the one to visit. Her outfits look effortlessly put together and are worn with confidence that inspires her followers. Currently sitting on an ever-increasing follower count of over 13.5k and a really good engagement rate of 3.5%, there is no doubt that Mafalda’s fashion content resonates with the masses.

She may post in both Portuguese and English, but it’s clear to see that her comment section is full of impressed followers.

“Wow” (heart eyes emoji)


“Que bonita Mafalda”

“Wooow vibes”

… and more heart emojis than you could count.

If you’re looking for a fashion content creator with an influence on the Portuguese demographic, Mafalda should be top of your list for a Collab.

Eloise Bolly – @eloisebolly

Eloise Bolly | Bikini beach and winter snow posts

We’re now headed to Belgium, where Eloise – who loves fashion, travel, photography, and has a degree in Business Administration –  is delivering content her followers love and engage with.


Here is another awesome bilingual fashion content creator stealing the hearts of their followers. If you love the combo of fashion and travel, you’re in for a treat. Here you’ll find scenic views and an enviable wardrobe.

Eloise is no stranger to Collabs. As a model and fashion content creator, she has partnered with brands in fashion, as well as hair and beauty brands, to name a few. She seems to be a busy body, while simultaneously living her best life. Yaaasss Eloise, get that money!

To all you brands out there looking for a fashion content creator who also provides an avenue for non-fashion Collabs, link up with Eloise.

Nokuthaba Tshuma – @nono_tee

Nokuthaba Tshuma | South African content creator | IG fashion posts

Let’s head south to Gauteng, South Africa. Nokuthaba is a fashion content creator and sneaker enthusiast who also has an interest in beauty.


What we love about Nokuthaba is the balance of image and video content she delivers. One can never get bored on her Instagram page. Her outfit changes are flawless too…

“I live for these”

“Wow the creativity is OTT” (heart eyes emojis)

Another thing we love about Nokuthaba… her ability to be honest and share what’s really going on with her on a personal level.

“It’s the caption for me. We should see more women expressing themselves more on the internet.”

As for Collabs, she’s doing it big like the best of them, partnering with fashion and beauty brands. Quite frankly, we love the vibe that is Nokuthaba! She’s definitely one fashion content creator you shouldn’t miss out on.

Mariana Pereira – @marianapereirx

Mariana Pereira | Posing outdoors | Fashion creators

Mariana is also reppin’ Portugal. This fashion content creator sure knows how to grab her followers’ attention – she’s got a fantastic engagement rate of 6.4%! The numbers speak for themselves, folks!


A collection of bikinis to die for and a stylish wardrobe to match – Mariana’s Instagram page is full of enviable fashion inspo, but you can’t help but like it at the same time. This 19-year old is on-trend and just doing her – we love it!

Her captions are short and sweet but often posted in both Portuguese and English. Whether she’s posting sequined dressed or jeans and a turtleneck, who needs long-winded captions when the picture says everything you need to know?

With the majority of her followers coming from Portugal (over 20k), Mariana is another perfect fashion content creator to partner with if you’re targeting a Portuguese audience.

Jo Nguyen – @outlanderly

Jo Nguyen | IG fashion posts

Meet Jo from Taiwan. She’s a blogger and owner of Outlanderly – a lifestyle blog focused on fashion, motherhood, and travel. She’s on a mission to share life’s most beautiful, fun, and exciting moments. Now, that’s a fashion content creator we can get behind!


Simply put, Jo is undeniably cool. Her Instagram page is a vibe that cannot be replicated.

Not only does Jo share fashion outfits for inspo but she also gives very helpful tips for every body type. She’s also really good and showing us, through video, how to style wardrobe staples. If you’re a mom in need of fashion tips (get in line, honey), Jo is the perfect fashion content creator to follow. She understands the need to not look frumpy while dressed practically at the same time.

Her captions are relatable and her content pulls you in. What more do you need? Hit Jo up for a Collab you won’t regret.

Daniella Wanketa – @badgyaldanie

Daniella Wanketa | Belgium based fashion content creator

Meet @badgyaldanie from Brussels, Belgium. Daniella is the plug for preppy and streetwear fashion inspo.


She’s also the plug for inspirational quotes! We love how she’s all about having confidence in yourself. Some of our faves include:

“If all else fails, wear black.”

“Know your worth, then add tax.”

Currently sitting on over 8k followers across Instagram and Twitter and with a sky-high engagement rate of 9.4%, we’re sure that this 19-year-old fashion content creator has so much more to offer. Watch this space… Danielle will soon change her nano content creator status to micro, macro, and beyond!

Peace Onyendu – @chiomieee

Chioma Onyendu | Promoting fashion wear

Also representing Belgium is Peace, aka Chioma. Her goal is to be an inspiration to others through fashion, as well as to create valuable content for brands. Sounds like Chioma is really for a Collab!


She has been ready! This fashion content creator is an @savagexfenty ambassador y’all. She’s also partnered with other brands in fashion and tech accessories.

She knows how to rock everything from an LBD to jeans and tee and everything in between, proving to her followers that they can wear whatever they want – and do it in style!

For more fashion inspiration, be sure to check out Chioma’s Instagram stories. For an opportunity to Collab with this nano fashion content creator, you know what to do 😉

Poulami Bhattacharya – @iampoulami__

Poulami Bhattacharya | Bright outdoor IG posts | Fashion content creators

Rounding off our list is Poulami. She’s a fashion content creator based in The Netherlands who also enjoys travel, beauty, and food.


What a bright, colorful Instagram page! This is the stuff fashion content dreams are made of. We love how much Poulami embraces color in her wardrobe. If you’re trying to stay away from neutrals, Poulami’s page is a must-visit for inspo.

Amongst all the fashion posts (and Collabs), her followers can also find content and Collabs surrounding food (always a winner in our book), health, and even real estate! Poulami is certainly the one to go to for great tips all around. Let’s take a snapshot of her comment section…

“You look phenomenal”

“Cute as ever. Love this stylish look”

“Boss look”

“Love the color of this outfit. You are slaying in this. Keep rocking girl.”

“Don’t you look great! Love the purple blazer”

“That’s a cool post and I am in love with your pretty jacket”

Need we say more?

What do we love most about this round-up of fashion content creators? Their ability to be themselves, inspire and be creative – all through fashion. It’s a vibe over here and the confidence is overflowing! We think Audrey Hepburn said it best…

“To pull off any look, wear it with confidence.”




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