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20 Health Brands Looking for Influencers in 2021

Natalie Weber

Afluencer 411

Infused avocado oil. Meal replacement shakes. Organic superfood drink. Pomegranate and rooibos tea skincare.  Wonderful healthy sleep. Family-friendly CBD products.  Radiating youthful skin. Bottled sunshine. Rejuvenating seaweed.  And convenient healthy nutrition.

Health and wellness influencers with a heart, passion, and audience for healthy, organic lifestyles, we’re dropping hot new health brand collabs right here.

Just for you!

These 20 health brands are looking for health and wellness influencers in 2021:

  1. Synutra Pure
  2. Axis Labs
  3. Lymphatics Naturopathy
  4. Farmbox Direct
  5. Pique Tea
  6. Digestic Health
  7. Neomega3
  8. HLTH Code
  9. NewGreens
  10. Datefit
  11. Lumen
  12. Gryph & Ivyrose
  13. Everyday Medical
  14. Three Notes Skincare
  15. Avocado Green Mattress
  16. Joy Organics
  17. Nature Loves You Skincare
  18. Truvani
  19. Natural Mixologist
  20. Orgain

So are you ready to whip up some health-improving campaigns with some healthy goodness brands?

Synutra Pure – Premium Quality Health Supplements

Osteosyn by Synutra Pure | Health Brands

Smooth plump skin.  Lustrous silky hair.  And strong healthy nails.  Beauty starts from within.  Yes, that’s right.  With premium-quality dietary collagen supplements from Synutra Pure, you can feed your body with pure ingredients in the right amounts for the vibrant hair, skin, and nails that you’ve always wanted.

The “Beauty From Within” Marine Collagen from Synutra Pure is packed with nutrients that will maximize skin hydration and boost elasticity for that beautiful youthful glow—that even a selfie can’t deny.

Influencer Program

Health, wellness, and beauty influencers in the USA—Synutra Pure would love to collab with you to promote their products and brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • 30% commission on sales
  • Product discounts
  • Influencer support
Available influencer collaboration opportunities by Synutra Pure are as follows:

Beauty From Within

  • Health, Wellness & Beauty Influencers
  • 30+ years
  • 25,000+ followers

Osteosyn (Chondroitin Pure Low Sodium)

  • Health & Wellness Influencers
  • 40+ years
  • 20,000+ followers

Osteosyn Joint Health

  • Health & Wellness Influencers
  • 40+ years
  • 20,000+ followers

Synthritis (Chondroitin & Turmeric Joint Health)

  • Health & Wellness Influencers
  • 25+ years
  • 20,000+ followers

Axis Labs – Fitness, Health, Wellness & Pet CBD Products

Axis Labs - Health, Fitness and Nutrition Brand

For CBD nutrition to help support your performance and fitness needs, you can count on Axis Labs.  Supplements like CBD Boost Powder mixed into any drink for a boosted power experience. The Ultimate Shred Stack to help melt that fat away. And the Ultimate Testosterone Stack for testosterone support.

Get immune support, pre-workout nutrition, keto supplements, and more from Axis Labs. CBD pet products are also available.

Influencer Affiliate Program

Are you a fitness, health, wellness, or pet influencer in the USA? Then Axis Labs would love to talk to you about a collaboration.

Influencer perks include:

  • 25% commission on sales

Lymphatics Naturopathy – Medicinal Body Oils

LYMPHATICS NATUROPATHY | Social Media Product Gallery

Want to live a vibrantly healthy life?  It begins with circulation—your lymphatic system.  And a pair of magnetic gloves with some warming ginger root lymphatic drainage medi-oil from Lymphatics Naturopathy will get your vital 100,000 km long lymphatic system to good health.

This medicinal body oil therapy works by cleansing your body of toxins while also improving circulation and blood flow.  The benefits?  A healthy immune system, regulated fat metabolism, and a healthy you.

Definitely something worth sharing along with your top healthy-living hashtags.

Influencer Program

USA-based female influencers into health, fitness, and wellness—Lymphatics Naturopathy is looking for influencers to demonstrate their products and spread the word with their followers.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • A free magnet glove with Ginger Drain Body Oil

Farmbox Direct – Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes

Attention all health hashtaggers.  Supporting your healthy lifestyle is a convenient farm-fresh fruit and vegetable box away, all thanks to Farmbox Direct.

Fresh organic and natural produce.  Yes, consider this the farmers market delivered to your door.

From basic natural produce essentials with the “All Natural Essential Box”, to the “Only Organic Box” for your go-to organic fruits and veg.

And if you’re a juicing enthusiast, then knock yourself out with the “Green Juicing Box” packed with everything you need to whip up your very own fresh juices at home.

It only gets better with their free nationwide (USA) shipping.

Influencer Program

Health, wellness and food influencers in the USA with 10,000+ followers—this collab opportunity is for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • Free sample box
  • 15% commission on sales
  • Exclusive discount code

Pique Tea – Immune Support Tea

Pique Tea | Instagram Gallery Featuring Various Organic Tea Options

Sun Goddess Matcha.  Jasmine Green Tea.  Ginger Digestion Elixir.  And Electric Turmeric.  If there’s anything you need to be sippin’ on, it should be triple toxin screened health-boosting 100% organic teas by Pique Tea.

Formulated with fresh rare plant extracts with preserved active compounds, Pique Tea is the #1 doctor recommended tea for immune system support, gut health, skin health, fasting support, and promoting calm energy.

A cuppa radiant health, anyone?

Influencer Program

Health, wellness, and lifestyle influencers that love promoting a healthy lifestyle—Pique Tea would love to collaborate with you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 10% commission on sales

Digestic Health – IBS & Constipation Relief

Digestic Health | Top Brands of 2021

IBS, bloating, chronic constipation, and a whole lot of tummy issues.  Could you imagine never suffering from these symptoms again?  Well, clinically proven Digestic Health promises just that.

Formulated with seven powerful natural ingredients including exotic spices, high-fiber content, and bowel stimulants—Digestic Health works by strengthening and supporting contractions of your stomach.

No side effects.  Non-addictive.  And safe for daily and long-term use.  Now that’s a revolutionary formula worth sharing.

Influencer Program

Health, fitness, and wellness influencers in the USA with 10,000+ followers, Digestic Health would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 20% commission on sales

Neomega3 – Infused Avocado Oils

Neomega3 - Healthy Herb and flavor-inflused avocado oils

So, what’s for lunch?  How about some Honeycrisp Apple Gorgonzola salad with a drizzle of ginger-turmeric-orange-infused avocado oil from Neomega3?  Mmm.  Give your meals a new life with a healthy herb and flavor-infused avocado oils.

From garlic, chili, to rosemary infused—add these tasty and healthy avocado oils from Neomega3 to your everyday cooking.

If you’re excited as I am, then you’ll want to grab the sample pack of all five Neomega3 flavors to get started.  And of course, share the love and drop it on your ‘Gram.

Influencer Program

Neomega3 is looking for food-loving influencers to promote their health brand and also their infused avocado oils.

HLTH Code – Nutritional Shakes

HLTH Code | Image Gallery | Health Brands Looking for Influencers

Are you eating right every day?  Sometimes, the variables of everyday life make it challenging to keep up with your body’s nutritional needs—right?  But not if you have meal replacement shakes from HLTH Code stocked up.

Available in Chocolate Macadamia and Creamy Vanilla, these delicious shakes are complete with a balanced combination of all the nutrients your body needs.

Re-nourish your body, improve your overall health, build a stronger immune system, support your gut health, and maintain it all with a shake that helps make it easy for you.

Influencer Program

If you’re a health, wellness, or fitness influencer with >10,000 followers in the USA, then HLTH Code is a brand suited for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on sales
  • Discount code

NewGreens – Organic Superfood Drink

NewGreens - Superfood Drink

A delicious glass of greens.  It all sounds inspiring enough ‘till you attempt to make your own.  Okay, so it may be a while before you perfect your juicing skills but until then you should give NewGreens a try.

This 100% organic superfood drink is available in tasty blends:  fresh-flavored by nature Minted, refined flavor Classic, and the antioxidant-rich powerhouse Superberry.

Packed with nutrient-dense goodness, NewGreens makes it easy to enjoy a healthy glass of greens.

Influencer Program

Health, wellness, and fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about inspiring people to live healthy and happy lifestyles, NewGreens would love to collaborate.

Influencer perks include:

  • 20% commission on sales

Datefit – Dating App for Fitness People

Datefit | Fitness Influencers| Dating App

A passionate vegan with a beefy meat-eater may escalate into controversial conflicts on the daily.  Yup, finding love can be a sticky affair—especially when lifestyles are polar opposites.  So if you’re a health and fitness enthusiast looking for your power partner, it really does help to use a dating app like Datefit.

With Datefit’s algorithm, you’ll be matched with people that share similar fitness, lifestyle, and dietary interests.

Ready to get motivated while you find love?

Influencer Program

Datefit is looking for inspiring health and fitness influencers with >1,000 followers to market both their brand and dating app.

Influencer perks include:

  • Gift card rewards through partners like Nike, Starbucks, Amazon, and so many more.

Lumen – Portable Metabolism Testing Device

Lumen | Image Gallery | Health Brands

Do you know if your body is using fats or carbs for fuel?  Yeah, I don’t know the answer either.  But Lumen does.  This nifty portable metabolism testing device will tell you if your body is using fats or carbs for energy—with a single breath.

Wait.  But why is this important?  Well, with insight into your body’s metabolism you’ll be able to efficiently optimize your workouts, balance your nutrition, and lose weight.

The Lumen has a CO2 sensor that measures the CO2 concentration in a single breath.  This then determines how your body is burning energy.  Also with the Lumen app, you can conveniently access your metabolism data.

Influencer Program

Are you a health and fitness influencer that would love to promote the Lumen brand? Then Lumen has a great collab offer for you.

Influencer perks include:

  • Free Lumen device
  • Performance-based rewards

Gryph & Ivyrose – Family Health Brand with Herbal Blends

Gryph & Ivyrose | Image Gallery | Health Brand Collabs

A healthy family is a happy family.  But in reality, it’s a rollercoaster of tummy bugs, mood swings, sleep struggles, and enough drama about “ingredients on the label”.  But keeping your family healthy and happy is just a herbal blend away thanks to Gryph & Ivyrose.

From organic probiotics to herbal elixirs for sleep, digestion, moodiness, and immune support—Gryph & Ivyrose are naturally luxurious products specially formulated for children and parents.  Because adults should also have chocolate probiotics—right?

Oh, they’re also physician certified.  It’s smiles all round.

Influencer Program

Are you a family wellness and health influencer or blogger?  Then Gryph & Ivyrose would love to collaborate and have you promote their health brand.

Influencer perks include:

  • Welcome box
  • 20% commission on sales
  • Bonus incentives

Everyday Medical – Orthopaedic Hernia Support

Everyday Medical | Pain Relief Products

If you’re in the professional health or fitness field, then you may have had to support people with hernia.  Pains, strains, injuries, and range of motion limitations are just some of the challenges people with hernia face.  Orthopedic support is exactly what’s needed and Everyday Medical can certainly help with this.

From hernia belts, braces, trusses, to plus size binders—Everyday Medical offers orthopaedic hernia support that will help accelerate healing, improve movement and get people feeling good again.

Influencer Program

Are you a health or fitness professional?  Orthopedic doctor or rehabilitation medicine practitioner?  Then you are a perfect match for Everyday Medical.

Influencer perks include:

  • Free products
  • 15% commission on sales
  • Custom coupon code

Three Notes Skincare – All-Natural Health Brand

Three Notes Skincare | Organic Products

All-natural skincare.  Vegan ingredients. Medical grade essential oils.  And so much of “O.M.G. that feels amazing” to make you want to go natural with your skincare for life.  Three Notes Skincare certainly delivers on all these amazing benefits.  From the pomegranate and rooibos tea range to the matcha green tea latte and coconut milk mask – this organic skincare experience is a must-try for healthy vibrant nutrient-nourished skin.

Influencer Application

Natural loving health influencers, if you’d love to spread the love for this organic skincare brand with your followers, then here’s the deal.

As an influencer of Three Notes Skincare, you’ll earn a 15% commission on sales, get discounts on products and also access support from their influencer team.

Avocado Green Mattress – Organic & Non-Toxic

Avocado Green Mattress - 100% certified organic materials

Healthy sleep.  A healthy planet. And a healthy you.  Plus wonderful organic mattress, pillows, and also mattress pads from Avocado Green Mattress.  Made from 100% certified organic materials, this non-toxic mattress brand is helping people live environmentally conscious lifestyles while giving them healthy sleep.

Influencer Application

Bloggers and influencers that are passionate about living a natural lifestyle and also enthusiastic about protecting the health of the planet, this brand collab opportunity is for you.

Become a brand ambassador of Avocado Green Mattress and receive complimentary products and discounts.  They also offer product reviews as well as media collaboration opportunities.

Joy Organics – CBD Health Brand

Joy Organics - CBD Health Brand

2021 is certainly the year to go CBD if you haven’t started already.  And if you’re looking for premium high-quality hemp products, then Joy Organics will have you supplied.  Get THC-free CBD family-friendly products. From soft gels, tinctures, salve, energy drink mixes to CBD bath bombs and also a CBD range for pets.  And if you’re still unsure, then grab a sample pack to give their products a try.

Influencer Application

Are you an influencer that is passionate about the benefits of CBD products and would you love to spread the word with your followers?

The Joy Organics brand is offering health influencers an opportunity to collaborate with them.  Get complimentary samples, promote products, and also earn a 25% commission on sales.  Getting started is in fact super easy.

Nature Loves You Skincare – Organic Health Brand

Organic Brands: Nature Loves You Skincare

Our skincare needs can sometimes leave us in desperation.  Desperate for products that will care for our skin concerns.  Any products. But we’re now informed to know better. To know that natural is always a better option for your skin.  And thanks to Nature Loves Your Skincare, effective and organic skincare solutions are available to you.  So now you can deeply nourish your skin for youthful radiance with their moisturizing rejuvenation serum.  The gents can also enjoy natural skincare with products like the 4-in-1 shave oil and more.

Influencer Application

Do you have an organic and health-conscious community and would love to spread the word about Nature Loves You Skincare brand?

Get complimentary products every month and also earn commissions on sales.  As an influencer, you’ll be required to post 1 permanent post per month and also 3 temporary posts monthly.

Truvani – Certified Organic Health Brand

Organic Food Options - Truvani

If you’re as healthy as the food you consume, then how would you rate your health?  Do you often find yourself slipping into consuming foods with complicated toxic ingredients?  Think you need some diet support? Then Truvani has the solution.  Get certified organic real food products with no added chemicals and no toxins.  But most importantly, no labels with lies. So you’re guaranteed transparency that you can trust.

Now, let’s explore some of their organic goodness.  From their most requested Glorious Gut Probiotic, plant-based protein, chicken bone broth, marine collagen to the “bottled sunshine” vitamin D supplement.  Truvani will certainly give you the healthy support that your body needs.

Influencer Application

Do you have a health, wellness, or beauty audience?  If you’re an influencer and love Truvani products, then this health brand collab could earn you a 20% commission on sales.

Part of the application process requires you to complete a W9 form or a W8BEN for international influencers.

They do have specific marketing rules that influencers should follow, so be sure to give it a good review before you apply.

Natural Mixologist – Plant-Based Skincare Products

Natural Mixologist | Organic Brands

With a brand like Natural Mixologist, you couldn’t get any more enthusiastic about natural skincare.  Handcrafted, organic, plant-based, and full of the power of nature to heal your skin and improve your wellbeing.  Get vitalizing skincare products like the French clay mask with organic rosehips and hibiscus or the rejuvenating seaweed and matcha tea mask.  Also get cleansers, facial oils, and body bundles. Sampler sets are also available.

Influencer Application

Are you an influencer, aesthetician, or blogger?  Would you like to review and promote Natural Mixologist to your audience while promoting self-care and girl power?

Health influencers with an established social media presence with a minimum of 1,000 organic followers can most certainly apply for this brand collab opportunity.

As an influencer of Natural Mixologist, you’ll earn a commission of 15% on sales, get free products, and also your own personal discount.

Orgain – Organic Nutrition

Orgain - Nutrition Products to Promote Good Health

Whatever your diet needs, Orgain will have you fuelled up with organic nutrition.  For the cleanest and highest quality organic nutrition, get a plant or dairy protein powder, meal replacements, muscle recovery supplements, drinks, bars and they also have a range for kids.  Gluten-free. Non-GMO. No artificial ingredients and no preservatives. And on top of that, they also promise that their nutrition products are always delicious!

Nutrition that’s convenient – what more could you need in 2021 to boost your health?

Influencer Application

If you’re an influencer that would love to help others live healthier through organic lifestyles, then this brand collab with Orgain is perfect for you!

Influencers earn a commission of 10% on sales, get their own unique code to promote, get free products, and so much more.




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