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Pinterest Influencers: Afluencer’s Top 14 Masters of Trends & Pins

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Pinterest is one of – if not the – top visual search engines. With over 400 million active users, this platform is a goldmine of inspiration and education. As their website states, “People use Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas”. From recipes and DIY crafts to fashion advice and travel tips, photo and video content are incredibly pleasing to scroll through and helpful to bookmark for later reference. And just like other social platforms, Pinterest has followers, comments (with @ mentions), likes, and shares.

While Pinterest may not be the platform that comes immediately to mind when thinking of influencers, don’t underestimate it. Many influencers and content creators use the Pinterest platform to drive traffic to their blogs, which benefits any company they’re featuring on their websites. Most importantly, data shows that over 65% of people on the platform buy after seeing pins and over 70% of them use Pinterest to decide what to buy. There can be massive ROI from Pinterest, and at the very least it’s worth using for lead generation.

That’s why we put together a round of “pin-fluencers” (see what we did there?) to include in your marketing strategy.

Masters of Pinterest:

  1. Julie Smeltzer
  2. Patricia Streeter
  3. Ashley Vanessa
  4. Alyssa Goodell
  5. Jennifer Costello
  6. Kianna Woods
  7. Andrea Ibarra
  8. Ariel Meyer
  9. Dennis Littley
  10. Betul Yildiz
  11. Courtney Brady
  12. Dalene Ekirapa
  13. Diane Coletta
  14. Cindy Batchelor

Their posts on family and parenting, fashion and beauty, travel, recipes, and overall wellness will inspire and enlighten you. These Pinterest influencers are setting trends, curating branded imagery, and mastering the art of beautifully presented aesthetics. Chances are, they’ll help you find some new loyal customers.

Whether you’re a brand looking to partner with Pinfluencers or influencers who want to collaborate with trend-setting creators, the following Pinners are forces to be reckoned with and leveraged.

Now let’s get to know our pin masters a little more. But before that, we’d just like to let you know that all these creators and more can be found on our Afluencer app. Registration is FREE. However, we recommend that you upgrade your membership to make the most of what our app has to offer.

Now, did someone say they wanted to meet some inspiring Pinterest influencers?

Julie Smeltzer

Julie Smeltzer's Pinterest posts with tips for work from home Mums

Born in Ukraine and now living in Hawaii, Julie Smeltzer helps busy working moms lessen their mental load and enjoy motherhood. As a military spouse, she is often solo parenting and has learned lots of tips. She has been using Pinterest since 2014 when she had a son, which allowed her years of organic growth. Most of her blog views come from her pins.


Julie shares lifestyle content around motherhood in her pins and board, with lots of advice for working moms like herself. Her tips span across how to defeat overwhelm, reduce mental stress, be more organized, and thrive. This is something we can all benefit from, parents or not! Her pins come from blog posts, social media content, YouTube videos, and podcast episodes.

Julie enjoys sharing her journey as I figure out parenting while working full time and maintaining hobbies and personal identity. Her honest perspective and experiences are relatable, making her account a supportive resource.


From sponsored pins to affiliate marketing to making boards for brands, there are many ways to collaborate with Julie. She often partners on giveaways, gift guides, email newsletters, social media crossposting, banner ads, and group boards. Julie’s account is wonderful for companies that offer products around working from home, creating activities for children, inspiring confidence, developing emotional balance, and anything else that elevates the working mom experience.

It’s helpful to note that a study by ComScore found that more than 80% of U.S. women ages 18-64 with children use Pinterest. This makes Pinterest accounts like Julie’s incredibly valuable to brands looking to Collab with influencers.

Patricia Streeter

Patricia Streeter on Pinterest | Fashion and motivational quotes

Patricia Streeter, the creative force behind the Pinterest board “Magnify Your Style,” isn’t just a fashion enthusiast – she’s a style connoisseur who believes that style isn’t confined to wardrobes; it’s woven into every aspect of our lives. Patricia’s board, initially a fashion haven, evolved into a multifaceted tapestry reflecting the essence of style in all its forms.


On “Magnify Your Style,” expect more than just fashion inspiration – Patricia’s curated collection includes uplifting quotes and memes, offering a daily dose of positivity. Seamlessly blended with relatable parenting content and practical tips, her board becomes a go-to source for diverse, engaging content. We love Patricia’s ability to seamlessly weave one common idea- style – into every topic she covers on social media. Not many Pinfluencers can achieve this, proving that Patricia is truly one of a kind.

Venture onto Instagram, and you’ll uncover another side of Patricia. An aspiring chef and baker, she shares her culinary creations with a growing audience, showcasing passions beyond the realm of fashion. Patricia’s content radiates a singular message – style permeates every facet of our existence.


Self-dubbed a lifestyle blogger, Patricia’s versatility extends to potential Collabs. Lifestyle influencers, like Patricia, have the unique ability to connect with a diverse audience on Pinterest and other platforms, making them ideal partners for brands seeking authentic engagement. If your brand aligns with Patricia’s dynamic content, the next natural step is collaboration. Take the initiative and reach out to her via our Afluencer platform – the beginning of what could be a mutually beneficial partnership awaits.

Ashley Vanessa

Ashley Vanessa | Fashion, gaming and books

Ashley Vanessa, the Pinfluencer extraordinaire, seamlessly weaves her love for fashion, gaming, and literature into a captivating tapestry on Pinterest.


As a torchbearer of individual style, she doesn’t just create fashion content; she curates an experience. Her unique twist on fashion, aptly coined as gamer fashion, is a delightful fusion of her passions and personality.

Consistency is Ashley’s forte – there’s no ambiguity in her shares. Navigating through her boards is like strolling through a well-curated gallery of self-expression. What sets her apart is the genuine authenticity she exudes, becoming an inspiration for young women to embrace their true selves.

Ashley’s captions are a glimpse into her lively persona – short, sweet, and peppered with humor. Embracing imperfections, she once hilariously confessed to ashy knees in a photo, a charming reminder of her unapologetic authenticity.


Ashley finds her niche in the vibrant realm of Pinterest, a platform celebrating uniqueness. It’s not just about pins and boards; it’s a celebration of individual quirks and traits. Collaborating with this Pinfluencer isn’t just a partnership; it’s a spotlight on your brand. With 80% of Pinners discovering new brands on Pinterest, the growth potential is immense.

Ashley Vanessa isn’t just a Pinfluencer; she’s the missing puzzle piece your brand has been seeking. A Collab with her promises not just visibility but an immersion into a world where fashion, gaming, and authenticity reign supreme. Reach out to her via the Afluencer platform and mark the beginnings of what we believe will be a fruitful partnership.

Alyssa Goodell

Alyssa Goodell featured on Afluencer | Home decor pins

​​In the heart of Canada, Alyssa Goodell wears multiple hats: a finance professional by day and a passionate Pinfluencer by night, diving into the realms of home decor, design, and DIY. Once a resident of a tiny home, Alyssa now channels her creativity into transforming their not-so-tiny house, living out her DIY and decor dreams.


What we adore about Alyssa is her commitment to infusing her passions into her home, truly embodying her best life. TheGoodellLife, her Pinterest page, is a haven for decor and DIY enthusiasts. If you love flipping through home decor magazines, you are sure to love scrolling through Alyssa’s beauty of a Pinterest board. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration—DIY tips, progress snapshots of house renovations, design transformations, thoughtful gift ideas, and more. She certainly knows how to cover all you need to know about home decor and renovation.

Browsing through TheGoodellLife isn’t just a visual treat; it’s an invitation to explore your own DIY and decor skills. Alyssa’s authenticity shines through, making her projects seem attainable and relatable, not some over-the-top feats. Her down-to-earth approach draws in a diverse audience, making her a Pinfluencer with a broad appeal.


For brands seeking Collab opportunities with Pinterest influencers with a knack for DIY, Alyssa presents a gold mine. Her engaging content and relatable style make her an ideal partner for those looking to connect with a wide audience. Don’t miss out on the chance to align your brand with Alyssa’s genuine and inspiring content. Reach out to her today, and let the Collab magic begin!

Jennifer Costello

Jennifer Costello | Baking and dogs | Pinterest influencers

Meet Jennifer Costello, the delightful Pinterest pet influencer hailing from Ohio! With a wealth of knowledge drawn from her extensive veterinary background and 15 years of being a dedicated Newfie mom, Jennifer is your go-to source for all things Newfoundland dogs. Her passion for canine well-being shines through as she shares invaluable tips for ensuring a healthy and happy life for your furry friends. A healthy dog is a happy dog!


Dive into Jennifer’s world of engaging content, where she not only imparts wisdom on maintaining your dog’s well-being but also serves up DIY dog fun to keep those tails wagging. From side-splitting dog anecdotes to an abundance of charming Newfies, her Pinterest board is a visual feast. Expect a delightful mix of dog treats, hilarious merchandise, and all things Newfie. If you’re a dog owner, especially of Newfies, make your way to “mybrownnewfies” on Pinterest.

Did you know that 85.9% of Pinterest users also use Instagram, making Instagram the biggest social media platform with the largest audience overlap with Pinterest? Jennifer is no exception, you can find her on both Instagram and Pinterest delivering highly entertaining content. Your brand can capitalize on this.


For Collabs, Jennifer and her charismatic canines should top your list. Their captivating content is a surefire way to elevate your brand and capture the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Seriously, there is nothing not to love here. Don’t miss out—invite Jennifer and her Newfies for a Collab that’s bound to leave tails wagging and your brand skyrocketing!

Kianna Woods

Kianna Woods | Style and beauty pins on Pinterest

Nestled in the vibrant city of Miami, meet the multifaceted force known as Kianna Woods, fondly recognized as kiannalakaye. This Miami-based entrepreneur and Realtor spotlighted on Instagram under @kiskeys, is not your typical Pinterest influencer. Kianna, a connoisseur of lifestyle, seamlessly weaves together threads of fashion, hair, beauty, food, travel, and a surprising passion for football. How does she manage it all? She’s an influencer who knows how to get things done.


Embark on a journey through Kianna’s Pinterest board, where everyday moments unfold, from casual grocery shopping to the glamour of a “Get Ready With Me” session or a full-on photoshoot or the simplicity of grabbing coffee. It’s more than just content; it’s a window into Kianna’s world, inviting you to connect with her authenticity. It’s the mixture of both simple and glam moments that make Kianna relatable. She’s also showing all women that you can do it all if you want to.


Beyond her captivating content, Kianna’s diverse interests open doors for collaborative opportunities that transcend boundaries. Whether your brand aligns with fashion, travel, or any facet of her eclectic tastes, the possibilities are limitless. Kianna Woods is not just a Pinfluencer; she’s an inspiration hub waiting to elevate your brand.

So, why wait? Take the plunge and reach out to Kianna for a Collab that has the potential to redefine the game for your brand. The fusion of her dynamic interests promises a Collab as unique and vibrant as the Miami backdrop she calls home.

Andrea Ibarra

Andrea Ibarra on Pinterest | Influencer travel adventures

Meet Andrea Ibarra, the vibrant flight attendant based in the heart of New York, whose passion for travel extends beyond the clouds. Not just a profession but a true calling, Andrea has seamlessly blended her role as a Pinterest travel content creator with her heartfelt mission to share the sheer joy of exploration with everyone.


Beyond the confines of her aircraft, Andrea is on a mission to make travel accessible to all. Her Pinterest board, aptly named travelsbyandrea, is a visual feast of affordable travel tips and inspiration that will have you reaching for your passport in no time. Each pin tells a story of picturesque destinations that beckon with the allure of a movie scene.

Browsing through Andrea’s board isn’t just a visual delight; it’s a journey through positivity. In a world where social media can be overwhelming, Andrea’s curated content stands out, radiating good vibes that resonate with the 80% of Pinterest users who find the platform to be a haven of positivity. Pinterest is a rare breed when it comes to social media platforms, where Andrea and our other influencers truly maximize their potential to bring some joy into our lives.


For brands in the realm of travel, a Collab with Andrea is the key to unlocking a world of positive engagement. Imagine your brand becoming a beacon of good vibes, as Andrea seamlessly integrates it into her travel narrative. With Andrea, consider your Collab visa approved, ready to embark on a journey of spreading joy and wanderlust to audiences far and wide.

Ariel Meyer

Ariel Meyer | Travel and lifestyle pins | Pinterest influencers

Meet Ariel Meyer, the vibrant Pinterest content creator weaving a tapestry of fashion, photography, and lifestyle content from the scenic landscapes of both San Diego and Washington DC. With a heart entwined with the beauty of the ocean side in San Diego and the charm of the valley area in Washington DC, Ariel’s content is a visual journey through the soul of two distinct locales.


What began as a simple desire to share captivating images has blossomed into an artful fusion of style and aesthetics. Ariel’s journey from picturesque snapshots to a curated blend of fashion and photography is a testament to her evolving creativity. Her fashion-forward posts, coupled with her impeccable photography skills, beckon you into a world where each image tells a story. Boy are we glad she decided to take her content creation to the next level!

Ariel’s ability to find beauty in the ordinary is truly enchanting. Whether it’s capturing the delicate petals of flowers, the inviting ambiance of a street cafe, or the soft morning sunlight kissing her desk, her lens transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. In every frame, there’s an unmistakable touch of inspiration that resonates with her audience.


For those in search of a Pinterest fashion content creator, Ariel should be your first choice. Her content is a visual feast, with an aesthetic that reflects her keen eye for photography. From runway-worthy fashion choices to the subtle elegance of everyday moments, Ariel Meyer’s Pinterest is a delightful showcase of creativity and style.

Dennis Littley

Chef Dennis sharing cooking and baking recipes

If you’re truly looking for achievable cooking content, Chef Dennis Littley is your go-to foodie. Based in Florida, he aims to help others feel excited and confident about meal prep through easy and tasty restaurant-style recipes. His charming, authentic approach will help you believe that you can make anything you see on his Pinterest.


Making mouthwatering meals like a pro with ease is Dennis’ specialty. His loveable style spans recipes, cooking tips, and FAQs. And every once in a while, he shares his travel adventures too. His content is especially timely since it can help pinners recreate restaurant experiences at home.


Some of Dennis’s previous partnerships as a Pinterest influencer include Humana and Karo Syrup. These collaborations panned out through social campaigns, video productions, live cooking demos, and event appearances. Food, beverage, appliance companies, and any brands that make it easy to excel in the kitchen could benefit from Dennis’ professional and natural approach to content. He’d be especially great for partners in need of recipe development and food plating techniques from influencers on Pinterest.

Betul Yildiz

Betul Yildiz on Afluencer | Fashion and parenting pins

Turkey native Betul Yildiz is the founder of a New York-based fashion technology and lifestyle blog, which she began in 2014 to improve her English. Just a few years later she was featured in Elle USA’s article about menswear-inspired style as one of four finalists from a pool of 550.

An equally impressive factoid about Betul is that she’s been using Pinterest since it was founded. This leads to a lot of platform knowledge as it’s evolved over the years. Her boards cover fashion, lifestyle, travel, and home decor. Like many of the other influencers on this list, a huge percentage of her blog’s traffic derives from Pinterest.


Betul pins a lot of original content, including photos she takes, graphic images she makes, and videos. She often shares content from her blog posts and social media too. Her account feels very authentic and positive, and her audience loves to see what she’s wearing. As stated in her Elle feature, “Fashion is a playground, and I would like to be as free as I possibly can”.


Since doing her first paid partnership in 2011, Betul has been a brand ambassador for companies like Blackberry and collaborated with brands like Rodan + Fields. She also does affiliate campaigns, which tend to do very well on her Pinterest. Companies looking for influencers who encourage their communities to take ownership of their interests and visualize their highest selves would benefit from working with Betul via her stylish recommendations.

Courtney Brady

Courtney Brady | Wellness and fitness pins on Pinterest

With a home base in Washington, Courtney Brady shares her journey while living overseas and traveling the world. She is passionate about inspiring others to be brave enough to create a life they love, care for the planet, and educate themselves about holistic health. Ultimately, her inspirational account encourages people (especially women) to make the most out of life through self-acceptance and courage.

Pinterest has had a special place in Courtney’s life for many years, as she enjoys searching for it herself. She spends time learning how to best utilize the platform to grow her brand, so she’s a wealth of knowledge for partners who want to thrive there too.


Courtney loves creating eye-catching travel and health-related pins that link to her blog, which started about 5 years ago when she began traveling. She also enjoys re-pinning content around mindfulness and being your highest self.


While she’s yet to complete an influencer marketing campaign exclusive to Pinterest, Courtney has done some blog collaborations that incorporated pins to drive more traffic to the post. This is a great way for brands to get more eyeballs on sponsored content. Since she’s a pro at instilling knowledge and confidence in others, Courtney would be a great fit for supplements, skincare, fitness, and of course travel-related products and services.

Dalene Ekirapa

Dalene Ekirapa Pinterest posts on fashion wear and false nails

Californian Dalene Ekirapa is an enthusiastic lifestyle blogger who enjoys dressing up and being intentional about skincare and wellness. She’s also passionate about recipes, travel, and adventure experiences. She enjoys sharing home decor and gardening ideas as a professional interior designer.


Dalene runs two brands: one centered around women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and the other about food, travel, and home decor. Both are dedicated to providing lifestyle inspiration and motivation. Her content is beautifully curated and showcases her style, which helps users shop for looks and dream up ideas to implement.


The largest traffic source for Dalene’s blog is Pinterest. So if you’re looking for influencers to work their magic with Pinterest the way Dalene does, then connect with her today! She’s a great pinner to partner with for “inspo” content, which could mean curating a shared board, sponsoring specific pins, or coordinating brand takeovers. Home good brands, skincare, fashion, and travel companies alike could Collab with Dalence to help others determine who they want to be and what they want to create in their lives.

Diane Coletta

Diane Coletta | Petite in Paris product promotion

Originally from a small town in Kansas, Diane Coletta moved to Paris, France in 2015 to follow her dream of living in the city of lights. With a height of 4’11, Diane loves to provide fashion insights for other petite women and showcase her unique style.


It’s like out of a TV scene: Diane’s content career began over a glass of wine in front of the fireplace while discussing future life plans with her closest friend. And now, reminiscent of the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris, Diane adores documenting her fashionable experience living abroad. Her posts cover photogenic restaurants, elegant Paris experiences, and beauty secrets. You’ll find her pinning several times a day as she soaks in the stunning scenery.

Her Pinterest is like a virtual vision board for travel and outfit inspiration. She has quite the aesthetic with stand-out images that will make anyone yearning to travel (when the world allows).


Diane has worked with several high-end and well-known brands including Dior, Christian Louboutin, the Tourism Board of Paris, NARS, and Laura Mercier. She’s a great fit for airlines and hotels, especially those that want to help pinners plan a vacation (no matter how far in the future that may be). Financial services companies could also partner with her to share budgeting tips for traveling and living abroad (especially if you’re wondering how to dress like Emily in Paris on a budget).

Cindy Batchelor

Cindy Batchelor | Fashion and Beauty | Pinterest posts

Based in Utah, Cindy Batchelor is a full-time lifestyle blogger with an MS in Psychology counseling. She creates well-written, creative posts and has uploaded over 200 enthusiastic videos to her YouTube channel. Her blog was named one of Huffington Post’s Top 31 Up and Coming Blogs to Follow.


Cindy pins about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with a focus on personal styling. Her boards are a great place to build clothing wishlists and develop a visual identity. She also posts lots of sales and discounts to help her community find the best prices.


Partnering with Cindy is a wise choice for lifestyle, beauty, and fashion brands. Especially after Pinterest announced a feature that uses augmented reality to let pinners “try on” the items they see in Product Pins. Businesses with a product catalog can request to try this Pinterest feature and then collaborate with influencers and creators like Cindy. Plus, according to Pinterest’s best practices, pins that show someone using a product or service are much more likely to drive offline sales.

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