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5 Travel Micro-Influencers: The New Faces of Marketing

Kaleigh Moore


The travel industry is one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic. According to Statista, the United States alone recorded a tourism revenue loss of roughly $147 billion between January and October 2020. However, with the ease in travel restrictions, there has been a gradual increase in travel as people itch to change their surroundings after being stuck at home for so long.

When it comes to choosing their next vacation spot, social media feeds are the primary source of inspiration with travel influencers posting visually enticing content. And these travel creators are not only superstar influencers but also micro-influencers. According to Forbes, “Instagrammability of any destination plays a major role in driving travel choices among millennials.”

With the influencer marketing industry projected to reach $15 billion, travel influencers are here to stay.

We have put together this list of top travel micro-influencers who really know how to engage with their followers.

  1. Adil Musa
  2. Amanda Bloomquist
  3. Christine Bottross
  4. Adeola Adeosun
  5. Alexandra Dempsey

Adil Musa — @adilmusa1

Adil Musa | Instagram posts | Christmas in Winter Wonderland

Adil Musa is a London-based lifestyle, travel, and food blogger. He has an incredible following of 58,000 on Instagram, where he showcases his travel escapades to all over the world. Such travel destinations include India, Dubai, Spain, Abu Dhabi, and so many more places.

He is especially famous for the high-quality content he creates on his blog, Adil Musa. He has been listed as one of the top 10 bloggers in the Blogosphere magazine.

Adil is also a passionate foodie who visits new places worldwide to give his followers a peek at different cuisines. Whenever he visits a new city, he shares all the hot spots and inspires his audience to visit these places.

The first stop on your journey to finding the perfect travel micro-influencers collab should be Adil’s inbox.

Amanda Bloomquist — @amanda.bloomquist

Amanda Bloomquist | Outdoor travel micro-influencer

Amanda Bloomquist is a Washington-based content creator who is currently building a tiny home for herself with help from her dad. She is a huge travel enthusiast, and the minute you open her Instagram, you will see most of her posts in an outdoor setting. She loves hiking and camping, and the outdoors is where she is in her element.

Whether in Hawaii, Malaysia, or Thailand, she is always keeping her 24,900 followers up to date on her travel shenanigans. Her engagement rate is an impressive 3.5%! So if you are looking for a micro-influencer who is all about outdoor travel, then she is your girl!

Christine Bottross — @christinebottross

Christine Bottross on Instagram | Egyptian pyramids and snowfall

Christine Bottross is a travel and lifestyle content creator based in New York City. She shares curated travel and lifestyle photos with her 30,300 followers on Instagram.

Originally from Cairo, Christine loves to travel and share glimpses of her adventures with her followers. Her posts reflect her deep love for pools and beaches.  Whether she is in front of the Egyptian pyramids or showing us the view of the Empire State Building from the 102nd floor, Christine’s content is ideal for brands looking to spark wanderlust.

Adeola Adeosun — @theadeolacrown

Adeola Adeosun | IG posts | Travel micro-influencers on Afluencer

Adeola Adeosun is a travel, style, and fashion influencer from New York. She is a flight attendant by profession and she never misses a chance to showcase her professional life to her 103,000 followers on Instagram.

Adeola is also the founder of @mindsetandselflove — a page that offers a daily dose of positive vibes and runs a blog titled LifeStyle x MindSet, where she talks about everything from having a positive mindset to building your best life. She is a multi-tasker (as you can tell) and apart from Instagram, she also posts fashion and style content on her YouTube channel for her 16,400 subscribers.

So many inspiring travel micro-influencers to choose from but you sure can’t go wrong if you partner with Adeola.

Alexandra Dempsey — @tourwifetourlife

Alexandra Dempsey on a winter holiday with husband | IG posts

Alexandra Dempsey is a style, beauty, and travel blogger based in Vermont. She grew up in Queens, New York, and in 2015, she met the love of her life, Ryan Dempsey. After that, she relocated to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont.

Alexandra’s Instagram showcases the many travel adventures she has had with her husband. She also shares how to balance her life on tour and at home in Vermont as well as the best places to stay and visit. Visiting her blog and Instagram will give you a sense of content that’s inspiring, relatable, and attainable. Her blog, Tour Wife Tour Life, is a collection of travels, photography, and stories from both near and far.

Start your travel micro-influencer marketing right now!

The travel industry is one chock-full of well-curated photos and exotic destinations that inspire people to book their next vacation spot. Our list of top travel micro-influencers will help you find and connect with bloggers and content creators for your next campaign.

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