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50 Travel Micro-Influencers: The New Faces of Marketing

Kaleigh Moore


Moe Sid

Afluencer Correspondent

The travel industry is one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic. According to Statista, the United States alone recorded a tourism revenue loss of roughly $147 billion between January and October 2020. However, with the ease in travel restrictions, there has been a gradual increase in travel as people itch to change their surroundings after being stuck at home for so long.

When it comes to choosing their next vacation spot, social media feeds are the primary source of inspiration with travel influencers posting visually enticing content. And these travel creators are not only superstar influencers but also micro-influencers. According to Forbes, “Instagrammability of any destination plays a major role in driving travel choices among millennials.”

With the influencer marketing industry projected to reach $15 billion, travel influencers are here to stay.

We have put together this list of top travel micro-influencers who really know how to engage with their followers.

Adil Musa

Adil Musa | Instagram posts | Christmas in Winter Wonderland

Adil Musa is a London-based lifestyle, travel, and food blogger. He has an incredible following of 58,000 on Instagram, where he showcases his travel escapades all over the world. Such travel destinations include India, Dubai, Spain, Abu Dhabi, and so many more places.

He is especially famous for the high-quality content he creates on his blog, Adil Musa. He has been listed as one of the top 10 bloggers in the Blogosphere magazine.

Adil is also a passionate foodie who visits new places worldwide to give his followers a peek at different cuisines. Whenever he visits a new city, he shares all the hot spots and inspires his audience to visit these places.

The first stop on your journey to finding the perfect travel micro-influencers Collab should be Adil’s inbox.

Amanda Bloomquist

Amanda Bloomquist | Outdoor travel micro-influencer

Amanda Bloomquist is a Washington-based content creator who is currently building a tiny home for herself with help from her dad. She is a huge travel enthusiast, and the minute you open her Instagram, you will see most of her posts in an outdoor setting. She loves hiking and camping, and the outdoors is where she is in her element.

Whether in Hawaii, Malaysia, or Thailand, she is always keeping her 24,900 followers up to date on her travel shenanigans. Her engagement rate is an impressive 3.5%! So if you are looking for a micro-influencer who is all about outdoor travel, then she is your girl!

Christine Bottross

Christine Bottross on Instagram | Egyptian pyramids and snowfall

Christine Bottross is a travel and lifestyle content creator based in New York City. She shares curated travel and lifestyle photos with her 30,300 followers on Instagram.

Originally from Cairo, Christine loves to travel and share glimpses of her adventures with her followers. Her posts reflect her deep love for pools and beaches.  Whether she is in front of the Egyptian pyramids or showing us the view of the Empire State Building from the 102nd floor, Christine’s content is ideal for brands looking to spark wanderlust.

Adeola Adeosun

Adeola Adeosun | IG posts | Travel micro-influencers on Afluencer

Adeola Adeosun is a travel, style, and fashion influencer from New York. She is a flight attendant by profession and she never misses a chance to showcase her professional life to her 103,000 followers on Instagram.

Adeola is also the founder of @mindsetandselflove — a page that offers a daily dose of positive vibes and runs a blog titled LifeStyle x MindSet, where she talks about everything from having a positive mindset to building your best life. She is a multi-tasker (as you can tell) and apart from Instagram, she also posts fashion and style content on her YouTube channel for her 16,400 subscribers.

So many inspiring travel micro-influencers to choose from but you sure can’t go wrong if you partner with Adeola.

Alexandra Dempsey

Alexandra Dempsey on a winter holiday with husband | IG posts

Alexandra Dempsey is a style, beauty, and travel blogger based in Vermont. She grew up in Queens, New York, and in 2015, she met the love of her life, Ryan Dempsey. After that, she relocated to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont.

Alexandra’s Instagram showcases her many travel adventures with her husband. She also shares how to balance her life on tour and at home in Vermont and the best places to stay and visit. Visiting her blog and Instagram will give you a sense of content that’s inspiring, relatable, and attainable. Her blog, Tour Wife Tour Life, is a collection of travels, photography, and stories from both near and far.


2dadswithbaggage family posing at restaurant

2 Dads with Baggage belongs to one of Instagram’s most popular families. The account can be a great option for brands looking for travel influencers with an international reach. The account presents the journey of two dads with their two daughters who travel the world together and share their experiences with their 20K Instagram followers.

They promote gay-friendly travel destinatIons and highlight hotels, countries, and places that are perfect for families. They have worked with all kinds of brands, including hotels and tour operators. Some of their most successful Collabs include Xcaret Expeditions and Hotel Xcaret México.

Jennifer Quillen

Jennifer Quillen with her friend outdoors drinking white wine

Jennifer is a traveler who enjoys eating, spending time baking, and exploring new places. She usually travels with her 19-year-old daughter who goes to college. We feel that Jennifer can be a great pick for brands targeting mothers who want to travel the world with their daughters. She appears to be a fan of beaches and regularly posts photos from her adventures.

The star calls herself a rebel and has worked with a number of brands. She mostly shares tips and travel hacks and enjoys global fame with most of her followers in the US.

Vanessa Workman

Vanessa Workman posing infront festival permainan malaysia signboard

Vanessa’s journey is quite exciting. A respiratory therapist by profession, she moved to San Francisco to continue her studies before finding a job in Singapore from where she moved to Malaysia where she is settled now. The influencer continues to travel the world and share her journeys with her growing base of over 16K Instagram followers.

She seems to be focusing on YouTube as well where she shares detailed vlogs and has over 3.6K subscribers. She is popular not only in the US but also in Malaysia, which makes her a good option for brands looking to cater to expats in South East Asia.

Catherine Pullan

Catherine Pullan walking outdoors with the warm sunset

Pullan is a travel micro-influencer who enjoys talking about a variety of things. She recently left her home in a small town to live the big city life in California and now focuses on building her career in the field of influencer marketing while also working as a freelance videographer and photographer.

Titled California Coast Lifestyle, his Instagram is all about beach life and can be a great pick for brands looking to promote beach-related products such as bikinis and sunblocks. Brands can utilize her skills as a photographer and videographer to come up with unique ideas that help them connect with her growing fan base.

Colleen Deere

Colleen Deere sitting in a sandy beach facing the sea

Colleen is an Australian travel micro-influencer with more than 7.7K Instagram followers and an impressive engagement rate of 3.3%. The Irish beauty is popular not only in Australia but also Ireland and the UK, making her a global micro-influencer.

She is very active on the platform and regularly engages with her followers. You will also see her go live and connect with her fans. The star is interested in not just traveling but also exploring new eateries and trying swimwear. Her varied interests make her suitable for a variety of brands such as restaurants, fashion brands, and travel companies.

She has worked with a number of brands, including StyelleSwim, Shopcovella, Lostsols, UpSouthBondi, and GoBoat Sydney.

Rachael Staudt

Rachael Staudt laying in the sun by the poolside of Miami hotel

Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Rachael is a UGC creator and travel micro-influencer who enjoys creating fun and engaging content. The gorgeous diva is known for her bold avatars, sizzling body, and impressive fashion choices. She seems to have mastered the art of influencer marketing and has an engagement rate of nearly 10%, which is among the best in the business.

Mainly popular in the US, she can be a great pick for local brands looking to promote their products or services. The star is known for using creative hashtags and responding to comments in a timely manner.

Olesya Demelko

Olesya Demelko traveling in Venice Italy | Micro-influencer

Olesya Demelko’s Instagram is unique as it isn’t dedicated to one person but to the entire Olesya family. The Ukrainian star recently moved to the US; however, she seems to be catering to her native country as most of her posts are in the Ukrainian language. Moreover, she’s mostly popular in Ukraine and other European countries.

She has worked with a variety of travel-related companies, including travel apps and discount providers, and actively talks about her journey from Ukraine to the US. Most of her posts are about her adventures with her family and include tips on how to travel with a family.

David L.

David the world travel guy standing at base of waterfall in Bali

David is a Bali-based American photographer and world traveler living the life of a digital nomad with his partner. He is among the many Americans who have moved to Bali due to its low cost of living and beautiful islands and is followed by people who want to know more about life in Bali and enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

He shares all about his life, including his experiences as a world traveler. You will also see photos of his partner on the platform and some tips on how to travel on a budget. The star is known for posting high-quality photos and videos of scenic locations from around the world and has mastered the art of hashtags.

His excellent photography skills have made him popular around the world and he enjoys a global fan base. Moreover, the social media star has an impressive engagement rate of nearly 4%. He is focusing not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and has around 30K followers in total. We feel that David can be a great pick for companies targeting digital nomads or people interested in moving to Indonesia. Sign up with Afluencer to discuss Collab options with David and various other travel micro-influencers.

That Pup Stanley

That pup stanley traveling with his owner

Here is a unique addition to our growing list of travel micro-influencers.  Stanley is a dog who enjoys traveling the world with his hoomans. This handsome French Bulldog enjoys posing in front of a camera and exploring new destinations. This handsome French Bulldog enjoys posing in front of a camera and exploring new destinations.

A lot of travelers look for animal-friendly destinations or products that make it easier to travel with a pet. The Backpack Adventure Frenchie has traveled to various destinations and enjoys standing in front of a camera wearing cool outfits. His Instagram is very colorful with some sweet captions and interesting hashtags.

Stanley has an engagement rate of over 4.5%. People seem to be in love with his posts and the star is a global phenomenon with followers from around the world and nearly 2.5K likes on average.

Eila Aragon

Eila Aragon sitting on a bench in Denmark | Travel micro-influencers

We like Eila for a lot of reasons. This travel micro-influencer wears a lot of hats. An air hostess by profession, she is also a fashion icon and travel influencer. Her job makes it easy for her to travel the world and share her experiences with her 30K Instagram family.

The fashionista appears to have a huge following in Asia as most of her followers are from India, United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia. However, what truly makes her unique is the high engagement rate of nearly 8%. This is among the best in the business as the average is about 4%.

Eila knows how to keep people interested and is known for being very active on the platform. We feel she can be a great pick for travel companies that target frequent flyers, especially people from Asia.

Yeskel Larvenz

Yeskel Larvenz with daughter celbrating Christmas on the street

Yeskel is a fitness and Disney-loving mom who enjoys traveling the world with her children and sharing her experiences with her 40K Instagram followers.  The star is a huge fan of Disney and you will find her posing next to popular Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Ariel, and Simba.

A theme park enthusiast, this Orlondo-based travel micro-influencer enjoys visiting Disney parks and sharing tips with her followers, including the best time to visit theme parks, the best rides, etc. We believe she can be a great pick for companies that offer Disney tours and other such products.

She regularly visits the parks in Orlando and even shares her experiences in the form of blogs. Most of her followers are from the US curious to know more about visiting Disney parks and ways to save money.

Eneida Bica

Eneida Bica with family | Travel micro-influencers

Eneida is a travel micro-influencer who is also interested in fashion and parenting. With over 10K Instagram followers, she is one of the fastest-growing travel influencers on the platform. The star enjoys an impressive engagement rate of nearly 4% and is popular around the world with most of her followers in the UK, the US, and Albania.

Working with her will not only give you a chance to get featured on her social media handles but also on her blog, Bica, The Family, which receives thousands of hits per month. She shares detailed blogs on her website, including tips on how to find a hotel, hotel reviews, and the best time to travel. The star travels with her partner and daughter and is usually followed by new parents looking for ways to save money on traveling with family.

We believe she can be a great pick for brands looking to promote their services and attract families. She has worked with all kinds of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and clothing brands.

Florent Quilici

Florent Quilici standing on rocks splashed by waves during sunset

Quilici’s Instagram feed is full of colors, beautiful sunsets, and stunning beaches. This French micro-influencer has a very impressive engagement rate of 6.5%. His followers are keenly interested in what he has to offer and regularly comment on his posts.

He’s not only popular in France and also in the US. The star isn’t like other travel influencers as he rarely posts selfies. He’s more focused on nature and might be a good pick for brands looking for travel influencers who understand photography and nature.

Miriama Snirerova

Miriama Snirerova couples traveling | Watching sex and the city in the desert

Mima is a yoga instructor who enjoys traveling, surfing, and having new experiences. You will find pictures of Mimi with her partner Peter, on the page. The two travel together and post stunning photos and tips with their growing base of followers.

We believe that Mima can be a great pick for brands looking to work with a couple. They specialize in posting cinematic videos and can help your brand stand out. In addition to Instagram, the star now appears to be focusing on YouTube.

Simone Pastorello

Simone Pastorello poolside brand marketing | Travel micro-influencers

He’s popular not only in his homeland but also in the US and enjoys a global fan base. The travel micro-influencer mainly posts in Italian and is best known for his impressive and colorful selfies. We think he can be a great pick for brands looking for a good-looking and fit travel influencer with an international audience.

Brianna Burnett

Brianna Burnett travel posts on Instagram | Micro-influencers featured

Brianna defines herself as an “Indiana girl residing in Charleston, SC, trying to figure out life, motherhood, and being a working mom”. She is one of the most honest influencers on the platform and likes to talk about not only her travel experiences but also real issues such as mental health.

Through the good *travels/trips*, the bad *my ugly cries/acne scars*, and the ugly *I struggle with mental illness and sometimes it ain’t pretty* but hey it’s real, it’s raw and most importantly it’s unapologetically”, reads her bio.

She has worked with brands like Stanford Court Hotel and Walmart and posts everything from hotel reviews to travel guides.

Myla Ivers

Myla Ivers in red dress posing in the mountains

Myla is a fast-growing social media influencer with over 18K Instagram followers and a very active profile. The star enjoys hosting retreats at top locations around the world with a focus on spiritual transformation.

She’s on social media with a mission: “to give women the tools to transform their lives through travel, inspire them to look good while doing it, and most importantly to manifest a life that feels like magic”.

The stunning diva enjoys sharing travel tips and has worked with all kinds of brands, including international hotel chains. In addition to social media, she also runs her website, Master Your Magic, and a podcast that focuses on travel. She invites guests from around the world and can be a great pick for brands that want to promote the idea of traveling with an aim.

Sign up with Afluencer to reach out to Myla and learn how this travel micro-influencer can help your brand.

Camille and Adriana

Camille and Adriana travel couple | Micro-influencers on Instagram

The couple focus on gay-friendly destinations and how to travel as a gay couple. We feel they can be a perfect fit for brands that cater to the LGBTQ+ community as they have a growing audience and an engagement rate of nearly 3%.

Junellen Neese

Junellen Neese IG posts | travel and food

Neese is a 63-year-old travel micro-influencer out there to prove that you are never too old to see the world and create new memories. She is available on almost all platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook with more than 20K followers.

The social media star enjoys cooking international cuisines inspired by her travels and shares recipes with her followers. She has an engagement rate of over 3.2% and most of her followers are from Brazil and the US. We feel that she can be a suitable micro-influencer for brands that target senior travelers.

Agustin Lamoliatte

Agustin Lamoliatte chilling on beach in Mexico

Lamoliatte is a travel influencer who works as a DJ and loves sharing his experiences with his 12K Instagram family. The music lover travels the world to attend music festivals and is a party freak, which makes him a good option for brands looking to promote music festivals or parties.

Moreover, he performs around the world and is best known for his ability to keep the crowd alive. The star manages to get about 100 comments per post and is mainly popular in his home country of Chile.

Nori Harewood

Nori Harewood by the seaside with cruise ship in the background

Nori Harewood is a book lover who enjoys traveling the world, clicking photos for the world to see, and trying the latest outfits. An engineering student, she posts some very unique photos on social media, including pictures with her twin. We feel that brands that want to try something new should consider joining hands with Nori as working with twins can allow brands to be more creative and try new ideas.

The duo has worked with brands like Alteva and Babaria and enjoys an excellent engagement rate of 5.5%.

Lindsey Rubin

Lindsey Rubin IG travel posts | Micro-influencers on Afluencer

Rubin is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer who talks about a variety of topics on her Instagram page that has over 29K followers. Mom of three, the star is a digital marketer by profession and offers consultation to businesses interested in making a mark on the web.

The star typically travels with her family and loves sharing their adventures with her growing fan base.

Her experience as a digital marketer makes her a perfect fit for brands looking to work with a micro-influencer. She works with all kinds of brands and is popular around the world with most of her followers belonging to the US, Brazil, and Malaysia.

Mark Frost

Mark Frost chilling on sofa in the lounge

British star Mark is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer who enjoys sharing stylish photos with his 22K followers on Instagram. The star believes that you can do it all in ‘style’ and is out there offering fashion inspiration to his growing list of followers.

We feel he can be a great pick for brands that promote the idea of traveling in fashion. He has worked with all kinds of brands, including London Theatre, Sheep Inc., and Filippoloreti Watches.

Taylor Sometimes

Taylor Sometimes laughingon mountain top overlooking river

Taylor is unlike any other influencer. Based in Austin, the diva doesn’t claim to be a cool girl and is busy connecting with her 14K Instagram followers who appear highly engaged and interested in her posts.

Her Instagram page is colorful and exciting. The diva seems to be a fan of exploring new attractions and highlights things to do for her followers. Moreover, she seems to be a fan of music festivals and can be a great pick for brands looking to promote parties, events, and attractions.

Abbie Cheeseman

Abbie Cheeseman Instagram travel micro-influencer posts

One of our favorite micro-influencers, Abbie is a traveler who goes by the name The Plane Girl and talks about all things related to travel. She mainly talks about planes, posts airline reviews, and shares tips such as how to make your plane journey easier and how to save money on plane tickets. In addition to this, she also talks about planes in general and is followed by people interested in learning more about planes, airports, and flying.

The star appears to be focused on TikTok where she has more than 40K followers and over 4 million likes. Her videos manage to get over 40K views and her followers appear to be highly engaged. We feel she can be a great pick for brands looking to target people interested in planes.

Salty Flights

Salty Flights with daughter in Disneyland | Travel micro-influencers

Here’s another travel micro-influencer who enjoys talking about flying. Salty Flights started her Instagram journey in 2017 and has over 11K followers. She manages to get about 50 comments per post and is mainly popular in the US as she targets American audiences and shares flying tips, including the latest deals and discounts.

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with travel. My free time was spent looking at maps and planning detailed vacations I wasn’t actually going on“, reads her bio.

She regularly hosts giveaways on the platform and can be a great option for brands that want to promote discount codes and attract more people. Sign up with Afluencer today to engage with Salty Flights and perhaps start a healthy Collab partnership.

Yueh Wen Lin

Yueh Wen Lin sitting in tube booth waiting for food

Almost all kinds of travel brands can benefit from a partnership with Wen. However, she prefers to work with brands that share the same agenda.

I am eager to partner with brands whose products and services are aligned with the core value of making travel affordable, easy, and fun”, reads her bio.

The star enjoys an engagement rate of about 3.5% and is popular not only in the US but also in Taiwan and the UK.

Marco Secchi

Marco Secchi travel photography posts on Instagram

Marco is an Italian photographer who loves to travel the world and share beautiful photos with his 25K Instagram family. Fluent in Italian and English, the star resides in the UK and mainly covers the EU. His followers, however, belong to a number of countries, including the US, Brazil, Italy, and the UK.

An award-winning photojournalist, Marco works for GettyImages and is a well-known name. In fact, he even has a blue tick next to his name. Known for being creative, Marco usually posts black-and-white photos of things he comes across and enjoys sharing his opinion on a variety of things. His skills as a photographer make him a great travel micro-influencer.

Alba the Cocker

Alba the Cocker featured on Afluencer | Travel micro-influencers

Looking for a cute travel micro-influencer? Consider working with Alba, a gentle Golden English Cocker Spaniel with an Instagram following of over 23K. Alba loves to travel with her human and explore the world. The star is on almost all social media platforms, including TikTok where Alba enjoys more than 2K followers.

Alba is one of the fastest-growing pet travel influencers with an engagement rate of over 10%. We think she can be a great pick for brands looking to cater to pet owners as Alba’s wide reach can be used to promote pet-friendly destinations.

Rosalyn Acero

Rosalyn Acero IG post Golden Woofs

Rosalyn is a dog lover with nearly 20K Facebook followers and over 30K Instagram fans. Her page, however, is dedicated to dogs and you’ll only find photos of her cute pets on the page: Koru Bear, a golden retriever who works as a therapy dog, and Kenzo, a show dog.

Named Golden Woofs, the two dogs are incredibly photogenic and love posing in front of a camera. You’ll see them enjoy different outfits, take part in fun activities, and smile for an audience. In addition to this, Rosalyn maintains a blog where she shares articles for pet owners, including tips on how to travel with a pet.

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson in the sea | Travel micro-influencers

Andrew is an adventurer, artist, and designer who shares his world with his 25K Instagram followers. A fan of beaches and art, Andrew brands like SouthwestAir and ExpressMan.

The good-looking star is popular around the world and with brands like SouthwestAir and ExpressMan. His captions are always straight to the point and he seems to have mastered the art of using hashtags.

Michelle Sutter

Michelle Sutter IG posts | Travel food micro-influencer

Michelle is a Canadian travel influencer who mainly targets women aged between 25-34 and has over 15K Instagram followers. She, however, enjoys a greater following on Facebook where she has amassed over 38K fans.

Her social media profiles are dedicated to her family members and you will find them doing a lot of fun things, including traveling together. We believe Michelle can be a suitable option for brands interested in an affordable travel influencer who caters to families.

Zipporah Sandler

Zipporah Sandler on Instagram | Travel and beauty posts

Zipporah Sandler is a 68-year-old travel influencer living the best life and sharing it with her growing fanbase. She’s an inspiration to many and is followed by more than 4K people on YouTube and nearly 40K on Instagram. The diva proves that you are never too old to follow your heart.

The digital creator caters to a variety of niches. You will find posts dedicated to food, fashion, and travel. We believe that her age is one of her biggest strengths. The star is followed by people of all ages, including men and women above 40. We believe she can be a great pick for brands looking to cater to seniors.

In addition to social media, she also manages Champagne Living, a blog that focuses on travel, food, fashion, and so much more.

Portia Olaughlin

Portia Olaughlin kids IG posts | Travel influencers

Portia is a travel micro-influencer who works as a travel advisor, writer, web designer, and photographer. The star has over 10 years of industry experience, which she uses to help his growing fan base on social media.

Portia wants to help people wander more and reach new and beautiful destinations. She usually travels with kids and even maintains her blog, When I Wander, where she posts her photos and detailed blogs covering her experiences.

Nelly Salomon

Nelly Salomon blue dress posing by riverside bridge

Nelly is a content creator from California with more than 13K Instagram followers. She is highly active on the platform and enjoys an impressive engagement rate of 5%. The star manages to get nearly 100 comments under each post and is popular all around the world, including in the US, the UK, India, and Canada.

She likes to travel solo and shares tips, including the best destinations for solo travelers, ways to save money as a traveler, and more. We feel that Nelly can be a great pick for brands that cater to solo travelers.

According to ABTA, nearly 83 million Americans plan to take a solo trip in the near future. So we strongly believe that the future of Nelly and other travel micro-influencers is super bright.

Tina Pang

Tina Pang ice cream bubble tea and donut posts | Food and travel micro-influencer

What’s common between travelers? They enjoy trying new meals and traveling to new destinations to try different foods. Hence, we believe Tina can be one of the best influencers to work with. She enjoys traveling and food and loves sharing the best eateries with her 10K Instagram followers.

A food photographer by profession, Tina even manages her own blog called Tina’s Hungry. The diva enjoys a very high engagement rate of 8.5% on Instagram and manages to grab nearly 225 comments per post. She’s popular around the world, including in the US and Canada, and is highly engaged with her followers.

Shiona Deliozar

Shiona Deliozar travel posts on Instagram

Shiona is a part-time fashion model and influencer with over 14.5K followers on Instagram. Working in AI tech, the stunning diva is a Ph.D. student best known for creating compelling content with interesting hashtags. She has an engagement rate of nearly 3% and is most popular in the US.

She’s different from other influencers as she isn’t only focusing on posting content but also making a career in AI. This makes her content very unique as the star doesn’t only share funky captions but also intelligent and informative posts.

Candace Moore

Candace Moore sitting on steps in front of a pink building

Candace is a very exciting travel micro-influencer from Orlando, Florida, with more than 9K Instagram followers. We believe she brings something very unique to the table as she is a cancer survivor and a newlywed. Her posts highlight her love for travel as she roams around the world with her dog.

The best thing about her profile is that her posts are very real. You will not see fake captions or filters. She shows the world how she sees it.

Pili Nemer

Pili Nemer IG posts | Travel micro-influencers

A look at Pili Nemer and you will know why she is one of the fastest-growing influencers on social media. The diva already has over 26K Instagram followers and she is fast gaining more.

Pili works as a full-time online fitness coach and can be a great option for travel brands that want to cater to fitness-conscious travelers. Recently married, the star often posts photos with her partner, Kevin Martin, and enjoys a very highly engaged audience.

Ramnik Kaur

Ramnik Kaur backpacking in a snowy forest

Ramnik is a content creator and storyteller from Alberta with over 22K Instagram followers and a very high engagement rate of 16%. This makes her one of the best micro-influencer to work with as her followers are very engaged and interested in what she has to say.

Originally from India, Ramnit is best known for her unique look. The star wears a turban and is working to “inspire BIPOC women to take up space”. She’s most popular in India, followed by Canada and the UAE. An outdoor lover, we feel she can be a great pick for brands that cater to hikers and campers as she is mostly in the woods exploring new places with her dog.

Cecilie Philip

Cecilie Philip swimming in the rainforest river | Tropical travels

Cecilie defines herself as “a social media manager & content creator specialized in visual expressions and has an eye for aesthetic details, colors, and light“.

A look at her profile is enough to understand why she is one of the best travel micro-influencers out there. The star usually travels with her kids and seems to be a fan of visiting new places.

You will find a lot of travel-related posts on her page, including the best places to visit and tips on traveling with kids.  She doesn’t waste time writing useless captions and focuses on the main point, which is one of the main reasons why she appears to have a high engagement rate.

Rachel Kawate

Rachel Kawate autumn adventures | IG travel posts

Rachel is a Chicago-based travel & lifestyle content creator with nearly 20K Instagram fans and a very high engagement rate of 12.5%. The star enjoys sharing her travels and encouraging a positive, healthy lifestyle with her growing audience.

Rachel enjoys visiting both popular and hidden places and writes very detailed captions covering everything from things to do to places to stay. This makes her a perfect fit for all kinds of brands that include hotels and restaurants. The diva is quite active on the platform and has worked with names like CVS, Fresh, Derma E, Always, Dollar Tree, and Sulwhasoo.

Rose Alexis

Rose Alexis IG posts by the seaside

Rose runs Mail4Rosey, a family-oriented website that started in 2012. She enjoys nearly 23K followers on Instagram and is equally popular on Twitter and Facebook as well. Unlike some other travel influencers out there, Rose doesn’t only visit grand and popular destinations but also local farms and zoos.

Rose is a micro-influencer that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re looking to promote your travel brand. And if your budget doesn’t allow you to break open a Collab with costly macro-influencers, then micro is definitely the way to go.

Aly Wednesday

Aly Wednesday resting on red rocks after hiking in Utah

This Utah-born queen enjoys over 13K Instagram fans who enjoy her “real, funny, raw, and spicy persona that never gets old”.

Aly is a fan of everything from traveling to taking beautiful photographs to trying out new outfits. This unique mix makes her a good choice for brands that want to work with a lively travel influencer.

Taya Belle

Taya Belle travel adventures | Micro-influencers on Afluencer

Last on the list is Taya, a travel enthusiast who wants to experience the world of luxury in an affordable way. With over 5K Instagram followers, Taya is a micro-influencer you want to keep an eye on.

Taya is open to working with all kinds of brands and is fast gaining popularity as a reliable influencer. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and is the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award from Celebrity Press. Furthermore, she has also authored and co-authored several books, including the Amazon Bestseller Ignite Your Life.

Start your travel micro-influencer marketing right now!

The travel industry is chock-full of well-curated photos and exotic destinations that inspire people to book their next vacation spot. Our list of top travel micro-influencers will help you find and connect with bloggers and content creators for your next campaign.

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Let’s head on down to South Africa – where the weather is warm and the influencers are on fire (seriously, there are loads of flame emojis in the comment sections of their socials)! Buckle up because there’s a whole lot of confidence, personality, and opportunity to Collab coming up. So let’s not keep our amazing […]

18 Top Middle-Aged Influencers for Your Next Campaign

Picture-perfect outfits, professional shots, and slim figures—an image of the typical influencer you’ll find on social media today. But the truth is, influencer marketing isn’t limited to these young creators. Middle-aged influencers are only emerging on the scene, taking a seat at the table right next to these Gen Z influencers. These midlife influencers, aged […]

Influencer Marketing for Shopify: 5 Things You Need to Know

When Lena Sarsour and Akram Abdallah started Nominal, their Shopify jewelry brand, they didn’t have enough money to pay influencers. Instead, they gifted their jewelry to a few influencers and found visibility when these influencers posted positive reviews of their products. And guess what? It paid off. Today, Nominal is a seven-figure business and is […]