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33 Fashion Micro Influencers On the Rise

Nicole P. Dunford


Kaleigh Moore


The fashion industry is constantly on the rise even amidst the pandemic. It is estimated that by 2025 the fashion industry will generate $1.1 billion in sales.

So, how do you make sure your fashion brand gets in on the action too? The simple answer — influencer marketing. Gen Z and Millennials are gravitating toward Instagram and TikTok to be inspired by their favorite influencers whom they devoutly follow.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses are generating $5.78 ROI for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. When it comes to the fashion industry, 73% of luxury fashion brands are already collaborating with influencers.

If you want to make an impact with your next campaign, you need a roster of high-quality fashion influencers on your team. We’ve pulled together a shortlist of micro-influencers who know how to pack a punch when it comes to fashion.

These fashion micro-influencers may have a smaller following, but what they have to offer brands on the hunt for a Collab is huge. They’re more relatable than A-list celebs and keep their audience engaged. Read on for everyday looks, high fashion, and a whole lot of authenticity.

Trinity Kenna – @trinitykenna

Trinity Kenna posing outdoors in bikinis and a red dress | Instagram posts

Trinity Kenna is a fashion and beauty content creator based in New York. She is an expert in swimwear and the moment you visit her Instagram page you get to experience her love for bikinis and dressing up.

Trinity is an avid traveler and keeps her 13,000 followers updated on her travel shenanigans. She keeps her posts natural and shows behind the scenes of her travels with snaps of food, family, and friends.

Trinity’s personal clothing style involves LBDs, slip dresses, and bikinis and she rocks everything she wears! She may be in the league of micro-influencers but has an impressive engagement rate of 7.3% and keeps her followers hooked with amazing fashion content.

Alexis Montgomery – @lexymonty

Alexis Montgomery | Fashion influencers | Instagram posts

Alexis Montgomery is a fashion, lifestyle, and food blogger from Orlando, Florida. She enjoys creating content around her everyday life, documenting the life of an influencer from the glamorous to the casual moments.

Alexis has more than 41,000 followers on Instagram. She often posts pictures of her outfits and discusses fashion with her fans. She also promotes her collaborations with other brands, which include Shein, Colour Pop, and other fashion brands.

The moment you open her Instagram account, you get a vibe about her style — trendy, elegant, and playful. Besides talking about fashion and clothing, Alexis is a huge foodie and an avid traveler, and her Instagram account is filled with food shots and vacation photographs.

Cammie Williams

Cammie Williams | Afluencer profile | Fashion micro-influencers

Cammie Williams is a fashion and skincare micro-influencer based in Texas. Her content is highly authentic, and she communicates her personal authentic style to her followers in laid-back posts.

She is a natural hair enthusiast and creates content on her YouTube channel to educate and inspire others about the versatility of going natural. She is always trying new hair products and shares her experiences on social media.

Cammie is also a huge skincare lover and shares her skincare routines with her followers.

Kaisu Tanskanen – @kaisutanskanen

Kaisu Tanskanen modelling winter clothing outdoors in the snow

Kaisu Tanskanen is a makeup and fashion micro-influencer and a digital content creator. She is a professional makeup artist with an extensive makeup kit and an enormous closet that would be a dream to live in.

Kaisu’s style is an eclectic mix of casual streetwear and chic partywear. She documents her everyday life as a makeup artist and fashion enthusiast living in Finland for her 31,100 followers. 

Kaisu is also a dog mom of Keke, who has an Instagram account dedicated to him where Kaisu shares her adventures with him. Kaisu loves to travel across Europe and Dubai and gives us glimpses of her trips through engrossing and fun vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Aleana Hang – @aleanahang

Aleana Hang | Afluencer profile | Micro-influencers into fashion

Aleana Hang is the owner of Hang With Aleana — a blog dedicated to all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Aleana lives in Downtown Los Angeles with her boyfriend and their dog Major. 

Aleana loves shopping and trying out new products. Her Instagram profile gives off a vibe of calm, chic, and girly. Her sense of style is simple and streetwear. 

Alena is a multi-tasker and juggles her full-time job with creating content for her blog and Instagram. She loves exploring the city and often takes us on tours of LA, showing us its beautiful and serene side.

Gurneet Chhabra – @thesavvyfashiongirl

Gurneet Chhabra | Fashion posts on Instagram

Gurneet Chhabra is a Seattle-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and content creator. She is all about showing her authentic life as a working mom. She takes pride in striking a balance between comfort and style, and her Instagram feed is proof of that. 

Gurneet posts photos of her doing mundane things like playing with her daughter, doing laundry, or poring over her laptop while working to reflect a genuine vibe. She is mostly seen in shorts and pretty tops, flowy dresses, and rompers. 

She also runs a blog, The Savvy Fashion Girl where she shares her views on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle while also connecting with a community of some wonderful people.

What more do you want from your micro-influencers to run your fashion marketing campaign?

Abigail Foster – @abigailmfoster

Abigail Foster | Afluencer profile | Fashion micro-influencer

Abigail Foster is a fashion and style micro-influencer based in Washington. She has a very casual yet chic approach to fashion and is often dressed in shorts, cute tops, and casual streetwear. 

Abigal has an engagement rate of 33% and she is great at connecting with her followers and inspiring them with fashion and style tips. 

Apart from fashion, Abigail posts photos of her cute dog and her life as a young influencer.

Akhona Lukwe – @mistar_mason

Akhona Lukwe fashion modelling outdoors | Influencers on Afluencer

Akhona Lukwe is a men’s fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer based in South Africa. He likes to spend his free time outdoors and mixes the casual with the smart in his ensembles. 

Akhona is an avid traveler and documents his travel escapades frequently for his 7400+ followers on Instagram. Apart from fashion, he is also interested in men’s skincare and advocates for the LGBTQIA community. He is also a chef and posts about food frequently. 

His posts reflect an authentic and original tone and you can tell that he has a great love for beach vacations and the ocean. Besides Instagram, he also creates content on his Twitter account with 4,200 followers.

Meagan Mitchell – @meaganjmitchell

Meagan Mitchell | Womens wear on Instagram

Meagan Mitchell is a professional model and fashion and beauty influencer living in Los Angeles. She gives a sneak peek of her life as a model to her 65,000 followers on Instagram. 

Her posts show her working out, exploring the city with her dogs, and trying out different beauty products. She has a girly vibe and her personal style includes tube tops, swimwear, and athletic wear. Meagan loves gardening and nature, posting mostly alongside fields, waterfalls, and trees.  

Meagan also creates content around fashion and beauty on TikTok where she has over 10,000 followers. She always has great tips and insights about beauty, diet, and physical wellness.

So if you’re hunting for micro-influencers well-versed in fashion and beauty, then you’ll certainly want to invite Meagan for a Collab.

Anass Aarrass – @anasmovic

Anass Aarrass | Dress to impress | Featured on Afluencer

Anass Aarrass is a men’s fashion influencer. He has 11,000 followers on his Instagram account where he posts fashion and fitness content curated for men. 

Anass is based in Morocco and incorporates local fashion traditions into his content. His style is modern yet casual, and he is mostly seen in floral shorts and shirts, straw hats, and sunglasses. 

Anass is also a huge fitness enthusiast and posts videos of his workouts on his YouTube channel with 4,400+ subscribers. Besides his primary Instagram account, he owns and runs @anassmovic_style where he shares his workout sessions and inspires his followers to get fit.

Gabriela Simongini – @gsimongini

Gabriela Simongini | Brazilian Micro I Instagram Posts

Meet Gabriela. She’s a Brazilian living on the upper east side and a full-time mom and micro-influencer.


This may be a page about fashion but it’s wonderfully wholesome as well. Scrolling through her page you can expect to see awesome shots of lovely outfits – everything from flowing maxi dresses (which seem to be a favorite of Gabriela’s – and for good reason) to lingerie, coats to boots, beanies to jeans.

What’s also great is that even if it’s just a post about her just hanging out with her adorable child, you can be sure that Gabriela’s outfit is well put together. Even if she’s in pajamas.

When it comes to Collabs, they’re scattered throughout her feed so you know she’s got her Collab game on point. She’s partnered with brands in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and so much more.

With an Instagram following of 37k and a great engagement rate of 3.3%, a partnership with Gaby should be on the top of your list. So if you’re here to collab with inspiring fashion micro-influencers, what are you waiting for?

Angely Pontillas – @angely.ponts

Angely Pontillas | US-based Micro Influencer with Passion for Fashion

Representing Atlanta, Georgia in the USA is Angely. She has a passion for fashion and creating content that is relatable.


“Outfits that are 100% repeatable”. Finally! A fashion micro-influencer with a practical take on fashion. Is this relatable or what? And true to her word, a quick scroll through Angely’s feed and you’ll find wardrobe staples that you can easily mix, match, and repeat!

Angely Ponts is also active on YouTube where she has 2.5k subscribers. That’s where you’ll find quick clips on styling outfits, as well as some GRWMs, fitness content, and a peek into her life.

It doesn’t end there. She’s partnered with Fabletics – an activewear brand. She’s also partnered with brands in beauty and lifestyle, to name a few.

Brittany Barker – @_agingeredlife

Brittany Barker | Fashion Micro Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Also representing Georgia is this two-time college grad, Brittany. She loves fashion and is living her best life sharing this love with us.


Maybe it’s the red hair, maybe it’s the bright smiles. Could be her infectious personality. Whatever it is, we’re getting positive vibes right off the bat and we love it. When it comes to her taste in fashion, we’re totally feeling it too. It’s laid back yet super cute and stylish – super relatable.

Brittany shares a lot of content – GRWMs and OOTDs, peaks into her life, outfit details, and recommendations, not just for clothing but places to visit and where to eat as well. That’s it, I’m sold 🙂

When it comes to partnerships, Brittany has teamed up with several brands in fashion, food & beverage, health, and more. To be a part of Brittany’s positively uplifting world, get in touch for a Collab!

We understand the difficulty of finding the perfect influencer for your campaign. That’s why we created the Afluencer app to help you decide which micro-influencers are best suited for your fashion campaign by using exclusive search filters and displaying engagement insights.

Carly Maddox – @carlycreatescontent

Carly Maddox | Pumpkins, Jeeps, Fashion

Meet Carly from Florida. She’s a micro-influencer with a passion for photography, all things Jeep, and, of course, fashion.


Road-tripping meets fashion in a very practical way. Everything Carly wears is 100% in line with what her lifestyle appears to be like. Her Instagram content paints a very specific picture. The image of a woman taking a road trip in her Jeep… her hand windsurfing as she drives… ripped jeans… rock ‘n roll T-shirt…

Ok back to reality. What we also love about this micro influencer’s content is the wholesomeness. The relatability. The authenticity. She’s definitely doing something right – her engagement rate is a whopping 5%!

If a fashion Collab with Carly sounds right up your alley, what are you waiting for? You know what to do.

Erin Doherty – @erinpdoherty

Erin Doherty | Fashion Insta Posts

Pennsylvania, USA stand up! You’re represented by Erin, a fashion micro-influencer and digital content creator who loves women’s clothing and enjoys sharing the more everyday fashion inspo.


That’s probably what we love most about Erin’s content. The fact that it’s mostly the everyday look that she’s nailing. If you feel as if your regular jeans and a tee need an upgrade, turn to Erin’s Instagram page because she knows how to elevate the basics.

Another thing about Erin… she loves good accessories. You’re more than likely to find her rocking a cute (and probably colorful) handbag, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and more.

Because she rocks a complete look, you know her partnerships are with brands dealing in all of the above. Don’t just elevate your everyday style, elevate your brand and Collab with Erin. #advertismentvoice

Gvantsa Ivanishvili – @ivanishviligvantsa

Gvantsa Ivanishvili | Fashion Micro Influencers on Instagram

Say hi to Gvantsa based in Delaware, USA. She’s got 10.7k Instagram followers and while her personal style is minimalist, her engagement rate is on max and sitting at 6.1%. Let’s take a look at how she does it.


Minimalist style and support for sustainability. Gvantsa’s feed feels fresh, and clean, and makes for easy scrolling. No sensory overload here but prepare to be intrigued. How does she make minimalist look so good? Maybe it’s her subtle yet very present confidence. Maybe it’s the unbothered yet not vain vibe.

Dunno about you but we kinda just want to keep scrolling through her feed. All-black outfits (not à la Kim Kardashian’s 2021 Met Gala look); yes, please! No wonder she’s got such an amazing engagement rate.

Go on, check it out for yourself. And if you’re seeking out awesome micro-influencers for your fashion campaign, then you might want to hit that “Invite to Collab” button!

Mayisha S. – @mayisha.nyc

Mayisha S | New York based Fashion Micro Influencer

This is Mayisha from New York. Her focus is on minimalist fashion, sustainable clothing, home decor, as well as high-end lifestyle.


Come through minimalism!

*stares at the clutter in my own home

Over on @mayisha.nyc is an amazing flow of content. What an aesthetically pleasing feed! Mayisha does a great job of blending fashion content with her other passions. No hodge-podge of content here. It’s clear to see the connection between her style and her love for home decor, for example. There’s a common thread.

She’s also the founder and designer over at @defoe.co. This is a brand that designs minimalist, sustainable, handcrafted statement jewelry. What’s fashion without accessories? They go hand-in-hand in our opinion.

It would be a good idea to work hand-in-hand with Mayisha… also in our opinion.

Nidhi Goel – @dressupwithnidhi

Nidhi Goel | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Featured on Afluencer

Meet Nidhi. She’s a blogger from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA, with a focus on fashion and lifestyle.


Nidhi is a fashion micro-influencer, but based on her content, total following of over 36.6k, and her superb engagement rate of 4.7%, she is well on her way to being promoted to the league of macro-influencers. The best part about her content is it’s authentic and wholesome #anotherone #djkhaledvoice.

Whether she’s sharing casual outfit inspo or shining in her culture’s traditional attire; posting pictures of the family or showing a night out on the town, Nidhi’s always flashing a vibrant smile. This is another micro influencer just doing her thing and sharing it with the world.

She’s on top of her Collab game, having partnered with brands in fashion, lifestyle, home, health, and more. A partnership with this rising star is a must!

Alison Bartak – @alisonbartak

Alison Bartak | Fashion Model & Aspiring Doctor | Instagram Posts

Alison, a model, is representing Texas. She’s also an aspiring doctor who enjoys expressing herself through fashion.


Looking for a model? Alison sure knows how to work a pose… and an outfit. A quick scroll through her feed feels like having a front-row seat to the catwalks of the world. We love the range of looks this fashion micro influencer gives her a 10,000-strong audience. There’s a look for everyone and you don’t have to be a fashion model to pull it off.

If you’re looking to partner with a model, Alison is a shoo-in.

Catherine Catdiva – @ladycatdiva

Catherine Catdiva | Turkey-based Fashion Influencer Featured on Instagram

Based in Turkey, Catherine is a fashion micro-influencer with a fantastic engagement rate of 3.9% and an Instagram following of over 23k.


Yaaasss Catdiva, yaaaasss! First of all, can we just say that her name is fitting… we’re getting diva vibes in the best way! We also get the feeling that Catherine is always well-dressed, no matter the occasion. Whether she’s in swimwear, a coat, jumpsuits, or jeans, her style game is on point.

Her captions are short and sweet, giving her followers the opportunity to really appreciate what this page is all about the look. And you know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you’re a brand looking to partner with a micro-influencer exuding fabulosity, you can’t go wrong with a Collab with Catherine.

Sarah Sokulskyj – @sarahsokulskyj

Sarah Sokulskyj | Instagram Glamor Posts

Now we head to Nigeria where Sarah, a model with a love for all things fashion is working this micro-influencer game – her engagement rate is a whopping 9.1%!


Sarah is serving look, after look, after look. Whether she’s posting a selfie or a high-fashion picture there’s a sense of effortlessness. We actually love the combination of high-end and a good old bathroom selfie 🙂 It adds some relatability to the world of fashion micro-influencers.

She’s sure to post outfit deets – thanks Sarah – so that all 10.5k (and growing) followers can rock the look themselves.

If you’re looking for a fashion micro-influencer/ model who takes her trade seriously, Sarah is who you’re looking for.

Better get your fire emoji ready because, judging from the comments, it’s a LITuation over here.

Melissa Pereira – @fashionablylategirlmom

Melissa Pereira with Daughters | Instagram Fashion Posts

Rounding up our list of fashion micro-influencers is Melissa in Alberta, Canada. She’s got a serious passion for fashion and is a proud girl mom to two mini-fashionistas. It’s a family affair!


Melissa loves getting the family involved in her Instagram content. Here you can look forward to matching outfits with herself and her kids (she ropes her husband in too sometimes), bright smiles, and just all-out adorableness. She’s living her best life with family and fashion… what more does anyone need?

What we love most about @fashionablylategirlmom is how fun this page is. You can’t help but smile!

With a passion this serious, you know she’s got partnerships with quite a few brands in fashion. This Mom and her girls should be top of your list for a Collab!

Priya Chava – @priyachava_az

Priya Chava modeling women's wear | Micro fashion influencers

Meet Priya from Arizona, USA. She’s an Interior Designer and fashion enthusiast… This fashion micro-influencer is practically bursting with creativity and clearly has style running through her veins!


Need a fashion lookbook to flip through for daily fashion inspo? @priyachava_az is the Instagram fashion influencer you need to follow. She serves up look, after look, after look. Even better? She loves creating a variety of outfits by combining various pieces… because, we all want to know how to rock a blazer in 3 different ways, am I right?

We love that Priya is more than generous with info on where she bought her pieces from, so her followers can find them and rock these looks too.

We also love that she delivers her content with a great combination of images and video – no boredom here.

Priya also dabbles in some beauty content, but hey… we sure are NOT complaining.

She features some awesome Collabs with brands in beauty and fashion and looks set to secure even more. Wanna be one of them? Get in touch with Priya for a Collab.

Tae Driver – @tae.driver

Tae Driver fashion posts | Micro influencers on Afluencer

Houston, Texas brings us Tae Driver. She’s half human, half teddy bear (her words, not ours), and has a passion for encouraging others to live each day as their authentic self.


Pretty, pink, and bubbly. Nope, we’re not talking about rosé champagne, we’re talking about Tae’s Instagram page. Pink skirts, pink dresses, pink nails, and even pink lingerie. The thing is, it is surprisingly not an overwhelming amount of pink. You kinda just embrace it. Could it be that Tae’s just living her best life and we feel that energy through her content? She’s clearly setting an example with this whole living each day as your authentic self thing. We’re here for it!

She gives amazing fashion inspo for all the curvy girls out there – from mid-size to plus-size – and also has the 411 on fashion products that make life a little easier… like adhesive bras that keep the girls from spilling out of a crop top. #reallifeproblems.

If you’re looking for a micro fashion influencer with some personality, Tae’s your girl.

Seyma K. – @thisistigree

Seyma glamour photoshoot | Instagram posts

Next, we’re in California where Seyma K. is all about pleasing the eye…


This is another aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. Seyma certainly knows how to deliver high-end, classy fashion. She reminds us of a modern version of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Whether she’s dressed casually or ready for a night out on the town, Seyma makes us all want to elevate our style choices.

When it comes to Collabs, Seyma is a pro. She already features partnerships with brands in eyewear, tech, tech accessories, and fashion (of course). Her followers almost always get discount codes (thanks, Seyma!) Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Is your brand easy on the eye? Do you want it presented in a modern, high-end light? Add Seyma to the top of your list of fashion micro-influencers to partner with. You have the product, Seyma has the gift. It’s a match made in heaven.

Jo Jo – @joannamarieblog

Jo Jo fashion and lifestyle posts | Micro influencers

Meet Jo. She’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Style Editor, Production and Fabric Specialist, AND mother of 2 from sunny California. Her blog, Joannamarieblog, was created after Jo realized that she had a gift for helping people. We’re glad she did!


Even if you’ve never been to California, Jo’s Instagram page looks exactly like what you’d imagine California to be – sunny, bright, carefree vibes. We love how she’s ingrained the essence of her State into her content.

As for fashion inspo? Jo is all about that casual style; cute, flowy dresses, maxi dresses, jeans, shorts, crop tops, tank tops… the list is endless. BUT… she rocks every look she posts!

With a more than decent engagement rate of 4.6%, you can be sure that Jo’s followers love her content…

“You can rock any look, Joanna!”

“Those heels look so beautiful (heart eyes)”

“How cool! Love how you styled their pieces!”

“Obsessed with this outfit”

“This outfit is literal life (heart eyes)”

Jo’s followers love her content, we believe they need to see a Collab between Jo Jo and your brand. 😉

Tecklah Shimonov – @czarinaxtecklah

Tecklah Shimonov  outdoor fashion modeling

Representing New Jersey is Tecklah… She has got big hair and a big personality to match…


Sometimes, it takes a certain personality to rock a certain look… Tecklah has a specific style and she knocks it out of the park every single time. Short skirts, blue feathers, sparkles, leopard print, fishnet stockings… you name it! We love it!

Tecklah is another micro fashion influencer doing a great job of giving us a good dose of Instagram Reels and images. We need to see outfits in motion sometimes, and Tecklah delivers.

We would show you what her followers have to say, but there are A LOT of heart emojis, heart eyes, and fire emojis. Hey, sometimes, words just don’t cut it.

A partnership with Tecklah is sure to result in utter fabulousness and an infinite supply of the above-mentioned emojis. If that sounds like something your brand needs, invite Tecklah to collaborate ASAP!

StitchedbyRL RLH – @stichedbyrl

Rachel Lindsay fashion posts and reels on Instagram

Rachel Lindsay, aka StitchedbyRL, is on a mission to build a sustainable wardrobe by thrifting, upcycling, and sewing clothes. That’s a cause we can get behind!


Fashion does not begin with a finished piece on the rack of a store. Rachel takes us back a bit, giving her followers a look at a part of the process – cutting out patterns and sewing the pieces together. Gives you a little more appreciation for the world of fashion, doesn’t it?

We love how Rachel also shares the hilarious (albeit frustrating) moments of trying to sew an outfit together. Here are a few examples…

…snapping a needle during a project and breaking part of your machine

…stopping cutting out patterns on the floor because your back hurts

But, the show must go on and despite the challenges she faces, Rachel still produces amazing final results. She makes us want to at least *attempt* a DIY fashion project.

Anupa Bhattacharyya – @theehappysoul

Anupa Bhattacharyya outdoor modeling

Anupa, based in Pennsylvania, has a passion for fashion. With every new trend, this fashion micro-influencer takes it and puts her unique spin on it. The result? Stand-out looks.


We get the feeling that whenever Anupa shows us a new outfit, she’s living her best life. When passion shines through, there’s nothing like it!

She offers her followers a good range of outfit inspo – from casual jumpsuits and maxi dresses to workwear, loungewear, and even her traditional looks.

Collabs? Of course! With all these stunning outfits on display, you can almost guarantee that this micro fashion influencer has put in the work and earned some brand deals. Do her followers benefit? Absolutely! Discount codes flow freely here @theehappysoul. Even offering fantastic discounts such as 40%!

With over 15.7k Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 6.9%, Anupa’s influence is only going to get wider. Best secure a Collab with her today!

Jessy De Leon – @jessy_de_leon

Jessy De Leon modeling women's clothing | Fashion micro influencers

Meet Jessy from Virginia… her expression of style is wonderfully blended with gorgeous scenery from around the world.


Yup, fashion meets travel here on Jessy’s Instagram page. Stunning outfits and stunning looks – what’s there not to love?

She may often be in faraway places, but her wardrobe is very accessible. Some of her favorite places to shop include Shein and Amazon (she’s an Amazon influencer, btw) to name a few.

Let’s take a look at what her ever-growing family of followers has to say:

“Your content is on fire lately!”

“I love your outfit (heart eyes) Enjoy Prague.”

“Amazing outfit girl. Gooo!”

“That dress is so hot! (fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji)”

“Cute outfit. Love the flower print.”

“The cutest sunglasses ever.”

Jessy’s approach to fashion content clearly resonates with her following, and with a good engagement rate of 3%, Jessy is another micro influencer sure to grow.

Aubrey J. – @_thelifeofbree_

Aubrey modeling kids dresses | Micro influencers in fashion

Sunny California brings us a little girl with an equally bright smile – meet Aubrey.


Fashion for toddlers – Aubrey’s got you.

Toy reviews – Aubrey is on it.

Kids lifestyle – Aubrey covers it.

This little girl is doing her bit to bring quality content to her eagerly awaiting Instagram followers. They can’t resist her cute self and to be honest, neither can we. Her pink tutus and cute smile got us from the beginning!

Aubrey’s parents do a great job of running her social media pages. Besides the super cute images and Reels, the captions on Aubrey’s page are detailed and provide info on where to buy the products and outfits she’s promoting.

It’s pure joy over here. If you want to Collab with this cutie, send her (well, send her parents) an invite and watch your brand skyrocket from there.

Jasmine B. – @zennxinfinity

Jasmine fashion and beauty posts | Micro influencer

This is Jasmine from Louisiana. Her passion involves stepping out of the box when it comes to all things beauty and fashion. We love this! There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of beauty and fashion. Express yourself!


Jasmine did not come to play when she said alternative fashion. She rocks her unique looks with a personality that only Jasmine has and you can’t help but nod your head in approval, even if alternative fashion isn’t your thing.

And if alternative fashion is your thing, Jasmine gives you all the outfit details you need – from the dress to the hat, accessories, and even face stickers, eyeliner, and contact lenses. Jasmine has her followers covered, y’all.

We mean it when we say Afluencer has a wide range of influencers to cover your brand’s needs. If you’re into alternative fashion, Jasmine is the micro-influencer for your brand. Did we mention her astronomical engagement rate of 38.4%? She’s a unicorn and a Collab is here for the taking.

Reme Rubiales – @remerubiales

Reme Rubiales modeling women's outfits

Let’s jet to Spain where Reme Rubiales is serving outfit inspo so good we couldn’t turn away.


Reme fashion choices are super trendy. From streetwear to fancy dresses, she sure knows how to slay a look! How do we say yaaaasssss in Spanish?

Discount codes? Check.

A variety of fashion looks? Check.

Personality? Definitely check.

High-quality images? Check.

The ability to go from girl next door to fashion model? Absolutely.

While she mainly posts in Spanish, there are a few posts in English as well. Although her top two countries by followers are Spain and Italy, you will find a lot of English in the comments section.

Is there anything Reme isn’t bringing to the micro-fashion influencer table? We think not.

If you are a brand looking to target the fashion market in Spain, Reme is the influencer to help get you in. Let’s see what her followers have to say.

“Love this set.”

“Fire look”

“Love your pink shoes (heart eyes) very cute”

“Looking gorgeous queen!”

What a list! There’s nothing micro about these fashion influencers. While their stars are on the rise, they’re also totally relatable, authentic, and keeping their audience engaged. The close relationship between micro-influencers and their audience is what makes these creators the perfect choice for fashion brands.

Start working with fashion micro-influencers today

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry, and people are always finding sources of inspiration to develop their own distinct personal styles. This is where fashion influencers step in and help you reach your brand in front of thousands of their audience.

If you want to connect with micro-influencers and content creators for your next campaign, our list of top fashion influencers will help you find the people you’re looking for.

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You can register here and start doing influencer marketing today.




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I have a confession to make. I fell victim to the side effects of some of the world’s most captivating makeup artists. My mission to gather all the goodies on these talented face artists for you quickly turned into hours of consuming their content. They hypnotized me. So much so that I accidentally found myself at […]

Shopify Collabs vs. Afluencer Collabs 

The global influencer marketing market is estimated to reach $24 billion by the end of 2024, and changing consumer preferences fuel this record growth. The facts: Modern shoppers don’t want to be talked at or sold to; they want to feel a connection with the brands they choose to endorse. Enter: content creators. Content creators […]