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5 Must-Follow Finger-Lickin’ Food Influencers

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Mexican taco feasts.  Fine shavings of culatello ham.  Crispy sourdough waffles. Quinoa crumble with Nutella.  Berry breakfast crumble with rich creamy yogurt.

This is enough to make your food cravings go wild.

At this stage, all a foodie needs to do is eat.  And eat.

But first, some inspo.  From the kitchens of some of the biggest names on social media, we’ve handpicked 5 must-follow finger-licking food influencers for you:

  1. Stayhungry Staysexy – @stayhungry_staysexy
  2. Jo Yee – @candidsbyjo
  3. Izy – @izyhossack
  4. Georgia McDermott – @georgeats
  5. Ashley Alexander – @gatherandfeast

Warning:  you’re about to have an insane appetite for food.  So, go follow them at your own risk.

Let’s get finger-lickin’ then.

Stayhungry Staysexy – Food & Fitness Influencer

Instagram Followers:  99.7k

Engagement Rate:  0.65%

StayHungry StaySexy - Instagram Profile

Stayhungry Staysexy is your food and fitness junkie.

She loves food so much that she maintains a committed workout routine just so she can indulge in all the calories food has to offer.  Fair enough, right?

But then it gets you wondering about just how much she loves food…

Well, it doesn’t look like there are any limits with food here.  Her taste buds are living their best life.


What more comfort could you need on a rainy day in London than a hearty bowl of Japanese food?

How about uplifting to your day with a box of colorful macaron delights?

Indulge in sushi cravings whenever they strike.

Brighten up your breakfasts with simple peanut butter toast and strawberries.  And a coffee break isn’t a coffee break without double chocolate muffins, of course.

Oh, and if you must have donuts, you may as well have the donuts of your dreams.  Or what’s the point, right?

And why not have a Mexican taco feast if you can?

Yeah, this is how far Stayhungry Staysexy will go with food.

No limits, I told you.  But that’s ok because she has a good relationship with fitness.


Her love for Asian cuisine makes her a perfect candidate for Japanese food brands, that she promotes so naturally.

Follow Stayhungry Staysexy on Instagram here.

Jo Yee – Food, Travel & Cultural Influencer

Instagram Followers:  107k

Engagement Rate:  0.40%

CandidsByJo - Jo Yee - Instagram Influencer

Tasteful food blogger, Jo Yee.

From Boston, now living in London, Jo is your source for all kinds of fine dining.


Stuffed Polish cabbage rolls.  12-course seasonal lunch tasting.  Sunday feasting. From fine shavings of culatello ham to perfect batches of gyoza and the most perfect pasta – food doesn’t get any more exquisite on your social media than this.

Jo’s photos and videos of her restaurant hopping and at-home cooking is enough inspo to make you explore new flavor palates.

But her signature moving still images will bring these food fantasies to life.

Did I mention that she has a pretty polished and well-articulated blog, too?  From behind the shots to culinary retreats, these are some of the goodies for foodies on her blog.


Jo is a frequent restaurant diner and naturally collaborates with restaurants.

Follow Jo Yee on Instagram here.

Izy – Food & Photography Influencer

Instagram Followers:  205k

Engagement Rate:  1.28%

Izy Hossack - Food + Photography Influencer

Food photographer and nutritionist with a baking passion, Izy.

There are some influencers that just hit the sweet spot with everything you love and everything that’s good for you.  Izy is your girl that will deliver on nutritious food but she’ll also satisfy your sweet tooth with baking treats.

She’s also a food stylist and author of her own cookbook.  What more could a food lover need from an influencer?


Rich green noodle soup for the soul.  Apple cardamon Chelsea buns for extra comfort on days you need it.  Sourdough brownies for the meanest cravings. Rhubarb glazed doughnuts for that extra sweet love.  Pecan pie for a well-deserved treat. And the crispiest sourdough waffles for… Well, why not?

All you and your baked treat cravings need is Izy on your social media feed.

Get all her yummy recipes on her recipe blog and check out her website to shop for all her featured products.


Izy’s latest brand collaborations are with KitchenAid, Clarks and OXO UK.  Some of her big-name clients include Jamie Oliver, Genius Kitchen and Buzzfeed – just to name a few.

Follow Izy on Instagram here.

Georgia McDermott – Food Influencer Collabs with Big Brands

Instagram Followers:  156k

Engagement Rate:  1.9%

Georgia McDermott - Instagram Influencer Profile

Healthy-ish food photographer and recipe developer, Georgia McDermott.

She’s also an author of her own FODMAP friendly cookbook.

Based in Melbourne, Georgia is your lovely foodie that will inspire enough food goodness in your life to give your tastebuds the time of their lives but also keep things somewhat healthy.


Her content features gluten-free and dietary intolerance friendly foods – mostly vegetarian.

Double chocolate cookies because what’s chocolate without a double dose?

Ricotta and zucchini tart that is the most beautiful healthy tart you’ve ever seen.

Hmmm.  And how about roasted banana and gluten-free quinoa crumble with Nutella?  Wow, right?

Need more?  Maybe cheesy basil and chickpea flour waffles with buttery basil mushrooms.

Still, need more?  Go check out her recipe blog for a whole lot more.


Georgia has collaborated with some big names such as Tourism New Zealand, PromPeru, Williams Sonoma and Country Road – to name a few.

She also hosts food photography workshops.

Follow Georgia McDermott on Instagram here.

Ashley Alexander – Simple, Wholesome Food Influencer

Instagram Followers:  325k

Engagement Rate:  2.09%

Gather and Feast - Ashley Alexander - Instagram Food Influencer

Simple wholesome recipe creator, Ashley Alexander.

Food that looks spectacular.  Simple and easy to prepare.  Wholesome. Food that is shared with others.

Isn’t that what food is about?

Full of nutrition and made with natural fresh in-season ingredients.  Ashley makes all this happen for you on your social media feed.


Thyme, vanilla, and maple roasted strawberries on fresh ricotta.  YES.

Classic rich bolognese.  Simple tomato tart. So good.

Now for the ultimate breakfast treat…

Spiced berry and orange breakfast crumble.  Warning. You can’t unsee this. Your food fantasies will never be the same again.

Followers can indulge in Ashley’s food blog and even grab her free recipe e-book.


Being a pasta lover, Ashley has collaborated with Barilla promoting various kinds of pasta.

Follow Ashley Alexander on Instagram here.




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