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Preparing For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Ana Vanevska

Social Media Guru

Influencer marketing is fast emerging as a legitimate and worthwhile marketing channel. There is still quite a lot of skepticism on whether or not it’s worth the investment. Both budget-wise and in terms of preparing and managing the work needed to manage an influencer marketing campaign. However, the ROI and overall results that influencer marketing campaigns can achieve speak for themselves.

When done right, an influencer marketing campaign can help your brand and business, and there are certain steps that you can take throughout the process to ensure that you make the most of the campaign and see the best results possible and it all starts with what you do before the campaign even starts. These are the things you need to do to prepare for an influencer marketing campaign.

1. Planning and Strategy

Making sure that your campaign runs smoothly largely depends on the amount of planning you put into it. Start by setting out a timeline and organizing all the aspects of the campaign. The first thing you need to figure out is what your objective is. Dividing responsibilities among your team is also a must. It’s also very important to determine a set budget for the campaign. Next, plan out when you will reach out to potential collaborators and when you want the content to go live.

If you’re working with more than one influencer on the same campaign decide whether you want all of the content posted at around the same time, or if you want to space it out following a predetermined strategy. Set up checkpoints to help you stay on top of everything relating to the campaign. Planning will help you keep a clear view of your goals and make it easier to keep tracking of everything that is happening.

2. Setting Your Influencer Marketing Goal

One of the biggest reasons an influencer marketing campaign can fail is not having a clear goal. A successful campaign can mean many different things so it’s important to decide what your goal is and the ways in which you can measure its success. A campaign that aims to increase your following and create brand awareness will be very different from one that aims to increase your sales. Or even a campaign that is meant to help you tap into a new market. By knowing your goal you will able to clearly communicate your objectives to the influencers and will make sure that everybody is working with the same goal in mind.

3. Briefing the Influencers

Briefing the influencers you’re working with is an essential part of a successful campaign. By creating an influencer brief you will ensure that there is no miscommunication and that everyone understands their tasks and the goals of the campaign. Additionally, it will help the influencers understand your brand and key messages and the content they create will reflect that.

4. Stay Active on Social Media

Before you begin an influencer marketing campaign, make sure that you have an active presence on the social media channel on which the campaign will be run. A successful campaign will result in conversions from the influencer collaborations to your channels. And that’s impossible if your accounts aren’t set up and active before the campaign begins.

5. Choose The Right Influencers

Making sure that the influencer is a good fit for your brand is essential to an effective campaign. Not only will the influencer be able to incorporate your brand’s message into their content. But you’re also much more likely to reach people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. A good way to ensure that an influencer is the right choice for the marketing campaign you’re planning is to follow them and familiarize yourself with their content and brand.




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