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Posted April 13, 2019

7 Social Media Influencers Over 50 Proving It’s Never Too Late To Try The Web

Brett Owens

Founder & QB

The internet is a great place if you want to be famous and reach a wider audience. There’s no age limit to hitting a high. In fact, there are many social media influencers over 50 writing history and reaching a global audience with their social media pages.

After all, gray is the new black.

Do not let age deter you from finding success on the web.

Let’s have a look at seven social media influencers over 50 you should also follow:

Shauna Robertson

With over 83K followers, Shauna is one of the most popular names in the industry today. Out to, “help women feel confident and beautiful”. This diva started her journey back in 2015.

She’s also popular for her Chic Over 50 blog that has a good number of visitors. While she appears to be most engaged on Instagram, you will find her on other platforms as well including Facebook (13K+ followers) and Pinterest (345+K monthly views).

She posts everything from her modeling shots to casual clicks. You will notice a lot of bright colors in her photos. Plus, her “live stories”, posted regularly, are also quite popular.

Social Media Influencers Over 50 | Shauna Robertson
Alyson Walsh

Alyson Walsh may appear like a model but this 50+ woman excels in other fields as well. She’s a published author with two books under her credit namely Style Forever and Know Your Style.

She’s said to be a critic as she has been the editor of a known fashion magazine and currently edits That’s Not My Age, a lifestyle and fashion blog that mainly targets women.

Walsh currently enjoys 42K+ followers but the interesting bit is that her posts are not only for women her age but for all age groups.

She is doing quite well and even owns a store.

50+ Women Social Media Influencers | Alyson Walsh
The GypsyNesters

If you are planning on traveling with your partner after you retire then take a leaf out of David and Veronica James’ book. They appeared on the map in 2008 when they decided to travel and reach a wide audience after not having much to do in life.

They do not have Instagram accounts yet but they enjoy a huge number of followers on Twitter – over 36K.
You will find a lot of interesting stuff on their website including travel tips and some exciting videos. Plus, the website can be a good option if you are looking for coupons.

The GypsyNesters | Travel Influencers
Scott Wadsworth

Wadsworth proves that YouTube can be good no matter how old you are. His channel, Essential Craftsman, is quite a success with over 417K subscribers.

The page can be a good place if you want to learn about construction and other trades. Wadsworth shares his expertise and opinions on a variety of topics including history, tools, etc.

He is one of the few people who decided to unearth the potential of the internet instead of hanging the boots. He’s spreading knowledge on the web while making a good amount of money.

He has over 40 years of industry experience that puts him in a great position. His channel has over 32 million views. Plus, he’s present on other platforms as well.

Scott Wadsworth | YouTube Influencer
Herbie Russ

Russ is another YouTube genius with over 51,000,000 YouTube views. He’s mainly on Facebook with about 35K followers but his videos often go viral and can be found on different platforms, uploaded by his fans and followers.

Russ is a musician but his videos mainly talk about positivist and the importance of charity and helping the poor.

You’ll be surprised to see some of his videos as they’re very generic and not made using the best editing software or camera, yet they receive a huge number of views mainly due to the power of content.

He connects with his audience as he speaks their language. He also has his own website where you can find more information about him and also watch his videos.

Herbie Russ | Music Influencer
Cindy Livesey

Livesey’s story is truly motivational. She talks about living a tough life especially after her husband lost his job. This made her find ways to save money and she turned to coupons.

The first year, she saved $11,000 and decided to share her secrets with the world with the help of her blog that quickly gained steam and now she has about 500K Facebook followers.

Her blog is now a full-fledged business as she has a team of over 12 that work together to keep it growing.

Cindy Livesey | Blog Influencer
Milind Soman

Soman may not be the most popular name out there but he’s very well known in his country (India) for his good looks and fitness mantra.

He was a top model in his prime but still continues to influence people with his social media posts.

This 50+ marathon runner has over 419K Instagram followers and his own site which he uses to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle.

These over 50-year-old men and women prove that it’s never too late to try the web and become big social media influencers. They’re everywhere from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube. If you have an idea then waste no time and jump the bandwagon today. Who knows, you might make it to our esteemed list of influencers tomorrow.

Milind Soman | Instagram Influencer




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